So, for the last couple of weeks I've been servicing Jake the asshole, letting my English Professor either ram his cock down my throat or up my ass, servicing my boss at the campus bookstore, visiting the library glory holes whenever I can, trying to get to the rest stop to see my trucker friends and getting together with Patrick to help him work through some issues. I guess the really big news is I think I may have a boyfriend. About a week ago this guy in the gym asked me if I wanted to go out for some coffee. His name is Ryan and he's a hunk. I mean model beautiful but with a buffer body. He could never fit into the size 40 suits that models need to wear. I could. He's just about an inch taller than me. He must really work out a lot because he has the best arm and legs I've ever seen. His abs would make Channing Tatum, in 'Magic Mike', jealous. You could bounce a quarter off his ass. And his cock.....mmmm, his cock. It may not be the biggest or the thickest I've seen or done, but it's perfect in every way. The head is in perfect proportion with the shaft and it fits beautifully in my mouth and ass. Does this sound like I'm giving up being a cum slut and a size queen. Well, actually Ryan meets both of those needs. As you probably already guessed I'm going to screw this up somehow because I'm an insatiable cock lover, the bigger the better, but I digress.

For those of you who haven't met me yet I'm Chad. I'm 20 years old and attend a community college. It's my plan to transfer to State at the end of this academic year. I'm 5'10 and weigh 165 pounds. I've found that a lot of guys love both my mouth and my ass which works for me. There isn't a cock I don't like, even it's not the biggest, but I would prefer a big one. To give you the complete picture, I've got dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes. Oh, and I'm smooth all over.

Well after Ryan and I had coffee he asked me to go to dinner. Since he's a teaching assistant on campus he has a little more money than me so he took me to a pretty nice steak house. He let me order whatever I During dinner he got a serious look and asked if he could talk to me about something, of course I said yes. He then told me he was almost a total top. He said he would occasionally give someone a blow job but there was no way that he would let someone fuck him. He was concerned that since I wasn't much of a twink that I might have a problem with that. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "There's no problem, I'm what I guess from what I read on the internet, a power bottom. I do like a guy to take control of the situation but that doesn't stop me from getting what I want from a guy." Ryan smiled.

After dinner and a coffee he asked me to come home with him. He had a nice apartment and we immediately went to his bedroom and we fought to take each other's clothes off. He pulled me against his hard body and kissed me. This was a new experience for me but I kissed back as best as I knew how to. He pushed me back on his bed and climbed on top of me. He kept on kissing me while his hands roamed over my body, especially my ass. He started kissing down my body and spent a great deal of time licking and nipping at my nipples. I reached down at his cock and found out it was really big. We continued kissing and exploring each other's bodies with our hands. I was able to flip him over so I was on top. I started kissing my way down his chest and then his abs until I found his cock. I started licking it, smelling it and doing my best to make love to it. This was obviously not going to be one of my usual fuck and/or suck sessions. I started bobbing my head on his cock. It hit the back of my throat and I made sure I took it all in. Ryan was squirming all over the bed. I stopped everything else and just focused on his cock. I was determined to make him cum and let me drink it all. Finally after a few more minutes of working his cock with my mouth he raised his hips and filled my mouth with a great amount of cum. It was a huge amount and a lot of it leaked out of my mouth and covered his cock.

When he calmed down just a bit he flipped me over, "it's my turn to take control." He pushed my legs over his shoulders and he held my arms back above my head. Since his cock was covered with cum he had no problem ramming it in my ass. He was not about to make love, he was fucking me and letting me know who was the boss right now. He was like a piston driving his cock into me. He leaned down and kissed me. "Your ass is so fucking hot." I arched my back, no one had ever taken me in this way. I pushed back as much as I could. He whispered, "Don't move." He took complete control and drove his cock into me, thrust after thrust after thrust. Every time I tried to move he tightened his grip on my arms. He raised his ass higher and made sure I was getting every inch of his cock from tip to base. He had unbelievable stamina and kept it up for almost a half hour. Every one of my nerve endings was on fire. I tightened up my legs on his shoulders. I fought to get my arms free from his hands, when I finally did I grabbed his ass and tried to pull him deeper into my ass. My head was moving from side to side, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me".

I couldn't believe it but Ryan's thrusts got even stronger and deeper. He was pounding my prostate. My cock shot all over his chest and mine but that didn't stop him. He raised himself up on his knees giving him even more leverage to go deeper. I think I started screaming in pleasure and pain. I moved my hands from his ass and wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled his mouth to mine and stuck my tongue in as deep as I could. His pounding was relentless.

I struggled to flip his over, I wanted to be on top and ride his cock. After some struggling I was successful. I think he was exhausted from driving into my ass like it was the last one he would ever have. With his cock still in me, I was able to get my knees on both sides of his hips. I started to raise and lover myself on his steel hard cock. He kept trying to switch our positions but I held firm. It was my turn to say "don't move." He complied. I started moving my ass up and down his cock as slow as I could. With each downward movement I leaned in and kissed him. On each upward movement I tightened my ass as much as I could. Each time he moaned. I threw my head back and rode his cock as hard as I could.

Again roles changed, he flipped me over again. As he kissed me he made sure he held my arms tight above my head. With each thrust he brought his cock just to the edge of my asshole, just the head stayed in. With every down stroke he drove it in as far as he could. He pushed so hard his hips were actually pushing my hips down. I started to yell. My cock shot off against his chest. He yelled and filled my ass with another huge load of his cum. We both collapsed on the bed. He kissed me and then we both fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke in the morning Ryan was still asleep, I looked at the clock at it was almost 11. Shit, I had to get to the campus bookstore. I didn't want to disturb Ryan so I grabbed my clothes, put them on and left. Luckily Ryan's apartment wasn't far from campus. I ran as fast as I could but I was late by about 10 minutes. Shane was standing just inside the back door. "Why are you late?"

"I'm sorry, I overslept."

"You know that my boss gives me shit when one of my team is late."

"I'm sorry sir." I still tried to be respectful even though Shane was just a few years older than me.

"Jesus Christ, you smell like sex. You can't come in the store smelling like that. You have to go home and get a shower."

"I don't think I have time, I have a class in 2 hours. I wouldn't be able to go home, shower and get back here before I would have to leave for class."

"God damn it. You are a pain in my ass." He looked at me with his head cocked. "If you are a pain in my ass I'm going to be a pain in your ass." He pushed me back out the door to the place where we first had had sex. He pushed me into the path behind the bushes. He put up the piece of wood that provided smokers with some privacy. "Get over here Chad." He pushed me against the wall and yanked my jeans down. He didn't waste any time, he pulled out his cock and started rubbing it against my asshole. "Feels like you've got some lube in there, you've been a naughty boy." I knew it was just Ryan's cum but I wasn't going to say anything. Shane pushed his cock into my ass. "See this is what you get when you make me look bad." He started ramming my ass with his cock. He was in a hurry and he dropped his load really fast. "You better not be late tomorrow or this is going to happen again."

Just as he pulled his cock from my ass, someone from the other side of the bushes said, "What's going on back there?" Shane stuffed his cock back in his pants and bolted toward the back door. He was inside before a couple of guys came around the bushes and saw me with my jeans down. "What the fuck are you doing? Are you beating off back here?" They both laughed. I had seen these guys in the gym working out. Both of them were muscle heads and looked like they might be using steroids. They stepped closer. They seemed to realize that the piece of wood that Shane moved when he left me standing her with my ass out could provide some privacy. They moved it to do just that.

"What's going on buddy? You beating your meat because your girl has left you hanging? Or are you thinking about some guy with a big dick? We don't really care as long as you take care of us. If not we are going to pull your naked ass out onto the mall." Why does this stuff keep happening to me?

Both of these muscle studs started groping their crotches and stepped closer. "Do you understand what we are saying?" I nodded yes. "Get down on your knees and we will find out if you really are a cocksucker." I did what they told me to do. They continued to rub the growing bulges in their pants. "Are these what you want? Would you like to suck a couple of big, juicy cocks?" I didn't respond. "Look, he's speechless, maybe he's never seen cocks as big as ours." They both took out cocks that proved the point that steroids don't shrink your cocks. They stepped closer and smacked their cocks against my face. "Pick which one you want to suck carefully." I had no idea what he meant. Both cocks looked tasty but neither looked better than the other. I grabbed the cock on the guy who was on my right. "Wrong". I reached for the cock to my left. "Wrong. Grab both of them." I did. "That's it, you're going to do both of us at the same time." I brought the cock of the guy on my right to my lips. He pulled away. I brought the one on the guy to my left to my lips to my lips. He pulled away. "Wrong". I looked up confused. "Like I said, you're going to do both of us at the same time. Do you think you can do that cocksucker?" I pushed the heads of their cocks together and did my best to bring them both into my mouth. With a little work I was able to get them both in, shit I had gotten the security guards cock in my mouth. I started to rub my tongue along the bottom of their heads. "Yeah faggot, that's good." I kept bobbing my head to get more of their cocks in my mouth and I was successful. They both started to moan and pretty soon they both gave me their loads. It was difficult to swallow both loads at the same time but I did my best. Some of the cum ended up on the front of my shirt. They both pulled back, "good job faggot, that was great." They stuffed their cocks back into their pants, moved the piece of wood and just walked away. I heard them laughing. I tried to make myself presentable and ran out of the bushes and headed to my new job at Professor Jones' office. Luckily Professor Jones wasn't in his office, at least something was going right this morning. I decided I would head back to the Student Union to get some coffee. As I turned away from the Professor's office I almost bumped into the custodian who had caught me in the basement bathroom in the library and then here at the Professor's office. He pointed at my shirt and asked "Qui?" I knew that he knew what it was by the grin on his face. He signaled for me to follow him. At the end of the hall there was a custodial closet. He opened the door and signaled me to come in. He pointed at himself and said "Guillermo" and pointed me and I said "Chad". He pointed at me again and said 'marico?". I wasn't sure what he meant so I shrugged my shoulders. " gallo?" I still didn't know what he was asking. He grabbed his crotch and squeezed it and raised his eye brows.

"Si." I guess he didn't need to know anything more, he undid his work pants and pulled out a very respectable cock. It was a little darker than the white guys I've serviced but lighter than the security guard's cock.

He pointed at his cock "corner ahora!" I didn't know what he was saying but I got the drift. As he saw me get down on my knees his cock started to grow. It wasn't just respectable it was awesome. I started licking his cock. He wasn't planning on waiting, he shoved his cock into my mouth, "CORNER". It didn't take too long for him to fill me with a salty load of cum. He pulled his cock from my mouth and said "Fuck ahora", this time I got it. I tried to figure out what position he wanted me in he quickly showed me. He shoved me over his work cart. Without any ceremony he shoved his cock up my ass and started slamming away. He didn't care about making me feel good, his only concern was getting his rocks off. A few more thrusts, a grunt and I felt him fill my ass with hot cum. He pulled out and stuffed his cock back in his work pants. Without even checking if I had dressed again he pulled open the door. Guess who was just outside the door, you got it, Ryan. He stared at me and I stared at him. He obviously was pissed. Instead of walking away he came in and closed the door.

He stepped closer and said "I'm in charge now." He pulled his cock out and forced me to my knees. He not just put it in but drove his cock into my mouth. "Eat it you asshole, eat my cock." He didn't let up, he just kept driving his cock in my mouth and then shot a load of his tasty cum. He pulled me up and turned me around. He pushed me against the shelves of cleaning and paper products. He kicked my legs apart. He fingered my asshole and then rammed, and I mean rammed, his cock into me. He just kept ramming and ramming like a crazy man. Beside his cock he didn't touch me, he just keeping thrusting his cock into me. After at least 10 minutes of his driving his cock into me I felt him fill my ass with his cum. He pulled out his cock out, stuffed it back in his pants and said "fuck you!"

I guess I just lost a potential boyfriend, but when I look back at it I had a pretty good day.


Come on guys, who should Chad fuck or suck next?

Be well,


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