It was the last day that I was going to work at the mall. I had saved enough money to start taking classes at the nearby community college. While looking forward to college, I have to admit that I was going to miss working at the mall. For the last couple of months I was getting regular loads of cum from various guys. I had made a deal with my boss at the store I worked at that if I was late to work or late from a break that I had to take care of him. Most of the time it was a blow job but every once in while he liked to fuck me in his office. There were times with him I ended up with two loads of cum, one in my mouth and one in my ass. My boss was a jerk but I liked how he kept giving me what I wanted...cum, and lots of it. He also made me give blow jobs to our regular delivery driver but also to some of the stores regular customers. My boss told me they would call ahead just to make sure I was working that day. My other regular supplier of cum was Jim, the manager at a clothing store in the mall. We would meet in a secluded bathroom. Sometimes we couldn't do it because the bathroom was too busy. I was bummed on those days. I was still meeting my trucker friends at the rest stop every other Wednesday for blow jobs and even the occasional fuck. I figured I was getting at least 14 or 15 loads of cum every week. I had already gotten a job on campus so I doubt I would be able to come to the mall very often but I was hoping I would still be able to go to the rest stop. I was going to have to figure out where and how I was going to get cum. I needed at least as much as I was getting but hopefully some more.

For those of you who haven't read the first 3 chapters I'm Chad, 160 lbs, 5"10 in good shape with a smooth body and shaggy blond hair. I've even started getting highlights in my hair at the mall which I thought looked pretty good. I'm 19 and in a few months I was going to be 20. As you can see I like cum, I like it a lot, and I like a lot of it. I realized I could be called a slut. I am to that conclusion because the girls that were called sluts in high school only gave a couple of blow jobs and maybe got fucked occasionally. If it was a race, I would have a huge lead.

After giving my boss one last blow job, I asked if I could leave a little earlier since I had some stuff to do. He reluctantly said ok. "Chad, you're going to be missed around here. I hope you'll stop by every once in a while and you know."

"I'll try Mr. Wallace but no promises". When no one was looking he rubbed my ass while I started to walk away.

Since I had a little more money than I needed for tuition and books, I decided to get some new clothes. Of course I decided to go to the clothing store where Jim worked. Hopefully he was working today. I walked into the store and looked at all the posters with shirtless guys. Some pictures were guys in underwear. I wouldn't mind getting my lips on some of them. Jim was there and he walked toward me.

"Hey dude, you've never been in the store before. I can't really get away right now, a couple of the guys called in sick."

"I actually am here to buy some clothes for school. I start classed tomorrow. I won't be working here in the mall anymore."

"Man, that's too bad. Who's going to take care of me?"'

"Hot as you are, someone will find you."

"Can't believe they will be as good as you. Most of our customers are college kids so I'm sure we can find you some cool stuff. Let me help." We walked around and picked up so nice things. "Let's look at some jeans." The jeans were in the back corner right near where the fitting rooms were. "Let's pick out some and have you try them on." I nodded in agreement.

Jim picked out three pairs, one of which had rips all over. We entered the fitting room. There were 6 fitting rooms off of a hallway. Jim directed me toward the last one. "I'll be right back, it's close to closing and I want to make sure everything is shut down and locked up. Don't worry I'll stay and you can try as much as you'd like?

I put on the first pair and checked myself out in the mirror. They were great, snug on my ass and showed my package. "Chad I'm back, come out and show me how the jeans look." I did and he whistled, "Damn you look good. Let's make sure the fit is just right." He cupped my ass with his hands, "yeah, just right. Go try another." When I came back out I could tell that he must really like the way I looked because he cock was visible down the right side of his jeans. I stepped closer and ran my finger along the outline of his cock.

"Shit man, I'm sorry. We could have been caught and would have gotten you in trouble."

"No worries I've sent everyone home. Go try on the last pair." I went back in the fitting room and put on the ripped pair. As I came out Jim said "Nice, very nice, but let's make them even better." Jim put his finger in a rip close to my ass and made the rip bigger, big enough that he could slip his hand in which he did. He started playing with my ass while I started rubbing the bulge in his jeans. "I've been wanted to tap you ass since we first got together but didn't want to do it in bathroom. I'm going to have your ass tonight but first I want you to get me nice and wet." He went over to where the group of mirrors were. "Hand me that stool." He put the stool on the raised platform and stood on it. "Get over here."

He was facing away from the mirrors. "Undo my jeans but use your teeth." It took me awhile but I was able to undo all the buttons of his fly. He was going commando again so the base of his cock came into view. Before pulling his jeans down he told me to lightly chew on the outline of his cock. I obeyed. "I'm really going to miss telling you what to do." He squirmed as I chewed. His cock kept getting bigger. "Pull my jeans down cocksucker". He had never called me that before but I liked it. I was wondering if he wanted to make this possibly last time memorable.

When I yanked his jeans down his cock popped out. Since he was on the platform and the chair his cock was right at my mouth level. He grabbed his cock and started stroking it right in front of me. I leaned in and tried to capture it with my mouth. "Not yet you slut". First time he called me that. With each word he was getting more and more rough sounding. "Even though I wanted to I couldn't say that much in the bathroom in case someone came in but now I can call you my own cocksucking slut." He rubbed his cock all over my face. "OK, now you can have a taste but just the head". I swirled my tongue all around his head savoring the flavor of his cock. I moaned. I was just using my mouth on his cock so I reached down to undo my pants and push them down because they were strangling my growing cock. "No you don't cocksucker, all your attention should be on my cock." As frustrated as I was I did what he said. He started to slowly move his hips causing his cock to slide a bit further into my mouth. "Ok kid, don't move your head at all and just purse your lips." Since I was facing the mirrors I could see his cock sliding in and out of my mouth in the mirror to the right and the mirror to the left, I'd never saw myself sucking anyone before. "Yeah that's a good cocksucker, tighten your lips more." He reached both arms out and pushed his hands against the mirrors then he really started moving his hips. Soon he was getting his whole cock in my mouth and down my throat. "Man, your mouth is so damn hot." His legs started to shake and his cock started to twitch. "Here it comes cocksucker, take it all....ughhh." Shot after shot hit my throat, I tried to pull back to catch some of his cum on my tongue but he wouldn't let me. He grabbed my head keeping it still has he continued to pump into the back of my throat. This was something new, he had never been so demanding before, but I liked it. He stopped moving, sighed, and then pulled his cock out. A few more drops of cum were on the tip of his cock. "Lick them off slut, I know you want it." He was right and I did.

Jim stepped down from the stool. "Get up here" he growled. I stepped up. "Lean over the stool." Wondering what he was planning I did as said. He had me facing the mirrors so if I lifted my head up I could see our reflections to the right of me, in front of me and to the left of me. His face was flushed and I could see that he was hardening up again. "Like I've said, I've wanted a piece of your ass since the first day I saw you. Since this may be the last time I see you it's now or never."

I raised my lower body from the stool and started undoing my jeans, he stopped me. "I'll tell you in and when". He kicked my legs further apart and then grabbed the rip he and started in the ass of my jeans. The fabric was tough so it took a few seconds for him to succeed. Looking in the mirrors I could see the curve of by butt he had ripped so much. He started rubbing my ass. "Have you ever been fucked?"

"Yes". I could see that had flustered him.

"You never told me that". He slapped my ass. "I thought you were just a cocksucker." Another slap. "With who?"

"My boss".

"That asshole. Anyone else?"

"Yeah, a couple of truckers."

"Jesus H. Christ, for being only 19 you really are a slut." He was quiet for a second. "I bet no one has ever fucked you like I'm going to fuck you."

"I won't know until you do."

"Don't be a smart ass you faggot. You'll soon find out." With that he walked out of the fitting room area. Wondering where he went I stood up and started to follow him. He came back and forcefully said "get back on the chair". He had some things in his hand. "Since you have never been fucked by me I think we need you to get ready." Opening the rip a bit further he squeezed something in his hand and then rubbed onto my asshole. "Gotta get your pussy ready." His fingers started pushing at my hole as it twitched. "I guess you really do like to get fucked, too bad you didn't let me know sooner, we could have found someplace to go." One of his fingers was up my butt. "Mmmmm..nice and warm." A second finger pushed in and he started to turn his fingers around. He pulled them out and I felt empty. He walked around and stood in front of my face, "ever had one this big up your faggot pussy before?"

"Yes." That really got him aggravated but then he calmed down.

"Not only are you a cum lover but you must be a size queen as well if you let anyone as big as me have your ass already. Did you like it?" He was slowly stroking his cock but kept back so I couldn't reach it with my tongue or mouth.

"It hurt at first but then it started to feel good."

"Then I got to make sure I make your feel even better. I want you to remember this fuck and have it be the measuring stick you compare any future fucks to. What ways have you done it?"

"I'm always either bent over something or leaning up against a wall."

"Hmmmm, get up and follow me." We walked out to the main part of the store. We went over to the large table that held all the ties and he pushed them off but he did keep one. "Get up here." I was starting to get worried, not that he was going to fuck me, I was looking forward to that but that it was possible to see through the grate at the front of the store. I think he could tell what I was thinking, "there's no one around after the stores all close. The people who work in the stores have to leave from the back of their stores due to the alarms out in the mall. Get up here." He smacked the table. He was still naked from the waist down and I was still in my ripped jeans. The glass on the table was cold on my back. He grabbed a small bottle of something he had set on the table, put it under his nose and then breathed deep through his nose. He placed it under his other nostril and did the same thing. He let out a few deep breaths and closed his eyes. "Oh man!" He then grabbed the tie he hadn't swept away and tied it around his cock and balls. Seeing the question in my eyes he said "this will keep my dick harder for longer...just the way you'll like it." He stepped between my legs and leaned over putting the small bottle under my nose, "take a deep breath through your nose. Now the other one."

My head started to spin. My heart started to race. Jim had was working my asshole again with his fingers. I was horny as hell. "Fuck me Jim, fuck me!"

"I don't know. I may just want you to wonder what it could have been like."

"Please Jim, FUCK ME!" I started squirming my ass trying to suck his fingers into me.

In almost a sweet voice he said "what do you want from me Chad? Tell me."

I was ready to scream in frustration. "I want your cock Jim, please let me have it."

"You can do better than that cocksucker."


"Where do you want my big cock?"

"I want your big cock up my ass." This point my cock was so hard it hurt.

"Look at how big and hard your cock has gotten Chad. Too bad I'm not a cocksucker like you. Now where do you want my big cock again?"


My head was still reeling from whatever he had made me smell. I was moving my ass all over the place. Jim took my legs and put them over his shoulders and pressed his cock against my hole but just kept it there. My ass was twitching. I scooted forward trying to push my ass on his cock. He pulled back. Teasing me he said, "I forgot to lube up my cock." He squeezed stuff from the other bottle, stepped to the side and started to smooth it all over his cock just inches from my face. His cock had never looked redder or harder than it did tonight. He went back around and again put my legs over his shoulders as he place the tip of his cock against my hole. In one swift movement he rammed his cock into me, it felt like it would be coming out of my mouth. I screamed but then almost immediately it felt so good...SO GOOD! He got a rhythm going which I did my best to match. He pushed forward and I pushed back. He would alternate between really fast and hard and then slow and gentle. He would pull back almost to the point of pulling out and he would tease my hole and then jam his cock back in fast and hard. This must have gone on for almost 15 minutes. We were both covered in sweat. Just as he started filling my cock with his cum my dick shoot a load which hit Jim's face. When both of us finished we both got very still and just stayed where we were breathing ragged breaths. After another couple of heart beats his cock slipped from inside me and I whimpered, I wanted it back.

He undid the tie that was around his cock and balls and wiped his face with it. "I guess I'm going to have to throw this tie away. That was fucking awesome. You ever been fucked like that cocksucker?"

"No. Can we do it again? Maybe I shouldn't go to college and just keep working at the mall so we can do that again and again."

"No way man, you need to go to college. You don't want to be like me and be working at a mall when you are almost 30. Being a manager in this store doesn't get me a lot of money."

"Maybe you are right. I just got to make sure to come visit the mall so that we can keep doing this."

"Don't do that. This was just a good fuck, time for both of us to move on to other things. I still need you to stay around a little longer tonight. I actually did know that you were quitting today and I arranged a good buy party and gift for you. I think you'll like it you cute size queen cocksucker. I'll be right back, I need to make a few calls." With that he walked to the back leaving me lying on the table top

I heard a noise, not from the back but from the front. I sat up. One of the mall security guards was standing at the grate looking in at me. Not only looking at me but rubbing the front of his uniform slacks.


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