Jim was one of those kids that everyone said was "beautiful". In school, in church, on the playground, all the other mothers would tell Jim's Mom how he was going to be a "lady killer" someday. Even at an early age Jim knew that probably wasn't going to happen. In school he was always checking out other guys in the locker room even though he heard that's what "faggots" did, but deep inside he knew that it was right for him. He found that he really was attracted to other guys that were like him in physique but were nicer than a lot of the jocks he knew. Those guys acted like they were 'god's gift' while Jim liked the ones that were self-effacing and charming.

During his senior year in high school his Mom made him go to a 'talent search' event at the local Holiday Inn. It was hyped as a chance for 'young talent' to be discovered for TV, movies and modeling. His Mom was sure he could be a star and forced him to go. Surprisingly to him he got a lot of attention from some of the so called 'model scouts'. His Mother was beside herself and told him he had to go to all the follow up interviews.

On the first interview this really nice lady told him he had the body and the face to be a huge success in the modeling industry and that she would be glad to take him on for a mere $5,000. She said that would cover the cost of a shoot to get pictures he could take on modeling calls. She also said if she ended up booking him a job he would only have to pay her 50%. Even he knew that was a bad deal.

The next guy told him that he would be glad to pay for a photo shoot to use for modeling calls and would only want 35% of any job he was hired for. His Mother said that was still not a good deal.

The third guy he met with said all he wanted was 10% but expected that Jim would give him a blow job each time he came to meet with him at his office. He told his Mom only about the 10% and she, being his legal guardian, signed almost immediately. The first time Jim went to his office, with his mother sitting outside, the manager did exactly what he said he expected. First he told Jim he needed to see what he had to offer and made Jim strip down to his underwear. Jim's body was almost perfect for being a model. Nice muscle definition but not overly bulked up. He was smooth all over. He had perfect teeth, thanks to his parents insisting he get braces and veneers. His hair was thick and his eyes were almost crystal blue. As Jim took of his clothes it was apparent that the manager, a man in his 50s with a paunch and a receding hairline, was rubbing his cock under the desk. He made Jim come over and service his cock while his Mom was waiting right outside. After that his manager always booked him but it was mostly for catalog work, nothing too exciting, however, his Mom was thrilled and he didn't want to hurt her.

One of the jobs that the manager sent him on was for a commercial for a new line of jeans. He got fitted for a pair of jeans for the shoot that fit his body like a glove. His ass looked amazing and apparently the photographer thought so as well. During a shoot on the beach, the photographer asked Jim to come to his trailer to discuss the next couple of shots. Instead, when Jim got into the trailer the photographer started pawing Jim's ass and telling him it was the best ass he'd ever seen. He asked Jim to take the jeans off. Jim refused but the photographer threatened to black ball him in the industry if he didn't do what he said. Jim didn't want to hurt his Mom by not getting any more jigs so he took his pants off. The photographer had Jim lie down on the sofa in the trailer and he started to massage Jim's ass saying it was without a doubt the most beautiful ass he had ever seen. He told Jim he was going to fuck him. Not asking for a response from Jim, the photographer didn't even take off his pants. He just climbed on top of Jim, pushed his legs apart and thrust his cock into Jim's virgin ass. When the photographer realized that Jim was a virgin he got even more excited and gave Jim, what he would realize later, the hardest fuck of his life. When he was done the photographer said "now that's the way you should get fucked, always remember that." Jim always would remember that.

Luckily Jim kept getting better and better gigs. One year he was even asked to come to New York to be part of Fashion Week. He shared a hotel room with 5 other models since the only way you really made any money starting off as a runway model was to keep expenses to a minimum. He didn't know that male models were just like other groups of men, fraternities, social clubs, rugby teams, etc. They all had their hazing rituals. This particular group of guys fell on the more macho end of the male modeling profession. They were the ones that had their pictures taken in race cars of power boats, wearing big ass watches, and climbing out of pools dripping water off their perfect bodies. Their hazing ritual was making the 'newbie' of the group service each of them every night before they went to sleep. Not knowing any better that was exactly what Jim did. During this time Jim found out that there are a lot of different sizes and shapes of cocks but they all would react the same when a mouth or an ass was wrapped around their cocks. After a week sucking the cocks of those five guys and even being fucked by a few he decided that in the not too distant future he was never going to be the fuckee anymore.

Jim was now 22 and had been very successful as a model. A lot of editorial, runway and even some television work had made him very well-known and in demand. One day his manager called him and told him that one of the national clothing stores wanted him for their ad campaign. It was the chain that had all the incredible good looking men in their catalogs and on posters throughout their stores. He went in to speak with them and was offered a job almost immediately, on the condition, as was true for all their new models, that they attend a work sessions with key executives in one of the apartments that they kept in the city. Jim showed up and realized he was the only model present. One of the executives told him to take off all his clothes and pass out drinks to all in attendance. As he moved around the room passing out cocktails his ass was slapped, groped and praised. Finally someone said dinner was served and the group headed into the dining room. There was no food. Jim was told to get on the table and give anyone what they wanted. One guy took off the pants of his business suit and climbed up on the table. Kneeling in front of Jim he told him, no demanded, that he suck his cock. Jim did what he was asked but without much energy. Over and over someone new would put his cock in front of Jim's mouth expecting to be serviced. Soon he felt someone spread his legs apart and while he was sucking one guy's cock he felt another being pushed into his ass. That was how the rest of the evening went, a cock in his mouth and cock in his ass over and over all night and into the morning. Finally one guy, the head of their store management division helped him down off the table that was covered with the cum of men who had stroked off watching what was happening and helped him get dressed and took him down to catch a cab.

Jim's shoots for the store were incredible successful. He probably became one of their best campaigns. Girls swooned over him, straight boys wanted to be him and gay guys beat off to his poster and his pictures in the catalog.

Jim was so tired of being used by men that he got into a lot of partying. Soon he was missing photo shoots and slowly but surely his work dried up. His manager dropped him and after much searching he did find one that would take him on. This manager, however, had a different idea about the work he should be doing. Soon he was in shoots for underwear for a company that was more interested in getting people to buy their catalogs instead of their products. Due to Jim's partying, this work soon dried up as well. As a last ditch effort his manager sent him on some calls for some work in the adult entertainment industry. Even with his hard partying Jim still looked very hot. However, not being a muscle boy he was always cast in the role of a bottom. His most popular movies were the ones where he would have to service a bunch of tops before getting fucked by the biggest cock in the room. Even though he didn't like it he always gave the best performance. His face would show pure pleasure, or pain depending on the movie, so that others watching would really feel what that cock felt like up their ass.

Jim knew that his career was over. He was tired of being the play thing of managers, executives, photographers and other porn stars. He had to find something new.

He reached out to the guy who had been nice to him at the executive 'retreat' and asked if there was any jobs available in the store division. While he expected he would have to get fucked yet one more time the guy came through and offered him a manager's job at one of the stores in a better mall by the city. Jim ended up being very successful with the highest gross sales of any store in the country. He was even able to develop friendships with some of his fellow former models who were also tired of being used by the company in ways they would rather forget.

Jim, and his friends, vowed that from now on they were going to be the ones that fucked and got their cocks sucked and Jim took every chance he could from glory holes in the mall bathroom to fucking men in his store after closing. That's how he met Chad.


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