Winter break is almost over. While I'm sorry that it's over, I will be glad to get back to classes, the baseball team and the campus bookstore. It's been an interesting couple of weeks. Jim and I started a little business of package wrapping at the mall that netted me over $12,000 even after I gave Jim his cut. Let's just say it involved servicing a lot of suburban dads in the mechanical room at the mall. My younger cousin tried to fuck me. I think I may have blown my father at a rest stop. I was the centerpiece of a bachelor party. There were a few other cocks along the way in there but it would take too much time to bring you up to speed. As you can guess from the above that I'm a cum slut and a size queen. I'm not ashamed of it, in fact I embrace it. I love big cocks and I won't deny it.

I have an interesting group of people who are in my life. There is Jim, the manager of a clothing store in the mall. He's sort of my partner in crime who also knows how to feed me his cock and fuck me with it. We had been caught on video which resulted in me having about 4 weeks of a maintenance man's cock in my mouth and ass. Then there's Shane, my boss at the campus bookstore, who fucks me against an outside wall of the Student Union with only some trees and bushes providing us some cover and a few times it didn't. Oh, he also got me in a porno because he wants to start his own porn empire. There's Professor Jones, my English professor for the fall semester. I had to suck him, plus get a few fucks, to keep from having a failing grade and actually got it up to an A, I'm that good. There was also a lot of one shot wonders such as Hulk from an opposing baseball team, Grant our star pitcher and a hunky Latino custodian on the campus. And how can I forget Jake the asshole. I met Jake the first day of classes at a glory hole in the bathroom of the library. Since that fateful day I have sucked him or he has fucked me every Monday afternoon. There have also been some times other than Monday including a bus bathroom and at the bachelor party. He is dumb as a box of rocks but has a body and cock to die for. He acts and speaks like a homophobe. He likes to be in 'large and in charge' but he doesn't know that I'm actually the one. And I think I may have seeing him blow some fraternity brothers at the bachelor party but I'm not sure. Now you know why I have an interesting life, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

For those of you who haven't met me yet, the short story is I'm Chad, 20, 5'10', 165, blonde/blue/green. Still live with parents.

It's the first day of class, a Monday, and I had arrive on campus and I park my piece of shit Chevy. I had to go to the Registrar's Office because I needed to change a class so I could get more hours at the campus bookstore. There was a line of course. While standing there someone rubbed their hand over my ass. I turned around and there was this cute guy standing behind me looking off to his right. It happens again. I looked back and now he was looking to the left. This time I checked him out, not bad. I decided to play along. I stepped back just a bit and put my ass against his crotch. He pushed forward. This was getting interesting. I can feel that he's got some pretty impressive equipment in the front of his cargo pants. I push back again. He moves against me. I move my knapsack on my right shoulder so it's hanging down enough so that it blocks my ass touching his crotch. He does the same with his on the left shoulder. I rub back against him. The line moves forward and we both do as well but keep our ass and crotch still against each other. I put my right hand behind my bag and feel what he has been brushing against me. I confirm it's pretty big. As I start to pull my hand back he moves his right hand making sure my hand doesn't leave his package. Remember no words have been said yet. He moves my fingers so they are touching his zipper. I'm not dumb. I do my best, without much movement, to get his zipper down. I find I'm with another guy who goes commando. I wriggle my fingers in and feel a shaft that is burning hot. I try to pull it out but I can't it's too big. He gently pushes my fingers away and is able to angle the zipper so that I can get a better grip. Sucker is thick, just the kind that I like. We have to step forward again. I can't believe no one knows what we are doing. I finally work his cock out of his cargos. Was I right, his cock is thick and long. Without looking at it I would say he's a 7 or 7.5 on my scale. So he's right up there with Jim and Jake the asshole. I start squeezing this magnificent cock. I can feel it start to harden. Not knowing how this could end well, with as little movement as possible I start to stroke his cock. As you probably realize there is not much movement I can put into it. I need to tell you that this guy is probably 6'4" and solid. Because of his height is cock his more in the lower part of my back than down by my ass, not that any fucking was going to happen here. I started exploring his cock to the best of my ability. There was a big vein on top and a little extra skin on the bottom, I'm sure that skin would stretch out when he was fully hard and it was becoming fully hard. The head of his cock was silky and I could feel a drop of precum. We moved forward again and the movement made more of his cock through my hand. It was interesting exploring a cock that I wasn't seeing, it was a whole new experience that made me appreciate the magic of cocks more than I already do. With his fingers he raised the back of my t-shirt just a bit. He pretended that the line pushed him forward and his cock slid under my t-shirt up my back. The line made a turn around a pillar which enabled us to really not be viewed by anyone else in line. I felt him rub his hard, thick, long, hot cock against skin. What a great sensation. A couple more rubs and his cock shot all over my back, I even felt some of his cum up by my back. He pulled his cock back as it softened. When he could he moved it so it was now facing down. He gently pulled my shirt back down. I helped him get his cock back in his cargos. I felt his cum running down my back and soaking my t-shirt. As soon as his cock was back in his cargos I flipped my back pack around so that it covered the growing stain on my t-shirt. If anyone looked at the front of my jeans they would see that I was still hard and there was a growing wet spot, thank god I was wearing some dark wash jeans. I could feel him step back a bit. We were now near the front of the line. I got called to line A and he got called to line D. I successfully was able to change my class. When I was done I looked for him but he was gone.

My t-shirt was starting to stick to my back so I thought I would head to the campus bookstore to buy a t-shirt that I could change in to. As I headed in that direction someone grabbed my arm. I spun around "what the fuck? Why did you grab me?" Next to me was a little cutie, ok maybe little is a little harsh. He was maybe two to four inches shorter than me and probably only clocked in at 130 at best. His body looked wiry but in great shape for someone his size and he knew how to show it off. He was in jeans and an open shirt showing his hard little baby pecs (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist). "Is there something you need?"

"Did I just see what I thought I saw?" I don't know if it was his vantage point because of his height but he must have seen big dude cum up my t-shirt and everything that led up to it.

"What do you think you saw?" Time to act ignorant.

"Did you just give a hand job to that big guy while we were in line?"

"Why do you say that?"

"From where I was standing I could see you pull his cock out, stroke it and then I watched him shoot up your back. It was very hot."

Shit. I hemmed and hawed but finally had to come clean, how can you deny something like that when they saw it. "Oh, some guys cock just accidentally got out of his pants and shot a load of cum up my back, happens every day around here." Yeah, like that would work.

"Yes, what you saw really happened."

"Wow, you guys must be really good friends to do that for him."

"I enjoyed it too."

"But I didn't see you get off."

"Sometimes a good time doesn't have to mean you both have to get off."

"Wow, I never thought about it that way. But how would I know the only way I've ever gotten off was my own hand." Awww a little cute virgin.

"Don't worry, you'll find someone."

"I don't think so, I'm just too short." Oh, a little cute virgin with self-esteem issues.

"You're a cute kid, you'll find someone. I'm Chad by the way."

"Charlie, nice to meet you."

"Out of curiosity, how old are you?"

"I'm 16, I'm in that program where I can get college credit while I'm still in high school. I finished all the classes I can take back in the high school." Poor kid, this must not be an easy environment for his socially.

"Can I ask you a question?"


"Would you do something like that for me?" For a moment I was speechless. Surprised by the question but also surprised he had the balls to ask such a question.


"I'm sorry, I just want to feel someone else's hand on my penis." Did he really just say penis. The Good Samaritan was starting to come out.

"Sure kid, do you have a place we could go?"

"What about right here, you just did it here?"

"I think that was a one of a kind circumstance. And don't forget that you saw us."

"Oh yeah" He leaned in close and whispered "what about a bathroom?" I thought it was too early to expose him to the library basement and the possibility of running into Jake the asshole.

"Why don't we go out to my car."

"Great." He looked like a little puppy.

We got out to my car we both got in the front seats and I loosened his belt. Then he undid his pants and pulled out his cock. It's was immense, maybe it was just that the proportion was off but this thing looked like a python. Immediately his cock got hard. It must not be as big as it looked because I could get my hand around it but when you saw this thing coming out of this small body it just was incredible. I began stroking his cock and almost immediately he shot his load all over the inside of my windows.

There was a loud knocking on my window, I turned and guess who I saw? Yep, Jake the asshole. I rolled down the window. Poor Charlie looked terrified.

"What's going on here ladies? Looks like Chad here was giving you a hand with something. Jesus Christ how old are you kid?"


"Seriously Chad, isn't that a little young for even you?"

"Shut up Jake, he just wanted to know how it felt to have someone else's hand on his dick, it's never happened before." Charlie looked mortified when I said that.

"Kid, your 16 and haven't been laid yet? I got my first piece of ass when I was 13. Time to get you laid. Let me help, I'll get you set up." On my god! "Kid, you ever watch any porn to see how it's done?"


"I haven't seen Chad here for a while. We had some fun at that bachelor party didn't we Chad?" Was he talking about what we did or was he talking about what I might have seen?

"I wish there was a bitch around for me to show you, buy hey, let's use Chad here. The hole will be different but the technique is very similar." Jake grabbed my arm through the window. "You will do this faggot."

While this may scar Charlie, I thought it might be teachable movement for my dumb jock.

After much debate, I got in the back seat and took my clothes off. Jake had Charlie stay up front but told him to be sure to change his position to be sure he saw all of Jake's move. Seriously, that is what he said.

Jake got in the back seat with me and starting taking off all is clothes. He hadn't been totally naked with me since our come to Jesus in the locker room several months ago. My god, he had a great body. He pushed me toward the car door so my head was slightly by the door arm rest. He moved one of my legs so that he was between my legs. He said to Charlie "I'd start by rubbing and fingering the girl's pussy, now this bitch's boy cunt is a little bit farther south but it's going to work." Now this was something new, Jake fingering my ass. He actually pushed one and then two fingers in me. I squeezed back against his fingers. "Did you see that, he tightened up against my fingers that means they really like it. Taunt them a little by just playing with their snatch." I couldn't help but moan. "See what I mean." This went on for a couple of minutes.

Chris spoke up "wouldn't there be some petting and kissing involved?"

"If it was my girlfriend you better fucking believe it. But, when you are just getting a piece of ass there should be no kissing involved, it sends the wrong message. You just want to stick your cock in them and that's all." Jake a really true romantic, not! "See how the bitch is moving around trying to get more of my fingers, that's how you know the bitch is ready to be fucked." I just realized that Jake had not used the words faggot or cocksucker since he started this tutorial.

"Now kid, some guys will just lay down between the girl's legs and put his cock in that way. Some may also get his girl up on all fours and fuck her like a dog but I like to do it this way." Jake grabbed my ankles and held my feet up against the roof of the car. My asshole was twitching. This was also something new with Jake. "Try teasing the cunt with the tip of your cock, but don't do it too long, you don't want to blow too early. Then slide the tip of your cock in, just like this. Now just move it around slowly so she gets comfortable with the size. Once you feel the cunt tighten up again you start sliding all the way in. At this point you can do whatever you feel like, long strokes, short strokes, fast or slow." As Jake started to move within me, I began to moan to make sure he feels like he's getting me hotter. Maybe I wasn't faking it.

"Kid, sometimes he will lie pretty still and just enjoy the feel of your cock filling him up especially with a big cock like mine." Interesting, he just changed gender. "Sometimes he will push back when you are thrusting forward, show him Chad." No derogatory words. "Other times they'll be moving around like they can't get enough of the cock." That was my next move, to show him how much I enjoyed his cock, which actually always is the case. "The one thing you must remember is to hold off, you don't want to come before he does unless you are just showing him that you're the boss or punishing him for something." Another interesting tidbit. "Sometimes you want to take him just to the edge of an orgasm, slow down a bit, and then take him back to that point." Jake was doing the slow short movements that I Iove. "Then just when they are ready to orgasm you shoot your load." Then he stopped talking.

Jake started picking up speed. Short but fast movements of his cock up near my hole, one of my favorite moves. It was time for me to really put my plan in motion. When Jake is with me it's usually slam bam thank you ma'am. He just likes to get his rocks off. A few times I've been able to get him to slow down a bit but nothing like this today. Then he started to go deeper but still at the slow pace. I pushed back. We kept this going for a while. Jake had closed his eyes and had gone to his happy place. He started pushing farther until he hit my prostate. I pushed back to make sure he hit the target right where I wanted it. This is one time when I could actually enjoy his cock. That's not quite right, I always enjoy Jake's cock, whether sucking or fucking. You have to remember that I'm a cum slut and size queen and his cock checked all my boxes. The way his cock filled my ass was unbelievable. Because he was going slowly, I could feel each vein on his member. But what I enjoyed most was the feeling the crown of his tip rub against the walls of my ass. I also love the way it felt when the tip of his cock hit my prostate and then slowly slide back like it was almost knocking at a door. Again this went on for a while. This definitely was the longest fuck we had ever had.

Jake started picking up speed and driving his cock in as far as I could. I countered by tightening my ass harder than I had ever done before. I pushed back as rough and demanding as I could. This was becoming the best fuck I have ever had. We were both close, I went first, cum shot over my head onto the window of the car. When one of the last blasts came out of me it landed on my face as well as my chest. I was in heaven. Then Jake came with a huge load of cum filling my ass. After he had dumped his load I kept squeezing his cock and moving around as much as I could in this position. When he couldn't take it anymore he pulled out and dropped on my chest, his face close to mine.

When he was in that place between orgasm and reality I said, "Was that good for you?"

"Oh yeah"

"Was that the best fuck you have ever had?"

"Fuck yeah." Score one for the home team! I had just had him admit that fucking me was better than any other girl or guy. I had to figure out a way to use that in the future.

Then he realized what he said and rose off of me very quickly. He was flustered as he put on his clothes.

He looked at Charlie, who I think both had forgotten was here. Charlie said, "That was awesome".

"That's how you do it, kid." He opened the door and as he was leaving he said, "Faggot, don't forget you have to give suck my cock this afternoon in the library, it's been a while. You better not be late pussy boy."

And there it is, the old Jake the asshole is back, but maybe only for a while.


Be well,


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