I apologize for the couple of long pieces of dialogue toward the end, but they were necessary. I hope it doesn't distract from you enjoyment.

Hey, it's me, Chad. Don't read this one until you've read chapter 14.

Well, Monday of finals week wasn't too bad. I got an A on my English exam and got 8 loads of my favorite source of protein from my Professor, Jake, and the Latino custodian. I went home, had a nice dinner with my parents and studied for my math exam. Oh, during dinner my folks told me we were going to spend Christmas Eve and Day at my Uncle's ranch about an hour outside of the city. Yippy Skippy.


I actually got a pretty decent night's sleep. After grabbing a cup of coffee in the kitchen I gathered up my stuff and headed to the campus. I really hate math but I was going to soldier on with the test. It actually didn't go to bad, I think I probably will get a B in the class which would help me transferring to State.

Since I didn't have exams the rest of the day I scheduled myself to work at the campus bookstore. The store wasn't busy except with book buy back so there wasn't a whole lot to do so I was just standing around. Shane, my boss, told me to go work in the store room. He said the books for next semester were coming in and that the guys delivering them could use some help unloading. I went to storeroom, which had the loading dock attached. There was truck at the dock but no one was around. I looked around and still couldn't find anyone. I leaned against a tower of boxed books and reviewed in my mind what had happed yesterday, sucking the Professor off while he was giving a test, teaching Jake how to give a better fuck, and hooking up with the Latino custodian. Not bad. I realized that I hadn't gotten off yesterday. It should have happened as Jake fucked me but I was so focused on messing with his head I hadn't. Thinking about yesterday was starting to give me a boner. I looked around and still didn't see anyone, so I took my dick out. I was going to do a really quick jack off. It didn't take long for me to cum as I thought about yesterday. When I was done I smeared the cum on the floor with my shoe so it wouldn't be too obvious what it was. As I started to put my cock back in my jeans I heard "look what we have here, a white boy with his dick out for everyone to see. You think his dick is as big as ours?" They came into my view and I saw that they were three very masculine looking Black guys who must be the guys that were unloading the truck. The two guys with the one who spoke in unison said "no way boss", all three of them laughed.

"Why don't we find out? Come on White boy, we're going into the truck trailer. Nope, I don't want you to put your little white cock away, just follow us." I glanced around to see if anyone was going to see me with my cock out. At this point it was in a flaccid state. I still covered it with my hands. "You afraid of showing that little thing?" I started to say something but the boss said "shut your mouth, I'll tell you when you can speak." This guy sounded pretty scary, I wondered if I should make a run for it but his colleagues had gotten on each side of me. "Get in."

When we all were in the trailer one of the guys pulled the door about 2/3rds of the way down so there was still a lot of light at this end of the trailer, there was a small window that looked at the back of the cab so there was light at that end of the trailer as well. The boss man told the other two guys to move a couple of the boxes so that it would be harder to see into the trailer without blocking out too much of the light. "I want to make sure that he can see the size of our cocks. So we can show him that the myth about Black men's' dicks is true. Come over here boy. Take your jeans off. No, keep your shirt on. Try to get your cock hard so that we can see how big it is. Go ahead and beat it like you were before." I tried but I just couldn't get it up, I was just too nervous because I didn't know where this was going.

"Looks like this White boy can't get it up. Why's that boy? Do you need some stimulation? Why don't you think about some girl's big tits and hot pussy." Not that that image helped but I kept trying to get my cock up. "Hmm, what about some girl on her knees giving you a blow job? Still nothing huh? Hey Boys do you think this white boy may like cock better than snatch? I wonder if he likes fucking some other White boy or maybe getting fucked himself. Why he may even be a cocksucker. Is that it boy, do you like to have a cock in your mouth?" Because of this talk my cock was on the rise. "I guess I'm right boys, this guy is a cocksucker, look at his cock grow. Keep beating it, I want to see how big it gets, just don't cum in here. It didn't take too much time for me to get it completely up thinking about the words he had used and the image of me with a cock in my mouth, one of my favorite activities. I noticed that all three of them were rubbing the front of their work pants as they watched me.

"Ok boys, how big does he look to you?" I know I'm about 7". One guy said maybe 2 inches and the other one said he thought maybe 3 inches. "I don't know, we may need to put our cocks next to his to find out how it stacks up to ours. Come on boys, let's show this college kid what a real cock looks like." All of them pulled out their dicks, "come here kid jack each of us and then let's see who's bigger than you." I did what he said starting with him. When I finally had gotten them all up to their full lengths the boss said, "well obviously all or cocks are bigger than yours, but how are we going to figure out who is the biggest of the three of us? Anybody got any ideas?"

I spoke up, "I could go get a ruler."

"Didn't I tell you not to talk unless I said so? What a surprise that the college boy thinks we should do something as lame as using a ruler, I think we can come up with a different way."

He and the two other guys huddled together far enough away from me that I couldn't hear them. They talked for a while and then laughed. Turning back toward me the boss said "we got it. One by one we are going to slide our cocks in your White boy mouth. You're going to make sure that you get us all hard again and then we are going to push our cocks an as far as we can until we can't go any farther. The one of us that has the most cock still outside of you mouth will be the one that has the biggest and baddest Black cock. Understand kid? Go get started on him." He pointed me toward the taller of his two workers. I already knew the boss' was biggest since I'm an aficionado of large cocks.

I went over to tall guy and took his cock in his mouth. I started giving the best blow job I could. Using my hands, mouth and throat I gave it all I had and pretty soon he was hard as rock.

"Ok now, start pushing your cock in as far as you can, let's see what's still showing when it can't go any further." Piece of cake. Within seconds he was all the way in with no cock still showing. Not that he's cock was small, just that I can take a lot of cock now. "Don't cum, can't give the rest of us an advantage by lubing up his throat with your juice. Now do him." He pointed me to the other guy. Like before I sucked his cock in but I didn't have to do much, his cock got hard in a matter of seconds. "Ok, now you push your cock in as far as you can." He ended up with the same outcome as his pal.

Boss man laughed and said "well I guess you guys don't have big cocks at all, I thought at least one of you would have him gagging. My turn now."

The boss was already hard from watching his friends feed me their cocks so he just rammed his cock down my throat. To make matters interesting I tightened up my throat so that he didn't get as much cock in as his friends had. A good inch and a half was still outside of my mouth.

"I win" the boss crowed.

"Bullshit, you just kept some of your cock out of his throat so it would look like you had won."

"Yeah, I think we need to have another test." I knew where this was going and it was ok with me.

"Ok, we are each going to fuck White boy here. The one who can make him scream the most wins. Do we all agree?" The other too said yea. "Let's go in the same order. What do you think best position would be to really get him going?"

"Well, I don't want to look at his face while I'm doing him. I want to think of my girlfriend who's been waiting on me to come home for the last 2 years." What?

"Ok, let's just lay him face down on these boxes and we'll fuck him like a woman in the missionary position just with this guy turned over."

The first guy climbed on top of me, spit on the end of his cock and drove it home. After a few quick thrusts he shot his load. I guess he was just too horned up. I hadn't made a sound on purpose. Boss man said "I guess you aren't the winner."

The other guy climbed on, same routine, spit, ram, cum. At least he lasted a little bit longer.

Now it was boss man's turn. "Yeah, this is a good position. So much better than screwing against the shower wall." Huh? He leaned over, close to me ear and said "are you ready for the best fuck of your life White boy? You are never going to have a double extra-large piece of dark meat like mine. Now boss man didn't do it the way his friends did. He didn't need to spit because I had two loads of cum in my ass so he slid in easily. He didn't pound he was actually pretty sensual. He seemed to know what I liked, he knew to bring me just to the edge and then he'd pull almost all the way out. He was proud of himself "see boys this is how you fuck a White boy's pussy. Nice and slow, now I can start picking up the pace so he does scream."

He leaned close to my ear again "I know I told you not to speak but I give you permission to whimper, cry, beg or scream." Now I have to be honest here, he did have a good size cock but nowhere near the monster cock that the security guard at the mall had. Now that man really proved that Black men have bigger dicks that White guys. I don't think he was even as big as the Hulk who did me at the house with the baseball player and I think Jake, the asshole, is as big as the guy plowing my ass right now.

This guy actually was one of the better fucks I've ever had. He stopped the slow motions once I did moan, that must have given him the signal to start picking up the pace at just the right speed. With each stroke he went a little deeper. He really seemed to know me, once he want past my prostate he made sure to give it nice strokes with his cock. It was getting to be too much for me to stay quiet. "Oh fuck yeah."

"Hear that boys, he likes my cock. You like this dark meat don't you boy?"

"Yes, I really, really like your dark meat." Another whimper on my part.

"What do you want me to do with my dark meat?"

"I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. Please!!!"

"You got it White boy." He really started giving it to more than Jake even does. This was sweet. It was like he hadn't had a good fuck in a while.

With a yell on my part I could feel that I had shot my cum on the box I was lying on. Whenever I cum I involuntarily tighten up my ass. When I did it really got boss man going. "Yeah, take it, take it, take it." One last thrust and I felt him start to give me his load. After resting for a second he pulled out. "Well I guess that means I win, I made him scream."

As I started to get off the top of the box he slapped my ass, "you know you're ok for a White kid. Now get out of here, we've got work to do."

When I was about halfway through the store room on the way to stairs Shane appeared. "What have you been doing?"

"Just helping the guys on the truck. They needed a little help with some of their loads." Smile.

"Interesting guys aren't they? This new prison work program for non-violent offenders is a really good thing. That guy who seems to do most of the talking is the trustee responsible for the other two. The three of them must be considered pretty safe and not runners that they don't even have a guard with them. They do good work."

"They sure do." It now makes sense. "I hope we can work with them again."

The rest of the afternoon Shane had be do a variety of odd jobs which was fine with me. Toward the end of my shift Shane asked if he could take me out for a beer. I agreed. He said he would drive.

At the end of my shift I went to look for Shane, I found him giving some instructions to another employee. We left the store and walked to his car. As we got in Shane said "Chad, you are a really good worker and I know that it may seem like I was taken advantage of you and in a way I was. You've got the best ass and mouth I've ever had. I've worked her for a while because I need the money but I really need to move on. But while I've been here I usually can find some guy who wants a job to give me the occasional blow job. Every once in a while I even find some guy that will let me fuck him, but nobody has been as good as you. That's why I wanted to take you out for a drink, to say thank you."

"Shane, don't you have a girlfriend."

"Yeah, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. I'm a pretty sexual guy and she isn't quite as much. I don't' want to cheat on her with another woman so I turn to you gay guys. It's working so far."

I didn't know what bar we were going to but we had been driving for a while. Since none of the prisoners had given me a load in my mouth I was getting a little horny. Having Shane right next to me wasn't helping. I put my hand on his thigh and said "thanks, I appreciate what you said."

"You better move your hand or my pants are going to get really uncomfortable." I didn't move my hand, in fact I started rubbing his thigh in small circles and moved up to the growing bulge in his pants. He moaned. Time to take charge again.

"Raise yourself up". He did. This allowed me to open up his zipper. He was going commando like he started doing pretty much when I started working with him. When went out the partially hidden smoking area and he wanted a blow job or to fuck me, he didn't want to waste any time with underwear. His cock was hard and a little precum was on the tip. He must have thought something was going to happen. "Sit back down. Raise up the steering wheel so there's enough room for my head but you can still steer." He did. I started sucking his cock. Because his words were so nice I didn't want to be one of those slam, bam, thank you man jobs that I usually had to give him because we didn't have much time. I took my time licking up and down his cock. I nuzzled around his balls. Every once in a while I'd take the head of his cock in my mouth. After a while he moved his right hand from the wheel and started to rub my ass. I pushed my ass back against is hand.

"We are almost there. Don't worry about not making me cum yet, we can work on that later."

When I brought my head up I saw that we were out in some wooded area with no bar in sight. "Where are we?"

"I'll fill you in in a minute." We pulled off the road into a small parking lot that looked like it was the start of a couple hiking trails. The lot was empty except for a pretty nice sports car. We got out of the car and two guys stepped out of the sports car. The driver was incredibly handsome. It looked like he had the perfect body under his clothes. The guy on the passenger side looked to be about the same age as Shane. It was obvious they knew each other the way they greeted each other. Shane spoke up "Craig this is Chad, Chad this is Craig, my best friend."

"Nice to meet you." More confused about what we were doing.

Craig motioned toward the other guy, "Shane, this is Hunter the guy I told you about."

Handshakes all around.

"Craig, you got the vodka?"

"Yeah and some mixers."

Shane went over and mixed a drink for both me and Hunter. The closer I got to Hunter the more uncomfortable I got but in a good way.

"Chad, remember when I said I needed to make more money so that I could move on? Well, Craig and I had an idea. We thought if we could make a good short adult entertainment movie that might get us in the door to talk to some producers about making a longer film and hopefully start making some hard cash. We got this idea because Hunter is in the adult entertainment industry. He started out as a go-go dancer at a bar, then got hired as a stripper and then got in to porn. Craig and Hunter went to high school together. He's been helping us try to break in and he's agreed to show the short film to a producer he works with. He's going to do it for free. We need someone else to be in the film. Neither Craig nor I are really interested because Hunter only tops in his films and neither of us thinks we want to be fucked by him or at all. We've got to have a really good looking guy to bottom if we want to be successful and of course I thought of you. You are the best looking guy I've ever worked with or been with."

Now Craig spoke up, "What we were thinking is that you come to these woods to go hiking and you come across Hunter sunbathing and slowly stroking his cock. You watch until he shoots while at the same time you are stroking your cock. You can't help yourself, you are drawn to him and without saying a word you start giving him a blow job with a lot of enthusiasm. Just before he cums you pull off so we can see the money shot as it hits your face. You both just then lie in the sun. You're lying on your stomach and Hunter starts rubbing you ass. You squirm and tell him how much you like and how much you would like him to fuck you. While he fucks you I want you to be very verbal. Again when he's ready to cum he pulls out and shoots his load all over your ass and back. We might even film a couple times of him shooting on you so we've got a lot of cum on you. He tenderly wipes you clean and the two of you walk away. First his arm is on his shoulder than he lowers it to your ass and gives you a pinch."

Shane asks me "what do you think?"

"Well first, I'd be glad to help you out, I appreciate your compliments and your faith in me. Second, the story line sucks. It is so cheesy, half the pornos I've looked at on-line has the same scene just with different people. Let me ask you, if you were a bottom, like me, what would want to see on the screen. First you'd want to fantasize that you are the actor that is the bottom. Conversely, if you are the top you'd want to fantasize that you're the top. I would imagine that most guys who want something to beat off to don't want some sappy pseudo romantic story, what they want is some raw, hard core action. They probably wish they could be doing it but most of them are in some sort of relationship and would never cheat on their husbands or boyfriends even though they want to. What they do fantasize about is some anonymous sex."

"What do you suggest?"

Hunter and I are both out looking for sex in some cruisy park. Both of us start off being dressed. The tops want to identify with Hunter, no pun intended, hunting down a conquest. The bottoms want to see me making Hunter chase me. When Hunter finally catches me there is no talk or kisses, he lets me know by his actions that it's just going to be raw sex. He may force me down on my knees to suck his cock. Then he fucks me in a couple of different positions. When he's done he just walks away. Not sure how you would do it but you have to get some camera shots from each of our perspectives when we are going at it. Instead of showing me eating his cock, show the cock coming toward the camera like it's coming at my mouth. Another angle from Hunter's point of view, what he would see if he was looking down at me sucking his cock and showing the moves he makes to get more of his cock in to the bottom. The fuck scenes may be more difficult but you get my drift."

"That sounds great. Hunter you ok with it." He nodded yes, not a big talker, all the better for the film.

Me again, "You know you guys could come in and out of the shots in the distance like you're out cruising too but stop to watch the action. Voyeurs will identify with that and exhibitionists will identify with Hunter and I."

Shane said "let's do this. Craig do you think you could get those shots that Chad suggested?"


Me once more "and forget the money shots I'd rather see the camera focus on our faces when we cum. We all know what spunk looks like, we want to see the pleasure, ecstasy or pain on the faces of both the top and the bottom."

While Craig and Shane were getting the cameras ready, Hunter and I were getting ready. He got down to just his jeans and shirt. I told him when the camera rolls to take off his shirt when he sees that I look interested. Luckily I had my usual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. Like I've done in the past I ripped some of lower part of my t-shirt off so I would be showing some skin. I even decided to rip of the sleeves. I also pulled the waistband of my underwear up so that Hunter sees I've got underwear that he has to rip off my body.

Hunter, who I'm finding has an IQ similar to Jake the asshole asks "Where's the fluffer?"

"Dude you aren't going to need a fluffer when I get ahold of you."

Craig called action. Hunter and I were shot walking into the trees from the parking lot from different angles so it didn't look like we were already together. Shane kept appearing and disappearing like he was walking around looking for some action.

Then there is a shot from Hunter's perspective that he sees me and starts to follow. Then from my perspective seeing his interest. This is where I told him to take his shirt off. (HOLY CRAP, HUNTER HAS GOT A ROCKING BODY). Then a shot from the perspective of someone watching as he starts stalking me. I glance back and see him without his shirt and it stops me cold but then I realize I have to keep moving. Hunter tries a new approach, he moves among the trees so that he is ahead of me on the trail. When I see him he is leaning against a tree, one hand rubbing the impressive (REALLY!) bulge in his jeans. The other hand is rubbing his chest in such a way that his biceps are shown at their best. I walk by without stopping but after a few steps I stop, look back, then bend down to pick up a leaf that I study.

Hunter comes up behind and pulls my back to his chest with one of his arms. With the other he paws at my ass and tries to push my jeans down but I break away from him. We are staring at each other. He taunts me by making sure I see the outline of his cock going down his right leg. Luckily Hunter is wearing 501s so he starts unbuttoning them really slow. You catch me looking down at the bulge but not doing anything. Another shot of Shane behind some trees watching us. Hunter grabs my hand and places it on his jeans covered cock (MY GOD IT'S HUGE). He then roughly moves by hand back and forth over the growing bulge. After a minute he forces me to my knees but I don't struggle. He pushes his crotch toward my face but doesn't undo any more buttons. Without words he is telling me to finish opening his fly. I raise my hands and do that just that and then pull his jeans down past his humongous cock (SERIOUSLY, NO WONDER HE'S IN PORN - HE'S GOT JACK BEAT BY A MILE AND IS GIVING SECURITY GUARD A RUN FOR HIS MONEY - GOD DAMN). He pulls my face against his cock and teases me with it. I try moving my head to catch his cock but he keeps moving it away. He steps back and raises up one of his legs and looks at his shoe. I get the hint and take off his shoe. Then the other leg. He shoves his jeans down and steps out of them. Another shot of awe on Shane's face when he sees Hunter's body. Now Hunter grabs his cock and aims it at my mouth. Should I be coy or submit immediately, I go for a little of both and then the head of his cock is in my mouth (GOD MY JAWS). Hunter grabs my head making sure I know that my mouth is his. I starts ramming more in my mouth. I fully submit. I actually grab his ass so I can pull him toward my cock. He pounds away for what seems like hours and then he shoots a huge load in my throat (I HOPE THAT CRAIG GOT THE SHOT OF HUNTER'S FACE WHEN HE ORGASAMED AND A SHOT OF MY FACE WHILE I FOUGHT TO SWALLOW HIS LOAD). Without any preamble Hunter pulls his cock out of my mouth and rubs the cum that is still on it all over my face. His cock is still rock hard. Craig gets another shot of Shane watching the action with his cock out stroking it.

Hunter lifts me up and spins me around. This time he is successful in pushing my jeans part of the way down off my ass. He tries to push my Calvin Cline briefs down but acts like he's frustrated. He reaches around and sticks his hand down the front of my briefs. He grabs my cock but doesn't stroke it, just a hard squeeze. Once he's got the underwear below my balls, I don't know how he does it, somehow he makes a rip somewhere so he can pull them off me. (MY COCK IS HARD! MY ASS IS TWITCHING). Another shot of Shane still stroking and getting closer (TO US, NOT BLOWING HIS WAD).

Hunter bends me over a fallen tree. He yanks my jeans almost to my feet. He spreads my ass cheeks. Without me really knowing when, and my ass not lubed, and Hunters cock dry, he rams it into my ass. Craig gets a great shot of both my reaction and the look of pleasure on Hunter's face. Hunter keeps ramming his cock into me, he doesn't care if it's causing me any pain. This goes on for quite a while. I'm past pain and now in pleasure mode. Craig gets some great shots of my eyes rolling back in my head. He also gets a shot of the animalistic rage on Hunter's face. The ramming continues but then he stops completely, I can feel his cum coat the inside of my ass. Craig gets a shot of ecstasy on Hunter's face. The next is a shot of my face looking exhausted but with a look like I got what I wanted.

There is another shot of Shane moving closer still stroking. Hunter looks at him. Now it's obvious that Hunter is the more masculine of the two. He yanks his cock out of me and turns toward Shane. Shane looks terrified (uh oh, Hunter is going off-script and improvising). He reaches out and grabs Shane who starts to struggle but it's worthless. He moves Shane behind me almost like he's handing me away as a gift. Shane's so horny he just slides his cock in and has his way with me like he has never done before. CUT. Craig got it all on film.

On the way back to campus to get may car Shane says "I owe you."

"If you give me a fuck like that again we're even."

What an interesting final exam week.


Be well,


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