Finals are almost over, I can't wait. It's Chad again. Read some of the earlier chapters if you still don't know what I look like. I will repeat, however, that I'm a cum slut and a size queen.

This has been the strangest week. Between blowing my professor 6 times during the final exam, getting fucked by a group of prisoners, making a porno and then having a cop fuck me while his wife watched, I think it's safe to say it was strange. I'm not complaining though, there can never be too much cock and cum in my life.

Even though I want finals over, I'm not looking forward to getting a job. I don't want to go back to the store at the mall where I worked. My ex-boss, Mr. Wallace, is not one of my most favorite people. If I do go back to the mall, I wouldn't mind spending some time with Jim and his friends at the clothing store. I would love to see the security guard again....oh man would I like to see him, all of him.

Let's get back to what's been going on.....


I had a bio exam this morning but it wasn't a problem. If I don't get an A I'll be surprised. So, no big deal. Today's focus is going to be on the final project I have to turn in tomorrow for my film class. Yes, I'm one of those people who signed up for a class that's supposed to be an easy A. Well, not so much. Our professor really expects us to be very critical of the movies we watch. Not critical in the way most of us think. We're not expected to criticize movies, we are supposed to look for things like subtext and metaphor. It actually is pretty interesting.

For our final project we are supposed to go see a movie that is pretty obscure and write a critique about it. He told us to think really outside of the box and go see a movie that would only attract a so-called "fringe element". I haven't figured out quite what that means so I've kept putting the project off. The time has come for me to pay the piper, I've got to see a movie today and write the paper.

When I was helping Shane with his porno the other day it dawned on me that gay porno really only is for a subset of the American society. I'm not making any judgments, it's just that gay porn isn't everyone's cup of tea. What if I wrote about how well the actors gave BJs, fucked or got fucked, or participated in a gang bang? I could think of lots of subtext and metaphors in something like that. Did he have difficulty bottoming because of some unresolved issues with his brother who was also a bottom? Was his BJ technique the result of unresolved breast feeding issues, etc.?

I think I had seen a movie theater close to where the dance club and leather bar I had been to recently. I jumped in my piece of shit Chevy and headed over that way.

I paid my $20 at the door (really??) and went in. It was very dark as I walked into the theater. A movie of two guys fucking was on the screen. It was hard to see but it looked like there were several men scattered around the theater. There were a couple of guys sitting in the front row. That's way too close to the screen for me. I went into one of the empty rows and sat down. No sooner did I sit down that a guy in the row behind me changed to may row and sat a couple of seats away from me. Then all of a sudden he moved another seat closer to me. As I glanced over at him I realized he was whacking off and I think he wanted to make sure I saw him do it. Ewwwwwww. The guy had to be at least 60. Not that I have anything against anyone who is old but this guy was as old as my Grandfather, nothing was going to happen. He finally left.

Activity in the front row kept catching my eye. Every once in a while I would see something that looked like someone was getting up off the floor. Odd. But it was intriguing. After it happened a couple of more times I decided to go down and see what was going on. There were a couple of not bad looking guys sitting in the front row. Each of them had enormous cocks in their hands and other guys kept getting down in front of them and sucking their cocks. How could I build this in to my report? How movies can affect people? Interesting idea. What was more interesting was the size of some of these guys' cocks, they were amazing. I needed to do a little research. I hunched down and went to the guy who was farthest away. His cock had to be standing at least 10 inches up from his lap. This is going to sound ridiculous but I told the guy that I was doing some research and if I could ask him some questions. He agreed.

"Why are you here?"

"I like the movies and I like to get my cock sucked."

"I get the movie part but why don't you just hook up with someone at a bar and go at it."

"One, I don't really like the hassle of that and secondly when most guys found out about the size of my cock they are out the door in seconds." Hmmmm....must not be from my tribe. "So I come here every once in a while and get my rocks off a couple of times and then head home. I can't help that you keep looking at my cock do you want to give it a try?" In the name of research I said I would.

I got off the seat and kneeled in front of the gentlemen and lowered my mouth on his cock. I started moving my mouth up and down on his cock taking a little bit more each time. Finally, I had his whole cock in me. "Wow, I've found only a few guys that can do that, you're fucking incredible."

I just kept working his cock but glanced up when I could. He had stopped watching me and I realized he was actually moving his cock in time with the action on the film. Interesting, something else for my paper. I guess one of the guys on the screen came because this guy shot a geyser in to my mouth. While it would have funny to have his jizz taste like popcorn I realized I didn't see any out in the lobby. He said "thanks" but then turned back to the movie. I sort of crab walked to the next guy with his cock sticking up. It too was very impressive, maybe not quite the 10 inches of guy 1. He wasn't open to talking, when I got close enough he just put a hand on the back of my head and forced me down on his cock. Obviously he wanted to get off and get off quick so I did my best. When I could see the screen I saw that the guy on the screen was forcing a guy to take his cock. Another interesting tidbit for my report, seeing an action on the screen may make someone mimic that behavior. When that guy had filled me with cum and I moved on the last guy in the row. He didn't want to talk he just kept wagging his cock at me. I decided to move on. There were a couple of seats in that row so I sat down, almost immediately there was a guy next to me and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock which was already out of his pants. Far be it from me to ruin a movie goers experience so I started stroking his cock until I thought he was close and then I leaned over at took the head of his cock in my mouth just before he blew his wad. Trying to be polite I stood up, said thanks, and stepped out in the aisle.

I had noticed that men kept coming and going from a door behind the screen. Time to investigate.

There were hallways going off in several directions. One hallway just had a series of doors on both sides. Men were going in and out of each door. It looked similar to the video booths I saw at the dirty bookstore. I looked in a booth and realized I was sort of right. There was so video screen but there were glory holes on each side wall but there was also a hole on the back wall. Time for more investigation. I made my way to one of the hallways that was behind the booths I had just looked into. There were several men who had their cocks through the holes and were obviously getting serviced. Being the curious boy that I am, I hunkered down to watch a couple of men get their cocks sucked through the holes. I was starting to get hard. I did make a mental note however that there was music from the porno in the theater playing in these hallways. Made me wonder what impact the music in a movie may have when there is no visual stimulation to accompany it, at least no visual stimulation that was on film.

Having to try this new configuration of glory halls I went back to the other hallway and entered a booth. While there was no cocks being offered I did hear the feet of people making their way into the booths on either side who must have seen me and liked what they saw. Almost immediately 2 cocks came through the holes. Since I never turn down a cock I started moving from cock to cock savoring their taste and feel. Suddenly I felt something touch my head. It was a cock coming through the back wall. I now started a rotation between all three cocks. Each seemed to have a different technique of feeding me their meat. It really didn't matter because I got three steaming servings of cum. So far for the day I'm up to 5.

Wanting to explore some more I left the booth and went to another hallway. Again the porno music was playing but the bass had been turned up so there was a constant 'thump, thump, thump'. Hmmm...could the lower ranges of the tracks impact how we respond to music in movies?

This hallway was interesting. Instead of booths there were just holes. Though each hole was a cock all at different heights. The men in the hallway were feeding on a bunch of cocks of different color and size. This was too good for a cum slut like me, I had to try them all. While I didn't swallow a load from each cock I wrapped my lips around it was fun trying. I think I got 6 so the total is up to 11. One of the things I found interesting in this hallway was there were men who weren't sucking cock they were hunched down watching us eat the cock. While watching they were beating their cocks and would sometimes shoot off on the clothes of the guy sucking. I couldn't make a correlation to the movies for this one.

After enjoying a number of those cocks I went down another hallway. This one was like a very narrow maze. There were screens up in the corners with images. I realized it wasn't a movie it was the people moving around the maze. I could see that there were men leaning up against the wall fucking and being fucked. Men would walk by and feel them up and then keep moving. No one seemed to care that everyone could watch them on the screen. Actually I thought it was pretty hot.

I started to realize that I wasn't dressed appropriately for this situation. There were some guys in leather vests and chaps. Some guys in nothing more than a G-string. Others dressed as preppies and still more looking like business men. All I was in was my usual pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I decided to take my shirt off and tuck it in to the back of my jeans. I also undid my jeans so they were sliding down my hips exposing a part of my ass. That got some attention. As I moved around the maze several guys pushed me against the wall and then dry humped me before moving on. Interesting, so watching guys have sex in this maze on the screen encouraged others in the maze to have sex, thus the importance of images.

There was a guy who had dry humped me that seemed to be following me around. He was really buff and was wearing a pair of leather pants with no shirt. He walked by me again and grabbed my ass but then kept going. He was pretty hot so I decided to follow him through the maze. At one point he turned back toward me. "Is there something you want kid?" I stuttered. He grabbed his crotch and said, "I think you want this." I wasn't going to lie because I did. "Get over here." I walked toward him. "I want you to touch what you want." I reached forward and down and cupped the outline of his cock in my hand. "I thought so. Show me how bad you want it." I had no idea what he wanted me to do. He grabbed my hand and rubbed it into his crotch. "Make it get bigger so I can feed it to you." I started stroking the outline of his cock like you'd pet a good dog. While this was going on someone came up behind me and started playing with my ass and actually pushed my jeans down farther. Just a second later I could feel a cock rubbing against my skin. The guy in front of me was telling me what a good job I was doing so he was going to get it out soon for me to enjoy. I looked up at one of the video screens and there we were. I was able to see the guy behind me. A business man in a nice suit, even though his dick was hanging out. As he pressed against me I could tell he had a pretty hard body. I already knew he had a pretty hard cock. So men go out to movies over lunch for a little respite from the real world. My paper was really coming together.

I hadn't noticed before but there was a small stage behind leather pants guy. He jumped up on it bring his crotch right to my eye level. He grabbed my head and mashed into his crotch, rubbing my face all over the mound that was his growing cock. The guy behind me had pushed my jeans down far enough that he was rubbing his cock along my ass crack. A couple more guys had come close and were watching what was going on. Soon they had their dicks out and were starting to stroke them. Leather pants guy pushed my head away from the front of his pants. "Ok, it's time." He took his cock out and it was worth the wait. Long and thick just waiting for me to eat it. I leaned in to get it. "Not yet boy. My business man buddy behind your likes to double team with me when we find a hot number like you. He's going to take your ass while I take your mouth. We are going to shove them in at the same time. Spread your legs a little more so he can aim his cock at your cunt. Put your mouth just over the head of my cock. You ready?" I don't know if he was asking me or his friend but it really didn't matter both cocks entered their designated hole. Someone else had started to stroke my cock while someone else was playing with my nipples. I glanced up again at the monitor and could see what was happening to me from multiple vantage points. As business man pushed his cock deeper into me, leather man was pushing me down on his cock. I was totally impaled. More men gathered around obviously enjoying the show. I was in cock heaven. These guys really did work in tandem and they took me to places I had never been before. It was incredible. When they both shot their loads I think they met somewhere around my lungs. The guys around us must have also shot their loads because I could feel it on my skin. Leather man let his cock slide out of my mouth just as business man let his cock slide out of my ass. I had never felt so empty before. "Nice job kid."

Leather man wrapped his arm around my shoulder but business walked away after slapping my ass. Leather man led me to the one hall I hadn't been in yet, at the end of the hall was a room. In this room they were actually showing movies. The movies just looked like a lot of men fucking and sucking with no apparent story line at all. I couldn't hear any music. Leather man said, "When someone is in here with us, you make the music." I think I was going to find out. Leather man took me around the room introducing me to a variety of leather guys, business men, and others that looked in really good shape with a lot of muscles. "We call this the Real Man's room, only guys who are bikers, successful business men, and athletes are allowed to come in here. To be a member you have to have at least a 10" cock. Most of the time we just watch the movies, shoot the shit and smoke some cigars. Every once in a while we find someone who is worthy of being in here with us. We want someone who is really going to appreciate our cocks and who knows how to treat them correctly. We think that's you. Do you agree?"


"Good, take your jeans all the way off. Someone will make sure you get them and your t-shirt back when you leave. Now I have a question for you. Do you want to have us all fuck you, then feed you our cocks? Or do you want to feed on our seed until you start begging for one of us to get up your ass. One of the things we really like to do is fuck you with that dildo over there while we keep putting cock after cock in your mouth. After you've taken all our loads in your mouth then we start fucking you so it takes us longer to cum again. Your choice."

I said "dildo."

"So be it."

They put me on the angled contraption so that it was easy access to both my mouth and my ass." And so it began. Every once in a while someone would give me something other than sperm and occasionally that would rub some sort of lotion into my ass. I think this adventure went on for over 3 hours because by the time they said they I had satisfied all of them, some more than once, they said I could go and they hoped I would come back soon, that I was welcome any time. Someone handed me my jeans and t-shirt and I left the theater. After I made it home and took a long bath, I sat down at my computer and wrote my critique of a gay pornographic movie, which really wasn't a movie at all, but who besides me and the members of Real Man's room would ever know. I pushed send so it went to my Professor and then I slept and slept and slept.


I got nothing, I slept all day but I had some great dreams.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Now it's time to share the holiday season and my mouth and ass.

Be well,


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