I'm not having a very good week. Jake the asshole, the captain of the baseball team, has gone back to his old ways. Even though I had threatened that I would let everyone on the team know that he swallowed my cum, granted I tricked him in to it, he says that he doesn't care anymore, that no one would believe me. I talked to the first base coach, my ally, and all he could say was stay away from him and to let him know if he really tries to hurt me. He said he can't really report before the end of the season since he's the star player on the team. I also just got the tuition bill for next semester and I don't have enough money to cover it even with my job at the campus bookstore. On top of all that I just found out that I flunked an English test. Well to be honest, it was the day after our recent road trip and I didn't spend much time studying anything other than cock. I was going to have to see if my Professor would let me take a retest. Ugh.

Oh, I'm Chad, a community college student, part time bookstore employee, assistant manager of the baseball team and, most importantly, a cum slut and a size queen. If you've been following my adventures you know that I've been sucking cocks, and sometimes getting fucked, at a variety of places including rest stops, bathrooms, bookstores, bars and house parties. It probably would be true to say I liked studying cocks more than studying for my classes. If there was a career in cocks, I think I would quit school and get my PhD. I'm also 20, 5'10, 165 pounds, blue/green eyes, dirty blonde hair and cute as hell, or so I'd like to think.

I decided I would go visit my Professor during his office hours today. It meant that I would need to stick around campus after my last class and after my hours at the bookstore. I decided I would go to the library and do some studying. While I sat at the table with my books open in front of me all I could do was think about the cocks that may be down at the glory hole in the basement. They finally won out and I packed up my stuff and went downstairs. I was surprised to find no one was in the bathroom. This was usually prime time for prime meat. Maybe it was the time of the semester that we all realize we need to be studying instead of sucking cock. I went into the middle stall and decided to wait. While I should have been reading some class stuff, no, I was reading the graffiti and counting up the number of marks that I had left on the wall. While I would have liked to think it was me, someone else was starting to put marks up so I couldn't figure out how many loads I've gotten here. A really bad day!

The door opened and someone took the stall next to me. I looked through the hole and wasn't surprised to see that it was the second guy I had blown here. He sat down on the toilet but didn't open his zipper or anything. "Hey" I said "How're you doing?"

"Not good."

"What's going on?"

"Nothing really. Well maybe. Ever since you gave me a blow job earlier this semester I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to give a blow job. Is something wrong with me?"

"No way man, that's normal. You never know until you try."

We talked a little longer and I tried to make him more comfortable with the feelings he was having. We probably talked between our stalls for a half hour.

"Would you let me try to blow you?"

"Sure man. Shit, I'm supposed to be at Professors office in less than 5 minutes and it's across campus. I'm sorry."

"That's ok, maybe next time."

"Sure thing."

Just then the door to the john opened up.

Someone rapped on my stall door. "Is that you faggot?" Ugh, it was Jake the asshole. "I thought I would find you here, it's Monday and I told you to always be here on Monday. Hey Dick Wad, I heard from the captain of the team we just played. He called me to say thanks for following through on the bet. I played dumb and said 'great, how'd it go'. He told me that the guy I had sent over was able to take care of everyone. It was you wasn't it? I can't believe you sucked off 35 guys. You really are a slut."

From the other stall came "wow!"

"What, is there another faggot in here?" What an idiot, what if someone said that when he was in the stall next to me feeding me his cock?

"No, I'm not a faggot, um, I was just getting a blow job."

"Did you finish him off Chad?"

My friend (is he my friend?) said, "Yeah he did, he was great."

"Then get the fuck out of here."

He opened up his stall and headed for the door. I called out, "hey wait."

I came out of my stall and ran right into Jake's perfect chest. "Would you give us a minute please?"

"What, do the two girls want to have some girl talk?"

"God, you are an asshole. Take your ass outside for a minute."

Jake and I have a contentious relationship but it seems even though he keeps threatening me there is some level respect each way, so he stepped out but said "you better give the best blow job I've ever had." Don't I always?

Turning to my new friend, "hey what's your name?"


"Patrick. Hey, why don't you stick around? You can give your first blow job to Jake. I know he's an asshole on the grandest scale but he's got an incredible cock and you'll get the feel of how good a big cock can feel in your mouth."

"I guess."

"Don't worry about it, I'll make sure you are ok."


I went to the door opened it and told Jake to come back in.

"Are you done with the girl talk?"

"Christ Jake, just shut up for a minute. This is Patrick and I told him what a great cock you have and he'd like to give you a blow job."

"Really? I'll be glad to have him give me a blow job but I want you to give me one too."

"Ok, let's get back in the stalls."

"Fuck that, we are staying out here so I can see the two of you on your knees in front of me."

"Someone may walk in."

"God, you are such a Nancy boy. Haven't you ever figured out how to lock a door with a penny?" He shoved a couple of pennies between the door and the jam. "There you go. Down on your knees both of you."

He moved so that he was facing the full length mirror on the wall. "I want to watch your heads bobbing off my killer cock." Ugh again.

We both got on our knees in front of him. "Hey new guy, get my cock out." Patrick looked over at me and I nodded my head. Patrick pulled down Jake's zipper and reached his hand in. I could tell he was a little tentative when he touched Jake's cock.

I turned to him, "It's ok, just bring it out, gently, don't scratch it on his zipper." Patrick was able to do it. "Now but your hand around it like your would you cock if you were going to beat off."

"What the hell, has this guy ever sucked a cock before?

"No, but he wants to try."

"Well, I'll make sure he's spoiled for any other cock."

"Stop being a dick and let him try. Ok Patrick, give it a few strokes until you feel it start to get hard. Ok good, now lean in and take the head of his cock in your mouth. That's it. Now try to take more in your mouth. Be sure to enjoy the texture and the taste, that's one of the reasons to suck cock. You're doing good, now a bit more. Now move your mouth up and down his cock. Use your tongue to rub the underside of his cock."

At this point Patrick only had about a third of Jake's cock in his mouth and Jake was getting frustrated. "Fuck this." He rammed his cock into Patrick's mouth.

"Back off Jake, let him keep trying." Patrick regained his composure and kept working more and more into his mouth. "You're doing awesome, you've got more in than most guys could do, keep going." Patrick was gagging but he kept at it. He wasn't able to get all of Jake's cock in his mouth but enough so that he could start sliding his lips up and down what he could. Not much later I saw Jake start to tense his body and I knew from experience he was getting ready to shoot his load. "Patrick, do you want Jake to pull out before he cums?" He nodded his head yes. "Jake pull your cock out."

"No fucking way, all faggots swallow my cum."

"Not this time, pull out."

When he tried, Patrick put his hand on Jake's cock and kept it in his mouth. I guess he wanted to try. Knowing Jake the way I do, I knew immediately when he started to cum. Patrick's eyes got wide but he kept his mouth wrapped around Jake's cock.

"You know you can always spit it out Patrick."

"Fuck no, he swallows my cum." I guess Patrick wanted to try because I saw him swallow. Some cum was coming out the corners of his mouth but that should be expected. He let Jake's cock slip out of his mouth. "Not bad newbie but not great. With a little more practice you might make an ok cocksucker." I just shook my head.

Jake turned to me, "I don't have time for another blow job, I need to get off quick. Drop your jeans and lean into the sink and stick your ass out. My cum and the newbie's spit is all over my cock so it should go in pretty easy. That's it, here it comes!" Jake shoved his cock up my ass and started to hammer it in to by boy pussy. He had ahold of my hips and was banging me as hard and fast as he could.

With absolutely no warning the door popped open. One of the custodians, a really hunky Latino guy was staring at us. Me leaning over the sink with a cock up my ass, Jake holding on to my hips and Patrick on his knees watching what we were doing. The custodian said "caliente" and pushed his cart in the room. Jake pulled his cock out and stuffed it back in his pants and left, Patrick got up from his knees and almost ran out of the john, I just kept standing at the sink letting the custodian see my ass. Unfortunately I looked down at my watch and saw that I was now 15 minutes late for my Professor's office hours. "Sorry, I've got to go." As I pulled up my jeans and headed for the door, I grabbed the custodian's crotch and gave it a squeeze, "I'm here every Monday about this time."

I sprinted across campus to my Professor's office. When I finally got there I knocked on the door and he told me to come in. His office was filled with books everywhere. He sat at a big generic desk with two chairs in front of his desk.

"Sit down Mr. Cartwright." Yeah, that's my last name. "I assume you are hear about the deplorable grade you received on your last test."

"Yes Professor Jones." Not his real name. "I wanted to see if you would let me take a retest."

"Why should I let you do that?"

"Just before the test I was on an away trip with the baseball team, I'm the assistant manager of the team."

"I'm sorry, but that's not my problem. Academics take precedence over athletics."

"I know it's not a good excuse but I really need to get a good grade in this course. I'm trying to get into State this coming Fall and a bad grade might hurt my chances."

"That's not my problem, it's yours."

"I know sir, it's my fault. Is there anything we can do?"

Let's talk about Professor Jones. He's about 6' tall. It looks like he may have a rocking body but he covers it up with a lot of loose clothing. He's got George Clooney salt and pepper hair. I'd guess he's in his mid-40s to 50. Pretty hot for an old guy.

"What do you have in mind?"

"I could write another paper for extra credit. I could do some work around here for you. I'll even run errands for you. Anything."

"Stand up." What? "Stand up Mr. Cartwright."

I stood up. "Turn around." I turned. "You're in very good shape, do you work out." Hmm...this might be going my way.

"I lift weights a couple times a week."

"It shows. If I had you work here a couple hours per week, what could you do for me? Of course if you did that I'd consider changing your grade."

Playing coy I said "I could do filing for you, answer your phone, and schedule your appointments."

"Anything else?"

I decided to go for broke, "I could take care of your cock."

"That's what I wanted to hear. I've been watching you since the start of the semester. You've got really nice lips and a great ass." He reached under his desk, I guess he was adjusting himself. "My boyfriend and I have been together almost 20 years. We are going to Hawaii to get married in a couple of weeks. He and I have what you would call and open relationship. We can do who or whatever we want but never in our home. He's the love of my life but he just doesn't have the sex drive I have. If I'm lucky he'll give me a blow job about once every two weeks. I can't remember the last time he let me fuck him."

"I can work with that."

I stood up and walked over to his side of the desk. "Why don't I start helping you now?" I pushed his chair back and got down on my knees in front of him. I was hidden behind his desk. Wasting no time I opened up his pants. Before I pulled out his cock I reached up to feel his abs and pecs. He was in better shape than I thought. He really needed someone to pick out better clothes for him. I went back to the zipper and pulled out his cock. Not bad, much bigger than I thought it would be. I put my lips over the head of his cock and pushed myself down on his cock...all the ways to the balls.

"Jesus Christ, I can't believe you did that. Ummmmm."

I started to move my mouth up and down his cock. I worked my tongue on the underside of his cock. I decided I wasn't going to be nice, I was going to be rough. I squeezed his balls and nipped at his shaft.

His door swung open, a woman said, "Professor, I'm going to head for home. Is there anything you need before I go?"

"No, thank you, I seem to have everything I need." When she left he pushed me off his cock. "I think I have to try out your ass to find out if we can make this deal." I stood up and as seductively as possible I pulled off my shirt and pushed down my jeans. Forcefully he said, "Go lock the door." I did what he asked making sure I showed off my ass to its best advantage. "How do you like it, face up or face down?"

"Whatever you would like sir."

"Get up on my desk on your back." He knocked away some of his papers and books and I climbed on.

Since his cock was already out he just pushed my legs up to his shoulders. "How do you like to be fucked, slow or fast, deep or shallow?"

I replied, "Whatever you would like sir."

That was all he needed, he rammed his cock in my ass like he didn't care what I wanted. Man, for an old guy he could drive it home. He also had a lot of stamina. He probably plugged my ass for 15 minutes not saying a word. It was obvious he hadn't fucked anyone in a long time and he was taking it out on me. After a few minutes he started chanting, "take it, take it, take it you bastard." I could tell he wasn't talking to me but his husband to be. "You used to love my cock, what's happened?" His thrusts got stronger, "yeah, you have to learn that you need to take care of my cock. From now on you're going to meet me every night when I get home and make sure my cock is taking care of." Boy, Professor Jones had some issues to work through. If I could help him that would be fine with me as long as my grade went up.

"Yeah, take my cock, take my cock!!!" he sure wasn't very quiet. He was really hitting me hard with his cock. He was almost pushing me off the desk. He finally gave me his load and a big load it was.

As he pulled out he said, "Mr. Cartwright, please forgive me for my language. My issues with my boyfriend are mine to deal with, not yours. I really appreciate your willingness to help me work out some of my frustrations. I'll see you at class tomorrow and back in my office on Wednesday at 4 pm."

I guess I was being dismissed. I pulled up my jeans pulled up my shirt and headed out of Professor Jones' office. Who should be outside the Professor's office but the same custodian I had seen earlier. He grabbed his crotch and winked at me.


Be well,




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