My apologies to anyone who realizes that I have used the wrong tense for some of the Spanish.

As we all must know by now, I have found that I like it. I like cum and I like large cocks. The title of my diary doesn't make sense anymore. Beginning with Chapter 34 the title is just going to be The Diary of Chad's Adventures.

For the next couple of days Patrick and I just lived out of my car. We used the cinder block bathrooms that you had to pay to use. We used the ocean for our baths. We even found a barber where we could get shaved. It really wasn't that bad. During the day I would lay in the sun and shoot the shit with Patrick. Sometimes both of us would go out into the dunes and find some cock to suck. Other times we would sit on the patio of a bar and drink cold Mexican beers. Every night I would go meet Jake the asshole to drink his cum and get a good fucking. There were even a few more times that he slipped and called me 'babe' or would kiss me. He confuses the hell out of me.

Well, it's finally Sunday and we need to head back to the city because classes start again tomorrow. Only eight more weeks of classes before summer. When we get back, I really have to work on my application for State so I can transfer in the Fall. We really don't have much to load into the car since we've been living out of it. So I started up the piece of shit Chevy and we hit the road heading north. I was at the wheel and Patrick was riding shot gun. He sits about 2 inches higher than me and has platinum blonde hair and a Nordic look. I've got dishwater blonde hair. Because we had been in the sun we both looked like a couple of surfers. Since it was so hot neither of us were wearing a shirt when we pulled out of Rocky Point. To be honest my ass hurt a bit. I had never been fucked by Jake so many days in a row, not that I'm complaining. Before we left Jake told me to be sure to be in the library glory hole on Monday afternoon as usual.

Patrick and I were cruising up the highway when the piece of shit Chevy started to sputter and smoke. It had to happen sometime but why out in the middle of nowhere in Mexico. The guide we had gotten said there was only one gas station between Rocky Point and the border crossing. I tried using my GPS on my phone but didn't have a signal, of course that meant that I couldn't call anyone either. Shit. We discussed what we were going to do. Ultimately we decided I would walk north and try to get to the gas station either on foot or hitch hiking. Patrick would stay with the car in case someone came by who could give his a lift and then pick me up along the way. If we were really lucky a tow truck would pass Patrick and he could get the car towed to the station.

We split up the water that we had. I put on a pair of gym shoes instead of flip flops and headed out. Like a stupid idiot I didn't take a shirt since it was so hot. Bad move on my part. I guess I had been walking for about an hour when a truck full of Mexicans drove by. I stuck my thumb out but they drove on past. I did notice that they stopped a little way up the road. As I got closer I could see that they were having a pretty lively conversation.

As I got up to the truck I said "hola, me puta ayudar?" using my high school Spanish. They all laughed and cheered. I thought I was saying 'hello, can you help me?" but come to find out I was saying 'me prostitute to help'.

The driver with a very heavy accent said in English, "Will you accept a ride as payment." I thought it was sort of an odd reply.


The guy who was in the passenger seat of the truck got out and motioned me to get in. He climbed in back with 5 other guys sitting on some boxes and bales of hay. Once I was seated and I had closed the door the driver put the truck in gear and we were on our way.

I felt a little uncomfortable in just my shorts and sneakers now. It made sense when I was walking by myself but I felt a little under dressed in a truck full of people I didn't know. My Spanish was so bad I didn't try to make any small talk. I noticed that the driver started to rub his package, which actually looked pretty impressive, and kept glancing over at me.

"Te gusta?"

"No comprendo."

In broken English, "do you like it?"

"Like what?"

"Mi polla, cock."

What was I supposed to say? "Si."

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his bulge.

"Tu mostreme, show me."

I started to rub the outline of his cock and he said "Si."

It kept rubbing it and it kept getting larger....very large. Finally understanding what he meant by payment for the ride, I started to undo the front of his pants until I released his cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly started to stroke him. "Chúpate esa....ah..suck it." With the gear shift, the steering wheel and the size of his cock there was no way I could do it. At the next turn off he pulled down the side road and parked under a stand of trees. "Chúpate esa!" He turned his body so that I could now get at his cock. I took it in my mouth. It was a bit funky, like he had been working and sweating, but there is nothing wrong with that. He was uncut so I ran my tongue under his foreskin and felt the head of his cock start to come through. I could hear the men in the back of the truck cheering and laughing, they knew why we stopped. He must have been in a hurry to get off because he started raising his ass off his seat shoving more of his cock into my mouth which resulted him filling my mouth with Mexican jizz.

While he was stuffing his cock back into his work pants and zipping them up he said "en volver". This was beyond my high school Spanish so I just shrugged. "En volver......uhh....get in back." Now I understood him plus the meaning. I was supposed to take care of the guys in the back of the truck. For the next hour the men in the back of the truck fed me their cocks and filled my ass. I got my fill of Mexican cum, at least for a while.

While this was transpiring Patrick stayed with my piece of shit Chevy. After a time an RV came down the road and stopped to see what was wrong. It was a nice married couple probably in their 60s who had changed from a suburban life to traveling throughout North America seeing all the wonders that they could see. The RV had the ability to pull a vehicle, so Patrick and the man hooked the piece of shit Chevy. The man said he would take him to the gas station that was on the road ahead. Patrick rode in air conditioned comfort to the gas station. Once there they unhooked the car, the couple continued on their travels while Patrick looked for someone at the gas station.

On the door was a sign that said 'Enseguida regreso', something that Patrick took as 'be right back'. About 10 minutes later a guy in overalls showed up. He was about the size of Patrick but with broad shoulders that were obvious since the man didn't have a shirt on under his overalls. The man was the exact opposite of Patrick's Nordic coloring, he had mocha colored skin with a mass of black hair and black stubble. The amount of oil and dirt on the man's overalls told Patrick that the guy must be a mechanic. The man also had big hands with oil and dirt under his nails. He must be working on the cars that were in the two bays that the gas station had. The guy was the perfect example of Mexican machismo. Patrick felt uncomfortable in his cut offs and the shirt that I had slit up the sides.

Patrick started the conversation "Hola".


"Do you speak English?"

"Yes, living so close to the border and dealing with so many tourists it only made sense that I learn English." He spoke with hardly any accent. "I learned by watching US television that we can pick up here."

"Great, that will make this easier. This is my friend's car and it broke down about 5 miles back. I got lucky and someone was able to tow me here."

"What happened?"

"The car started sputtering and then started to smoke and then just stopped."

"Let me look under the hood." After a few minutes he told Patrick that one of the belts had broken which resulted in the car overheating." While the mechanic was bent over the car Patrick couldn't help but notice how the overalls hugged his ass. "Come here and I'll show you?" As Patrick bent over the engine the mechanic was checking out Patrick's pecs and abs. Patrick could feel the heat coming off of the mechanic's body. "Looks like it will only need to have a new belt and some additional coolant." Was Patrick just wanting it or did the Mechanic just move closer to him?

"My name is Guillermo, or William in English." He stuck his meaty hand out which Patrick took.

"Patrick, nice to meet you. How long do you think it will take to fix?"

"I've got to see if I have the belt, if not we'll have to wait for me to get one delivered. Let's go check."

Patrick followed Guillermo into one of the bays that had all different sizes of belts hanging on the wall. "Nope, I'll have to call to get one."

"Will that take long? I don't know where my friend is, we didn't pass him on the way here. I want to back track to see if I can find him."

"I wouldn't worry about it, its daylight so there usually aren't any problems. I'm sure he's ok. Is your friend a maricon like you?"


"I think it's faggot in English."

Patrick debated in his head, would Guillermo not help him if he admitted to being gay or would he like me to be one? "Yes."

"Bueno. It gets lonely out here during the day." Guillermo reached out and ran a hand across Patrick's ass.

"I wouldn't mind giving you a blow job but I don't like to get fucked."

"You'll like getting fucked by me. Have you made it with a Mexican male before? We know how to fuck like nobody else."

"That may be true but I still don't like to be fucked." Patrick had heard that even the most macho of men in Mexican will fuck a man, especially a blonde American. They didn't see it as anything more than getting their rocks off and showing how macho they are.

Guillermo took one of the straps of his overalls off his shoulder which made him even sexier to Patrick. He looked like the guy in the picture with tires that he had seen in a couple of magazines. Guillermo didn't move, he just stood there watching Patrick. Patrick's cock was getting harder in his cutoffs. Patrick reached over to Guillermo's crotch and felt the outline of his cock. It definitely matched the size of his body and his hands.

"OK, just give me a mamada, a blow job." He dropped the other strap off his shoulder. He pushed the bib down so it was just above his cock. "Why don't you get undressed." It wasn't a question. "Who cares, all they'll see is someone giving me a blow job. They expect that from me."

Patrick took of his shorts and flip flops. Finally he took off the small pair of underwear he had on. He leaned down and lowered the bib of the overalls letting his hardening cock escape its constraints. Guillermo's cock was massive being both thick and long. Once the overalls were down Patrick leaned in a little farther to take the massive tool into his mouth. "No, get on your knees."

"The floor is too dirty."

"Kneel on your shorts. I want you on your knees." Patrick moved his cutoffs so he could kneel on them.

"Now grab my cock and stroke it a bit so it gets nice and hard before I put it in your mouth. That's good. Now open your mouth so I can put my cock in. No, don't try to get it, I'll put it in when I'm ready." Guillermo stood in front of Patrick's face while he stroked his cock. Patrick watched in amazement as the cock got even bigger.

"Open wide." Guillermo started to rub his cock around Patrick's lips. Patrick tried to catch Guillermo's cock and he pulled it back. "No, I'll decide when you can have my cock." Guillermo teased Patrick's lips as well as rub his cock on Patrick's face. "Now taste my cock." Patrick flicked his tongue on the head of the cock. "You can taste some more." Patrick put his tongue on the underside of the cock and moved his tongue just slightly. "Oh, I like that. Do it some more." All Patrick wanted to do was to suck Guillermo's cock into his mouth but whenever he tried he would pull back and start all over.

Patrick heard a vehicle pull up to the gas station and tried to get up. Guillermo pushed him back on his knees. "I'll tell you when you can move."

Another Mexican walked into the bay. "Que pasa?"

Patrick didn't understand the response except the works maricon and mamada. The guy who had just arrived laughed and started to rub the front of his work pants.

Guillermo didn't seem to mind that this new guy was seeing his dick out and getting ready to feed it to him. Must be a cultural thing because the other guy unzipped his pants and pulled a cock out. Nowhere near the size of Guillermo's but nothing to be ashamed about.

"Go ahead, put your lips on my cock." Patrick did. "Work you tongue all over the head." Patrick did. "Yeah that's it." Patrick could see that there was a look of envy on the new guy's face as he continued to stroke his cock to its full size. "Now get my whole cock wet." Patrick did. Guillermo pulled his cock out of Patrick's mouth. "Stand up." The new guy got closer. Guillermo took Patrick's arm and led him to a stack of 4 tires and pushed him by his back down so that Patrick's ass was open on one side and his mouth was on the other.

"Go ahead Miguel, feed him your cock because I'm going to fuck this Gringo."

"Please don't, I don't like being fucked."

"Like I said you'll like being fucked by me." Guillermo ran his finger on some grease that was on a barrel next to him. He wiped the grease around Patrick's hole and then lightly fingered it with the grease covered finger. Miguel started to push his cock into Patrick's other hole. There was no teasing like Guillermo, he just pushed it in. Guillermo started rubbing his wet dick over the grease he had spread around Patrick's asshole. Patrick was thinking he'd never done two guys at the same time unless Chad was with him. As he sucked Miguel's cock and Guillermo kept sliding the whole length of his cock through the grease in Chad's ass crack, Patrick heard another vehicle stop but then it just pulled away. Patrick was glad that there wasn't going to be anyone else.

Chad walked over the bay to see if anyone was around and he saw his friend Patrick with a cock in his mouth and some beautiful Mexican getting ready to slide his cock into Patrick's ass. After sucking cock and getting fucked on the hay truck Chad was pretty horny. He stayed quiet and watched as his friend serviced the two guys. He watched as the big guy pushed the head of his cock into Patrick's pussy. He could see on Patrick's face that it must have been painful but his mouth was full with the other guy's dick. The big guy kept sliding more and more of what looked like an awesome cock into his friend. Pretty soon both he and the other guy had their respective cocks in to the hilt. Working as a team they both pulled their cocks back and the slammed them back into Patrick. Patrick was struggling against the onslaught. Instead of helping my friend I just watched while stroking by cock. In a few minutes I could see on Patrick's face that he was starting to like feeding on a cock while getting his ass worked over. He started making movements so he got the maximum amount of cock with each of the Mexicans' movements.

I finally couldn't take anymore and I blew strings of cum on the bay floor. When I did I must have moaned or groaned because all three of them turned their eyes on me. While Patrick couldn't smile with a cock deep in his mouth and throat I could tell by his eyes that he was now having fun. The two Mexican guys did smile at me. They motioned me over thinking that I may want to get sucked or fuck but I shook my head. I wouldn't do that to my friend.

It wasn't much longer until both men filled my friend with their loads of cum. The Mexican who was feeding Patrick must have really shot a big load because it was dripping out of the corners of Patrick's mouth. The guy working Patrick's ass was pulling his cock out very slowly which caused Patrick to writhe with desire to be fucked some more. Finally it was all the way out and the big guy slapped Patrick's ass, "I told you that you would like being fucked by me." Then he went over to the wall pulling his overalls back up putting one of the straps back on his shoulder. God, he was good looking. He grabbed a belt off the wall and went over to the piece of shit Chevy and put it on. Then he grabbed some coolant and poured it in the radiator. "Good to go."

Patrick shot him a look, "I thought you said you had to order the belt."

"If I had just fixed your car I might not have had the chance to have a piece of your ass, which is excellent by the way."

Then Patrick turned his eyes to me, "and where the hell have you been? I didn't pass you on the road."

"Let's just say I was being helpful to some farmers that I ran in to." I wanted Patrick to think that this had been his day.

After goodbyes, we hit the road and made it all the way back to the city without any other incidents. I wondered how Patrick was going to be able to explain the grease on his shorts and down his legs, he hadn't noticed and I didn't tell me. I can be so bad sometimes.....well, actually all the time.

Classes resume tomorrow so it was time for some sleep.


Be Well,


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