I had stayed after my part of the rehearsal for 'West Side Story' was over. Me, Chad, playing a bad ass Jet, who would have thought? Along with being a Jet, I'm 20, 165 pounds, and smooth all over. I've got blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair. There was no way they were going to let me play a Shark. In addition to being an aspiring thespian I'm also a student, bookstore employee (not that kind!) and the assistant manager of my college's baseball team. And yes, I'm still a cum slut and size queen.

When the Sharks were rehearsing I notice some other students were involved in building the sets for the play. A guy on top of one of the ladders asked if I would hold the ladder for him because it was wobbly.

When I heard I looked up and he was almost at the top of the ladder. He looked to be about 6'4" and looked to me in very good shape. The ladder he was on did not look overly stable. I went to the ladder and held it. I looked up at him and saw his face and the outline of his cock in his cargo pants. Oh my god, it was the guy I had jacked off in the line for the Registrar's Office. The guy that I had beat off while were in line which we obscured using our backpacks. He also had raised my t-shirt and came all over my back.

"How's it going?" he asked. I just stammered not sure what to day. "It was nice meeting you the other day." Stammered some more. When I looked at the outline of his cock, I reevaluated my rating of a 7 or 7.5 on my cock rating scale. He had to be at least that if he the outline of his cock was in the resting state. "I really need a hand," looking around, "or maybe something more." Shit eating grin. I glanced around and then went up a couple of rungs so that my face was right in front of his crotch. The way the later was turned, my back was facing the students who were rehearsing and it didn't look like anyone was behind him.

"What's your name?"

"Does it matter? It's not my name you're interested in." Was I that obvious? Yeah, I am. "No one is looking. Take it out, it needs some air."

I glanced around again and then raised my hands. These were the type of cargo pants that had that piece of material at the end of the zipper so that it's easier to pull it down, and it did. There it was, the chunk of shaft that I had stroked the other day. Being incredible stupid I asked, "Did you get your class changed?"

"You don't care about that, you care about this." He sort of moved his crotch forward bringing it closer to me.

I pulled the zipper down further. He actually reached down to readjust a little so that it would be easier for me to reach in and get his cock, which was getting bigger by the second. I couldn't believe I was inches from his cock while standing on a ladder, it really was a sexy sight. He leaned forward against the ladder giving me easier access but also providing a little more cover for what we were about to do. Using just my finger and thumb I got the head of his cock to appear in the opening. God it looked nice. Very smooth, very pink but growing darker in color as I watched. I again glanced around and then flicked my tongue on the head and it jumped. Getting braver I ran my tongue along his head. It jumped some more. During all this cargo pants guy hadn't said a word and it appeared as if he was still working on the set like nothing was happening. I got a little braver and tried to take the whole head of his cock into to my mouth. I tried not to move much so it wouldn't be obvious what we were doing and up on a ladder.

I pursed my lips and placed them on the tip of his cock. I made little movements with my lips. I wasn't taking any more of his cock in my mouth but I was doing what I could. He pretended to reach for something so that he had an excuse to lean a little farther in. When he did he pushed just the head of his cock in. We stood still like that for a couple of beats. Then, since I had his whole head, I rubbed my tongue on the underside and then started swirling around the head. He whispered, "that feels really good."

With as little movement as possible he started just slightly moving his hips forward, not much, but just enough. I tried to move my head forward but there was no more room. After using that position for a while he said, "let's go up one more rung each." His head popped out of my mouth and he climbed one more rung. I did the same. How could no one see what just a happened? A good looking guy with his hard cock sticking out. I'm surprised he was able to actually climb up one more rung without hurting himself. When I had finished climbing, he leaned forward and I move my head forward. This time I could take in more of his cock but not that much. I worked my tongue while he rocked very gently. Without much fanfare he filled my mouth with his cream. This was the first time I had tasted it. Unlike Jake's that has a faint flavor of beer, this guys tasted more like a latte, if that makes any sense.

I guess when he was filling me up the ladder may have moved a bit. Someone near us said "you guys need a hand?"

Cargo pants guy gently pulled his cock from my mouth and said "no were good, actually very good." He was able to get his cock back into his pants pretty quickly and started down the ladder. "Until next time cutie." And off he went. Just like last time in the line at the Registrar's, I had to ask myself if that really had happened.

"Chad, Chad." Someone was calling my name. I looked around and saw Patrick stage left. "Did I just see what I thought I saw?"

I moved over to him quickly turning bright red. Now I may be a cum slut and I may have let several (ok, many) guys do me altogether, I have never put on a show for a non-participant. Playing dumb I said, "What did you think you saw?"

"Sure looked like you were sucking that guy off."

"Shhhh, not so loud. Yeah, that's what you saw."

"Wow.....that was really hot. I've still got a boner from watching. Who is that guy, I've never seen him before."

"No clue, this is the second time that he's found me and I've ended up playing with this cock, always in public like this."

"Well I'm going to keep my eyes out for him."

Now let me tell you about Patrick. He was one of the first guys I sucked off when I found the glory hole in the basement of the library. He and his friend were in there and Patrick took a lot of interest in looking at his friend's cock as I blew him. A little while later he showed up again but it was because he was interested in sucking some cock but he didn't how to get started. I coached him a bit and who should show up but Jake the asshole who let Patrick try out his technique. I hoped that I hadn't ruined Patrick's idea of what a cock is supposed to look like because Jake is hung like a horse and he knows it. He thinks his cock makes him king of the world.

Recently I had run into Patrick at the rest stop where I go see my friends, Tony and Jack, when they come through town on the truck route. Patrick was messing around with a couple of guys when I arrived and then the four of us had some fun. Not long after some musicians stopped at the rest stop. Let's just say everyone had a good time. Amazingly these same musicians were in the orchestra for 'West Side Story'. Small world. Oh, Patrick is about 6' with that blonde, blue eyed Nordic type of look. Nice cock too. Forgot to mention that Patrick was doing the sound for the show.

Over the next of weeks as rehearsals wore on, Patrick and I started to hang out together. He was a really nice guy and we had a lot in common besides our love of cum. I really needed a friend so this was a "no sex" zone. I told him about some of my 'activities'. He knew, of course, about Jake the asshole. I told him about Shane, my boss at the campus bookstore. I even told him about some of my other adventures such as the road trip and even the night of my birthday party. He was fascinated and wanted to know if he could come with me some time when I went in search of cock and cum. Of course I told him yes. The more the merrier.

I actually have been having a bit of a dry spell. With the exception of Jake on Monday afternoons, Jack and Tony at the rest stop and cargo man, I hadn't gotten anything lately. My Mom was always harping at me that I needed to be sure to get my protein and this time she was right. The occasional piece of beef, pork and chicken wasn't cutting it.

The night of the show opening finally arrived and it went better than I expected. The Jets nor the Sharks didn't have a dance mishap. The girls that played Maria and Anita were very good. But what was amazing were the guys who played Tony and Bernardo. How the Director found two guys who looked so right for their parts but who also could act and sing was surprising.

The actor that played Tony was very handsome. He was about 6' with light auburn hair and brown eyes. While he had a dancer's body, he had a lot more muscle than some dancers in the show. Bernardo was played by a Latino guy that could have been an MMA athlete. He was a little shorter than the Tony with caramel colored skin, and almost black eyes with black hair.

After the show there was a bit of opening night party backstage. Since the school couldn't allow us to have alcohol at the party most of cast went off to someone's house. Patrick and I stayed behind and talked about if there was anything that we might do tonight to find some cock. We talked about the rest stop and I told him we should go to the leather bar or to the dirty bookstore. As we were getting ready to leave we heard some noise coming from the dressing room area. As we got closer it was apparent that the noise sounded like someone getting a blow job.

As we peered around the corner we saw both Tony and Bernardo on their knees with the Director. The Director had his cock out and was feeding it to Tony while Bernardo watched while he beat Tony's cock. We silently watched. Tony was doing an admirable job with the Director's cock which seemed to be a very nice one. "Oh yeah, that's it, make Daddy's cock feel good." Seriously, Daddy? The cock in Bernardo's hand, Tony's, was also pretty impressive. But when Bernardo changed his position and we could see his, it was fucking amazing. On my scale, he was equal to Jake the asshole, a really solid, I mean SOLID, 9. Remember in my world 1 is average and 10 is "oh my god, that will kill me."

The Director yelled, "You got it, take it all." And then you could see the Director roll his eyes back. "Now liked you promised me when I gave you the parts, Tony was going to suck my cock but now it's time for Bernardo to fuck me." After the Director pulled his cock out of Tony's mouth he proceeded to take off his pants, but not his shirt. Seeing his somewhat saggy ass I can understand why.

Now as you can imagine this whole scene was having an impact on Patrick and I. My cock was getting pretty restricted in my pants and it looked like Patrick was having the same problem. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Patrick looked at me with a question in his eye. I tried to reassure him that it was ok, so he did the same. We both started stroking as we watched the scene in front of us unfold.

The Director got down on his hands and knees and said he was ready. Bernardo didn't look too pleased. It was probably a good idea that Tony had been beating him off or don't think he would have been able to get hard. He got behind the Director and just shoved his cock up that Director's waiting ass.

"Ohhhhhh....that feels so fucking good. You've got a great cock Kid. Show me how much you appreciate me giving you the part." Tony started to look angry.

"You asshole, making my boyfriend and I do this just sucks." Slam, slam, slam. "You knew we were the best guys for these roles but to say we wouldn't get them unless we did you after the first show makes me sick." Slam, slam, slam.

Tony said to Bernardo, "it's ok, don't worry about it baby, it will be over soon." Tony got behind Bernardo and started rubbing his cock along his ass crack. "Let me see what I can do to help". Without missing a beat with the Director, Bernardo reached back and spread his cheeks. Tony dropped to his knees and starting rimming his boyfriend. Patrick and I stayed in the shadows beating our respective cocks. After rimming his boyfriend a while, Tony stood up and slide his cock into Bernardo. Bernardo moaned.

"Come on Kid, give it to me harder. I wanted you to fuck me not just slide your cock in and out of my ass like you were bored." I think Tony had had a good idea. He started picking up speed with his thrusts. Those moves helped Bernardo go a little faster and a little deeper with each thrust. I don't know if Tony's fucking of Bernardo's ass was helping his mood but it was apparent that Bernardo was starting to get it in to it.

"Take it, take it, TAKE IT", Bernardo kept saying as he pulled back on the saggy hips of the Director. "They never should have let you direct this play, you have no talent....just like your ass has no talent." Patrick and I picked up our pace to match Tony's thrusts into his boyfriend's ass and Bernardo's thrusts into the Director.

My cock felt so good in my hand. I was so familiar with my cock that I knew exactly where to squeeze and where to stroke. I was whipping myself into a frenzy and it seemed like Patrick was doing the same.

Now the Director started saying, "Yeah, show me what a bad director I was, make me feel your anger." Believe me, Bernardo did. I don't think he could have rammed any harder than he was. "Oh my god, you're cock feels so good in my ass. Let me know how angry you are." Bernardo became relentless, he almost knocked the Director over a couple of times. Tony also kept plowing into Bernardo but without the anger. He had reached around and was playing with Bernardo's pecs in, what I assumed, was an attempt to calm him down a little.

"I'll never forgive you for this you son of a bitch!" One last slam. "Take my cum, feel it inside you, feel it burn your ass canal." With those words the Director shot his load all over the floor. Bernardo pulled out and wiped his cock on the Director's ass. "If I ever try to do this with me or my boyfriend again, I'll do more than just fuck you, I'll fuck you up." Right then Tony must of come because a look of pleasure was on both Tony's and Bernardo's faces.

That put both Patrick and I over the edge. We both shot, almost in unison, huge geysers of cum. Unfortunately we both moaned. Bernardo, Tony and the Director all turned their eyes toward us. "Son of a bitch" came out of Bernardo's mouth and he started moving towards us with his cock hanging out.

I looked over at Patrick and said, "Run", and we did, stuffing our cocks back into our pants. I didn't want to stick around, I'd had enough drama for one night.


To my readers, after several of your requests, the next chapter will be about Jake and his sexual escapades away for Chad.

Be well,


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