I'm a couple of weeks into the semester. Classes are going well, no complaints. Still haven't moved out of my parents' house, what's wrong with me? Speaking of parents, every time I'm alone with my Dad I get sort of creeped out. Did I really give him a blow job at the rest stop on Christmas Day? Work at the campus bookstore is going well. I usually give Shane one blow job a week and he usually fucks me once a week, it's sort of becoming routine, not that I mind it, it's a cock and some cum, my two favorite things. I haven't seen Jim at the mall for a while, I need to get over there soon. My path hasn't crossed with the hot Latino custodian, I'm going to have to go looking for him. And I've only seen Jake the asshole on Mondays for a quick blow job at our regular time on Monday at the glory hole in the basement of the library. I think he freaked out when he said I was the best fuck he ever had with either a girl or a guy. Actually I'm starting to think that I'm off my game. I need to seriously start looking for some cock and cum. If not, I may have to stop using my self-described terms of cum slut and size queen. Besides being those two things, I'm 19, 165 pounds, dirty blonde hair, blue/green eyes and smooth body. I'm also starting to worry that I may be losing muscle because I'm not getting enough protein. Oh yeah, my name is Chad.

Like I said it's been a couple weeks since classes started. Since the baseball season doesn't start for a while, I need some other activity I can put on my application for State. Someone from my circle of gay friends told me that since I was taking a course on the history of theater this semester I should try out for the Spring play. I had given it a lot of thought and decided I would try it. The show was going to be 'West Side Story' which I had seen once or twice. I really liked the guy who played Benardo, the leader of the Sharks. His name was George Chakiris and he was smoking hot. I'd have no chance of getting that role, I'm way too White, and I don't mean it in any derogatory way, I'm just a blonde white guy. Either Jake the asshole or Shane could play Tony, but I don't know if either of them can sing or dance. Try outs are this coming Wednesday so I think I should download the movie and refresh my memory.

The next couple of days were boring. Boring classes, boring at work because Shane was sick and Jake the asshole didn't show up for this weekly blow job. Some of the guys from my group of friends came to try outs with me. There actually were some pretty good actors, singers and dancers. I tried out to be a Jet and didn't do too terrible. We would find out tomorrow if we got the parts. I knew how I would kill some time before we found out.

Today was a Wednesday and this is one of the Wednesdays that Jack and Tony came through the rest stop in their truck route. I hadn't seen them in a while since my calendar had been a little nuts over the Winter break (go back and read). I call Tony and Jack my 'god parents' since they were the first ones who turned me on to cocks and cum, theirs. Since then we've gotten together a lot of times at the rest stop. Jack was in his mid-30s, somewhere between 6'2", about 190 pounds and dark hair. He always had a day or two of beard growth which made him even hotter in that daddy kind of way, not that he was old enough but I'm sure you get what I mean. I just realized I never described Tony. He's about 6' and probably the same weight as Jack but none of it is fat. He's got light brown hair.

In the summer I would go to the rest stop when the sun went down but since its winter I waited a couple hours and then I drove over in my piece of shit Chevy. Either I was early or they were late. Just a couple of cars in the lot. I decided to check out the bathroom and see if anyone was using the glory holes. When I walked in the door it was strange, it was dark, the light was with burned out or someone had broken it. While my eyes were adjusting I heard some scuffling and then "it's ok, I know him." When my eyes did adjust I realized that there were three guys over in the corner. There clothes were all messed up and all three had their cocks out. I realized one of them was Patrick, the guy who had questions about his attraction of cocks. I guess he took my advice and found a place to explore. "Come on over and join us." Never one to turn down a cock or three I joined them. Almost immediately their hands were all over me so I joined in. Of course my first mission was to find out what their cocks were like. I had blown Patrick way back when so I knew he was not bad but the other two were new to me. The first cock I got my hands on was pretty average, so he was a 1. The other guy was a solid 6, nice. Since I had my hands on them already I gave them some strokes which seemed to be well received. I was not sure what Patrick was doing since I didn't feel his hands. I let go of the two cocks and explored for Patrick's hands and found them on both guys' asses. Had my little Patrick become a pitcher? He pulled back and pushed one of the guys against a wall, dropped to his knees and sucked in his cock, it was the 1, but remember that's an average cock in my world so it was probably perfect for Patrick as he continued to learn. The 6 was watching this transpire and kept fingering his cock. I hadn't been in this glory hole for a while, I pushed 6 into the stall at the end and took the middle stall for myself. 6 wasn't naïve about glory holes so almost immediately his cock was through the hole. I sat down on the toilet and took 6's cock into my mouth, it tasted good. I could hear Patrick enjoying the other guy's cock, it sounded like he was having a good time too. I had been hungry for cock for the last couple of days so I really chowed down on 6. This wasn't going to be one of those slow teasing blow jobs, I knew what I wanted and I knew I wanted it now. I kept bobbing on his cock until he rewarded me with a nice amount of cum which I immediately drank down.....nectar. I heard 1 saying "stop, stop, no more" so I knew that he had cum in Patrick's mouth and now was trying to pull out. 6 and I stepped out of our booths and everyone stood around, what was with these guys? There are cocks and asses to be played with!

I decided I was going to direct the action. "Patrick, the way you were rubbing their asses before it appears to me that you would like to fuck some ass, am I correct?" He nodded yes. "Either of you guys want to get fucked?" Only 1 put up his hand. I didn't think fucking in the open part of the bathroom was the best idea since I didn't know if these guys could arrange themselves quickly if someone comes in. I directed Patrick to the last stall, put 1 in the middle stall and put 6 in the final stall. As you all remember the middle stall is that one that had 2 glory holes, 1 to each of the other stalls.

Not knowing what I would have been doing with Jack and Tony I had brought one of those travel size lubes. For fun I had bought one that heated up the more friction there is, that should be interesting. I went into the middle stall and had 1 put his ass up against the glory hole to Patrick's stall. I went back to Patrick's stall and lubed up his cock and brought his cock to the glory hole. "It's all yours now Patrick." I went back to the middle stall to make sure 1 didn't move away from the glory hole when Patrick pushed against him. I could tell when Patrick pushed but 1 was a trooper and I could tell when the pain started to subside. Patrick must have known instinctively that he needed go slow as 1 got used to having a cock in his ass. When I felt like 1 was doing ok I put his arms up against the partition to the other stall. That way he was going to be able to push back on Patrick but had his mouth right near the other glory hole. I moved on to the next stall. 6 was stroking his cock, I guess the sounds he was hearing was getting to him. I grabbed his cock and directed it to the glory hole. He was so horny he slammed it into 1's mouth with no preamble. He took hold of the top of the partition and used it as leverage to get as much cock into 1's mouth. I went back down the stalls. 1 appeared to be having a great time. Patrick looked like he was in heaven. I pulled back and pulled out my cock and started beating off. Just then I heard a noise and looked over at the door. My guys hadn't heard anything, that or they were so into it they didn't care.

A guy was standing at the door looking in. I could tell there were a couple more guys with him. Doesn't this sound familiar, Chad gets caught and is forced to service a group of guys, guess again. The guy stepped closer to me "don't worry about me, keep beating that meat." Then he saw what was going on in the stalls and said "you guys rock! Fuck that ass, shove your cock down his throat, yeah work together, and give your friend a good time." This was something new. "Go for it guys." Then he looked at me and said "Let me watch you cum dud, beat it, beat it good." I'm sort of liking having someone watch me. I shoot a wad onto the floor. "Great job man." I could tell the stall action was coming to an end. Patrick was pounding away and 1 was loving every minute of. Each push of Patrick drove 1 farther down on 6's cock. 6 came at just the right time because his whole load looked like it hit 1's tongue who drank it like a baby works a bottle. Seconds later Patrick grunted and must have shot his load into 1. They all sighed. While everyone was putting themselves back together this new guy went to the urinal and did his business. When he was done he turned back to us. "What are you guys up to? Care for a beer or some wine?" We all looked at each other and agreed.

We went out to the parking lot and there was an RV. Not one of those big Rock or Movie star buses but not a small family type. This one looked pretty nice. "Come on in." We walked up the stairs and entered the RV and saw that there were four other guys in the RV. "Everybody, I met this guys in the john, they seemed to be having a good time so I thought I would invite them in for a drink. Everybody introduce yourself." There were introductions all around, too many names for me to keep track of, however, the guy who had invited us was Travis. Travis spoke up "when I said these guys were having a good time I meant there was fucking and sucking going on and this guy here," pointing at me, "was beating his meat as he watched these other guys. This one here," he pointed at 1 was getting loads from both ends." Uh oh, now the bomb is going to drop and they are going to gang bang us. I was wrong again.

Directing his comment at us, "you know guys, I don't give a rat's ass that you guys were sucking and fucking in there. I've always believed no one is either straight or gay. Shit, a woman wouldn't care who's fondling her boobs or eating her out as long as it's getting the job done. And guys, I don't believe they really give a shit about who's sucking them or who they are fucking. If they are horned up they are just looking for a nice warm hole." I thought that was a great philosophy. "I'm really glad one of you was using the john in here or I wouldn't have met these guys." Beer and wine was finally passed out. A couple of joints also were traveling around the bus. I think the pot freaked Patrick out so he always just passed the joint along. 1 and 6 were enjoying themselves. I passed on the pot as well, I like to keep a clear head, especially when I'm driving.

"Speaking of being horned up, we've been on the road for a couple days and haven't gotten any. We play music together we agreed that we don't do any other kind of playing. You want to help us out. No pressure guys, if you just want to finish your drinks and go out that door, it's really fine." We looked at each, their eyes told me it was ok with them so I agreed for the whole group. "How do we want to do this, there a 5 of us and 4 of you?"

"This may sound a little strange and I'm not trying embarrass anyone but I need to see your cocks. I know who would be best for whom and one of us will take two of on while the others play with one. Why don't you each step in front of me, one at a time, and show me what you've got. I'll keep a straight face, pun intended, so that no one can tell who's got what."

They all looked at each other and then shrugged their shoulders. Travis pointed at one of the guys who stood in front of me and pulled out a 2 or maybe a 3. I said thanks and each guy followed suit. There was a 1, a 5 and a 6. Then Travis got up and came forward, I could already tell by the outline in his tight jeans that he was at least a 5 if not more. He pulled his cock out and it was impressive especially because I watched it grow. Definitely a 7 plus if not an 8 similar to Jim. With difficulty he was able to get it back in his pants.

Well guess which one's I choose to assign to myself. You got it, Travis and the 6. Since the 1 in my group had been able to take Patrick's cock and was able to suck 6's, I assigned him to the 5. I gave the 3 to my 6. That left Patrick, I gave him the 1. I thought it was time for him to try to get fucked so the 1 would definitely make that easier if it happened. I know this sounds like a math problem but it worked out fine for all involved.

I will tell you a little more about me, Travis and the 6. We went into the back of the RV where there was a bedroom with a queen size bed. See already it's different, how many times have I been in a bed when I'm having sex. I got them sitting up against the head board and slowly undid and slide their jeans down until their cocks were exposed. It was good that I put the two biggest cocks together, both for my enjoyment, but also because they wouldn't be self-conscious about their cock sizes since they were relatively similar. I took my clothes off and then slide forward on the bed. I took 6 in my mouth while I stroked Travis. I liked the taste of 6's dick. I also liked the way his shaft felt against my tongue. After a few minutes I let go of Travis and changed positions, sucking Travis and stroking 6. I didn't know how long I wanted to do this, I wanted to get fucked and I needed someone who wouldn't blow too soon and who wasn't so high that they couldn't get it up again. Within seconds I got my answer. 6 shot a geyser of cum straight into the air and then straight back down on him. Travis laughed while putting a hand on the top of my head so that I took in more of his cock. I pulled off his cock and he moaned in disappointment. "Not to worry" I said. I rearranged us. I laid down on the bed on my back. I scooted myself so that my ass was almost hanging off the foot of the bed. I told, no actually ordered, Travis to fill my ass with his great cock. I got 6 to kneel over my face with his back facing the wall and his face facing Travis. I then told him to put his cock against my lips. Travis was doing the slow dance with my ass. Each stroke took him a little farther into my ass. I grabbed hold of 6's cock and started licking the underside of his shaft. Then I took his balls into my mouth. Because it was such a weird position it would not have been possible for me to take his cock into my mouth with much success and I really wanted to focus on what Travis was doing. I don't know if Travis learned some of his moves but he knew how to fuck. I don't think 6 was going to be able to shoot again so I just let him know with my tongue that I still wanted his cock. Travis was nearing completion, and then, Houston we have lift off. My cock decided it was time to unload for the second time tonight and it shot right into 6's face. We all laughed and then just sort of collapsed.

When we came out of the bedroom everyone else must have hit their saturation point because everyone was just sitting around talking and partaking in beer, wine or pot. I told them all I had to leave because I was supposed to meet some friends. Before I left though I asked if they were going to be in town for a while or were they moving on. Travis said he had been hired as the musical director for a play being put on by a community college. He said that the only way he would take the job is if some of his friends could be a part of the orchestra. I laughed on the way out of the RV. When I left the RV I didn't see Tony and Jack's truck. Maybe when they got here all they saw was the RV rocking and they didn't come knocking. I was sorry that I missed them.

I was up and out early the next day. The cast was supposed to be posted by 8 am and I wanted to check it out before I went to my 9 am class. I was excited to see that I had been cast as one of the minor Jets. I would have freaked out if I had gotten one of Jets that had a lot of dialogue or a singing solo. This was going to be fun. The first rehearsal was at 4 pm.

I spent the day with the show on my mind. My group of friends were a bit jealous, I got the best part. Most of the other guys were in the company and really were just dancing. We still were all pretty happy though.

After by 9 am class I went to the campus Bookstore to put a couple of hours. I was really thinking about anything other than the show when you should appear but Jake the asshole. "What are you doing here?"

"I need you to take care of me before my class, I'm all stressed out. And I know that you would want to." He grabbed his crotch and squeezed it. "I bet you've been missing this." And in a whisper said "faggot." God, he's such and ass but I just can't resist his cock.

"Where should we go, the library is too far away."

"I don't know, you're the smart one." Another point for Team Chad.

"Ok, we are right next to the gym. The baseball's team locker room should be empty now, the players don't really work out until later in the afternoon."

"Good, let's go cocksucker."

I found Shane and said I needed to run to the Registrar's Office and I would be right back." He was busy with something so he just grunted an 'ok'.

Jake and I walked to the gym and into the locker room. As I suspected the locker room was empty as were the shower room and the offices. "You know, I've always wanted to fuck someone in the shower". Yep that was Jake.

"I don't know Jake I need to get back to the bookstore. I thought you just wanted a blow job." He got that crazy control look in his eyes that makes me crazy sometimes. "Ok, but let's be quick."

"My fucks are never quick. You know that cocksucker." I could debate that point. We both had lockers so we changed and went to the shower room. God, I loved seeing him naked. His cock swinging between his legs always looked awesome. Remember, I had Jake at 9 on my 10 point scale of cock size. Add that to his incredible body and there are some times I just can't resist him. He threw his towel up on one of the hooks and then I did the same. Since this was an athlete's shower room it was one of those kinds that just had shower heads with no partitions. Jake turned a shower on. "Get over here." He threw me a bar of soap. "Wash me down." Ok, this was new. "Come on, I'll be late to class." What the hell. "I started soaping up his chest which was erotic all alone." He pushed my hand down to his hardening cock. "Wash what you love so much pussy boy." Why was I so attracted to this buffoon? I lathered up my hands and started to wash his cock and balls. Every other gay man on this campus would have liked to be where I was right now, especially if they didn't know what an asshole Jake was. "Yeah that's right Chad, make sure it's clean before I screw you." Did he really just use my name?

Without any warning he spun me around and had me up against the wall with my hands over my head. He started rubbing his soap covered cock on my ass. "Like that don't you faggot. You like my cock touching you." He started what was almost a dry hump against my ass then he kicked my legs apart just enough to create a little V between my legs. He shoved his cock though that opening and just seductively rubbed so it was grazing my taint and hitting my balls. My cock started to rise. With each of his strokes I could feel his cock start to grow to its majestic proportions. I leaned my head back against his chest. He didn't push me away. He pulled his cock back and pushed my back down so that he could place his cock against my hole. He started the little thrusts that I like so much. Against my ear he said "like that cocksucker, you like my cock knocking at your door?" Oh did I, but I wasn't going to say anything. His head popped through my ass ring, I moaned. "Yeah, you like it." He reached around and tweaked my nipple, another new move on his part. A little more cock. He sucked my neck like the first time he fucked me, marking me as his. A little more cock. I was almost breathless. A little more cock. Him moaning against my neck. Then.....

"Look at these two faggots fucking in the shower." Jake pulled out and we both spun around. It was Grant (read Road Trip Part 1), the star pitcher. He had fucked, well almost fucked me, me in the traveling bus to a game last Fall. All he was trying to do was get me to say that he was a better fuck than Jake, he didn't even cum when I told him he was, that was all he wanted, not to get his rocks off. Very disappointing.

"Hey, whatever your name is, I thought you said I was a better fucker than this guy. Why didn't you come to me if you wanted to get fucked? Angie (Road Trip Part 1) and I just broke up so I probably would have let you have my cock and everything that comes with it this time."

Jake's head was spinning. He looked at me and said "You said what?" To Grant, "You fucked Chad?" My name again. Then his competitive mode kicked in. "Tell him I'm a better fucker."

"Yes, Jake you fuck better than anyone I've ever had fuck me."

Grant's turn "What? You said I was the better fucker. Shit, you were moaning the whole time I had my cock up your pussy. Let me remind you. He actually pushed Jake away and spun me back toward the wall and rammed his cock up my ass and started throwing me an amazing fuck.

"Get your fucking cock out of him." Jake tried to pull him away but Grant held his ground. He kept pushing harder and harder. I kept groaning louder and louder which seemed to really piss Jake off.

Grant kept driving his cock in, it was bouncing off my prostrate and I was just a second away from blowing my load against the shower room wall and then I felt Grant go still and then felt his cum bathe the inside of my ass. It felt good. With no regard for me he pushed me harder into the wall and said "tell him who's the better fuck." Before I could answer, and I didn't want to, Jake finally pushed Grant away.

Turning to Grant, "I'll show you who's the better fuck and he will tell you." Jake didn't do the fucking the way I had trained him, without his knowing of course, he just started slamming his cock into me. No finesse at all. He worked harder than he had ever done before. My god, he was almost pushing me up the wall. His hits were so precise though that I shot all over the wall. While my ass contracted Jake shot his load deep inside me and then he pulled out, "tell him who the better fuck is, faggot?"

I turned my head to Grant and said "Jake".

Grant stormed away yelling "you both are a couple of fucking faggot cocksuckers, eat shit and die."

Instead of Jake showing any type of emotion at all he stormed out of the shower room without a word. He was such and asshole, why did I keep letting him come back for my mouth and ass.

After that interesting event I ran back to the bookstore knowing that this would put Shane in to one of his bad mood. When that happens he usually wants to 'punish' me with a hard fuck in an area just outside the Student Union that provides a little privacy, and as I found out, sometimes very little privacy. With all my activities last night and today I just wasn't up to another fucking, I can't believe I actually just wrote that. I ran into the Campus Bookstore and ran by Shane, "Sorry Shane but I get held up. I've got to get to class. See you tomorrow."

His eyes were shooting daggers and he said "you better bet that I'll see you tomorrow." Ugh. Well, maybe not. I ran to my class and suffered through a lecture about ancient history. Why does anyone need to know this stuff?

The first rehearsal of 'West Side Story' was today so I went over to the theater building. I saw Travis speaking with the Director and he gave me a quizzical look and then waved. I waved back. We, the Jets, rehearsed for about 2 hours. I didn't fall over my feet in the dance numbers, nor had I been too bad with my lines but I was glad we would have a couple weeks of rehearsal before the show opened. The Director wanted to spend some time with the Sharks. Most of Jets left but I stuck around to see if I could learn anything.

All during the rehearsal some students were working the sets. One guy was on a ladder working on the stairs from which Maria would sing to Tony. He was up on almost the top of the ladder. He looked to be about 6'4" and appeared to be very buff. The ladder he was on did not look overly stable. He saw me and said, "Hey, would you hold on to the ladder for me?" I went to the ladder and held it. I looked up at him and saw his face and the outline of his cock in his cargo pants. Oh my god, it was the guy I had jacked off in the line for the Registrar's Office.


Be well,


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