Well, "work" is going well at the mall. It's hard to say something is work when you love doing it so much. On average I'm bringing it about $400 per day. So far I've put away almost $5,000 even after the percentage to Jim. I agreed to give him 10% of what I brought in as "tips" for helping with my more personal package wrapping service. Luckily the maintenance man that find out what we were doing was happy with his 2 BJs and 1 fuck per day so that he didn't ask for a cut. Hopefully that money will allow me to get my own place so I can get out from under my parents' watchful eyes. To be honest these two weeks has even been more than this cum slut and size queen can take. I'm glad that my parents are taking me to visit my uncle on his ranch for Christmas just so I can have a few days without a cock in my mouth or up my ass, let alone 2 (read the last chapter).

As you already know I'm Chad. For you new readers that have started late in the game, I'm a 20 year old community college student. I live with my parents and I have a piece of shit Chevy for transportation. When I'm on campus, besides taking classes, I also work at the campus bookstore and am the assistant manager of the baseball team. I know that it sounds glamorous but it's not really. I pick up towels, uniforms and jocks (well, that's not bad) and help with some of the logistical stuff like servicing a 35 member opposing baseball team. I was also regularly servicing my English professor to insure I got a good grade (I ended up with an A). I'm a 5'10", 165 pound, blonde with blue/green eyes lover of cock any way that I can get it. Oh yeah, I regularly let my boss at the campus bookstore give me his cock. The one thing I'm either proud of or not proud of, haven't figured it out yet, I regularly take care of Jake the asshole, the captain of the baseball team. He's a hunk with an incredible cock that needs to learn how to choose his words better. I usually get to feast on his cock every Monday in the bathroom in the basement of the library where there are some glory holes. Add to that all the other cock I get in various ways and I'm a pretty busy cum eater, which is fine with me.

Back to what's going on. My Mother has a brother with a ranch about an hour from town. It's mostly a horse ranch but he does have some cattle. He's got one daughter who is married and lives in another state. Then there was a break between kids. He has a son that is 16 named Jason. My aunt is pretty non-descript and tends to just be in the background. It's too bad because she is a very nice woman. Some of my other relatives will be stopping by on Christmas but we're the only one's staying for the night on Christmas Eve.

After breakfast on Christmas Eve we hit the road. My Mom keeps pushing food at me, she is so concerned that I'm not getting enough protein. I keep not telling her to worry about it. The drive to my Uncle's was eventful. We pulled up to the ranch house and my Aunt and Uncle came out to meet us. Hugs all around. Then my cousin, Jason, comes out. Man, has he changed since the last time I saw him. Even though he's 16 he's taller and broader than me. He must have 30 pounds on me. I had heard he was playing high school football and it showed. He had muscles on muscles. "Hey Cuz" he said and bumped fists with me (seriously?). Susie, my other cousin came out with her husband, Rick and there new baby. The baby was cute but Rick...wow! Again more hugs all around and talk about how cute the baby is.

My aunt spoke up, "Chad, with your Mom and Dad here, plus Susie and Rick, we just don't have enough bedrooms. I thought we could have you share Jason's room but we need that room for my Mother who will be here later. The best we can do is have you and Jason stay in the bunk house. There are is only one ranch hand and the ranch Foreman who are using it so it won't be too crowded. I'm really sorry." My god, it sounded like a porno.

"Come on Cuz, grab your stuff and I'll take you down that way." I did and I followed him. "So how's life? My Mother was wondering if you have a girlfriend but your Mom says you don't date much. I have a really hot girlfriend and she's smart too. We were Homecoming King and Queen this Fall. It sucks but I've only gotten to second base with her. She wants to 'save herself for marriage'. What the fuck, right? So what's it like being in college? I'll bet your getting all sorts of snatch, I envy you." He rambled on and on. We got to the bunk house. It was one large room with about 10 beds. At the end there was 2 private rooms. "Will, the Ranch Foreman, stays in that room and we are supposed to share this room." It wasn't too bad, two single beds, two dressers and a desk.

"Where's the john?"

"At the other end. A couple of crappers, a shower room and an outside shower that the guys can use when they come back and are really dirty from work." Here I am again in what sounds like a porno.

"I'm off to see my ball and chain and give her the locket I bought her for Christmas, maybe today is the day I'll get lucky. Drop your stuff, I'll see you later." Off he went.

After throwing my bag on the bed I went out exploring. There were a couple of out buildings and a stable. The out buildings didn't look to interesting but I thought I would check out the horses so I went to the stable. My uncle really did have some nice horses. I saw some carrots and feed them to some of the horses.

"Who are you?" I turn to see a guy leaning on against a stall wall.

"I'm Chad, I'm visiting my Aunt and Uncle."

"Oh, I'm Tack" (seriously?) "I've never seen you here before. You must be a city boy."

"I guess you could say that."

"Yeah you got that city look. Are you one of those metrosexual guys?" (Oh for the love of god!)

"I guess I fit that description."

"Yeah, one of those types that have their hair perfect, wear cologne and have clothes that are too tight."

"Guilty." Now, I must tell you about Tack. He was tall but very wiry. He looked like he didn't have an ounce of fat on him. He was wearing what looked like a pair of Wranglers, boots, a plaid shirt and a vest. I could see that he dressed to the right, if you know what I mean. He seemed to dress pretty well too.

"I think most Metrosexuals are really fags but they won't admit it. What real man gets his nails done and gets waxed?"

"Why would you say that?"

"Shit, when I can't find me a filly I'll settle for a Metrosexual. I ain't gonna pay for a hooker. What difference does it make if some guy is working my cock? He can get me off just as good as a whore. Man a couple of times I even fucked a Metrosexual. You know they are usually tighter than a whore."

"I wouldn't know about that."

"You ain't never fucked a Metrosexual or a whore?"

"Yeah, no."

"Oh.....Just your girlfriend huh?"

"Yeah, that hasn't' happened either."

"Shit, that sucks." A light bulb must have gone off in his head. "You ain't a fag are you?"

"I think I better leave." No way I wanted my Aunt and Uncle to find out about me before I came out to my parents.

He jumped forward "you're not leaving yet."


"Well it's been a while since I've gotten my rocks off without my hand and I thought you could help."

"I don't think so Tack."

"Well, I think so Tinker Bell. Why don't you come over here and feel what a cowboy cock feels like."

God damn it, why am I such a cum slut? I went toward him. He grabbed his crotch. "You like what you see? Are you just a cocksucker or do you like it up your butt. I can tell by how you're looking at my crotch you like it both ways."

He grabbed my hand at put it on the outline of his cock in his Wranglers. "Like it don't you boy?"

Even though I didn't say it, I actually liked how it felt. It was much bigger than I expected both in length and girth.

"Don't act like you don't like it, I know boys like you always like my cock and balls." My hand couldn't resist rubbing his crotch and feeling how it grew. "Boy, how do you like it? Rough like when a bull mounts a cow? Or do you like it slow and sweet like some sappy movie?" I didn't reply. "That's what I thought, rough it is." He pushed me back into some hay. Luckily the stall had already been mucked. "You don't need to worry about anybody finding us. All the other hands have gone to see their families 'cept me. If you don't do exactly what I say I'm gonna tell your Mama that you're a little faggot."

He stepped over me so that his boots were on either side of my chest. "Why don't you reach up and unbutton my fly. I'm sure you've had a lot of experience." How could I not do that, I needed to see his cock. I unbuttoned his fly.

"You want me to undo your belt?"

"Not yet boy." After I got his fly open he reached in and pulled out his cock. Like I said the length and girth were amazing. They were out of proportion with his body. He sort of squatted over my chest. He must have incredible glutes from riding. His cock was dangling just above my mouth. "Looks like a horse's dick doesn't it? You ever see a horse's dick sissy boy? They are big and long just like mine. They can mount several mares in just one session. Where do you think the word 'stud' comes from? Well, I'm one of those studs."

He kept squatting, getting his cock closer and closer to my mouth. Soon it was just tickling my lips but each time I tried to raise my head he wouldn't let me get it. "Yeah, you want it don't you. You want to eat this horse cock I know. No whore has ever turned my cock down before. And I make sure they get it all the way down their throat and up their snatch. You might not have a snatch but you've got something just as good." Far be it from me to disagree.

I squatted just a little bit more and got close enough for me to put my lips just around the smallest amount of the tip of his cock. "Tastes good doesn't it." He raised up just enough that I couldn't even do that anymore. "Come on boy, get what you want." I raised my head as much as I could and I couldn't reach his cock. "I guess I'm going to have to find some other pussy boy who can treat my horse cock with the respect it deserves." He started to stand up.

"No Tack, give me your horse cock. I really want your horse cock in my mouth and down my throat, please."

"That's a good boy." He lowered himself again so that I could take the head of his cock in my mouth but nothing more.

"Show me how much you want my horse cock."

I did my best to show him how much I wanted his cock. He must have appreciated it because he leaned forward so more of his cock could get in my mouth. "Yeah that's the way to show me." Lower he came and I did my best to get as much of his cock as I could. "Yeah boy, get my cock good and wet so I can slide it up your boy snatch. I know that's what you've been waiting for, to have a horse cock deep inside you. Let me show that I'm a show horse that everyone wants to have as their stud."

I did everything I could do to get his cock as slick as I could. He finally pulled back, "I think we are ready. Stand up. How do you like it boy, standing, lying down, face forward or face back?"

"I don't care, I just want your horse cock."

"Ok, let's try something I've never done before. Take off your jeans boy. Good. See that saddle over there on the railing? Get up on that facing backward. Yeah, just like that." He took his jeans off and got up on the saddle facing me. "Lean back enough so that I can start to put me cock up your snatch. Yeah, that should work." He put the head of his cock against my cock. "Now since my cock is so big, I'm gonna let you decide how fast your want to take it. Start leaning forward. Oh fuck, that feels good. You're snatch is so hot. Man, I can't believe that you are taking it in that fast. Oh fuck!"

I was doing my best work. As he leaned back I kept leaning forward. I decided I was going to take some control. "Yeah you stud, give me your cock. Drive it in there. Show me what a cowboy you are. Let me know that I'm the best piece of ass you've ever gotten." I kept sliding down his cock until I was at his balls. "Cowboy you're going to remember this ride for the rest of your life. You aren't ever going to find anyone, cowboy or cowgirl, that can treat your cock like I can." I started rocking while he leaned back in pleasure. "Yeah Cowboy, give it to me, give me your load, you know you want to." Then I stopped moving. He bucked his hips but I wasn't having it. I squeezed my ass so he couldn't move his cock. "Tell me what you want Cowboy. Beg me to get you off."

"Please I want you to get my load, I want to show you what a stud I am. I want to fill you with my cowboy juice....please." I started tightening and loosening my ass muscles, he moaned. Then instead of him riding me, I started riding him.

"Yeah Cowboy, what do you want."

"I want you to keep doing what you're doing. Oh my god!" I squeezed a few more times, I could tell he was right on the brink. I leaned in and kissed him and he shot. I jumped off his cock and the saddle and said, "That's how a Metrosexual rides a cowboy." Then I walked away putting my jeans back on.

We had a nice, simple dinner up at the ranch house. I kept worrying that they could smell sex on me, but maybe the smell of the stable masked it. After being polite and spending a little time with the relatives I feigned that I was getting sleepy I told them I was going to hit the hay (how appropriate). When I got to the bunk house I decided to take a shower. Why not try the outdoor shower, I stripped off my close and took a great shower under the stars. When I turned the water off I turned to grab a towel and my cousin Jason was there watching me. "Hey Cuz, good shower?"

"Yeah." I tried to grab the towel but it would mean I would almost have to touch him and didn't think that was a good idea so I just stood there.

"I had a really crappy night."

"What happened?"

"She didn't like the locket, she thought it looked cheap. I didn't even get to first base tonight."

"I'm sure it will get better, hang in there."

"Cuz, I got a question for you. I heard my Dad and your Dad talking, it sounded like your Dad was saying that he thought you might be gay because you don't date much. True?"

"I don't think we should talk about this."

"Why not? I don't mind. If you're gay you're gay. I won't say anything."

"In that case, why not, yes, I'm gay."

"So you suck cock and have guys put their cocks up your ass?"


"Do they like it?"

"Obviously or they wouldn't do it."

"I wonder what it's like. Will you suck my cock and let me fuck you?"

"I don't think that's going to happen. Let's go to bed."

"Come on Cuz, what's the problem, its one guy helping another guy out. I didn't even get to kiss my girl tonight let alone anything else. I thought I was going to get laid tonight."

"I don't think so, I think we should both go to bed." Remember I told you that he was bigger than me.

"No, that's not going to happen. I lied when I said I wouldn't say anything. If you don't blow me and let me fuck you I'm going up to the house and tell your Mom and Dad that you hit on me. My Dad will kill you." Uggh.

"Let's go inside I'm freezing." We went into the main room with all the beds. My idiot cousin started to grope himself.

"Come on Cuz, help a brother out here." My cousin actually said that. What the fuck.

"Pull it out, let's get this over with." He did just that. I sat on the edge of the bed and gave him a mediocre blow job at best. After he came, I said "We done now?"



"I wanna fuck your ass."

"No fucking way."

"Yes, way." He moved toward me and pushed me back on the bed. He was strong enough to flip me over on my stomach. He pinned me down and started rubbing my ass. "Yeah, you're going to give me a piece of your ass, Cuz."

Kid had no finesse at all. He just tried to push his cock, which actually was a pretty nice one, into my ass. It took him a couple of times to hit the mark. Like the teenager that he was he just humped me like a dog. Just as he came I heard someone say "Jason, what the fuck are you doing?" Jason swung his head around. In the door was someone I could only describe as the Marlboro Man crossed with Mr. Clean. The man had a body.

"Get off your cousin." He knew me? Then it dawned on me, this was Raff, the Foreman. I had seen him some years ago and he was actually one of the images in my mind that I would beat off to.

"Get over here Jason." Jason did what he said. "You want to fuck someone? I think you should know how that feels, get on the bed. Lay face down." In one swift movement Raff pulled Jason's jeans off his body. He got his knees between Jason's legs and pushed them apart. He opened up his fly and pulled out a dick that was as big as Jake the asshole. He didn't even spit on his cock before he jammed it into Jason's ass. He made sure he made it as painful as possible for Jason. Jason was bucking and swearing. I could tell when Raff blew his load into Jason's ass. He pulled his cock out of his ass, got off of Jason and walked around to Jason's face. "Lick it clean." Jason pulled back and Raff grabbed his head and brought it to his mouth. "Lick it you punk." Jason did until it was clean. "Kid, you don't treat people like you treated your cousin. I had to teach you a lesson to find out what it feels like if it happens to you. If I EVER find out that you've done it again, I'll whip your ass into next week, got it?" Jason said yes. "If you say anything to your folks, it won't take a minute for me to tell them I found you in the stable sucking one of the other football players. How do you think that will go over? Now go to bed you asshole."

I spent the night in Raff's room. While he was just as rough with me, it had nothing to do with his being mad.


Be well,


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