Hi! I'm Chad, 165 pounds, smooth, dirty brown hair with blue/green eyes, community college student, cum slut and size queen. And I've turned 20 today!!!!!

Of course my parents wanted to have a birthday dinner for me. Us and a couple of aunts, uncles and cousins. Kill me now. Of course my mother made a ton of food and ended it with a birthday cake with a big 20 on the top. After I blew out the candles and scarfed down a slice I told my parents I had to leave because my friends were throwing me a party. Of course I didn't tell them that they were taking me to my first gay bar.

My group of gay friends that I met at the college were great. They invited me to lots of gatherings with other gays and I really appreciated it. I think they may have an idea that I'm a bit of a slut and a definite size queen. I was never one not to comment on some guys' packages as they walked by on campus. I had never confirmed to them that I was a slut and none of them had seen me in action.

I was really looking forward to tonight. One of my friends had gotten me a fake ID saying that I was 22, even with the same birthdate (but not year). They were taking me to a gay dance bar in the next town, I was so excited.

We got to the bar and my ID worked. The bouncer even said loudly "we have a birthday boy" and people in the line cheered. The bar was dark, the music was hot and the drinks just seemed to appear in my hand. I danced like a crazy man, rubbing up against anyone that I thought was hot. I got a lot of gropes but didn't stay in one place long enough to find out who they were coming from.

One after one by friends started saying goodnight and asking if I would be ok. "No problem, I'll catch a cab." I didn't want to tell them that I was hoping one of these hot guys would take me home. After my last friend left I took the time to survey the crowd. Lots of hot guys but they all seemed to be paired off or huddled in groups. I decided it was by birthday and that I was going in search of some fun.

Over the last couple of months I've been getting a lot of cock on campus. Between the basement bathroom in the library with the glory holes; my boss at the campus bookstore; the truckers at the rest stop; my ex-boss and friends at the mall; the first base coach on the baseball team; and even Jake the asshole team captain, I was getting a lot of cock but I wanted to try some new ones.

I had heard my friends talk about a dirty bookstore and a leather bar in this town. I decided it was my birthday and I was going to try them. Since my friends were gone I asked one of the shirtless bartenders where they were located. He gave me the once over, gave me the addresses and told me I was going to have a "good time".

The leather bar was just around the corner so I went there first. At the address there was just a plain door with a light bulb above. No sign, nothing that would indicate it was a bar or anything else. I did see a couple of hot guys enter so I thought I was at the right place. I pulled open the door and the guy at the door asked for ID and $5. He took his time looking at my ID and then looking me up and down. "Don't worry about the cover kid, happy birthday. Be careful in there, most of these guys would love to have you swinging on their dicks." My kind of place!

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw that the bar was like a big square. A group of shirtless bartenders, some with assless chaps and jeans, were making drinks. While some of the guys were sitting at stools around the bar, most of the guys were circling the bar, checking each other out and maybe stopping to chat. I worked my way through the crowd toward the bar, I felt hands squeezing my ass and grabbing my crotch. Cool! When I got to the bar I ordered a Coors Light. The guy next to me grabbed the bartender and told him to bring me a Jack and coke. I had no idea what that was. Then he said just keep him on my tab. As I was waiting for the drink I checked this guy out. Broad shoulders, small waist, big biceps with one of them having a leather strip strapped around it, a couple days of beard on his face, dark eyes with long lashes and dark hair. From what I could tell he was wearing nothing under a leather vest and had a pair of tight, obviously ripped, jeans. He reached out a hand, "Hi, I'm Mark, and you are, besides being pretty hot?"

"Thanks, I'm Chad, nice to meet you, thanks for the drink." At that moment the bartender dropped off my drink and I took a gulp....mistake. "What is this?"

"It's Jack Daniels and Coke, like it?"

I sputtered a bit but replied "yes".

He smiled, "you'll get used to them. How old are you?"

"Well my ID says 22 but I'm actually 20 and today is my birthday."

"Congratulations! Drink up, hey Pete, bring him another it's his birthday." Everyone close to us looked over at me at me and raised their glasses. Was I imagining it or was everyone really checking me out?

"So Chad, what plans do you have for your birthday?"

"My friends took me to the dance bar around the corner but they all left. I decided I wanted to celebrate a little longer".

"Really, how do you like to celebrate?" Mark took one of my hands and placed it on the outline of his cock. It was big! I kept my hand there and took a big drink with the other. "Ready for another one?"

Besides my ex-boss I hadn't sucked or been fucked anyone older than their early to mid-30s. Mark looked like he may be around 40. He had some crow's feet and just a touch of grey at his temples. His body didn't look that old though. I could tell that his legs were hard as rocks and his bicep looked like it was ready to pop the band he had around it.

Another drink arrived. The guy on my other side turned his stool toward me. He didn't say anything but put his hand on my ass. "Chad this is Steve". I turned and said hello. When I turned Mark's hand ran over my ass. This was getting interesting.

"Hey, grab your drink and follow me." I got up to follow Mark and Steve got up and followed me. As I walked down the line of men they kept checking me out.

We entered a really dark room, it took a while for my eyes to adjust but they eventually did. We were surrounded by men. Some were leaning with their backs against the walls with men on their knees in front of them sucking their cocks. Other men were leaning face forward on the walls getting their asses eaten or plowed. I was fascinated, even though I have become a cum slut, I've actually never seen someone else sucking or being sucked, or fucking or being fucked.

"It's your birthday kid, what's your pleasure?" My reply was to rub my hand over the bulge in his ripped jeans. "That's what I thought. Follow me."

We ended up in the middle of the room. "Everyone, this is Chad, it's his birthday today and I think we should ALL give him gifts. I'll start by giving him mine." I hadn't really noticed before but his cock was visible through the rips in his jeans. He grabbed my hand and moved it toward the rip. "Why don't you grab what you want birthday boy." Far be it for me to turn down a gift. I reached in and grabbed what felt like a really thick cock. Mark started pushing me on to my knees. I went willingly.

I had wrestled Mark's cock out of his jeans and held it in my right hand. I couldn't touch my fingers. I raised it up so I could see his balls, he had really big balls. Steve was beside me and handed me another drink, "have another drink kid." I gulped it down.

After looking at them for a few seconds I started to lick Mark's balls, God they tasted good. While I was licking his balls I felt something rubbing against the left side of my neck. Then I felt something rubbing the right side of my neck. I knew what they were. I turned my head each way and flicked my tongue against each. Someone said "sure looks like birthday boy knows what kind of presents he wants."

All of a sudden there were cocks being stroked all around me. Big ones, stubby ones, thin ones, thick ones, cut ones, uncut ones, white ones and black ones. Mark took hold of my head and said "it's time." He put his cock against my lips and I gladly sucked it in. I now felt cocks being rubbed against my face and my neck. I started to lick and suck Mark's cock like it was the last one I was ever going to have. "Man, birthday boy has a hot mouth."

Mark pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned me so I was facing another cock which I quickly sucked in. Other cocks kept rubbing my neck and face. When Mark pulled me off the new cock someone lifted my shirt over my head. Mark turned me toward another cock which I started to lick and suck. Someone helped me get off my knees and keep leaning forward. Not only were cocks rubbing my face and neck, now I was feeling them on my back. Mark moved me toward another cock. Each one had been so different but each one was good in their own way. Mark pulled me off the cock I was sucking. "Give him a minute, Steve give him his drink". I took another gulp but really wanted to gulp some more cock.

Mark leaned down, "Chad if you ever want to stop let me know. I'll stay right by your side. I want you to have a good time but I want to make sure you're doing ok." He stood up and shoved his cock back into my mouth. "Boy you've got a hot fucking mouth." Mark kept moving me from cock to cock like he was a traffic cop. I was starting to get aggravated, I needed some cum from some of these cocks.

I slide off the cock in my mouth. "Mark, why aren't any of these guys cumming?"

"We were waiting for you to let us know."

"I want it now and I want yours first."

"OK guys, back off a second. Birthday boy wants my present first." I heard some groans from the crowd. Mark fed me his cock again and I did my best to make him feel good. He grabbed my head and really starting throwing me his cock. He was hitting the back of my throat. I don't know how many cocks were rubbing against me, I was just focused on Mark's cock. After a few minutes I was rewarded with a big load of Mark's cum. "Ok guys, he's ready now."

Another cock was rammed into my mouth. I think there was at least 3 cocks rubbing against my face and I had no idea how many were rubbing against my arms and back. I felt someone reach around me and undo my belt and pull my jeans off my ass. Someone started rimming me and someone else put their hand around my cock and started stroking me. The cock in my mouth filled me with cum which I sucked down as quickly as it shot. It was replaced with another cock. I heard Mark say "are you still ok?" I nodded in the affirmative.

I now started to feel cum hitting my face and back. Then I felt hands rubbing it into my skin. At the same time I felt something hot against my asshole. Someone grabbed my hips. Someone shoved some poppers under my nose. I took in a couple of deep breathes. The cock made it in and then stayed still. Whoever was in my ass leaned over me and whispered in my ear "it's me Mark, are you ready to get fucked by me.

Before another cock was pushed into my mouth I said, "Yes, please, fuck me now, fuck me hard."

I felt Mark ram his cock into my ass. I arched my back in satisfaction. Another cock went into my mouth. I started sucking the cock in rhythm with Mark's thrusts into my ass. It sounded like people were clapping. Then I heard from someone, "Yeah Mark fuck this kid's ass. Give him the best birthday ever."

Mark grabbed my ass and thrust his cock in as far as he could while I pushed back. The cock in my mouth filled me with cum and before I could swallow another cock went in. Almost immediately that cock blew and another cock took its place. Mark pulled me hard on to his cock one last time and I felt him fill by boy pussy with another load of his cum. Mark roared. I moaned in satisfaction. Mark leaned down again "you ready for more boy?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

More cocks entered my mouth, more cocks entered my ass and I even think a couple of mouths were on my cock. I don't know how many cocks I had or how many loads I took up my ass or down my throat but I didn't want to stop.

I heard, "this kid is unbelievable". There were a lot of cheers in agreement.

Another cock filled my mouth. I heard Mark say "it's mine, one last load and then you need to stop."

I didn't want to stop but he was probably right. I sucked his cock like I'd never sucked before, I made love to his cock, he rewarded me with his third load of cum.

"OK guys, party is over. We need to get Chad back home. We want to make sure he's ok because we want to make sure he comes back to see us." A spontaneous round of applause and cheers filled the room. Mark helped me stand up and give me a long, deep kiss. "I hope you had a good birthday kid."

"Yeah, I did, thanks."

"Let's get you cleaned up and get you into a cab." He was good to his word and after helping me clean and getting my shirt back on he up took me outside and got me a cab. "You better come back here kid, I want some more of your hot mouth and ass." He gave the driver what looked like a hundred and said "take him wherever he wants to go." Mark kissed me again and then walked back into the bar.


I've gotten some feedback that my stories encourage unsafe sex. That's not my intent. These are stories designed to make us feel good. Enjoy them for what they are.

Would love to hear more of your thoughts. You can email me at [email protected]

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