The first couple weeks of the semester were flying by. My classes, though boring, were going well and my grades were good. I needed to keep them up so that I could transfer to State at the end of next year. I've built up quite a customer base in the basement of the library. I had marks on the wall saying that I've sucked 28 different cocks and have gotten 45 loads of cum. I wish I could go more often but time just slips away. I do make sure I go every Monday as I was ordered by the guy I still call "Alpha Guy". He's this really hot, masculine guy that doesn't want any talk just a good blow job and to drop his load. I also have had a couple good fucks by my boss at the bookstore. He says he's only into women and he just fucks me for comparison purposes. I've even done some guys in the parking lot if they let me. I think I've even seen some graffiti about me in some of the johns. I've even made friends with some of the gay guys on campus. While I haven't told them everything they do know that I'm a bit (yeah, right) of a size queen. They have no idea what a cum slut I am. I haven't done anything with any of them because I needed to have some friends to just hang with without any pressure. I have never asked any of them to join me in some of my slut activities although I have heard them talk about gossip they had heard about a guy who will suck any cock he can find. I wonder if that gossip is about me.

For those of you who are just joining my adventures and don't have the time to read the previous chapters, let me bring you up to speed. My name is Chad, I'm 19 but will be 20 in two weeks (yeah). I'm 5'10. I used to weigh 160 pounds but in some of my free time I've been working out on campus so I've but on about 5 or so pounds of muscle. My 30 inch waist hasn't gotten any bigger but my chest and arms are really filling out my shirts. I've got dirty blonde hair. I've been letting it grow out, I'm tired of the highlights. I've got blue/green eyes. And I've got a great ass.

Before starting community college I worked in one of the malls nearby. I started sucking, and loving, cock at the rest stop between the mall and my parents' house. I've been servicing two truckers every other Wednesday when I have the time. I'm starting to think of them as my God parents they've taught me so much about what my mouth and ass can do. I also got a lot of cum at the mall where I worked. My ex-boss used to make me suck him or get fucked by him whenever I was late. I was late a lot. He also made me service one of the delivery guys and some regular customers. There was also Jim and some of his friends from the clothing store that liked to get together on occasion. Jim would give me clothes for taking care of him and his buddies so it was a good deal on many levels. One time there was even a mall security guard who fucked me with the biggest cock I have ever seen or felt. Jim and his friends had to hold me and push me against the guy's cock it was so big. Now that I have some more practice, I would love to let him do me again. Maybe soon.

Even with classes and my regular cum stops, I felt like I needed to do something else, both because it would help me get into State but also because I just like to have new experiences. I had played baseball in high school and I had also been a wrestler. Most of the time community colleges don't have much of a sports or intramural program and such was the case here. No wrestling, basketball, hockey or even volleyball teams. Baseball was the only option. Lots of community colleges have teams so that the jocks that can't get into a four year school can play there and bump up their grades so they can transfer after a year or two. Baseball it was going to be. Fall training was just getting ready to start and they were trying out walk-ons.

The day of the tryouts I brought some of my old gear and headed to the athletes' locker room to change. It was much nicer than the general locker room. Nice not only for being cleaner and having better lockers and benches but for the hot bodies that were walking around. No overweight or ugly people here (no offense) but guys that obviously played sports and kept themselves in top shape. Knowing that team locker rooms still can be a bit touchy about anything close to appearing gay, I kept my head down and changed as quickly as I could. I did, however, steal a few glances when I thought no one was looking. There were some prime cocks in this place.

After changing I ran out to the field. The team was already doing drills and there was just a couple of tryouts like me. Actually they weren't like me, it looked like they had never played organized sports before. The coaches had us all try different positions and did drills of pitching, fielding and catching. They also timed us as we did some runs and sprints. It was apparent that I was the most skilled of all the tryouts. The coaches told us to take a seat in the stands while they talked with each other and the players. I had been so busy doing all the tryout tasks I hadn't even really checked out the team as they did their drills. They all went over to the coaches and huddled together.

While I watched I realized that I knew one of the players, he was Alpha guy, the first guy I had sucked off on campus and on several occasions since. He looked really hot in his uniform. Bulging package, it wasn't just the cup, I knew how big he was. His ass looked great in the uniform. I couldn't complain about any of the other guys either, great asses, big packages and bulging pecs and biceps. After watching them and day dreaming the head coach came over to speak with us. "We'd like to thank you guys for coming out today, we appreciate your time and efforts. After speaking to my colleagues and the players I wanted to let you know we've decided not to have any of you on the team. It's not that some of you aren't skilled, it's just that your skills don't mesh well with the skills of our current team. Please try again next year. We hope to see you all at the games when the season starts in the Spring."

What? Really? He then looked at me and said "Chad stay back I'd like to talk to you."

As the other guys headed to the locker room I walked over to the coach and waited for him to say something, I was really pissed and was afraid to say something. "Chad, it's obvious that you have real talent and your stats when you were in high school were great, it's just that the team captain doesn't think you are ready to play at this level. We do want you to stick around though, you never know when we might need you. I'd like to offer you the assistant manager position." Dumbfounded but wanting to stay involved with baseball I agreed. "Let me introduce you to some of the team."

I wasn't paying any attention as he introduced to me to a bunch of the players. The last player he introduced me to was Alpha guy. "Chad, this is Jake the captain of the team." I stuck out my hand to shake his and he didn't offer his.

As the coach walked away Jake turned to me and said "As assistant manager one of your responsibilities is to pick up our uniforms and towels so get your ass in the locker room. Remember what I told you when we met, you better not say a word to anyone." He walked away and I got another look at his ass.

I should have realized that with Jake as the captain that the rest of the players were probably just as much of a jerk as he was. Boy, were they. They threw their uniforms and towels at me including their jocks, not that I minded those. For a bunch of straight guys they didn't seem to have a problem slapping each other's asses.

As the last player left I noticed that Jake was still in the locker room only wearing a towel. "Come here cocksucker. I can't believe that the coach wanted you the team, there's no way I'd ever let a faggot like you on the team. He's the one that said we would take you on as an assistant manager in case we get any injuries and need a new player."

From across the locker room we heard coach say "Hey Jake, lock up after you leave, everybody else is gone. See you tomorrow."

Jake turned to me and growled "follow me ass wipe".

We went into the training room which had several massage type tables, a hydro pool and some free weights. He jumped up on one of the tables with his legs hanging down. "Come take this towel off." I did what he said and uncovered his massive cock. Even though it was flaccid it was still pretty large with a big head. "Kiss it." I did just that. "Good little cocksucker, get down on your knees. It's going to be nice watching you work my cock and not just have you on the other side of the glory hole."

I watched his cock start to rise as I got on my knees. When it had been pushed through the hole in the stall wall it was big enough for me to have its head in my mouth and still have enough of a shaft to put my hands side by side and still have some left over. Now that there was nothing between us I could really see how big it was. It looked even bigger since he had trimmed most of his pubic hair. "Lick it faggot." I obliged. "Open up." As I opened my mouth he grabbed the sides of my head and rammed me down on his cock. "That's what you want isn't it?" He started slamming his cock in my mouth "and this, and this, and this." He hardly even let me work my lips or tongue before he shot a big load of cum in my mouth. "Swallow it slut." I finally pulled free. Even though he was rough, I found it sort of hot, the number one stud on campus wanted me to suck his cock!

He leaned back on his elbows, "wipe off my cock with the towel pussy boy." After I did he leaned a little farther back. "My legs are a bit tight from practice, massage them." Not a request but an order. I started on his calves and slowly worked my way up his leg until my hands were on his massive thigh. As I continued to rub his cock started to come to life again. "We're going to have to do something about that" he said. Thinking he wanted me to blow him again I leaned in and tried to take his cock into my mouth. "No you idiot, I want to find out what it feels like to fuck a faggot's ass." This was a surprise. "My girlfriend is out of town for a few days and I need more than just a blow job."

He slide back on the table and laid down on his back. His cock was sticking straight up like a fence post. "Get up here. I want you to ride my cock, my girlfriend won't do that, she likes it better when I'm plowing her cunt from behind." Man, this was getting better and better.

I started taking off my gear. I turned my back to Jake so he could be sure to see my ass when I bent over to untie my shoes. "Pretty nice ass faggot. Now get up here. I climbed up over his waist. He put his hands back under his head like he was just getting ready to take a nap. He wasn't planning to do any work. "I hope you lubed your ass before try outs because I'm not going to give you anything." I don't know when he grabbed it, but he moved one of his hands and threw a jock at me. "Why don't you sniff on that while you lower your boy pussy on to my tower of power?" What a jerk, but he was a jerk with a great cock. I used a hand to line his cock up with my ass and started lowering myself on to it. We both moaned, him out of pleasure and me out of pain but I didn't stop. I held the jock to my face and took a deep breath and pushed myself down a little farther and then a little more and then some more. The way his cock was curved I couldn't take any more in the position I was in. I leaned forward so I was leaning over his chest. Pushing back at that angle let me get more in. All Jake did was keep his eyes closed and moan, he didn't move an iota he was making me do all the work. I could tell he was getting close and so was I.

I leaned in a little farther, Jake still had his eyes closed, I squeezed my ass, when he opened his mouth again to moan I shoved the jock in his mouth. His eyes flew open and he tried to move. Even though he had a few pounds on me his cock was deep in my ass and my hands were holding his arms back. I squeezed my ass again and he quivered.

"Now listen Jake, you're an asshole but an asshole with a big cock and I like big cocks. I don't mind when someone is aggressive with me, I like feeling like someone is taking control." Another squeeze of my ass. "I don't mind being called faggot, cocksucker, pussy, sissy, whatever. What I don't like is when there is an edge of true meanness in the tone. You've used that tone since I met you the first day of class and it's time for it to stop." Another squeeze of my ass. He may not like what I'm saying but his cock is staying nice and hard. "From now on you'll try to treat me better because I still want your cock every once in a while. If I hear you use those words in an obviously derogatory way I'm going to make sure that the coaches and the team hear rumors that it's you who is the fag. That you like looking at the cocks of your teammates. That you whack off at night thinking about their big cocks down your throat and up your ass." All during my speech I was squeezing my ass and sliding it up and down his cock. "I may even tell your girlfriend when she's back in town." Another squeeze. I was rubbing his cock against my prostate, it felt so fucking good. "Nod your head if you understand." Another squeeze. He nodded and I pulled the jock from his mouth.

"You son of a bitch, I'm going to beat the shit out of you." Still holding his arms back I started to really work his cock. He was so into it now that he started bucking against me. That really made me feel good. All of a sudden Jake's ass lifted off the table pushing himself deeper into my ass and I felt the warm spurt of his cum. His head rolled back and I let go of his arms, I wasn't worried about him getting up, he was drained. With his cock still deep in my ass I started beating my cock, I was so close. A few more strokes and I fired off on his chest, and my real goal, his lips and mouth. His eyes flew open again and he started sputtering. I pushed him back by the shoulders and gave him a kiss, using my tongue to get more of my cum in his mouth. I kept my mouth on his until he had no choice but to swallow. I got off his cock, feeling very empty and hopped off the table and out of his reach.

"Jake, listen carefully, I can now in all honestly say that you swallowed my cum. I don't give a rat's ass if people know that I'm gay but being able to say I kissed you and that you ate my cum won't look good for you. Got it? Now get your fine ass and killer cock off the table and get the hell out of here, I've got work to do." Looking defeated Jake went to his locker, got dressed and headed for the door. I called out "No hard feelings stud, see you in the library bathroom next Monday." He walked out. It was good to know that my ass had that kind of power.

As I started picking up towels, jocks and socks I heard clapping coming from the back offices. I didn't think any one was still here. Out walked the first base coach, "I've been waiting for someone to put that asshole in his place. He struts around here like he's king of the world while all he is a mean son of a bitch. I'm proud of you kid." He came over and shook my hand. "I'm Allen." He had a good solid handshake.

"Did you see all that happened?"

"Sure did, not only did you screw him over, you really screwed him over, nice ass kid." That made me smile. "I was just in the back finishing some paperwork and then was heading to the showers when I heard you and then saw you. Sort of stopped me in my tracks. You'll always have an ally on this team."

"Thanks, I appreciate that, but aren't you concerned about having a gay assistant manager?"

"I don't have a problem with that as long as you don't make the team uncomfortable. I don't mean uncomfortable because you like dick but uncomfortable by hooking up with players. Just makes for an awkward dynamic among the team. Once they get word about how fine your ass and mouth are it might cause some unnecessary competition which I would rather see on the field than in the locker room. Remember I saw both at work."

While he was talking I took the time to check Allen out. I could tell that he was a runner due to his tight and lean body. He was about my height with brown hair and eyes and little bit of chest hair. He was just wearing a towel around his waist which showed off his six pack nicely. I stepped closer to him. "Does your advice hold true for the coaching staff as well?"

He looked at me strangely "what do you mean?" My answer was to pull his towel loose and drop to my knees.

"Your one of the first really nice person I've met here at this school." I was face to face with his cock, it was long and lean like him.

"You don't have to do this kid."

"I know I don't, I want to." I started licking his balls. They still smelled like sweat and his uniform, kind of funky and good at the same time. I started licking down his shaft as his cock started to grow.

"Oh man, come on stop." My only reply was to take the head of his cock in my mouth. He moaned saying "we shouldn't be doing this".

I slipped off his cock, "I don't care, why should you?" I took his head back in my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. He reached down and started to rub my pecs and play with my nipples. I started bobbing my head on his cock. I wanted to make this guy knew how much I appreciated his compassion and friendliness. When I was ready I started to deep throat him. He gulped in air. His hands came off my pecs and found their way to the back of my head. Firmly but gently he started to move my head back and forth on his cock. I started rubbing my hands on his ass but didn't want to go too far for fear that I would freak him out. His breathing started to get more jagged.

"I'm getting ready to shoot, let me pull out." I murmured 'no' against his cock. "You don't have to swallow like Jake made you do." Another murmured 'no'. A couple of seconds later I felt his cum start to fill my mouth. Instead of swallowing quickly I let it swish around my mouth. This guy's juice tasted wonderful. He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. "That was incredible, I've never felt anything like that before."

I stood up and put my arm around his shoulders. "Wait until next time."


What's next for Chad? Let me know your thoughts.

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