The ride from the rest stop to our house was uncomfortable for me. Had I really just blown my father? I really think I did. I must say, I'm pretty impressed with his cock. I wonder if somehow I got my desire for big cocks from him. Someday I may have to speak to a shrink about that. The way my Dad was acting, I really don't think he knew it was me. This thing got me wondering, did my Dad frequent other glory holes. My mother must not be giving him as much sex as he needed. Ok, enough, enough, I need to think of something different. Ok, I'll think about myself. I liked who I was, I recently turned 20. I've got a better than average body and dick. I'm 5'10" and weigh 165#, a lot of which is muscle. I'm not a gym rat but I'm proud of my definition and abs. I like my dirty blonde hair and my blue/green eyes. I even like my name, Chad. I really like that I'm a cum slut and a size queen. After I took stock of myself, my thoughts returned to my Father's cock. I had to turn that off in my mind.

Well, we got home and unloaded our bags and gifts. My folks had eaten all the leftovers when we were at the rest stop, so nothing to carry in of those items. My Mom spoke up, "Chad I'm sorry that we didn't save you any turkey. You know how much I worry if you are getting enough protein."

In my mind I'm thinking, "not to worry Mom, I had a special family dinner with plenty of protein." I needed to stop thinking about my Dad's dick.

After a fitful night's sleep I headed back to the mall. I still needed to make some more cash. I wanted to get to the mall early so that I could spend some time with Jim, my partner in my package wrapping effort, and one of my best fuck buddies. So how this venture worked was we got the word out that if you came to the store that Jim manages and asked to get your package wrapped Jim would bring you back to me in the mall's mechanical room. Most of them just get your regular run of the mill BJ. Some want something a little different. I haven't turned down one yet. At the end of the 'wrapping' they give a $50 tip. Jim gets 10% of the take and a blow job or fuck each day. One of the maintenance men found out about are business and I need to do him on a daily basis, well actually twice a day. As you can tell I'm gotten quite a lot of cum on a regular basis which is fine with me. I also came up with a rating system for cocks since I am such a size queen. It's a 1 to 10 scale but a little different than you might think. 10 of course is the biggest cock I've ever serviced with both my ass and my mouth. That belongs to a security guard at this mall until he was fired for having sex with an underage girl. Instead of 5 being the average actually 1 is for average dicks. I get together with several 8s on a regular basis. If someone is less that average it's just not worth tracking them, thus the scale.

My first order of business is to give the maintenance guy a blow job. He's pretty satisfied with a quickie. He just wants to start the day with letting loose with one of his load. Then it's time for Jim. I went into the clothing store to see what he had in mind. I had entered through the back door since the gate was still down, since the mall hadn't opened yet, and there was Jim. He had started wanting to play out some fantasies. He was wearing a pair of running shorts and a pair of running shoes and that was it. He actually must have run here because he's glistening with sweat. Jim is a solid 7 on the scale and I do mean solid.

"What the fuck are you doing in the store asshole? How'd you get in? Are you trying to rob me?" Scene set. "Say something dick wad." I don't know how to reply. You know people like you who take other people's stuff are real cocksuckers. Huh, now that I think about that, maybe I should see what a good cocksucker you are before I call the police. What do you think asshole?" To add to the veracity of the scene Jim even had a cell phone in his hand like he was going to call the police. "Answer my question."

Feigning fear and loathing, "no way will I suck somebody's cock, I'm not a faggot".

"Not just somebodies, mine." He pulled it out of his shorts and waved at me as it started to stiffen up. "What do you think, pretty big right cocksucker, you're going to love it." Remember, Jim is a 7 on my scale.

"No, please, don't make me do that. Please."

"Too late asshole, you were the one who broke in here and now you must pay the cost. Get up on knees. Put your hands behind your back. That's good fucker." I don't know where Jim had gotten it but he had one of those plastic things that the cops use now instead of hand cuffs. He secured my arms behind my back. He stepped out from behind me and took a stance about 5' from where I was on my knees. "Come here." I tried standing up. "No way, get on your knees and come over here."

"There ain't no way that I'm going to crawl over to you and suck your cock you faggot."

He held his phone up with his finger over the emergency button. "YES...YOU...WILL!" I started to crawl toward him. "Is this what you want asshole? A nice juicy cock for you to suck on." Each time I got close he would move a little farther back causing me to have to follow him. Finally he stopped. "Come and get it, its dinner time asshole."

I pretended to be appalled but I leaded for and tentatively but my lips on the tip of his pretty impressive cock, then I pulled back acting repulsed. "Come on asshole, eat my cock or I'm going to force feed you my cock."

"I can't you fucking faggot."

"I guess its force feeding time." He pulled my head toward my cock. "Open up asshole." I kept turning my head and ultimately complied (at least in fantasy world, I loved Jim's cock). Holding the back of my head he rammed me on to his cock. "Eat up sucker." Even though I love eating cock I acted like I had no experience. I gagged and gasped for air. Jim kept pushing more in my mouth until it was all the way in (actually my preference). "Now suck." I did until he shot his first load of the day, I assumed. "That wasn't half bad you asshole. We might be able to make you a cocksucker yet. I bet when you leave here you won't be able to stop thinking about my cock and then you'll go in search of some. Get up." He opened the wrist constraints but didn't take the off. "Now I'm going to remove your clothes."

"No, you can't do that, I don't have any clothes."

"Why not, I think it might be fun to see a robber have to streak through the mall. Maybe a couple of people will video and then post. Maybe it'll go viral. You'll be a star, yeah, a star asshole."

Jim grabbed a pair of tailor's scissors and cut off my shirt and then my jeans. Shit, seriously, what was I going to do when this was over?

"You don't look half bad for an asshole. Speaking of assholes, I think it's time to check yours out."

I pretended to act dejected and that I just surrendered to his will. He led me over to one of those seats that shoe salesmen use when you are trying on shoes. He had me bend over, putting my head at the bottom edge of the slanted piece with my torso on the seat area. He took my hands and put them under the slanted part and tightened up the restraints. I had no idea what he was up to. "Now, put your feet next to the legs in the back." That meant I had to straighten my legs somewhat. Then he used some more restraints to secure my ankles to each leg. This really had my ass higher than it would if I was just lying on the seat. "You ready asshole?" He came around toward my head and squatted down and wagged his dick in my face. "You ready for me to shove this up your ass? I think you're going to like it and end up begging me for more and probably start looking for it after you leave here. Ready?"

He just rammed his cock into to me. While I would have liked that the character I was playing needed to react appropriately, I screamed. "Shut the fuck asshole, do you want to attract attention so you're found with your ass in the air? I'll just tell people in that position when I got here this morning. Who do you think they are going to believe, the manager or the robber. So shut the fuck up and learn to like it."

Jim pounded my ass really well but I remembered something he said before. He said my character would be begging for more. "Yeah, harder, harder, give me more of your cock. Your cock feels so good" and on and on.

"You ready for me to fill you up with my asshole?"

"Yes, please, PLEASE." And fill me he did.

Once we had both calmed down he released me from the restraints.

"Hey buddy, I hope you enjoyed it because I did. FYI - I'm not the manager here, I work farther down the mall. I just saw the back door open, stopped to check, and take advantage of the situation. Grab some clothes and get out of here asshole." Cut, end scene.

Jim helped me get up. He did something he had never done before, he leaned in and kissed me. "Thanks Chad, that was great. Now grab some clothes and I'll get ready to open the store. Go wait in the mechanical room and I'll be shortly with the first guy that shows up. Clothes are on me. Have a good day." I grabbed some jeans and a t-shirt, threw them on and went down the back hallway to the mechanical room.

Things seemed to be a bit slow this morning. I've only had 2 guys come see me. I imagined it was because a lot of families took long holiday trips and since my visitors were almost all suburban dads it made sense but unfortunate. Project move out of my parents' house needed more cash if I wanted it to happen.

A little bit later Jim stuck his head in the door. "Can we talk?"


"There's a group of guys outside that want to see you all together, are you open to that?"

"Sure, I need the tips." Over the last couple of months I had done groups as big as 35 guys (check out Road Trip Part 2). 4 or 5 guys would be a snap.

In just a minute 5 guys came in. This was not a group of suburban dads. They looked like college students and very attractive college students that looked to be in good shape, no make that great shape. All were showing pretty impressive packages. "You guys ready to have your packages wrapped?"

One guy spoke up, "actually not now, we want to talk to you about something. One of our fraternity brothers is getting married on New Year's Day. Because of the holidays this is the only day we could do his bachelor party. We were going to do the pretty standard stuff, booze, strippers, cards, hookers, we thought we could go to Vegas but it just didn't work out. Brett's fiancé made it very clear that there would be no hookers or strippers or she was going to get even with us. She threatened to band together with our girlfriends and really make our lives miserable. Brett doesn't know that his fiancé told us that."

"And this involves me, how?"

"Well, we came up with this idea. As long as we don't have a girl give Brett a blow job, we can honestly say to all our girlfriends and Brett's fiancé that there were no girls, just a bunch of guys having a good time. Some of us had heard what you were doing here from our Dads."

"It's one thing for guys to come here to get their rocks off. It's a totally different to come to a bachelor party to suck off the groom in front of his friends."

"We got a plan for that. Have you ever heard of a glory hole?"

"Yeah." Seriously? A major cocksucker not knowing what a glory hole is. Naïve frat boys.

"Here's the plan, we are going to build a false wall in the place we will be partying. The side that faces the room will be covered in wrapping paper. You will come early before Brett comes and we will have you behind the wall by the time he gets there. When he gets there he will ask what the wall is for. We'll rip off the wrapping paper revealing the hole. We're going to tell him we have a hooker behind the wall who wants to give him a blow job. He'll whip out his cock and stick it in. You give him one of your blow jobs and after you're done we'll get you out a side door and he will be none the wiser. We'll pay you $500. What do you think?"

Since business hasn't been stellar today I said, "Sure, what time do you want me there?"

"How about 8, Brett will get there about 8:15 with some of the brothers and some of his other friends." He handed me an address of some Moose or Eagle lodge on the edge of town."

After they left I went to tell Jim and he thought it was hysterical and told me to enjoy giving a $500 blow job. After grabbing some lunch I went back into the mechanical room and did 5 more guys that afternoon. I went home, took a shower, had a bite to eat with my Mom and Dad and then jumped into the piece of shit Chevy and headed over to the lodge.

I arrived earlier than I thought I would. The guys were just finishing the wall. They had just finished cutting out the hall. I noticed that they had put up a lot of graffiti on the wall. There was one of a huge cock aimed at the hole with an arrow 'show hard for a good time'. Not overly creative but these were frat guys (my apologies if you belonging to a fraternity).

One of these geniuses said "don't you think someone should try him out before Brett gets here to make sure he's any good?" These guys were already pretty hammered.

The guy who had did the talking at the mall said, "I'm Brett's best friend, I'll do it." There was some grumbling but finally they all agreed. He told me to get behind the wall so that he could have the whole experience of anonymous sex. Hey genius, it's not anonymous if you know it's me.

"Bring me a drink, preferably something with vodka."

"Oh do you want it to be pink with an umbrella." That got a laugh, asshole. Someone handed me my drink and I went behind the wall.

"Here it comes buddy." And cum it did....even before it was though the hole he shot his wad all over my face. Jesus H. Christ. "Hey, somebody else is going to have to try him, I may have shot a bit earlier than I normally do." That got a huge laugh.

"Now it makes sense that our cleaning lady at the house calls you Rapido. I thought you were doing her."

Someone else came up to the hole and made it all the way in without shooting off. It was a very nice cock, probably a 6 on my scale. It was pretty tasty to. I did my magic but he wasn't close to cumming, too much beer I guess. I got a little more creative and he finally came and he immediately pulled his cock back.

"How was it? Is he any good?"

"Best blow job I have ever had."

"Wow, that's saying a lot."

"Hey I want to try him."

"Me too."

"Cool it you guys, Brett should be here any minute. We'll figure out something." What was that?

There was a flurry of activity to get the wrapping paper on the wall. Interesting that this even involved wrapping a package. Brett must have just arrived, there's lots of cheering hooting and hollering. He must not have noticed the big 'gift box'. I heard clinking of glasses, lots of bad jokes plus I smelled cigar smoke. I'm assuming that it was Brett, I heard "what's in the box?"

"We all got together and got you a gift. Go ahead and pull the paper off." Which Brett did.

"What the fuck is this?"

"It's called a glory hole, you probably have heard of them." I didn't hear anything from Brett but assumed he nodded in agreement. "We got a fine girl back there who's going to take care of you."

"Why does she have to be back there?"

"She doesn't want to have a bunch of guys watching her while she blows you, she's shy."

"Ok. You guys all stand back, I don't want you seeing my junk."

From various voices "it's too small to see", "can you even get that tiny think through the hole?" and on and on.

"Fuck you all, I'll show you." He stuffed his cock through the hole and I was very impressed. Pretty long and very thick. His fiancé was going to be a very happy girl. "Come on bitch suck my cock." Well that's exactly what I did. Since this was what you would call his 'last dance', I decided to give him some of my best work and I was going to make it last. First I circled my tongue around the head of his cock. Then I just tickled the little V of his glans. Using as delicate of a touch as I could I grabbed the base of his. I couldn't wrap my fingers around it. Using both my hand and my mouth I worked up and down his cock. Every time I felt like he was getting close I would back off and go back to just tickling his head. I kept pulling his shaft trying to get his balls through the whole which finally happened. I moved my mouth and tongue from his cock and focused on his balls. I licked, I sucked, I nipped then I ran the tip of my tongue up his shaft and then back down.

"This bitch is giving me the best blow job I've ever had. I wish she could give my bride-to-be some lessons." That was followed my some laughs. "My god, she's trying to kill me." He pounded on the wall.

This has been going for about 15 minutes. No was the time for my grand finale. I pushed my mouth down his cock until there was no more cock then I started the piston motion.

"Ugh. I'm hitting the back of her throat, she's deep throating me, Jesus Christ." I could tell he was getting close. He must have felt like he had to be a 'man' because he said "Here it comes bitch, yeah take my load, drink my cum, you've worked so hard for it." Bam....there it is. I drank it all down and had no complaints. He pulled his softening cock out and stuffed it in his pants before turning toward the crowd. "Ok let me see her now, she's done her job so she can't say she's be embarrassed now."

"No Brett, she doesn't want ANYONE to see her."

"Why the fuck not?" With that Brett pulled the false wall down. He just starred for a time.

Laughter started rippling through the crowd. "A guy just sucked your cock dude!"

Trying to take control of the situation, Brett got closer and said loudly in my ear, "Tell that how good my cock was. Tell them how it was bigger than any cock you have ever had. Tell them that my load was the sweetest cum you ever had. You're a faggot so you should know a good cock when you see it. Tell them!" He pulled me up. I did tell them that and he looked proud and just tried to move on to the next joke or drink. He walked away with a thank you.

From somewhere in the crowd I hear "I don't fucking believe it." I look around and who do you think is here, Jake the asshole? Jake the asshole with great big cock. He's pretty high on my scale but he can be a real jerk some times. His eyes are shooting daggers at me. I know his message is 'if you say anything I'll kill you.' I've been sucking his dick since the first day of Fall semester. I've even let him fuck me. He may be a jerk but he sure knows how to fuck a boy. Most of the times I'm in control but I let him think otherwise. He doesn't know it but sometimes I like a guy to get a little aggressive and rough, with a few exceptions he's great at it and he sure knows how to use his dick.

Of course now he's going to do one of his asshole moves. "Hey guys, since we've got this faggot here I think we should have him take care of a few more of us, but only those of us who aren't scared of showing their puny dicks." Grabbing his crotch and says, "I'll go first". He walks over to me, pushes me back on my knees and gets his majestic cock out of his pants. Some of the guys who can see it whistle in appreciation and said stuff like "your gonna kill him with that thing", "he's going to choke on that piece of wood" and other similar statements.

Jake leaned in and said very softly "you better put on a good show bitch. Make sure you let them know that I'm the best cock you've ever had in your mouth or your throat or I'm going to convince some of these guys to fuck you right here." Not a bad idea from my point of view.

I started working his cock over, moaning like I had never tasted anything so good. I'd pop of his cock no and again and say things like "you're killing me, I can't take it", "you're the most incredible cock I've ever had" and on and on. I guess at one point he wanted to show his friends what a man he was so he grabbed the back of my head and exaggerated thrusting his cock in my mouth in a way that it looked like he was forcing me. Now I've had Jake's cock six ways from Sunday so I could take it but for his benefit I made it look like he really was. When I could tell he was ready, I actually grabbed his ass and pulled him toward me. He filled my mouth, I was a happy man. When he pulled out I said, "Please let me have your cock again, I want it, I need it, please." He just smirked, "shit, you're not any better than the bitch who gave me the worst blow job I ever had." Asshole! He looked out at the crowd, "If there is anyone here who thinks that they can throw wood better than me start lining up." It was one of those 'guy things' that causes them to get competitive. There were a few other alphas in the room and a few wanna be alphas who started lining up to show that they were better than Jake. Some guys put the wall back up and Jake told me to get back behind the wall because he was tired of seeing me. Over the next hour I took care of 8 more guys. I needed a break so I stepped out from behind the wall, there was still a couple of guys in the line but Jake called out "shit, everybody have a turn." I asked the guy who hired me to come outside with me. He handed me 5 $100 bills.

"I don't think so buddy, the $500 was for one cock. I want $1,000 bucks."

"But that's twice as much as we agreed to."

"Yeah, I had did 10 times as many cocks so consider it a discount. I'll even go finish off whoever wants a turn." He handed me another $500.

When I went back in I went in search of a bathroom when I came back out I stayed in the shadows. There was someone on the other side of the fake wall sucking cocks. I couldn't get a good view but it looked like it may be Jake. I laughed on the way out to the piece of shit Chevy. If I get a few more gigs like this I might be able to get a new car.


I hope you liked how the tables MAY have been turned in this chapter.

Be well,


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