After I finished off wanna be Jake junior, I headed over to see Jim at the clothing store. I was hoping he would still be there since it was now past closing time. I was hoping to get a good workout with his cock. It had been a couple of days since he fucked me and there hadn't been any fucks in between. Chad was horny!

That's right, my name is Chad...blah, blah, blah, go back a couple chapters if you need a mental picture of me. It would be a very, very nice picture, I'm hot. Let's not forget I'm a cum slut and a size queen.

Hopefully you know that I'm on Winter break from the community college I attend. I've got four weeks off and since I need to make some money to cover some of the costs for this upcoming semester, I'm being entrepreneurial. I would like to make enough money over break so that I could move out of parents' house. Not that I don't love my parents but it's time for me to cut the strings. It would also be nice to have a place to bring someone who wants my mouth or ass.

I took a job at the mall providing customers with complimentary gift wrapping. Besides minimum wage I also I get to keep any tips I get. While my goal is to give the customers my best wrapping job, I've found out that some of my customers would like me to take care of their packages and not just their gifts. The word got out that I would give men, primarily suburban dads, blow jobs. In return I have been getting $50 tips. Please be aware I have never asked for money, I don't know how that amount was decided on, but who am I to complain? I actually have been helping so many men that I think I might get enough money to move out. I was limited to how many men I help per day because I can only provide my special oral services during lunch or during a break in the morning or the afternoon. So, yesterday after I gave a complimentary BJ to a young man I had an idea. What if I only provided my special package services? So I went to talk to Jim. I really went to see Jim, you know the manager at the clothing store, to see if he'd give me a good fucking since it's been a couple of days but I also saw it as an opportunity to talk through my idea.

Jim listened while I told him my idea. What if I hung around the mechanical room (read chapter 18) and he can direct men who are looking for package wrapping. I even said I would make a sign that said "ASK MANAGER IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR PACKAGE WRAPPED." Jim could then make a determination what kind of customer he was dealing with. Women - NO, kids - NO, anyone over 45 - NO (sorry no offense, just my preference), or any guy who has no sign of a package in their pants (if they are hiding it why would they want it wrapped?). Since most of the guys were coming from the same neighborhood I just had to see if I could find one of them still in the mall so they could spread the word. I'd also go into the john that had the glory hole and write "FOR BJ GO TO X STORE" (sorry, name has been deleted to protect the innocent....and it's not me). When I was no longer wrapping packages I'd go remove it. Jim agreed to work all of the store hours for 10% of the tips and a blow job or a fuck at the end of each day. Of course I agreed. I was off to the races.

After we finalized the plan, I made the sign and also went to write the message on the stall walls. I came back to the store and asked if was ready for his first payment, do I need to tell you what he said. Let's just say I had a great time rolling around on piles of sweaters while he fucked me three different times and ways. Look carefully when you buy your next sweater.

I got to the mall early the next morning to meet with Jim. We confirmed the plan and then I went out to the wrapping station, I told my boss that I was quitting immediately that I had gotten another job. She said she understood until she realized she would have to do the wrapping. She ran off to let her boss know.

I noticed a rather attractive man sitting on the bench, he got up and came to me. "Are you the guy I was told worked at the wrapping station?"

"Yes, I am." No preamble, he pulled a $50 out of his pocket and handed it to me.

"Tips are usually offered after a service is provided Sir. Follow me." I took him to the clothing store and told him how the wrapping service was going to be provided now and asked him to tell his friends in the neighborhood. Then we went back to the mechanical room.

I had decided that I was going to make the wrapping more personalized for each customer.

"How would you like your package wrapped?"

"I'd like you to make you eat my cock."

"What do you mean? I don't do violence."

"No nothing like that, well sort of."

"Go on."

"I want to pretend that you had stolen something from me and I was pissed. I chased you down an alley and catch you and make you eat my cock as punishment. We don't have to do any running or anything. It can start with you already on the ground and me standing over you." Interesting.

"Ok. I'll give it a go." Sounds like this may a guy who never gets to be in charge. His wife is probably a ball buster and probably withholds sex to keep control. I laid down on my back. He stepped over and put a foot on either side of my chest and away we went.

"You son of a bitch, what makes you think you can steal from people? Don't answer, I know you'll lie." He kneeled, his butt was now on my chest. "What should I do to you?"

Getting into it I said "Please don't hurt me sir, I'll never do it again."

"That's not good enough you need to pay me back for the aggravation you've caused me." He opened the top of his pants and his zipper and pulled out a really big cock. What is with these suburban guys?

"Eat it cocksucker and you better do it good."

I shook my head from side to side acting like I didn't want to do it (another lie). "I'm really sorry sir but I don't want to have your cock in my mouth, please don't."

He leaned over my head with his cock just inches from my mouth. "You don't have a choice, you're going to suck my cock and you're going to like it."

I did a little more of the struggling act. When he pressed his cock to my lips I bucked my body but he just sat down on me harder. "Take it asshole, take it."

How could I resist, right? I tentatively opened my mouth and he crammed his cock in. He started driving his cock back and forth. After some of that he put a hand on the floor next to each side of my head. He started doing push-ups causing his cock to go deeper but also to almost come out on the up push. He picked up speed and I actually started getting into this scene. I started to moan.

"I knew when I saw you that you were a cocksucking faggot. I knew, I knew it." He kept repeating that in rhythm with his thrusts. He stopped his push-ups in the up position with just the head in my mouth. He started teasing me with it. "Show me how much you want it, SHOW ME!" I raised my head up taking more of his cock into my mouth. "Yeah, I knew you wanted this cock. Have it all!" With that he plunged his cock deep into my throat and filled it with cum. He stood up "if I ever see you around her again I'll do more than that faggot." He shoved his cock in his pants and left the room. Very interesting.

I got up, wiped my face and lips with a towel I had brought in here and just sat for a moment. It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes when Jim stuck his head in the door. "I got another guy for you. You also need to know that there are two others that are waiting for their turn." He closed the door but I heard him say "he's right in there, enjoy."

Probably the next 5 guys were pretty standard BJs. Their dicks were nothing to write home about but not too bad either. Jim was doing a good job of only letting guys in who had average or better. It wasn't even Noon yet and I've pocketed $300.

Jim stuck his head in the door, "hey, I've got two guys out here who say they want to do you together and they want more than just a regular wrapping job. I didn't ask for clarification, it's your call."

"Go ahead and send them in." They came in sort of sheepishly. "What can I help you guys with?"

Stuttering, "well, our wives don't know it, but we get together in my basement every once in a while to watch porn. We realized we both like the ones that have 2 men taking a woman. We even talked about trying to pick up someone on line or at a singles bar but that felt too much like cheating. We both love our wives but this keeps nagging at us. When we heard there was a guy here that was giving blow jobs we thought we'd see if you might let us do that. No fooling around with a woman. If they ever ask we can answer truthfully." I've heard that line before.

"Well, it sounds like it's a bit more than a couple of blow jobs."

"Yeah, you're probably right.

"We promise not to hurt you but we want to do some stuff that you might not like."

"Ok, let's just see where this goes. I'll stop you if I don't like what you're doing."

"It may sound like we are talking to a woman, is that ok?"

"Whatever." Was I becoming jaded?

"Take your clothes off bitch." I guess we were starting. "And do it slowly. We came to this whore house to get our rocks off the way we want." Strange that they'd want to see a guy take his clothes off slowly, but I did. "Nice ass honey. Get on your knees." One of the guys got in front of me and the other guy was behind me. The guy behind me started rubbing his cock against my ass crack. Nice long slides. "Does your pussy like that bitch." I couldn't say a word without laughing so I just moaned. "Yeah you like my cock don't you. Ready?' Again, I'm glad I lubed up in case Jim wanted to fuck me at the end of the day. "Take it, take it all." He started sliding it yeah. "Oh your pussy is so hot." Turning to his friend he said "wait until you get a piece of this...really good."

As the guy behind me started thrusting it caused my mouth to move forward. The guy in front of me kept moving his cock closer to my mouth. "Tell me how much you want it."

"I want your cock."

"Not good enough, tell me how much you want my cock."

"I really want your cock."

"Still not good enough." He was close enough now to start smacking each side of my face with his cock.


"There you go, go ahead and take it." I did, I immediately sucked it in. He started driving it home. Instead of thrusting in while his friend was pulling back they both thrust forward at the same time and then pulled out at the same time. Not play acting now I tried to get both of them to push back in, it was making me crazy. They both pulled out.

"Not yet bitch, you're going to have to work for it." The guy behind me came around front with his friend. He grabbed a towel and wiped his cock down. Then surprisingly he put his cock right next to his friend. Both of them had sort of deflated so they started stroking. "You're going to like this baby, you'll never have it as good again." Well that definitely not true. Then out of the blue one guy took a hold of the other's cock. That movement was reciprocated. Soon they were both stroking each other's cocks. Now it was starting to make sense. They wanted an excuse to touch each other. Ok, I'll go along for the ride.

They started rubbing their cock heads against each other and moved closer to my mouth. "Yeah, we know you want this." OK, the cheesy porn talk can go away. "We bet you want them both at the same time. Do you think you can handle this much cock at the same time?" To be honest, the heads of their cocks together was nowhere near the size of the head of the security guard from several months ago, MC XL. Hell, together they might not even be the same size as Jake the asshole. So I did it. I took both heads in my mouth and as much of the shafts as I could. The angle was a bit weird. By the look on their faces I think they were happier rubbing their cocks together in my mouth than the blow job itself. All of a sudden they pulled out.

"You know bitch, we've got something better than that." The both stood up and went behind me. Uh oh. Then I realized together they weren't bigger than Jake so this should be ok. A new activity to put in my scrape book.

Now this was interesting. Even though I couldn't see it too well. One guy got behind me and had is cock against my hole. The next guy sort of stepped over me and him so his cock was touching my hole just above the other cock. That meant that not only were they touching cocks again but one guy's butt was in the other guy's face.

Together they both pushed in. To be honest these guys were clueless about what to do but I let them poke around. They finally got both heads in my ass but I guess couldn't figure out how to push more in together. All of sudden I hear what sounds like licking and lick smacking. They are both moaning which is interesting since they really aren't doing anything with my ass. Then it hit me, one guy was eating the other guys ass. Then one says "put your finger in....oh fuck yeah." Again I wanted to laugh but I controlled myself. I wondered how long these guys had fought off their desire for each other before I gave them an excuse. The guy who was at the lower part of my ass pulled out. I then assume he shoved his cock into his friend because he grunted and said, "God damn, fuck me...fuck me hard." Stole my line. Because the guy in the back was pounding the guy in the middle, the guy in middle through no fault of his own was driving his cock into me. I tried to be helpful and pushed back so that the cock that was fucking him would go deeper. Suddenly the cock pulls out of my ass and that guy pushes me forward. He gets on all fours and his friend is just fucking him like there's no tomorrow. I guess he pulled out because in hardly any time they are on the floor in a 69 position. I just sat back and watched. It really wasn't much to watch since they didn't seem to know how to really enjoy each other. They need to develop some porn instruction DVDs for guys who want to learn once they determine that they are gay. They both must of cum because they both were snorting and gurgling. I had to give it to them, they both must have swallowed.

Both guys got up and put the clothes they had taken off back on. One guy pulled out 5 $100 bills and handed them to me. "We really appreciate your willingness to play along with us. We enjoyed ourselves immensely." Then they left. I wonder when the divorces will happen.

Wow! I was up to $800, first month's rent!!

I didn't stop for lunch since I was getting all the protein I needed. I did 10 more guys that afternoon. Just straight forward cock sucking. But now I was at $1,300. Even taking out Jim's cut, I still had over a grand in a day and there could even be more today. That was not to be.

Jim stuck his head in the door, "we've got a problem." With that someone who looked like maintenance guy, but a pretty damn good looking one, came in the room.

"Are you two stupid or what? Did you never notice the video cameras in here? I've seen you since you (looking at me) blew this guy over her. I thought it was a onetime deal so I let it slide and erased the tape before any one saw it. But shit has being going on all day and it looked like money has been exchanged. I saw you when ......" He went through the litany of all the guys I did. While he is talking I see the outline of this cock start to grow. After a while he actually starts to rub his growing bulge. "Instead of me turning you in I think we can work something out. Here's the deal, Every day that you come in to operate your "little" business, I get to start the day with a blow job from one of you." Jim immediately looked at me. His pretty much a 100% top so I knew that would be my job. At the end of my day you will both blow me.....together. Depending how I'm feeling by then I either want 10% of what you make or I fuck this one (pointing at me). Might be a bit rough though, the head of my cock is bigger than both the cocks of those guys you had in here earlier."

Jim and I looked at each other. Besides Jim helping me give this guy a blow job it sounded pretty good to me. "Deal"

"Ok, let's get started." He pulled his cock out of the front of his one piece uniform. Even though the suburban dads did have some pretty impressive cocks among them, this guy was bigger. I'd say close to Jake the asshole's size. "Get over here and start licking." Both Jim and I got on our knees and starting licking up and down the shaft of this guy's cock. Jim moved his tongue in such a way that I ended up working the head. Big surprise. I've got to say we must have done a pretty good job based on the load he filled my mouth with. "Now, do I want money or a fuck? I'm thinking the fuck, you got me so horny watching the video feeds today, if I don't get off again I'm not going to get any sleep." Good, that's a savings of $130.

The guy was pretty big and he grabbed me and took me over to what looked like some sort of turbine or something else that rocks and rolls. "Take off your pants." I did. "Climb up and sit on the edge. You (talking to Jim) get behind him and keep him for falling back." He pulled me forward a bit so that when leaning back into Jim my asshole was at the best spot for this guy to slide his cock into me. He slowly slid it in, it took a while but it was all in. When it was in, he reached over and flipped a switch and the box thing I was sitting on started to vibrate. "Look at this, I don't even have to move my cock, this machine will do all the work."

And it did....twice.


Be well,


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