Finals are finally over and Winter break has started. I've got 4 weeks before classes resume at the community college I attend. Yes, I'm a community college student who still lives at home with my parents. I turned 20 about a month and a half ago. I look pretty much like I did when I graduated high school except I've put on a couple of pounds of muscle. To get that muscle I had to have a lot of protein so being a cum slut has really been helpful, what else? I'm 5'10", 165, smooth, blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I also happen to be a size queen. While I'm more than happy to work over an average or smallish cock, I do prefer the ones that go deeper, both in my mouth and my ass. Neither my parents nor my group of gay friends know that this is my preferred form of recreation.

My father was kind and paid my tuition for next semester, I need to get some more money for books and other expenses. If possible I'd like to get enough money for the break so that between that, and my pay checks for the campus bookstore, I can afford to move out.

Finals week had been rather busy. Besides my tests and a final project, I had a lot of recreation. Let me put in in order for you. On Monday I serviced the cock of one of my professors, actually I did him 6 times. I took care of Jake the asshole. I'm not sure what to call my relationship with Jake. Maybe mutual satisfaction. We both get what we want but we mess with each other's' heads by either usually being mean and homophobic, you should already know who that is, but who still likes to use me to get his rocks off. The other part of game is "control", he thinks he's controlling me when actually I'm the one doing the controlling. There was a time I had to set him straight in the locker room. Back to Monday, after my time with Jake I sucked off a couple guys through the glory hole in the library bathroom glory holes.

Tuesday was interesting, I sucked and got fucked by three guys who were working the loading dock and then actually made a porno for by boss Shane from the campus bookstore. On Wednesday I got fucked by a cop with the soap opera name of Brick, but the name actually fit him. Doing research on Thursday, I went to an X-rated movie theater and sucked so many cocks and got fucked so many times I completely lost track. I rested Friday, Saturday and Sunday, my batteries needed to be recharged. All in all a pretty amazing week.

Now it's time to find a job for the next couple of weeks. I decided to go to mall and ask Jim if he needed anyone or if he could refer me to someone. When I got to the store Jim was working and looked as good as he always does. He didn't have any ideas about a job, it seems like most of the stores had made their hires. Jim asked me to follow him back to the back of the store. When we got out of the sight of the staff and the customers he turned to me and started rubbing the bulge in his perfectly fitted jeans.

"Seeing you walk in just now made me hard, I really need for you to take care of it or I'll be walking around with a boner. I've got to think for a minute about where we can go that's private."

To get him to make a quick decision, I stepped closer and rubbed the bulge myself.

"I've got it, follow me." We went into the tunnel that connected all the backs of the stores. It was used to deliver merchandise. We stopped at a door that said 'mechanical room'. The whole time at the mall I'd never been to this room. As soon as we got into the room Jim opened up his pants and pulled out his boner. "We've got to make it quick."

"What if we get caught?"

"No worries, maintenance only comes in here when there is some sort of problem. If there was a problem, I'd know about it. Please get on your knees and take care of my problem." I had never heard Jim beg like this before. I liked how my mouth could cause such a need. Maybe I should use it more to my advantage. Maybe my ass too.

I got on my knees and really enjoyed taking his cock into my mouth. I had always loved its size no matter where he put it. After enjoying getting the full length and width in my mouth I stated to work his cock fast with me sliding down his cock than pulling back, then down again. I had forgotten how good Jim's cock tasted. Then it was time for Jim to shoot. He grabbed my head pulled me the whole way on to his cock and then he blew. He blew ropes of cum that I could enjoy.

"Man, we have to come here again. Is the door always open?"

"Usually, sometimes I come here for a break and to get away from all the noise in the mall this time of year."

"Good to know." I then went out into the mall to see whether I could find a job.

I went from store to store without any luck other than to see some pretty hot guys that I would like to keep my eye on, you never know. I decided I would go home. On my way out I saw someone putting up one of those "let us wrap your gift". I'd forgotten that the mall sponsored it each year.

"By any chance are you looking for gift wrappers?"

A middle aged woman looked up "as a matter of fact we are. We just lost two of our wrappers from last year. They got offers from one of the stores that gives employees a discount. It only pays minimum wage and tips if someone decides to give you one. The wrapping is free."

It was better than nothing, "I'll take it. When would you like me to start?"

"How about now, help put this up and then you can start wrapping. We can do the paper work later."

That's how I got a job. It's also when I started a little side business.

That afternoon I wrapped a lot of packages and got some pretty nice tips. I found out that if I was really pleasant the tips would be bigger, so that's what I did with everyone. I also found out that the package station was utilized by a lot for guys who had bought something for their girlfriends or wives. It really didn't surprise me because most men don't like to wrap packages. Besides being pleasant I also started flirting with the men. If a guy was straight as an arrow he had no clue what I was doing. If the guy was a little more with it he liked it but wouldn't do anything other than thank me and give me a nice tip. Some of the guys flirted right back but every once in a while a guy would just give me a weird stare and then walk away to go shopping while I wrapped his package. If there were guys with nice packages that they didn't want wrapped, you know what I mean, I would put a little slut act in the flirting.

The second day on the job I was helping one of those guys who gave me a weird look when I flirted and then went back to shopping. "I'll be back in an hour to pick up the gift." I had noticed that this guy was packing a pretty hefty looking cock.

After an hour of wrapping packages for Mom's with screaming kids and women who forgotten to get their complimentary boxes at the store the guy with the big 'package' came back. At that moment I wasn't helping anyone and there was no line.

"Can I ask you something?"


"When I was here before were you hitting on me?" I didn't know if he liked it or was going to turn me in to mall. "It's ok, I'm not going to report you. Actually I have another question."


Quietly, "Do you give blow jobs to other men?"

"Yes, why?"

"Because I'd like to try one. I've never done it before. I come from a real religious family and my wife won't give me one. I thought you might be able to help me out."

"I get off in half an hour, come back then." Right on the dot the guy returned. "Follow me."

We were right by a door that went into the back hallway and as luck would have it right next to the mechanical room. We went in and shut the door.

"So what should I do?"

"First you need to take your cock out." I think he was embarrassed that I used that word. He unzipped and pulled out a really nice piece of meat. I had been right. He was already hardening just at the thought of a blow job. I got down on my knees and started just to jack him off.

"That feels better than when I do it myself, why?"

"You know what your hand is going to do, you don't know what I'm going to do." He was visible shaking, it made me smile. I glanced up at his face and his eyes were closed. I decided now was the best time to take him to the next level. I put my mouth over the head of his cock. He trembled. I kept my head still and used my hand to pump his cock in my mouth.

"How do you do that?" I didn't know if he was asking about my technique or questioning my morals. I didn't reply.

Each time I pushed his cock in my mouth I would take in a little more. Pretty soon I couldn't keep my hand on it so much was going in. Man, what a waste of cock that neither his wife nor anyone else had enjoyed his cock this way. I hope that he was giving his wife a good fuck with this prize cock every once in a while.

After a few more ups and downs on his cock it was apparent that he was getting ready to cum. He became agitated.

"I've got to pull it out of your mouth, I've got to pull it out of your mouth." I didn't let him, I held on tight with my mouth. He shot an awesome load of cum but I drank every last drop. He pulled his cock out, shoved it into his pants and literally ran from the room. I straightened myself up and went back to the wrapping table. Jill was working the table now.

"Why are you back?"

"I realized that a customer didn't pick up his package." That was a lie but I couldn't think of anything better. When she got busy with a customer I grabbed an empty box and started wrapping it. I was hoping the guy would come back to at least say thanks and I could hand him the box as a cover.

As I finished he did show up and got close. "Sorry that I skipped out like that. It wasn't very kind or polite of me to do that." My god this guy really was a straight arrow if you didn't consider what I had just done to his cock.

"Here's your package Sir, thank you for shopping at East Town mall."

He gave me another weird look but then it dawned on him. He handed me two $20 bills. "One is to thank you for wrapping the gift and the other is for you to thank you for taking such good care of my other package, if you know what I mean." Oh I know what he meant. He turned and walked away. Wow, $40 bucks. More money for project 'get out of my folks' house'.

I walked over to Jim's store and asked him what time the security guard with the giant cock started work. "Sorry man, he got caught fucking one of those perfume spritzers. She was only 16 so they fired him. She sure didn't look like she was 16."

"Damn, I was hoping to get another shot at his cock."

"I really still can't figure out how you got it in your mouth and ass."

"See you tomorrow." Time to go home and get some rest.

I decided to go to the mall before opening to see if I could see Jim again before my day of wrapping started. He was there. No one else was in the store when I got there. As I walked up to him, turned and wiggled my ass for him. It had been a couple days since I'd been fucked so it was time to get that great feeling of a big cock in my ass. He got the hint.

He took me back to one of the changing rooms and closed the curtain. He pushed down his pants then grabbed me and turned me toward the wall. After I had exposed my ass he raised up my arms and held them against the wall. Having fucked my ass enough times to know the layout pretty well. He aimed his cock at just the right spot, luckily I was hoping this would happen so I had made sure my ass was lubed for Jim's and my enjoyment. With one hard push he had his whole cock in my ass. It felt amazing. It had only been a couple days since my last fuck but I really needed this. He started slamming into me. Due to our position he would push me up causing me to have to get on my tip toes so I didn't fall. This went on for a couple of minutes then he said into my ear "here it cums you slut." And it did, a nice big load that will remind me all day how Jim cared for my ass. We both straightened our clothes and pulled back the curtain. Leaning against the wall was one of Jim's friends who had fucked me on my last day of work at the mall before I started college.

Smiling at the two of us he said "If you need someone with a bigger cock and who knows a better way to use it and use you just come look for me."

As I walked away I heard Jim say "you are such an asshole" and then I heard what I assume was Jim hitting his friends arm. I smiled all the way to the wrapping table.

It really was a slow morning for some reason. I noticed there was this quiet guy sitting on one of the benches who kept looking at me. He looked like a typical suburban father. After a few more minutes he got up and walked over to me. He was wearing a pair of shorts that showed of his legs very nicely, looked like the best of his body was pretty good as well. "Can I help you sir?"

"Maybe, are you the guy who was working here yesterday?"

"Yes, I'm the only guy that works here."

"Good to know." That was an odd statement but I would soon know why he said it.

"My neighbor and I were talking last night. I think he wants me to be someone he confesses his sins to, we go to the same church. Well he shared with me that a guy, obviously you, had, um, taken care of one of his needs. Is that true?"

"Yes it is. He had a pretty big need that needed attention."

"TMI, TMI. He said that he paid you $40 for the service."

"No sir, he gave me the $40 to thank me for what I did."

Looking around, "well, I would like to see if you really do provide good service. I don't think my neighbor has much to compare it to."

Since there was no one else waiting to speak with me I put out one those things that looks like a clock and moved the hands so it said I would be back in 15 minutes.

I took him back to the mechanical room and gave him the same kind of service I had provided his neighbor. He wasn't quite as endowed as his neighbor but he sure had a bigger load for me.

"Thank you. Here's $50 for doing such a good job on my package." Smile. "I'm going to let the guys in my neighborhood to come see you if they need any packages expertly handled. Let me leave first."

When I made it back out to the table there were a few people in line so I actually spent some time wrapping packages. All during that time my wheels were turning. If I could get two tips like that every day I could make up to $700 in a week. That would be a great start leading to parent freedom.

Two more men from the neighborhood stopped by later that day. I made sure to give them the best service I could. Another $100 in the till. I may have to adjust what I thought I could bring in. I took them each to the mechanical room and helped them alleviate some of their tension. I was starting to think that a lot of suburban moms don't blow their husbands.

Just about closing time a young guy came up to the table, I imaged he was maybe 17 or 18 at the most. He seemed very uncomfortable. "Can I help you with anything?"

He groped himself "Hey, yeah, you can help me with this?" I guess he thought he had to have some macho bravado.

"Quiet it down kid. Why do you think that?"

"I overheard my father talking to a guy from our neighborhood that there was a faggot that would give you a BJ, that worked at this table and that there was only one guy working here so it must be you."

"Did they really use the word faggot?"

"Well no, but that's what I've heard kids in school call guys who suck other guys cocks. So I started saying it." Kid trying to be 'cool', was I dealing with a Jake junior?"

"Come on kid, follow me." I lead him back to the mechanical room. I thought I'd have some fun with him. "Take off all your clothes."

"Why cocksucker?" Oh yeah, Jake Junior.

"Because we like to be able to feel all the muscles of the guys we are blowing. It lets us know that you're the man." I almost gagged on those words.

When I said that he eagerly got out his clothes and said, "Damn right, I'm the man." Ughhh. I was going to make his first BJ something to remember.

I then turned my skills on his pretty impressive tool. Since he was so young it didn't take much time before he was ready to blow. I slide off his cock.

"Hey cocksucker, why did you stop?"

"That's the very issue right there. You should never use words like that in a derogatory way. They should only be used when you are with a guy who likes the words to be used sometime. Got it?"

As he considered what I said I slowly started stroking his cock and I brought him back to the edge and stopped. "You want to me to finish you better do as I said. Deal? Cause if you don't I'll find out your name from one of the men in the neighborhood and go to everyone bathroom I can and write for a good time call........ How would your parents react to that?"

"OK, deal. Now can I cum, please?" I sucked his cock in again and did the best job I could do for the kid. I wanted this to be the benchmark of blow jobs that he would compare against, no matter if it was a man or women, or whether he ended up being straight of gay. Maybe I should offer my services to any high school senior or graduate of a blow job if they haven't had one yet. Ha!

Man did this kid have a lot of cum, it must have building up for a long time. It was a good thing I was done working for the day because there was a ton of cum leaking out of my mouth, my shirt wasn't looking too good either.

The kid put on his clothes and turned to me and said "Thanks" and then walked out the door. Obviously he hadn't overheard the part of 'tipping' the $50. What the hell, it was my good deed for the day. Maybe, just maybe, he won't be Jake junior.

I went down the back hallway to go see Jim and talk to him about an idea I had.


Be well,


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