For reference, Jake is 1 year ahead of Chad in starting at the community college.

Not only was he the big man on campus for most of the school but he was also the biggest bully. He would make fun of all the kids that weren't in his clique, especially the guys he thought were gay.

Jake was really starting to feel like no one was better than him. He had a baseball scholarship to the community college he attended, even though he thought he should be at State. He could lay any girl that he wanted. His brother would blow him whenever he told him to. And he had found a park where he found faggots that would suck his dick. He had even found a bathroom at the county fairgrounds where he found some other cocksuckers. Based on experience he had determined that guys were better at sucking cock than any girl he had been with.

Besides those reasons he thought he was better looking than any other guy. He was 6'2" of solid muscle. He weighed 190 pounds. His pecs and biceps looked like they would rip his shirts. He also had found jeans that showed his cock off to its advantage. He had measured his cock once and it came out at just a little over 11 inches. It was thick too, the size of a beer bottle. He made sure to show it off in the locker room so that the other guys knew he had the biggest among them.

When classes and baseball practice started he found that he didn't have enough time to make it out to the park. His little brother was so busy he was only getting an occasional blow job from him. Even though he had a steady girl, he really needed blow jobs from guys.

One day he was especially horny. He had spent about an hour in the library which was more than he could handle, so he went looking for somewhere he could whack off. He thought there might be a bathroom on the basement level so he went down to take a look. He was right, there was a bathroom and it didn't look like it got much traffic.

He went in and took the stall farthest from the door. He pulled his jeans down, he always went commando, sat down and started to stroke his cock. He hadn't been paying attention but he finally noticed a hole in the wall to the next stall just like the one he had seen at the county fair. Maybe he had the chance of getting a blow job after all. There was a lot of graffiti on the walls as well. Not a lot of stupid shit but more about wanting to give or get blow jobs. There was even one by someone who said they got fucked in this john. Jake had never really thought about fucking a faggot.

Nothing happened for the next few minutes but then someone came in and took the stall next to Jake's. Since Jake didn't want anyone to think he might be a cocksucker he didn't look through the hole but he could see that the guy in the stall looked at him. That made Jake's cock get harder. He continued to stroke his cock but very slowly giving the faggot a good show. The guy kept looking and ran a finger along the bottom edge but Jake didn't know what that meant. He wanted the guy to ask, no beg, to suck his cock.

The guy put his lips up against the hole and licked his lips but Jake just continued to stroke his gigantic cock. Finally, "come on man, I want to taste your cock."

"How bad do you want it?"

"Bad, I need your cock bad Dude."

"You've got to do better than that cocksucker."

"Oh man, I want to suck your cock real bad."

"Why do you want to suck my cock, faggot?"

"Man, I want to taste your cock and I want to taste your cum."

"You think you'd like it?"

"I know I would like it."

"I think you want to worship my cock, don't you?"

"Yeah man, I want to worship your cock today and whenever I can."

With that Jake stood up and pushed his cock into the waiting mouth. "Yeah, worship this cock faggot."

They guy gave Jake a great blow job. The guy knew how to work the head and the shaft with his tongue and his lips. He also had a hand wrapped around the shaft down by his balls and stroked it in time with his sucks. Jake moaned, "yeah that's good, real it comes, take my cum you asshole and you better not waste a drop. Fuck yeah!"

Jake would have to remember this place. As he pulled his cock back and pulled up his jeans the other guy hurried out of the john. Jake would have liked to get a good look at him so the next time that he saw him he could make him worship his cock again.

Jake went back upstairs to do a little more studying, little being the operative word. He was still horny and couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to fuck a cocksucker. What would their ass fell like? Better than a girl's pussy? He found that hard to believe but he was willing to try. He decided to go back down to the bathroom again. This time he took the middle stall since it had holes on each side, better chance of at least getting another blow job.

Not long after someone came in and took that last stall. Jack had already got his cock out and was stroking it. When he noticed the guy look through and say "Jesus Christ, you've got a huge cock bro." Jake didn't respond, he wanted this guy to beg for it too. However, the guy didn't, he just left his stall.

With his cock out, Jake stepped out of his stall. The guy was nervously washing his hands at the sink and wouldn't raise his eyes to the mirror so that he wouldn't see Jake or his cock. The guy was about 5'9" and about 150 pounds. He had on a pair for shorts and a school t-shirt.

Now whenever Jake wanted to get a girl hot and ready for a fuck, he would kiss them and play with their breasts until they spread their legs for him. He wasn't quite sure what how to do something like that with a guy. He knew, sure as shit, that he wasn't going to kiss a guy, or touch his cock or put a hand on his chest. He thought the best approach may be to rub the guy's ass. He stepped up behind the guy and rubbed his cock on the part of the pants covering the guy's ass and squeezed one of his butt cheeks.

"What the fuck are you doing, man? Get your hands and dick off me....are you some sort of faggot or something?"

That infuriated Jake, "I ain't no fag you cocksucker, you're the fag, it was you looking at my dick."

"No man, I was just curious and looked through that hole."

"Bullshit, you were looking to suck some cock down here."

"Fuck you man." The guy started walking toward the door. Jake grabbed his arm, stopping him from leaving. "Let me go you asshole." The guy tried to pull his arm away and Jake just pulled him closer.

"I think you wanted to do more than just suck a cock, I think you wanted to get fucked down here. Isn't that what you faggots do is go to bathrooms looking for someone to fuck you. Well, you found what you were looking for with me and my cock."

The guy tried to pull away again. When that didn't work he tried to ram his arm back into Jake but Jake was too quick. Jake wrapped his left arm around the guy's neck and whispered in his ear, "I'm going to fuck you and you're going to like it so just stop moving around so much." Jake yanked him over to the sink and bent him over a bit. Jake ripped the guy's shorts causing them to fall down his legs. He did the same with his underwear. Jake kept rubbing his cock against the guy's ass. Jake realized that the guy's legs were being held in place by the shorts around the guy's ankles. "Step out of your shorts dude, NOW!"

The guy complied but in a last ditch effort to get away said, "what if someone comes in here ma? You're going to get caught and get thrown out of school." They guy knew that with Jake's size and strength he wasn't going able to fight him off.

"Shit, anyone who comes in here is going to be looking for cock and I've got the best they'll ever find. I'll just fuck them or let them suck my's all good. I got a question faggot, I know how to get a girl all wet and ready for me but how do you faggots do that?"

"Man, I don't know, I'm straight."

"Yeah right."

Jake thought for a minute and reached over to the liquid soap dispenser and but some on his hand. He kicked the guy's legs farther apart and started to rub the soap over his cock. After a bit a search Jake placed the head of his cock against the guy's asshole. He then took his hand and placed it over the guy's mouth. "I know that the first time I ram my cock into a girl she usually screams, I don't want anyone who may be out there, who's not looking for some of my cock, bothers us, so shut up." With that Jake jammed his cock into the guy's ass. "Oh man, your ass is tight!" Jake could tell that the guy was yelling into his hand but didn't care. At this point in his life Jake wasn't the most skilled fucker, he just thought that he had to keeping sliding his cock in and out until he shot his wad. That's just what he did, slam, slam, slam. He could feel that he was getting ready to shoot. He leaned by the guy's ear and said, "here it comes cocksucker, just what you've been waiting for, a load of my cum." Jake felt rope after rope of his seed going into the guy's ass. When he was done with his orgasm, Jake pulled his cock out, wiped it off with some paper towels and then pulled up his jeans.

"Man, you got a pretty hot pussy there. I hope I see you again real soon. Maybe I'll let you feed on my cock first. Yeah, have you worship it a bit before I slide it into you." Jake walked out thinking that fucking a guy's ass was pretty good.

The guy knew that he couldn't report this to anyone, it would make it seem like he was looking for it. The guy also knew that he was never coming to this bathroom again.


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