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I was frozen and naked on the table. I couldn't believe that there was a mall security guard looking in at me. Before Jim fucked me he said there wasn't anyone else in the mall. He must have wanted me to be ok with fucking in the store. Where was Jim? Should I call out to him? Did he already see the guard and left me? Shit, shit, shit.

"Get over here boy!" The security guard was a big man, not fat but really muscled up. He looked like he was going to split the seams on his uniform shirt and pants. He must have been about 6' and weighed at least 250 pounds. Around his waist he had a belt that was riding on his hips making him look even more macho. He was a black man with a shaved head. He looked to be in his early or mid-30s. I couldn't tell if he was carrying a gun or not but I wasn't going to take any chances. I got down off the table, looked around for Jim and tried to grab a pair of shorts that was hanging on a rack close to the table.

"Leave those where they are and get your ass over here." I started walking toward him holding my hands in front of my dick. "Open the gate."

"I don't have the key."

"Well that's obvious, you don't have anywhere to put it. Go get it and open this fucking gate."

"I don't know where it is."

"Well go see if that faggot that was fucking your white ass has it. No wait, just call for him, I don't want you putting anything on quite yet."

"Jim. Jim. JIM!" Nothing.

"Seems like he left you hanging boy. Don't you think you can run into the back. There's a security door right over here and I can probably make it out to the parking lot before you can."

Having no choice I moved even closer to him. He was still rubbing what looked like a pretty big bulge in his uniform pants. I could now see that he didn't have a gun but he was carrying what looked like a stun gun and a baton. Up close now I could tell he had beautiful skin which was a great milk chocolate color.

Speaking of color, I'm obviously a white guy, 5'10, 160 pounds, highlighted dirty blonde hair, smooth as a baby's bottom and blue/green eyes. I'm 19 but will be 20 soon. I'm in good shape. This is my last day working at the mall and I start taking classes at the community college tomorrow. In the last couple of hours I had blown my now ex-boss, blown Jim, the manager of the clothing store I was now in. After the BJ he had fucked me on the table where they keep the ties.

The grate at the entrance of the store was the kind you see a lot. It went from wall to wall with a lock on the floor. The gate itself had opening that were about 4 inches by 4 inches. Enough room to get your hand through but not your whole arm. I was now at the gate.

"That's a good cocksucking faggot. Turn around, let me see all that white skin. Nice, you ready for some fun?"

Not knowing what to say or do, I said 'Uh, I guess".

"Good, I've got something I want to give you. Ever been with a black man before?"

"I don't think so."

"You don't think so? You'd know if you ever sucked a big, black dick". He was still rubbing the front of his pants and the bulge kept getting bigger. "I can see you looking at it, you'll like it. Get down on your knees white boy." Since I had no other choice that's what I did."

"There's no other guards working tonight and I think the cleaning crew is gone so we are going to have some fun, or at least I am. My cock may be more than you can handle but you better give it your best effort."

Down on my knees I watched as he undid his pants and slipped them down his legs. He kept his belt on which I actually found pretty sexy. He was wearing a pair of white boxer briefs that really stood out against his brown skin.

"You ready to see it boy? You ready to see your first black cock?" He put his thumbs in the waist band of the boxers and started easing them down. Sliding them more and more. His cock was mammouth. Thick as a beer bottle and at least 10 inches long and not even hard yet. I wondered if he was a shower and not a grower. But as I've come to find out I've become a bit of a size queen so I was hoping he was a grower. The head finally popped out of the boxers as he got down to his mid-thigh. His cock was a lighter shade of brown and the head was unbelievable. While his cock was as thick as a beer bottle his head had to be the size of a baseball. I just stared in disbelief. "It's something isn't it? You want to touch it? Just stick your fingers through the gate and I'll move closer." He did just that I moved my fingers and touched my first black cock.

"What do you want me to do?"

"For now I want to see if you can suck my cock. I'm just hoping I can get the head through the grate. I never had any of my girls suck me off, they always say I'm too big. Even though they can't suck it after a while they love me ramming it in to their pussies. Tried a couple times with faggots. Some have been able to get my head in their mouths but that's about it. None of them were able to take it up their man pussy. A few tried but they started crying like sissies. Shit if a slut could take it why couldn't they? You think you'll be any different cocksucker?"

It truly was a thing of beauty. I actually licked my lips. "I'll try Sir."

"I like you calling me Sir boy, you're showing me respect."

He started pushing he head of his cock through the grate. Probably was a good thing that he wasn't hard or it might not have fit. "Hmmm, I may have to put my balls though, if can, and use this as a cock ring so I can keep it the big piece of black meat hard for you." I couldn't believe it but after much work he did exactly that.

"Ok cocksucker, I want you to start licking just the head. Do that and this thing will start to grow."

I started to really get into this situation. Kneeling naked on the store floor in a mall. Hot black macho security guard making me work over the biggest cock I have ever seen. Could today have gotten any better? I was on to my third load of cum and maybe more.

I flicked my tongue against his piss slit. It tasted good. Then I started to swirl my tongue just around the tip of his head. Now was the time to see if I could take the whole head in my mouth. I opened my lips but to no avail. I tried to open my jaw wider but I still couldn't get it in.

"Come on faggot take it."

I pulled back, "I can't do it."

"You better or I'm going to have to beat your ass then call the cops saying you had broken in to the mall."

"Please don't do that, I'm supposed to start college tomorrow."

"Then we better figure something out. I'm going to pull my balls out and pull my cock back so only the head is through the grate. Now put your mouth over the top of the head. That's it pussy boy. Don't move your tongue, stay still. Grab hold of the grate over your head, that's it. Let me get my hands through the grate." He grabbed me by the ears and pulled my mouth over the head of his cock. "I knew we could do it."

I couldn't breathe and my jaw hurt like hell. "Calm down faggot. Breathe through your nose, that's right. Get used to it. Now stay on the head of my cock and start moving back." As I moved back he put more of his cock through the grate. Again he played with his balls and got them through as well. He was going to do the grate cock ring again. "Start bobbing your head." With each bob a little more cock would ease into my mouth. "That's it white boy, show me how much you like my big, black baby maker."

I was getting used to it. I swirled my tongue. Then I rubbed my tongue under the head. I brought one of my hands down and tried to wrap it around the shaft. I couldn't do it with one hand and almost couldn't do it with too. Not only was I getting used to it, I was getting in to it. The truck drivers, my ex-boss, the delivery guy and Jim all had great, large cocks this was beyond any of those. I wanted to show this stud that I was worthy of his cock.

"Yeah white boy, I can tell your getting into it. You really make it feel good." As his cock got harder and bigger it wanted to point up so I had to rise from my knees just to keep the head in my mouth which also made me lean my head forward. "Fuck yeah, keep doing that." Like I would stop at this point.

Slowly I got more of his head and a bit of the shaft in my mouth. My cheeks felt like they were going to explode but I wanted more. I started moving my head up and down causing me to gag but not stopping me. I grabbed the grate again so that I wouldn't fall. I didn't know how much more I could take but I was damn going to try. I shifted my body again so that the angle of my mouth and throat would allow more of his black cock into me. It was difficult but I kept trying. I wanted to show him that this white, pussy, faggot cocksucker could take him all. During all this time the guard just moaned. Thank god he didn't try to ram it in faster.

I don't know how but I contorted my body so that more cock went down my throat. I could feel it rub against my tonsils. Not just the head but the shaft. This went on a good 10 minutes. Finally my noise hit his body. I couldn't believe I had taken it all. I was proud, I was in pain, my dick was hard as steel and I knew I had spoiled myself for any other cock. I'd just have to keep looking for someone larger.

"You did it boy, you got it all. Now start tightening your throat, use your tongue, do whatever you have to do to make me shoot into your white boy pussy mouth. Unfucking believable. Wait 'til I tell my boys about you."

At this point he started rocking his body so that he was causing some friction on his cock as well. Breathing heavy he said "I'm close. If you know what's good for you, you will stay just like you are and take every drop of cum I shoot in your pussy mouth." Like that was even an issue. In just a few more moves I felt his cock and balls tighten up and then he must have starting shooting. He was so deep down my throat I didn't even feel it. He obviously was feeling it. He was holding on to the grate to keep from falling.

"You did good boy. Slide off very carefully, you better not let your teeth touch my cock." I did as he directed and slowly unimpaled my throat and mouth from his dick.

From the back of the store we hear "that was fucking HOT!" Out walks Jim followed by three other guys. "You guys put on quite the show, it got all of us horny as hell."

I looked from Jim to the guard and back to the guys with Jim. "Where the hell did you go you asshole? You left me here."

"That wasn't my plan Chad. I wanted to surprise you by bringing some of my friends over to give you a little more cum and fun before you start college tomorrow. I thought you'd like that. I went out back to get them from their car and then brought them in. By that time you were on your knees in front of this guy. We couldn't help but watch." Turning to the guard, "Dude, you've got one big ass cock. I've never seen anything like it." The guard just scowled at him.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm the manager of this store and I'm sure your boss would like to know what you've been up to."

"Well I'm sure the owner of this store would be interested in knowing what you two were doing tonight."

One of the guys with Jim said "looks like a standoff. Come on guys, stop the pissing match and let's have some fun and give Chad a good send off." Even though I felt like a dish rag the prospect of some more fun was appealing.

One of the other guys with Jim asked "what should we do? Any ideas?"

Third guy said "I can think of a few things."

All three of the new guys looked like they were related to Jim. Tall, muscled with perfect teeth and hair. All of a sudden I realized they were the models for some of the posters on the wall.

Jim walked over to the grate and grabbed the security guard's cock. "This is one big cock dude."

"I bet you never seen one as big white boy."

"Your right and now that I saw what Chad was able to do with it, I want to see what else he can do with it." I realized he was referring to me getting fucked by the guard's XXL black cock. "You up for it Chad since it seems to be up for you?" My eyes just moved from Jim to the guard.

"I bet the rest of you white boys would like a bit of this cock too."

Almost as one they all replied "no way man, no one gets our asses, we only get other guy's asses."

"Too bad, you all look like you've got nice creamy white man pussies the way those jeans and shorts fit you."

Jim spoke up "well I guess that means that Chad is going to have your cock up his ass. That really will be a good farewell gift."

All this time I must have looked like I was watching a tennis match. One of the other guys spoke up and said "Jim told us you like cum, how about you get one up your ass by the jolly black giant and four loads in your mouth from the rest of us?"

Not waiting for a reply that all moved toward me, took me by the arms and pushed be back toward the gate. "It's not our intention to hurt you, we just want you to have and to have some fun ourselves."

The security guards cock had gone soft. One of the new guys said "maybe he can't get it up again. Maybe it weighs too much and he's tired now. Maybe he's never been able to get a real blow job before tonight and he's too worn out. Poor baby."

The security guard looked like he was ready to tear the gate down. "Shut up you white mother fucker or I'll take your ass next. Wouldn't you like the first cock up your ass to be mine?" That shut the guy up.

While the guards cock was soft he worked his balls back of the grate but kept his cock through it."

One of the new guys asked "do you guys actually think he'll be able to take that cock? It's huge."

The third guy who hadn't spoken yet said "I've got an idea. Jim do you have any lube and poppers?"

"Yeah I used them early when I fucked his man cunt."

"Go get 'em." He didn't have far to go, they were on the nearby table. He turned to the guard, "Dude, give me your baton." Oh, shit.

"No way, please sirs I can't do that". The guard, smiling, put the stick through the grate.

Holding the stick up to my face the third guy said "look, it's not close to being a big as this black guy's cock."

"You can all call me sir, faggots."

All four said "Yes sir" with a great deal of sarcasm. "From the way you've been acting the only reason we should give you any respect is because of unbelievable fuck stick you've got." The guard grunted.

The third guy greased up the stick and told me to bend over. I hesitated, Jim came over and pushed my back to get me to bend over. He whispered in my ear that it would be alright, he wouldn't let anyone hurt me.

They turned me sideways so that the guard and all four of them could see what was happening. The third guy put the end of the stick against my ass. My ass was still tender from the fucking Jim had given me so I jumped a bit. "Give me a hit of the poppers." Someone did. This time I knew what to do so I took a big breath through my nostril and then turned my head so I could get a hit with my other nostril. As my head started to spin the third guy started to spin the baton.

"If this kid really likes getting screwed let's try to screw this stick in." That's just what he started to do but he did it very slowly almost like he was teasing me. As this started Jim and the other two guys pulled off their pants and shorts. The got in front of my face and started slowly stroking their cocks. After what I had experienced they looked very white and not very big. When I compared them to Jim's, which I thought had been big, they were close in size. I think I'd be ruined by the guard and his big black cock.

Still stroking they moved closer, so close that they were hitting my face with the ends of their cocks. The guy that was twirling the stick fumbled with his pants but it sounded like he freed himself from his jeans. When he did the black guard whistled, "Look at that lily white ass, you sure you don't want to try this up your pussy boy?" While saying that he shook his cock though the grate. No response.

All of a sudden the tip of the night stick entered my asshole. I jumped and started to whimper. At that one of the new guys moved to my mouth and shoved his cock in while my mouth was open. I was so horny now I didn't complain, I actually started to suckle his cock. Now he was the one to moan.

The stick was now further up my ass, the cock was deeper in my mouth, and two other of the cocks were rubbing against my face. I was in heaven.

"Come on guys, let me at that pretty white ass." I could tell by his voice that the guard was getting frustrated. While trying to keep the cock in my mouth I glanced over sideways and saw the immense black cock sticking through the grate. Shit, that's how big it must have been when it was in my throat, I hadn't seen it fully hard before I started blowing him before.

"Hold on, you'll get it soon enough. We want to get him ready for you. Since we aren't going to get his ass even though Jim has we at least want a good show." The stick kept turning and all of it sudden it hit the sensitive spot in my ass that I had found out I had. I moaned against the cock in my mouth and then actually started working it even with more gusto.

"Man, this guy can suck cock."

At this point one of the new guys is playing with baton up my ass. One of the other ones has his cock deep in my throat. Jim is rubbing his cock on my face leaving trails of precum. The other guy has stepped away but was back soon with a tie in his hand. Just like Jim had done on himself before he put the tie around my cock and balls and knotted it up tight. "When we finally undo this tie he's going to have an awesome climax." He stood up again, "Come on Todd let someone else have a turn at his mouth." So now I knew one of their names.

"Fuck you Matt, this cocksucker is too good to share." Name number two.

"Boys, boys share and share alike". That was Jim and then he started to laugh. "I've already had his mouth and his ass so you guys each get his mouth before I take a turn."

Matt pulled his slick cock from my mouth. Before Todd would let me start working him he said, "I think its time to see if he's ready for the big black monster. By the way dude, what do they call you?"

"The name my mama gave me is William but I'm known as MC LT for long and thick." That got a laugh from everyone. Another name to put in my memory. I felt the baton leave my ass and heard a pop. As they started to move my ass toward the giant cock in the grate I glance at it again and wondered if I was going to be able to handle such a big one. I knew I wanted it so I would have to give it my best shot.

One of the guys, I don't know who, was pushing William's cock down so it was aimed at my ass. "It's about time, I'm aching for that cracker's ass. I told the cocksucker before that no faggot has ever been able to take it. They usually sissy out and run away from me."

Jim and the other 3 guys talked about how they were going to do this with William's cock sticking through the grate. They didn't think I'd have the strength to push back against it. Jim took the lead, "Todd you get his mouth once we start. Matt you grab hold of his right hip. I'll grab his left hip. Tommy you get underneath his chest so you can push his pelvis back." They all took their places. I heard, what I assumed was, William grabbing the grate so he could get as much cock through as possible.

Time stood still. I felt the tip of William's cock against my hole. As Matt, Jim and Tommy started to push me on to the twitching black cock, Todd rammed his cock into my mouth. I lost all train of thought. I was sucking on a cock, at this point I couldn't have told you whether it was Todd's or if it had been replaced by a different one. The pressure on my ass was unbelievable. I could feel hands continue to push me back toward the gate. With a large sucking sound the head of William's cock entered by ass. I sucked air in which only allowed more of Todd's to start to enter my throat. I was sweating like a horse.

Someone said, "Wow what a sight. Now that's fucking hot. Too bad we didn't think to bring our cell phones in with us this would be awesome to video."

Hands kept pushing me back, cock kept ramming in my throat. I think my eyes rolled back into my head. It must have been William that said, "it's halfway in, that's more than any cocksucker has taken it. Keep pushing, keep pushing."

Tommy started to complain, "I'm going to shoot off before I get a chance at this kid's mouth." I felt Tommy's hands leave my pelvis and Todd's cock pulled out of my mouth. They must have changed places pretty quick because before I could take a deep breath another cock was in my mouth. "Suck it kid, make me feel good."

"Tommy, give him some more poppers, we are getting close." With his cock deep in my throat and sliding sensually, Tommy held one nostril and then the other and told me to breath as deep as possible. I was flying, this all felt incredible.

With one last push I could feel my ass cheeks touching the grate. "Jesus Christ this black dude has his dick all the way into Chad. Come on guys we all don't need to be pushing anymore." If there wasn't a cock in my mouth my head would have been rolling from side to side.

I heard Jim speak up, "Ok, I'll stand at the side and hold on to Chad's shoulders. William, I'll push him back as you thrust forward. You three guys get your cocks by his mouth and be nice and share." God, could this get any better!

I'm not sure who it was but someone kept moving my face from cock to cock. When whoever's was in my mouth the other two were rubbing precum on my face and in my hair. While that was going on William would thrust and Jim would push. The feeling was indescribable. If this is what a cum loving slut and a size queen I was in nirvana.

"I'm getting close" William practically yelled. "Get ready to hold him still".

At the other end I felt a cock pull out of my mouth. "Chad, open your mouth wide, we all want to cum in your mouth together."

William gave out a loud grunt and Jim gave me one last push toward the grate. In unison Todd, Matt and Tommy started shooting my mouth. As much as I tried to catch it all some dripped down my cheeks as I swallowed as fast as I could. Then everyone got very still. "I don't fucking believe it. Did we just all do that? Did Chad actually take all four of our cocks? Jim are you ok, you didn't get a chance to use Chad and get off."

As William pulled his ramrod out of my ass, Jim reached down and untied the tie around my balls. I shoot off the most cum I ever had in my life.

"Don't worry about me guys," said Jim "my other present for Chad is new clothes for college and for each piece he will owe me a blow job or a piece of ass. It will give him a reason to come back to visit and then maybe we can all have some more fun.

I raise up with a big smile on my face, turned to each man and said a sincere thanks. William was pulling up his boxer briefs and pants with obvious sweat stains on his blue shirt. "God damn faggots, just remember what will happen again if I catch you in hear after closing. You better be able to service me like Chad here." With that he walked away and didn't look back.

"Shit, I need to get home, my parents are going to be pissed, I was supposed to come home right after work."

As I was pulling my clothes on and heading toward the back I heard one of guys ask "did anyone think to turn off the video cameras?" I smiled and hoped I'd get a copy.


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