written by: Bill Hudley

I woke to someone pounding angrily on my front door with their fist, I could hear an angry voice shouting as well. My bedside clock showed 7:33 AM. The pounding on the door pissed me off; who does that at this time in the morning. Wearing only my knit boxers I stormed to the front door. In my anger I had jumped from my bed, forgetting about the sexy dream I wakened from and pulled on the shorts; when I got to the door my morning woodie was still quite evident. At the moment, my morning wood was irrelevant, I wanted to get at the idiot pounding at my door. I jerked open the door yelling.

"What the fuck is the matter with you, asshole! It's seven fucking thirty in the morning and it Saturday for christ's sake. Who the fuck are you and what do you want?"

"Look at your shit all over the neighborhood. Your trash is all the way down the block." The guy at my door yelled back to me.

"And you think I did that on purpose? Obviously an animal or a fucking looney like you did that. The lid was fastened tight when I put it on the street."

I saw his eyes scan over me then they locked on my shorts and I realized my cock was still semi-hard from that sexy dream. My anger had played a trick on me, keeping my cock nearly hard. Everything I have to offer was plainly outlined down the right leg of my shorts. The asshole jerked his eyes back to mine, the anger draining from him. His eyes kept flashing down then up to my eyes as we talked

"W...W...What are you going to do about this mess the man asked?"

"I'll get it cleaned up this morning. But...listen up bud. If you ever come here beating on my door with your fist again there's gonna be hell to pay. I meant it you asshole, you may be bigger than me but I can still whip your sorry ass, you got that Hercules! What the fuck is your name anyway.

"I...I'm David Dyer, we're four houses down the street."

"We?" I asked.

"It's just me and the wife and her damn cats."

"Well David Dyer, I'm Mike Costa. I live alone."

"Alone? For real? That's gotta be like heaven or something, Dude."

I smiled for the first time.

"Yes, as a matter of fact it is. I've lived with a woman, it only lasted a bit over six months though until I ended it. She was bat shit crazy." I treasure being single again."

Flustered and his anger ebbing away, David Dyer was momentarily at a loss for words. I saw him look down and check out my erection again, which was slowly easing back to normal.

"I...uh...I'm...sorry if I interrupted you...the wife was doing what they always do, yelling and screaming about everything from mowing the grass to the damned toilet seat again. Why the fuck can't a woman look where she's plopping her ass down? When I saw the spilled trash in my yard I sorta lost it and I took it all out on your front door.

Look man, I'm just an ordinary guy, fighting to keep my job at work and fighting when I'm home with the Mistress of Evil, I don't mean to be a crackpot or creepy neighbor. I'm sorry that I woke you or interrupted you. I handled this all very badly, sorry man."

He took another quick glance at my shorts and I guess he saw that I was not erect any longer.

He looked back up to me and his face reddened when he saw I was watching him. After all, it isn't everyday a guy opens his front door sporting major wood.

"I'm truly sorry Mr. Costa, I am. This is a hell of a way to meet my neighbors.'

He stuck out his hand to shake.

I met his hand with a nice firm shake, not the vice grip hold that many macho guys use to intimidate.

"Sure thing, but call me Mike. Say, on a better day, we'll have a beer out by my pool, okay."

David Dyer smiled for the first time and I knew for sure that I'd be asking him over for that beer as soon as his wife wasn't around. He's a handsome fucker when he smiles. He's very near my height, a bit heavier, dark brown hair and green eyes that dart about. He's boyishly cute and under twenty five for sure. I know he had an eye full of my thinly disguised package and he had looked at it several times. I watched as he walked away, I saw him look back at me still standing in my doorway in my shorts. He put his hand in a pants pocket and was rearranging his package as he went down the street.

I shut the door and returned to my bed. I knew I'd never get back to sleep so while the memory was fresh, I peeled off the shorts and lay down. I decided I would play a little fantasy in my mind with my flustered neighbor Mr. Dyer while I got my morning nut.

He was wearing board shorts, with the snaps, buckles and straps dangling that always tickled my legs when I wore them. He had on a worn and faded Mad Magazine Tee shirt with "What Me Worry" above the picture of Alfred E. Neuman's befreckled face and 'stoner' smile. David Dyer has a dense clump of curls at the neck of his tee shirt, dense curls on his forearms and legs below the knee. In my imagination, I quickly stripped him naked and reveled in his hirsute body. In my fantasy I gave him a neatly trimmed pubic bush and a smooth as velvet scrotum and a hairy butt in addition to that dense mat of hair on his big chest. I slowly jacked myself as I mentally rolled Mr. Dyer over and fell in lust with his luscious little butt. Without his clothes and from the rear view his body tapered in a vee to his narrow hips which held his firm, round glutes high and proud. I wouldn't need a pillow under him to fuck his perfect little ass.

I Stroked my cock faster now. In my fantasy I raised David to his knees with his chest still on the bed. As I massage his glutes, he moans slowly. When I spread his glutes and blow a breath across his hole, goose-flesh runs up his body from his wrinkled opening. I licked and nipped at his hard cheeks, eliciting more moans from him. Without warning, my tongue stabbed at his hole, a sound almost like a shriek came from him as he turned to see my face buried in his perfect butt. He became frantic, yelling, cursing, pushing back on my tongue; nothing he'd ever experienced felt like this. In less than a minute he was reaching back, one hand reached behind my head and pulled me tighter to him. I ate his at his butt like it was a Country Club buffet.

When I came up for air he was gasping and stroking his hard cock like he had to cum this minute. I lubed my hand and started opening up his tight little virgin butt. I stroked my hard, leaking cock faster. Surprisingly, for someone I was ready to beat to a pulp a few minutes ago, David Dyer became a major turn on as a jackoff fantasy. Our anger and rage has settled into a nice sexual escapade and release for me. I wondered if he was at home whacking his own cock. He sure did like looking at mine.

My well lubed fingers danced in and out of his anus, his moaning muted but constant, he wiggled and pushed his butt against my fingers. After adding more lube I managed to get four fingers and part of my hand up to my thumb inside him. He became more vocal. Whimpering one moment and asking for more the next. When I turned my hand and crooked a finger to stroke his prostate gland, he went wild, screaming how good it felt and leaking a flood of semen onto the sheets.

I stroked his prostate again

"OH shit...I'm cumming!

"No relax..I just milked your prostate again.

I told him what I wanted to do...he looked back at me wide eyed.

"I...I...I've never...I...I can't"

"Of course you can, I've got four fingers and half of my hand in your butt now."


Two fingers massaged his gland again.

"OH jeezus...that feels so good."

David said as I stoked his prostate.

"This will hurt for a moment but in a few moments you'll wonder why you haven't done this before."

On my knees behind him, I lubed my cock and squirted a glob into his anus. When I rubbed my cock head around his hole, he began murmuring, cooing, it felt so good. One jab and I was in, David tensed and looked over his shoulder.


I held still, I tweaked his nipples, he moaned, I kissed at his neck, tongued his ear, tugged on his scrotum and I pulled his nutsack hard, he pushed back against my cock. Within only a few minutes, with me distracting him from the very real pain in his ass, he was ready for and wanting more cock inside him.

"You're gonna love this Davey, once you cum with a hard cock up your ass, nothing else will ever do again."

He pulled my thighs as I pushed inside him, I ground hard against him and he he cried out for more...and the phone by my bed rang.

Without missing a stroke I looked over and saw that it was my boss calling. Typical, find something that excites me and someone will find a way to screw it up. NOT TODAY! I didn't stop...I couldn't stop, legs tensed, toes pointed I reached a bone rattling climax dreaming of fucking my irate neighbor's beautiful butt.

Whew...that was a good one. I looked down at my cum covered my torso. Damn, David Dyer ought to have been here for that, there's a thought. If his body is as good in person as it is in my fantasy we could have some good times. Now I just have to figure out how to get him in my pool without his ball and chain around. For masturbation, that was an excellent nut. One of these days I may have to tell David Dyer what a good fuck he my head anyway.

I cleaned myself up and called the boss. We talked for a bit over five minutes, and like I suspected, his call had little to do with work. I'm not 'out' at work but I don't lie about being gay either, if asked I'll tell the truth. Only the boss and a couple of other gay guys who work there know. I think maybe the boss and maybe even a couple of other guys who've been over for the pool, may have said something to some of the guys at work. A couple of them who were married were always making comments about the pool and having the house to myself, fishing for an invitation. There was only one guy there where I work that I might date IF we didn't work together, but we do work together and that makes him off limits. I've seen him out at a gay club the one time I've been to that particular dance club. Friends were here from out of town and wanted to go dancing.

After the phone call I warmed up a cup of yesterdays coffee, drank it down and headed to the garage to get the wheelbarrow and trash bags. I used Gorilla Duct Tape to make a spike for picking up the paper, by taping a large nail to old mop handle. I started on the opposite side of the street and worked my way down and then back up my side of the street. I had finished at the last house on the opposite side of the street and was working my way back to my place when I saw an SUV pull into the Dyer's driveway. It was David and he waved to me before going into his house. I was two houses away from his place when he came out with trash bags and asked if I needed help. I held my tongue, mainly by thinking about how I perceived his body to be naked.

"Any and all help is greatly appreciated. David, Thanks."

We finished up and stowed the tools and trash bags in the garage.

"Care for a cold beer David?"

I asked when we reached the kitchen.

"Sure thing Mike."

I led the way out to the pool. We sat at the cabana, in the shade.

"Aw man...what a great pool. What is it 20' x 40'? Perfect for doing laps."

"Yep, 20' x 40', I don't swim as much as I should, doing laps is almost perfect exercise, low impact for the joints, great for the heart and lungs and the side effect of all that is a hard flat stomach. Not a bad trade off at all."

"Dude, I saw you this morning, your body doesn't need to exercise....uh...I hesitate to bring this up but...I couldn't help but notice you aroused when you opened the door. I hope I didn't interrupt you in the middle of something. It kinda freaked me out, a definite first for me. A great looking dude opens his front door wearing only boxers and a hard on!"

"I had been asleep and was having a good dream, I never did get back to it."

"Sorry man, I was way out of line this morning." David said softly.

"It's okay David, I got even with you."

"What? What do you mean you got even with me."

I thought to myself...are you a man or a mouse Mike? Tell the man about your fantasy.

"Just a little daydreaming. Quite good really." I said.

"I'm lost Mike, I haven't a clue as to what you're talking about."

"Well...first off, I should tell you that I'm gay. Do you have any problems or questions about that?"

"No, None. I've got a brother who's gay."

"Okay then, here goes. I couldn't get back to sleep this morning so I made up a little fantasy about you to use while I was jacking off. You saw how ready I was this morning. In my fantasy we're here at the pool, we swam laps for nearly twenty minutes then we were horsing around like guys do, you grabbed at me and I pulled away and you pulled my suit down by accident. We were in the deep end and I let it fall to the bottom. Laughing you looked down into the water and saw my cock, standing tall and proud. You kept looking so I moved closer and went under the water pulling your swimsuit off. Your cock was hard too and I took it in my hand and slowly jacked it at first. We moved to the side and you put your arms on the deck to hold you in place and I went under and took your cock in my mouth, sucking you gently, and milking you with my throat muscles."

"Jeezus Mike!"

"Too much for you David? I'll stop. What would you like to talk about?"

David's board shorts had a large wet spot where the head of his cock pushed against his shorts. He was obviously aroused and very well endowed as well.

" didn't mean to stop's just...I mean...I don't know...I've never done anything like that but you make it sound so hot...and so sexy. I'm dripping over here. It's been a long time since I had sex. I'm horny as hell and your fantasy story is steaming hot, even if it is gay."

"Do you want me to continue?"

"YES...yes...I...guess I do."

When I came up you grabbed my cock and stroked it, looking into my eyes you asked if we could go inside.

You told me you'd never done anything like this before, but you liked the feel of my cock in your hand. We took turns rinsing off in the shower and you lay on my bed. I lay beside you, not yet touching. First I searched through that mat of chest hair and found your erect nipples, when I sucked on them you went crazy again, yelling, clamping your hands on the back of my head so I couldn't let go, your cock oozed pre-cum. In my fantasy your scrotum is hairless and soft as velvet. I pulled and squeeze your testicles, making you moan and arch your back. You were looking into my eyes when I leaned to you and we kissed. You opened readily when my tongue brushed against your lip. You got a little bit crazy again then. Kissing a man is SOOOO very different than kissing a woman. You really liked the kissing David."

I saw the wet spot on Davids tan board shorts widening as I was telling this tale. He was taking shallow breaths and his eyes were a bit glazed. Concerned I asked.

"David, do you want me to go on or do you want to leave?"

Looking at his phone for the time he said....

"Aww shit...I do need to go, but I sure as hell don't want to. I've got to run some errands for the wife. Can I come back again sometime and hear the rest of your sex fantasy? It a huge turn on for me to think that a great looking guy like you could think of me sexually."

"You know you're a good looking guy David, and you know that gay men want you too, I'd bet. Until we pick up this story again, here's something for you to think about."

I leaned close and whispered in his ear, my left hand high up on his thigh, I pointed my forefinger and it rubbed against his testicle. David moaned again.

'Think about lying on your back, your legs spread wide. I knee walk up between your legs and push them up against your chest. With lubed fingers I loosen up your sphincter, making you ready to take my cock up your ass.

When you're ready, I place each of my hands beside you on the bed and I lean over and we kiss again for a very long time. Your legs wrap around my waist and I reach under and guide my cock to your waiting hole. After the initial shock of the entry, when I'm up to my balls in your ass. We start fucking. Trust me Dave, you're gonna love getting fucked. If you're real good, I may even let you fuck my butt. Yeah, I'd like having that hairy chest on me, your fat cock pounding my ass. Think about that David, think about that until you come back."

"When can I come back, Mike"

"When you're ready to be fucked David, come back then."

It took him longer that I thought it would. It was almost two weeks to the day that I answered the door and there Mike stood with a potted plant and a box of condoms. I smiled when he asked if he could come in.

I took the plant and condoms and put them on the countertop. He was very quiet, nervous too.

"Have you thought about the scene I told you to think about David?"

"Jeezuz Mike, I've hardly thought of anything else. I want to do those things...with you...but I'm scared."

"I know're not scared of doing it...the problem're scared you'll like it."

I walked across the room to him. I put my arms around him and just hugged him to me. I felt his whole body sag and relax.

"It's okay David, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I would never force you into anything. Okay."

I felt him hug me tighter. It's okay Dave, it's okay."

I stepped away and pulled a couple of Coors from the fridge. I twisted the tops off and handed him one.

"What's going on with you David. This isn't about sexual curiosity. what's bothering you." I asked.

"I don't sorta seems like everything I've done, everything I've accomplished is falling apart. My life has turned into hell. The beautiful girl I married has turned into Satan's Bitch, she's mean, vindictive and a liar. I hate my job, but it's better being there than at home. I don't know where to turn or what to do."

"David, do you love your wife. Not the woman you married, the wife you have today? Do you love her at all?"

"No, not the woman down the street in my house. I hate her. I love who she was but she's not that person anymore. No, I don't even like her."

"Get divorced. With no kids it isn't so traumatic. Unless you're attached to her cats."

"They're not so least they like it when I touch them."

"If she's as unhappy as you are it should be easy enough to part and go your separate ways."

David stayed for another five minutes then left top go to his house down the street. I didn't see or hear from him again for almost six months. I did notice that I never saw his SUV in the drive after a while. It was after the Thanksgiving Holiday that David phoned just to say hello and let me know that he was now divorced, he let the EX have the house and the mortgage and he's living in a loft condo downtown, he changed jobs to one he loves and he just wanted to say hi and thank me for the advice that started him getting his life in order. He said he wasn't dating as yet and when I asked why he said...

"Because I don't know what to do about you Mike...your fantasy of us. I lay away at night thinking about that part you whispered to me. I jack off nearly every night thinking about you being in me. I'm getting hard just talking to you about it."

"Since you've waited this long you're surely not planning to do anything about it now. Why the call David.?

"Mike I do want to do it...I want to hear the rest of your fantasy, to act it out too. my hesitation has been due to the labels that keep popping into my head, Gay, queer, faggott, they all crowd in on me. It's like you said. I'm afraid that I'll like sex with you...too much."

"So you're willing to deny yourself sexual freedom, to not do what you really want most to do... because you're afraid that some cretin might think you're gay, is that it?"

"Uh...I...jeez Mike, I hadn't thought about it that way."

"David, what have you done for sex since the divorce."

"Strictly masturbation, the whole time. And before you ask, yes I masturbate thinking about your fantasy. This is so hard for me to say Mike...but I I know that...I...I..uh...I fuck me."

"Speak up David, stop hesitating, you don't sound like you mean what you say."

"Uh...I...I want us to act out your fantasy, I want you to fuck me Mike."

"That's better David. You know where to find me David. Come when your ready."

"Now? Can I come now? davis asked.

"Yes, now. Get your hot little butt over here pronto Dave. We've got some catching up to do."

I was excited when closed my phone. What started as benign revenge had morphed into a sexual fantasy that now has me interested in the man I was fantasizing about.

In the time since I last saw him until now, I've played that little sex fantasy in bed many, many nights. I've pumped out a gallon of cum thinking about fucking David's little butt.

I checked my supplies, I have a condoms, enough lube and beer and booze. I went to the sun porch and turned on the hot tub. I heard a car in the drive and went to the door. It wasn't David's black SUV, but it was him I saw as he got out of a new metallic gray Mustang Convertible.

Inside, David got all shy at first, facing the reason he was here I supposed. I got us a beer and we sat on the sofa and talked a while. It took a few minutes but once he relaxed I was amazed, I've never seen him like this. He's smart, witty, he's funny and loves to laugh. He told me all about his new job as a construction structural analyst and his little condo. He told me that all his problems from before were gone, except for one that kept nagging at him.

"What's that Dude, you've got it made man, success, your happy, what else can you want?"

"To live out the fantasy you were telling me. That's what I want Mike. Teach me how to make love with a man...with you."

"You're sure?" I had to ask.

"Positive. I've dreamed about this for six months. I want to do it. I want it to be you that shows me how it can be. I've spent a lot of time with my brother, I told you he's Gay also. We've talked a lot about you, he explained the attraction I feel. It's really odd, but you've brought Donnie and I closer than we've been since we were kids. Don is my twin, we grew apart mostly because of me and my phobia about being thought of as gay. I know now that I'm not afraid of being gay anymore. Uh... Mike...Can I kiss you?"

I pulled him close and put our lips together, when I ran the tip of my tongue against his lower lip our tongues touched and David was like a wild man, groaning, grunting, pulling us together hard, his tongue using my uvula as a punching bag. When I pulled at his hips our hard cocks ground against each other. Feeling my cock hard against him set him off anew. Finally we had to breathe. When we broke apart David's eyes were wide as saucers.


"I Told you it was different kissing a man, David."

"Different! Whoa! That's off the chart Dude. That's almost like cumming. So hot...please...more, let's do it again."

"Come to the Sun Porch, we can start in the hot tub."

We stood looking at the bubbling water, I tested it with my hand and pronounced it 'just right.' He turned to face me and I hugged him again, he hugged me back and gave out a little sigh. I tilted his head back and gave him a soft, intimate kiss, not the frantic I've gotta fuck you this minute kind of kiss, I guess it was really more of a lover's kiss. Not something I usually do.

When we straightened, I started with his belt buckle. Once his belt was open, I kissed him again, he responded by driving his tongue into my mouth, searching, probing. In turn he unbuttoned the top of my jeans since I didn't have on a belt, then he kissed me. We continued our undressing and kissing until we both were naked and erect. David has a beautiful smooth cock, uncut but with a short foreskin that let the corona stand free in the open air when he's hard, I'd guess he's played with his cock a lot. He's a bit over seven inches long, and as as many in circumference easily. I knew it would feel wonderful when I got him up inside me. I want to ride this fat cock!

Not waiting to get in the water, I sat on the edge of the hot tub and pulled his hips until he was in front of me. As I gently jacked his cock I licked and kissed his abdomen, rubbed and massaged one of his butt cheeks. Slowly I moved to the floor, on my knees and looked into his eyes as I took his cock into my mouth. I felt his body tremble, and he placed his hands in my hair. I kept our eye contact and pulled his hips, letting him know that I wanted him to fuck my face. He began to moan as he looked down at me, my lips stretched around his fat cock and me jacking my own cock as I sucked on his.

I noticed that his scrotum was devoid of any hair whatsoever, he had remembered the fantasy! I tugged on his velvet sac and stretched the inner cords to their limits, David roared his approval.

He began to dance about a bit and tugged my shoulders saying he was about to cum. I pulled off and stood, hugging us together again. I reached between us and placed our cock against our abdomens, the feel of his curly chest hair against my skin was erotic to me, I equate a hairy chest with a real man, David was that, now that he was free of the Mistress of Evil, he is a new person, much more assertive and confident, which only makes him more desirable and sexually appealing in my eyes.

David sank to his knees, I watched while he inspected my cock. I suspect that he'd never been 'face to face' with a man's cock before. He was intent on studying my cock; we're nearly identical in size with him being maybe a half inch longer, but his cock is much the prettiest of the two, so smooth and light colored where mine is reddish and dark. Once his inspection was over he lay his head against my abdomen and breathed in deeply. He looked up to me...

"You smell so good down here, you scent horns me up Mikey." he said smiling.

His hands seemed to be making love to my cock. He couldn't get enough of the feel of it. When a clear pearl of pre cum formed he quickly licked it up with his tongue, he smiled then, liking the slightly metalic taste. Slowly he placed his lips on my corona and ran his tongue around the head, taking a deep breath he let my cock slide over his lips into his mouth. He looked up to me with wide eyes, then back to my cock. The taste and feel of my cock was a surprise to him, he loved the feel on it in his mouth, slowly he started a bobbing motion that was deep and determined. It was obvious that David likes sucking cock, the entire time he kept his teeth covered with his lips, never scraping me once, he even began the swallowing motion that milked my cock in his throat, I'm sure that his brother warned him about the teeth. On one particularly deep plunge, when I thrust against him, he gagged a bit but soon recovered and kept nursing on my cock.

I stopped him when I felt close to orgasm, we hugged together and he told me it was everything he had hoped it would be.

"I really like sucking your cock Michael, I love the way it feels inside me, filling me."

I laughed.

"If you think that made you feel good, just you wait David. We're both in for a real treat today."

We sipped on our beer, recuperating a bit; then noticing that we hadn't been in the hot tub at all, I took David's hand and we went to my bedroom. He lay on my bed on his back, he held up his opened arms for me to lay on top of him. We lay there, kissing, fondling, exploring each others body. My hands and lips were having their effect on him, before I reached his navel his was breathing ragged and uneven, I kept licking and kissing every tender spot I found. Oddly, my lips sucking on a protruding hip bone was a hot spot for him, he could only take a few seconds of my mouth on it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that David had taken time to do some very extensive manscaping, not only his scrotum, but his pubic hair was trimmed nicely, not shaved but neatly trimmed as was the hair at his crotch where leg meets torso and later I would find that his hairy crack was shaved smooth too.

I decided it had to be his gay brother who told him what to do or more likely, was the one who did the trimming. Hmmm...I would have liked to be a fly on the wall watching that. A twin shaving his brother's genitals could be a very hot scene. I've never had a session with twins...maybe I'll bring that up later. For now, getting into David's tight, little virgin butt is job one.

David was on his back as I spread his legs and knee walked up against his hairy thighs. I pushed his legs against his chest and sucked on his scrotum, taking both testicles in my mouth at once. I closed my lips tightly and reared back, stretching his scrotum to the limit.

"Oh my fuckin' nuts...pull em...aww god those nuts man." David gasped.

I let his testicles escape, one by one, slipping from my lips with a slight pop, then looking up to his handsome face, I took his cock to the hilt in one quick gulp.

"Holy Shit MIKEY!...Aw Dude...SUCK MY COCK! Fantastic, Mike!"

Letting his cock go, it smacked wetly against his abdomen. I looked up at him again and gave him a dirty little smirk then dove down and scored a bullseye. My tongue stabbing at his wrinkled opening.

David was all over the bed, moaning, cussing, swearing the grabbing both his cheeks and spreading them as wide as he could...he wanted more than my tongue up his ass now. I spent a few minutes there, chowing down on that perfect little butt of his. I reached for the lube and squirted a huge glob inside him; I put a glob in my hand and spread it over my straining cock. Again I leaned in to kiss him, another soft sensuous 'lover's kiss, I heard a little whimper down in his throat as we kissed.

Without breaking our lips apart, I pushed just as he relaxed and I was inside him. We were still kissing but I saw his eyes go wide then slam shut in a grimace from the pain. I moved to his ear and told him how hot he is, how much he needs this, how much I want him. How I wanted to drag him in my door and make love to him that first morning when he woke me banging at the front door, I told him How I've masturbated thinking about us doing this like we are now, how he was going to love this fuck. I tongued his ear, licked his skin, sucked on his chin and I felt his hands tugging at my thighs, wanting me deeper in him.

His beautiful butt was a blast furnace of heat. All sorts of sensations assailed my cock, the sensitive nerves just under the front of the helmet were buzzing. David's eyes were still closed but he was breathing easier as he relaxed a bit. Once I was all the way inside him, I ground against his pelvis, his eyes flew open as he emitted a long slow groan. I pulled back to his sphincter and plunged in slowly again. I saw goose-flesh run over his body and he moaned in pleasure this time. When I was completely in him I made little circular motions with my hips, he must have liked it, his arms went around my neck and we kissed again. Not soft and sweet this time. This was hungry lust. My cock has shown him new possibilities, new sensations that he's never known before. He became more vocal and more active, he was throwing his ass up to meet my thrusts. David is a born bottom, this is his 'Cherry Ride', his first fuck and here he is throwing his ass to me like a porn star bottom. I love being in his ass.

"Oh god Mike...nothing ever felt like this...oh sweet jeezus...don't stop...don't ever stop...fuck me good. You knew what I needed...please Mike fuck me, FUCK ME! Oh my god..."

I smiled down at him.

"I told you that you would like this...come on babe, let's fuck. You've got that itch deep down in that hole...we're gonna scratch it together now...I want you bucking back at me so hard I have to fight to stay on this hot, tight little butt of yours."

He can't get enough of my cock in him. I ramped up the speed and was soon pile driving his ass. He just grunted and threw his hot hole up to meet my thrust. In just a few minutes I was holding on, I was deep inside him but it was David doing the fucking. I've had a few virgins before but none ever wanted my cock like David's cock hungry ass does. He had me ready to blow, I couldn't fight him any longer, I'm gonna cum, there's no stopping now.

"Come on David, cum with me, you gotta cum with this hard cock pounding inside you. Come on baby...cum with me. I was over the edge, my body tensed and a second later so did David's. I filled his tunnel with my semen until it ran out of him and onto the sheets, David was covered in his own cum from his hair to his cock. I collapsed atop him and slid off to the side in the slick spunk covering his torso. What a FUCK! And from a virgin at that. Later, when we could again speak I told him that I'd never had a fuck like him before.

"How was it for you Davey boy, did it meet your expectations babe."

"Completely shattered them. I never knew anything could feel like that. I know why my brother Donnie is gay now. Fuck the labels...this is what I'm meant for...I sure hope you will...we will do this again Mike. Thank you...that's the best sex ever.'

"Sure we can do this again, just don't wait for six months to go by again. you're an amazing bottom David. AMAZING!"

"Umm...I'm thinking more along the lines of 6 hours from now Mike. Think we can make the earth move again." David said as he cuddled up against me.

"No, even in six hours we won't make the earth move babe, but we can sure rattle the furniture around. Since it's the weekend...maybe you ought to stay over tonight. I kinda like the thought of waking you spooned to your backside. Making love early in the morning starts a day off right. That okay with you Dave?"

"Yes, that's more than okay with me. That means more kissing and the kissing is almost as good as the fucking...but the fucking was absolutely fantastic Mike....hmm...that's it...your new nickname...Fantastic Mike!"

More to cum...


Bill Hudley

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