From Part2

The following Saturday we arrived at Don's place and Brad was shocked when Don answered the door nude.  Needless to say, Don was in heaven, getting to have sex with two of his players.  We left Don's house shortly after six  that evening, and Brad kept saying how hot it had been.

Needless to say, Brad and i became Coach Baker's avorite players, often having us help him out after school.  It was always sex in his officeafter everyone else in the school had left.

Then, just before  graduation,  i decided to stop by and see Troy.  Undoubtedly he was expecting someone because when he answered the door he was nude and boned and the two men with him were nude and boned also, and involved in a sixty-nine.  As Troy opened the door, the two men stopped and looked toward the door.  One i didn't know, but the other i did know.

Part 3

The two men were hot as hell and hung. I looked into their faces and asi did, the one i knew lookedatme and said, "Care to join us?  Troy told me you were hot  in the sack."

I couldn't believe that i was hearing my Uncle Jim speaking.  Troy had never indicated that he had sex  with his dad.  I instantly wondered if my dad knew that his brother liked cock.

Stunned, i eventually said, "Sure," as Troy leaned over and kissed me.  I stripped and seconds later Troy and i joined the other man, who i found out was Dave, a co-worker of Jim's, in a daisy chain:  Uncle Jim was sucking my cock, as i sucked Dave, and Dave was sucking Troy, as Troy sucked his dad.  It was hot watching Troy suck his dad's big hard cock,  and even hotter knowing Jim and Dave were both deputy sheriffs .

Before long, we all climaxed and began a hot kissing session, swaping cum with each  other.  Soon, all four loads were mixed and we each swallowed our share. After our group kiss, my uncle lovingly kissed me again and said, "I've wanted to  have sex with you for a while now, and when Troy told me you were into man sex, i knew i had to have you."

"Well, it certainly was  a shock to me to  find out that you and Troy had sex together," I told him.

"It wasn't planned," he told me. "I was in bed having  sex with another man when he walked  in and caught me.  That night he came to me and said he wanted to try having sex with another man so i took him to bed and showed him what it was like. It was his choice to continue."

Then, he said softly, "Mark, does your dad know about you being into men?"

"Oh, hell no.  I hate to think how he would  react, but i've seen him nude and semi-hard without him knowing and i have to admit that i would love to suck him."

"I know what you mean.  I wanted his cock, after seeing him full grown when he came out of the Marines.  And it appears that your cock is going to be as big as his."

Suddenly the phone  rang, and Uncle Jim answered.  Aftera  moment, I heard him say, "I understand, but you're missing out on some hot sex.  Maybe next time."

"That was the other person we were expecting.  He can't make it today." Then,looking toward me, he said, "I think you would have enjoyed him."

During my visit,  Uncle  Jim and i fucked each other, then later  Dave fucked me as I sucked Uncle Jim and Troy fucked his dad.  It was an awesome afternoon.

Later, when i arrived home, he asked what i had been up to.  When i said that I had visited Troy, he got a strange look on his face, and asked if i had a good time.  I said it was okay.

Two days later, Uncle Jim called and asked if i would like to visit with just him.  I new what he wanted and i wanted the same thing.  Jim was muscular  hung and hairy and i wanted his body all to myself.

I knew  that dad  was going to be out of town on business that  weekend, so i asked if Jim would like to come over.  

"Just in case your dad might come home unexpectedly, meet me  at the Shady Grove Motel at nine Saturday morning.  We can have all day together."

I pulled into the motel parking lot and saw Jim standing in an open room door, shirtless. I pulled into a parking space and as i did, he disappeared into the room,  leaving the door open. I entered and as soon as the door was closed and locked, Jim took me into his muscular arms and began a hot  passionate deep  throat tongue kiss.  

After the kiss, we undressed each other and as we did, I said, "You know what i want?"

Smiling,  he asked, "What's that?"

"I would love to suck both you and Dave while you're both in uniform."

"Oh, really?"

"Yep," I replied.  Jim and Dave were both state troopers and i loved men in uniform and  that included cops as well as all military, and anyone else  in uniform.

"Well, stud, maybe i can work that out for you," he replied.

Moments later we were in bed passionately making out and groping each others cocks. Before long, Jim flipped around and we began a hot sixty-nine.  After devouring each others loads and kissing, I said that i needed to pee.

"I want it," Jim said.


"I want your pee.  Stick your cock in my mouth and let it flow."

I  did as instructed and as my flow began, Jim eagerly began swallowing and after i was through he smiled and said how delicious it was.  I couldn't believe that he had drank my piss, but i did find it erotic and exciting.

Later, after we had fucked each other, we went to shower.  As we did he said that he needed to piss, so i knelt down and told him to spray it on me.  I had heard about 'golden  showers' and wanted to experience it.  His stream began  and it was  so warm and erotic.  Out of curiosity, i opened  my mouth and let his stream fill my mouth before swallowing. It was different yet exciting.  I wanted more and drank hungrily.

 Before leaving the room we had had  a second sixty-nine and had a second round of fucking each other.  When Uncle Jim had his cock in my ass i closed my eyes and as we kissed while he fucked me, i pretended it was my own dad.  As Jim climaxed in my ass i spontaneously climaxed out onto my own stomach.  I had Jim lick it up then kiss me and feed me my own cum.

I met Troy and Uncle Jim for three ways asoften  as possible and even took Brad with me a few times.  Uncle Jim loved having two high school seniors to suck off while Troy fucked his ass.

Brad and i also had reguolar sex with Coach Baker and it was as good and hot as ever.  Then, one weekend Brad invited me to their fish camp, where my sexual revolation had begun.  After the third day,storms setin and we  decided to return home.

When Brad dropped me off at the house, i saw Uncle Jim's car in the drive.  I grabbed my bag of clothes and headed inside.

Upon opening the door, i froze at what i saw.  There, on the floor, on his hands and knees was my dad, with Troy's cock in his mouth and Uncle Jim's cock in his ass.  Upon seeing me, all action stopped.  I was totally shocked for a moment yet extremely excited.

As i dropped my bag, i immediately began stripping and said, "Can anyone join this party?"

I was naked in an instant since all i had on was a pair of shorts.  Uncle Jimstil had his cock in dad's ass as i waled  up and told  Troy that i was  taking his place.  As Troy stood, i said, " Uncle Jim you suck Troy while dad and i have a  sixty-nine."

Dad was in total shock as i got under him in a sixty-nine and i felt him shudder as i took his cock in my mouth.  Then i felt his hot wet mouth on my cock.  Action resumed as Dad and i had our first sexual  experience with  each other as dad got fucked by his brother who was sucking off his own sons cock.  Two fathers and two sons in a wild orgy.

Once dad  and i had fed each other and Troy had fed his dad, Jim filled his brothers ass with his load.  I immediately went to dad's  ass and sucked Jim's load out before kissing dad and sharing it.

As  things settled down, dad, of course, had to know how long i had been into sex with men, and how it started.  Jim and Troy excused themselves, and after dressing, left so dad and i could talk.

I told dad everything, starting with my first trip to the camp with Brad.  He couldn't believe that Brad was gay also.  I went  on to tell  him about  how i found out about Troy and visiting him when Uncle  Jim and dave were  there.

"Now, you know about me.  How and when did you start?"

"Well, your Uncle Jim and i shared a bedroom growing up. As you know, he is two years older  than me, and i would see him jerking off.  Heshowedme how than we started jerking each  other.  One thing led to another and before long we were sucking and fucking each other.  We continued to have sex together even after we married.  Then, when Troy was about five, your aunt got involved with a man she worked with.  He didn't want kids, so when she ran off with him she gave Jim custody of Troy.  Jim and i continued to have sex and after your mother became ill, we found out that it was terminal.  After she passed, having Jim to lean on and comfort me and having you, was what got me through.  Now that i know we both love male sex, my life is complete."

"I love you, dad," I said as i leaned in to him and tongue kissed him passionately.  After the kiss,he  said, "And i love you also, now more than ever."

After another kiss, he looked at me and said, "I enjoy being nude.  Shall we live that way when at home?"

"Hell, yea," I quickly replied.

"Now," he continued, "how would you like to start sharing my king bed with me every night?" 

"Fuck yea," I immediately replied.

The rest of the day was spent having sex.  We sucked, fucked, rimmed,  made out, and found that we both loved water  sports.

The following weekend we  invited Jim and Troy  over and dad and i watched them have sex,  they watched dad and i have sex and the two sons watched the dads have sex and the dads watched the sons have sex.   And at times, when we got together at Jim's house Dave would join in.

It was such a relief to be out with  my dad  and not have to keep my sexual interest hidden.  I etroy'shomeven started having Brad over for weekends and at times both Brad and Coach Baker.  

Graduation arrived and as my present, dad had JIm and Dave show up in their uniforms and let me have  my way with them.  The four of us became closer and closer.  Troy and i got an apartment together and soon he graduated in accounting and began his career.  I also majored in accounting.

Dad and Jim moved in together in dad's house and Troy and gave up the apartment and moved into Troy's home.

Dad and Uncle Jim became lovers and after i got my degree  in accounting, Troy and i went into business together and yes we became lovers.

At least one weekend a month we have a swap weekend and dad and i spent the weekend together  and Uncle Jim and Troy spent the weekend together.  Other times when we get together it is just a big orgy with everyone having ses with others.  At times Dave, Brad, and Coach Baker all join in on the action.  Seven hot naked bodies all enjoying sex with each other. What a life!!!!!11

THE END..................................

NOTE TO MY READERS: In about a week, i will be having knee  replacement  surgery.  I will be needing a care giver for a while during my recuperation.  They DO NOT know of my sexual interest or my writings so i will not be posting  any new stories  for a while.  Also this time away from writing will give me a chance to come up with new story lines. If anyone has suggestions, please let me  know.  I love you all!!



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