From Part 1...........

I quickly stood with my cock close to  the hole. A moment later his hand came through the hole and grasped my cock.  After a moment,he released it and  motioned for me to put it through the hole.  I did and instantly his hot mouth closed around me and began sucking me off.  It was obvious that he was experienced at sucking and i soon fed him a huge load.  As i pulled back, i signaled him to put his through.  He did and i immediately began returning the pleasure to him.  It wasn't long before he fed me  his huge thick delicious load.  After devouring every drop, i stood and began dressing.  I wanted to meet him to see if we  could meet regularly.

Just as I stepped out of my booth, he stepped out of his and we ran into each other.  I looked up at  his face, he looked at me and we both froze, unable to speak.

Part  2

After a second, I heard him say, "Mark?"  My only response was "Troy?"

I was looking into the face of my cousin.  Our dads were brothers.

"Let's go outside," he said.  "We need to talk."

Troy was twenty-one and had his own apartment, working part time and going to college.  We had always been close friends but i never suspicioned that he might be gay.  Once at his car, he turnedtome and said, "Damn, man, I can't believe that we just sucked each others cock."

"Neither can I,"I replied.  I never dreamed you were into men."

"I have been since i was seventeen.  When did you start?"

"Just this past summer," I replied.

"Are you just into oral or do you like it in the ass also?" he asked.

"Man, i love it both ways.  What about you?"

"Same here," he replied,  "and it is  even hotter when i have one in my mouth and one in my ass at the same time."

"Sounds hot," I replied, "but i haven't tried that yet."

"Mark, now that we know about each other, how would you like spending the weekend with me?  We can play all weekend."

"I would love that," I replied, since it was Friday.

He told me to follow  him and as i did I called my dad and told him that i had run into Troy and that he had invited me to spend the weekend with him and goto a movie.  Dad thought it was great  that we were going to spend some time together.  He then told me that he was going to be away for the weekend also.

We arrived at Troy's apartment and as soon as he had shut and locked the door, he took me in his arms and we tongue kissed passionately.  We were both soon totally naked and fondling each others cock as we kissed again.  Before long, we were on his bed and having a wild sixty-nine.  After we filled each other with another load of sweet cream, he looked into my eyes and said how glad he was that we had ran into each other. "Mark, you are one hell of a hot cocksucker."

"You are damn good at it also," I replied.

Later, after putting on just enough clothes to be legal, we went for burgers before having another round of hot sex.   We had decided to fuck each other's ass.  We had both said how we wanted  to feel  each other deep inside our holes.

Once back at his apartment, we made out before finally getting down to fucking each others ass.  It thought it wasso hot having a relative fuck my ass.  He said he loved it also.

Just as he climaxed in my hole, his phone rang and it was his dad saying that he had to go out of town for the weekend on business.  My uncle was a contractor and had said that there was a problem at one of his jobs in a neighboring town.  

After he hung up, I askedif  Uncle Jim, his dad, knew he was  gay.

"Yes, he does," Troy relied.

"Holy shit, how did he find out?"

"About a year ago he was out of town and i had a guy over that i had met and dad happened to get home early and walked in on the guy fucking my ass."

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed.  "What happened?"

"He saidthat if that was what i wanted,he could accept it but thought i should have my own place.  He pays most of my rent."

"Fuck, I can't even think of what my dad might say or do," I replied.

"Well, we don't have to think  about that this weekend.  Now, I want to feel you deep in my ass."

Momets later,i was steadily pumping in and out of his hot tight hole, as he moaned and said how great i felt in his ass.  Moments later, i climaxed deepinside him as we kissed passionately.

After showering together, we cuddled together and made out before going to sleep, wrapped in each  others arms.

The next morning,we awoke at the sametime and after a quick kiss, we turned and had a hot sixty-nine.

As we drank ourfirstcupof coffee, Troy asked, "You're on the football team, aren't you?"

"What do you think of Coach Baker?"

"Well, he is good looking and i think he is hot."

"Would you have sex with him if you had a chance?"

"Hell yea.  I saw him taking a piss one day and he has a nice cock."

"I bet he is hot in bed," he said.

He changed the subject and asked if i ever had sex with another guy on my team.  I confessed that i had but didn't say who."

"I did also when I played football," he replied.

 Later in the morning, he asked if i had ever had a three-way. When i said no he askedif i would like to try it.

"Hell yea!" i exclaimed.  "I'd love having  two cocks in my face at the same time."

He went to the phone and made a call.  I couldn'thearwhat he said  until he was about to hang up and i heard him say, "See you later."

Returning  to me, he said, "I've got someone coming over about six that i think you might enjoy having join us."

When i asked  who it was, he just said "A friend of mine."

Just a few minutes after six, there was a knockon the door.  Troy had said we could stay nude and  that the visitor would quickly join us in being nude.

He answered the door and as he kissed our visitor, I was shocked at who it was.

There before me, was Troy tongue kissing Coach Baker.  When Coach Baker sawme standing there naked, he smiled and said, "Troy assured me that i wouldn't be disappointed and he was certainly right."  He immediately began stripping off his clothes.

As I got to see  more of his body without clothes the more i got turned on.  He looked at me and said, "While i'm here call me Don,but remember at school, I'll aways be 'Coach'.

I smiled as i took in his hot muscular body and his hairy chest and stomach.  There was something about a hairy guy that turned me on.

Oncenude, Don stepped up to me and without hesitation began a hot wet tongue kiss with  me as he grasped  my now hard cock.  Once the kiss was over,he dropped to his kneesandswallowed my rock hard cock, burying his nose  in my thick pubic bush.  Before long, i filled his mouth with my own thick cream, which he eagerly and hungrily swallowed.

Then, as he turned and began sucking Troy, i dropped and swallowed Don's hot seven inch boner.  As i did, i heard him moan softly.  Soon, Troy was feeding Don  as Don fed me his huge thick delicious man cream.  

After swallowing Troy's cum, Don turned me around and egan eating my hot hole.  Troy lay next tome and as we kissed, Don alternated  between our asses, driling our holes with his hot wet tongue.

Before long, Don said he wanted me in his ass and i gladly honored his wish.   Sooh i filled his holead shocked both he and Troy when i dropped and sucked my own load out of his ass.  Troy insisted that i kiss him  and share.  

Then, as Troy and Don kissed, i got my wish and had both their cocks at my disposal, alternating between the two.  Before long, each one fed me their cum load.  

Don spent the night with us and we got very little sleep.  Don gave me his address and phone number and invited me over some Saturday.

He was  stunned when i asked if i could bring a fellow team member with me but quicky said yes.  I asked i the following Saturday was openand he said yes,but call  first.  I told him that we would call about ten in the mornig.  He left wondering who it would be. Troy and i sucked and fucked for the remainder of the weekend and vowed to see each other more often.

Once home, I called Brad and told him not to make plans  for the following Saturday.  When he asked why, i refused to say anything except  that he would enjoy it.

The following Saturday we arrived at Don's place and Brad was shocked when Don answered the door nude.  Needless to say, Don was in heaven, getting to have sex with two of his players.  We left Don's house shortly after six  that evening, and Brad kept saying hot hot it had been.

Needless to say, Brad and i became Coach Baker's avorite players, often having us help him out after school.  It was always sex in his officeafter everyone else in the school had left.

Then, just before  graduation,  i decided to stop by and see Troy.  Undoubtedly he was expecting someone because when he answered the door he was nude and boned and the two men with him were nude and boned also, and involved in a sixty-nine.  As Troy opened the door, the two men stopped and looked toward the door.  One i didn't know, but the other i did know.

TO BE  CONTINUED.......................



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