During my junior year of high school, I played center for the high school football team and my best friend, Brad Thomas, wasthe quarterback.  During practice and our games, as he got ready for the ball snap, he would aways brush against my cock and i began to enjoy it.  I always ended up with a boner and I was sure he knew it but never said anything. I began looking forward to our practice and games.

Then, during the summer between our junior and senior yearsof school, I thurned eighteen and Brad invited me to spend a week with him at the family fishing camp on the lake to celebrate. I quickly agreed and since I looked older and had a fake ID, I was elected to buy the beer for the trip.  

With his truck packed with supplies for the week, he picked me up and after a stop at the store to get te beer, we headed out.  Two and a half hours later, we arrived at their cabin on  an inlet at the lake.  It was totally private and secluded and quiet.  Once we arrived,  we unloaded the truck and since the beer had been on ice during the tip, we each grabbed a cold one as we headed out to the inlet to relax by the small beach.

Shortly after sitting down, Brad suggested that we go swimming and since it was a hot summer day, i quikly agreed.  I expected that we would go in and change but instead, Brad stripped totlly nude right where he stood and ran for the water.  Once he was waist deep in the water,  he turned and called out, "Aren't you going to join me?"

Laughing, i stood upand said "Hell yea," and striped naked before joining him in the cool water.  We began to frolic around and wrestle and as we did we both developed raging boners. As we waked back to the beach and sat down, our hard cocks pointed the way.  We  had seen each other nude in the school showers but never with a full erection.

As we sat down, Brad surprised me by starting to slowly stroke his own cock.  When he sawme watching he laughed and said, "Don't you fucking try to tell me that you don't  jerk your cock off."

"Fuck yea I jerk  off but not  in front of anyone," I replied.

"What the hell is the big deal?  All guys do it so what is wrong with best friends doind it together?"

Laughing, I said "Good point," and began stroking my own boner.  

I noticed that Brad  watched me a lot as we jerked.  I had to admit that i was enjoying watching him in action.  Soon  he stood, and i knew he was close to busting his nuts.  I was also, so i stood and at almost the same time we both began firing multiple volleys of thick cum out onto the ground, both moaning loudly .

"Damn that felt good," he said, then adding, "and with no one around we can do it anytime we want."

"Sounds good to me," I replied.

We gathered some fire wood for the firepit and grabbed another beer.  As we chatted about general things, I noticed Brad start fondling his cock  and as he did it began to slowly stiffen.  Not to be odd man out, I began fondling my own cock.

Once we were both hard, he unexpectedly stood and moved his  chair right next to mine and as he sat down he said, "Let's do something i  have always wanted to do.  Let's jerk each other off.  I want to see what it's like to jerk off another guy and have him jerk me off."

Having wondered what it was like to feel another hard cock since having him rub me when playing football, i readily agreed and in an instant, he had his hand around my cock,  stroking it.  I shivered at the feeling even though i loved it.  I quickly reached for his cock, curious as to what it would be like to have another man cock in my hand. 

Momets later, we brought each other to another raging climax.  Feeling his cock grow harder and exploed was such an erotic feeling and i loved it.  As our climaxes subsided, he smiled and said only "Awesome!"

"Yea," was  my only reply.

Later, we fixed dinner and ate and when we headed for bed, Brad suggested we share the queen bed saying that we would then only have one bed to make up.  I agreed and before long, we lay side  by side in bed,  both still nude, having discussed the fact that since  no one could see us, we would  stay nude while there. 

With only an outside light on giving a dimglow to the room, Brad reached over and grasped my cock, saying, "You ready to go again?"

"Sure," I replied as i grasp his soft cock.

Once we were both hard, Brad sat up  and said,"I hope i don't ruin our friendship,but i'd like to show you something that feels better than jerking off."

"Why should it ruin our friendship?  Nothing else  has."

"I'll show you."

With that, he leaned forward and swallowed my hard  cock as i gasped loudly and said "Oh, fuck, yea!"

As he began giving me my first ever blow  job, i moaned softy in total relaxed pleasure.

I fanally said, "Fuck, Brad, I think you are making our friendship stronger.  Don't stop."

Asi neared my climax, i warned him but he began sucking me with more intensity and soon i began filling his mouth with my load.  Once he had milked me dry, i watched as he looked at me and swallowed.

Shockedand curious,  i asked, "Brad are you bi or totally gay?"

"Mark, I'm totally gay, but to hide it i date and fuck cunt, but sex with another male is much more satisfying.   Do you still want to be buds?"

"Hey, you will always be my best bud, gay or straight."

My curiosity was getting the best of me and as he lay back down, i grasped his cock and returned to stroking it. Then, i suddenly felt  the urge to suck him and it felt natural.  Leaning forward, I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking him, enjoying the taste of the clear pre-cum oozing from the head.  I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth and wanted to taste his thick load.  Moments later, i had the intense  pleasure of tasting my first loadof cum and loved it.  without any hesitation after savoring the flavor i swallowed  every drop.

"I never dreamed cum could taste that good," i said.  Then, as i lay down beside  him, he turned and in an instant had  his lips pressed to mine and was offerig his hot wet tongue.  Instinctibely, i opened my mouth and as i had done with girls, offered my tong to him as i accepted his.  I quickly found that kissing him was so much more passionate than kissing a girl.  We kissed for several moments beforehe cuddled upnext to  me  with his head on my shoulder and my arm around him.  Soon we were asleep cuddled in each other arms.

The next morning as i awoke, the events of the previous night flooded my brain,and i wondered if it had all transpired due to the beers i has consumed.  A moment later Brad  roused upand said, "Good morning," and leaned over to kiss me.  As we tongue kissed, I found that it was just as enjoyable as it had been the night before. 

He began fondling my cock and as it stiffened, i reached for his. As i did,he flipped around ane got into the infamous sixty-nine position and as he swallowedmy cock,  I swallowed  his.  Lovingly, we sucked each others cocks and i found it just as pleasurable as it had been the night before and i looked forward to eating another load of his cum.  Moments later we both climaxed and watched each other eat the load fed to us before another hot passionate kiss.

As we got up, Brad issed me lightly and said, "I've wanted to do all this with you since the start of the last football season.  No, i want to feel  your cock in my ass."

"What?" i asked.

"Later, I want you to fuck me."

"Holy shit!" was all i could say.

We had breakfast and went for a swim and afterward, he looked at me and  asked, "Are you ready to fuck your first man?"

"Sure," I replied.

As we got in bed, he retrived his lube from his bag and soon had us both ready.  He lay on his back  and pulled his legs up ,  totally exposing his pink hole.

"As you go in, go slow, but once you're in all the way, fuck me like you would a cunt."

I did asinstructed and once in and fucking him i realized his ass was much better  than any cunt i had ever fucked.  I was loving fucking him and as i did, i leaned forward and kissed him passionately.

I was nearing my climax when he said, "Shoot it in me.  I want to feel you cum in my ass  ."

I did and we both became verbal as i climaxed.  After another passionate kiss, i slowly pulled out and together, we showered, washing each other.  As wedid, i beganlaughing and said, "I wonder what coach or the others would say if we washed each other in the showers after a game?"

"I don't think it would go over  very well  with them, but i happened to  see coach in the showers and i'd love to suck him. His cock is huge."

We later did some fishing and after ceaning our catch for dinner i looked at Bradad said, "I want you to fuck me so i can see what it's like."

"Mark, i want to be honest.  The first time will hurt like hell to start but will become enjoyable.  The more you get fucked, the less pain and  more pleasure there is."

"Fuck me,"i said.

Moments later we were in bed, my ass and his cock lubed up  and my legs raised.  He began his entry very slowly and the pain was intense.  Ever so slowly,he worked hisway deeper into my cavern  and soon said, "You got it all."

He held  his position and let me adjust as we kissed.   I son told him that the pain was easing up and he began to slowly work his cock in  and out of my hole.  The more he fucked me the better it felt.  I wanted to feel him cum in my ass.

"Oh yea man, fuck me.  Shoot that load."

Moments later he told me to to get ready ad a second later i felt  his cockswell  and his hot thick cream begin to fill  my insides.   Once he was drained, we kissed as he slowly removed his cock from my hole.

After we showered, we lay in bed and i questioned him about his handposition during practice and the games.  He confessed that he did it intentionally and he more he did it the more he wanted tosuck me.  I then confessed that i was ejoying it also.  I couldn't believe  that in just a day and a half i had been sucked, fucked an ass, sucked a cock and been fucked and had loved it all.

The rest of the week was spent having sex.  By the time we  returned home, I knew that all i wanted was sex with another male.  I knew i was totally gay.

Brad and i had sex as often as possible after our return and i began seeing guys in a totally different light.  I wondered i  they ever engaged in sex with another male.  

With my fake ID, i began frequenting a local adult video store.  Several booth had the infamous glory hole and it was so exciting sucking the cock of an unknown maleor having a stranger suck our cock.

About a month after i started going to the videostore, i was in one booth when i heard someone enter the booth next to me.  i squatted down to see  if he was going to stroke his cock or not.  The booth had bench seats in them and i had removed my jeans and placed them on the bench.  I was commando and watched as he removed his pants and briefs and placed them on his bench.  His cock was awesome and quickly stiffening.  He started a movie and stood close to  the hole slowly stroking his cock.  The hole was just big enough to slipyour hand through and when he started stroking his cock, he began to lean forward to look thorough to me. 

I quikly stood and with my cockclose to  the hole, a moment later his hand came through the hole and grasped my cock.  After a moment,he released it and  motioned for me to put it through the hole.  I did and instantly his hot mouth closed around me and began sucking me off.  It was obvious that he was experienced at sucking and i soon fed him a huge load.  As i pulled back, i signaled him to put his through.  He did and i immediately began returning the pleasure to him.  It wasn't long before he fed me  his huge thick delicious load.  After devouring every drop, i stood and began dressing.  I wanted to meet him to see if we  could meet regularly.

Just as I stepped out of my booth, he stepped out of his and we ran into each other. looking up at  his face, he looked at me and we both froze, unable to speek.

TO BE CONTINUED...........................



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