By the time we were through with Ray, Mike, and Jim, they were well into gay sex and loving it. Only Mike still fucked girls occasionally.

Tony got his divorce and transfered to the local office of his company. After a few weeks, I gave him a job with my construction company. Although he lives with me, we are not lovers,even though we have sex 3-4 times a week.

Luke finished his tour in the Marines and after his discharge, went to the base commander and told him that he was propf that gays could serve honorably in the military. He said that the old man nearly shit when he told him. Since his parents had recently died and his brother was living with his new lover, he came to live with me also.

While in the Marines, he had told me about some of the other marines going out of town to make videos to make extra spending money. We began planning to start our own video production company and get in on the fun.

As we were in the planning stages, I received a certified letter from an attorney in Miami. It seems that I had an uncle twice removed on my mother's side of the family that I didn't even know about. I was his only heir and he had passed away and I was needed in Miami for the reading of the will.

The three of us flew to Miami, thinking that we'd make it a mini-vacation while there. We arrived and found a gay motel on South Beach and checked into a suite. The pool area was completely circle by the rooms and everyone was nude. We were in heaven.

I went to the attorney's office and met with him.

'May I call you Mark?' he asked.

'Yes, please do.'

'Well Mark, I've been your uncle's attorney for quite a few years. He told me that he thought that he had a nephew but wasn't sure. It took an investigator a couple of months to track you down. His will stated that if you could be found that his entire estate would go to you. If not, it would go to charity.'

'Well here I am. I didn't even know about him. Your letter was quite a surprise to me.'

'Well son, I'm glad we found you. Shall we proceed with the reading. the Will is quite short and to the point.'

'Sure, go ahead,' I answered not knowing what else to say.

He began reading the usual beginning about sound mind and will then went into detail.

'To my only nephew, should he be located, I bequeath my entire estate, including my home Miami, my stocks, and all cash on hand.'

I sat confused. 'He also gave me this envelope to give to you if you were located.'

He handed me the envelope and on the front was hand written 'To be opened in private in my study at the house.'

I slipped it into my inside jacket pocket.

'Now if you will sign these papers, I can have everything transfered into your name by day after tomorrow.'

'What all is there exactly?' I asked as I sipped a cup of coffee that he had provided.

'Including the house, stocks, and cash on hand, the estate comes to just over eight million dollars.'

Shocked, I dropped the coffee and stared at the lawyer.

'What?' I finally managed to say.

'Your uncle was a very wealthy man. Now you are. I can tell that you weren't aware of any of this.'

'No, I wasn't.'

'Well, I'll take care of all the legal affairs and be in touch. And don't worry about my fee. It's already been taken care of.

He handed me a set of keys he said were to the house, and a note with the security code. There was also a placard to place on my dash to get me through the gates to the subdivision. It was gated.

He called a number and said, 'George, this is John Stephens. Mr. Connor's nephew has arrived and will be coming out sometime today to see the house and might be staying there. I just wanted uyu to be aware.'

He hung up and gave me written directions to the estate.

I thanked him and walked out and to my rental car still in a daze. I returned to the hotel and went to the suite. It was empty and when I stepped out onto the baclony I saw Luke and Tony at the pool talking with another man. Luke spotted me and I motioned for them to ome to the room. A few minutes later they arrived and Tony said, 'Well, guy, how'd it...Hell Mark, what's wrong? You;re white as a sheet.'

'I'll tell you later. Both of you get dressed and meet me in the car.'

They soon arrived and with Tony beside me and Luke in the back seat, we pulled out and into traffic.

'Where in the fuck are we going?' Tony asked.

'Just read these directions to me,' I said. Tony did as I requested and soon we pulled up to the gate of an exclusive neighborhood. I pulled up to the gate and said, 'Mr. Stephens called you a short time ago.'

'Yes sir. Do you need directions to the house?'

'No, I've got them. Thank you anyway.'

The gate swung open and we drove in.

'Some fancy homes here,' Luke said as Tony read directions. A minute later we pulled into the circular drive of a large ranch style home, but not as large and grand as most that were around it. The homes across the street back up to the bay.

'Who's place is this?' Tony asked.

For the first time, I began to reveal my secret.

'Mine. I'll explain more inside.'

WE got out and after unlocking the door, I turned off the alarm. We began looking around. They knew by now that I'd tell them more when I was ready. We checked each room and found the study. I sat at the desk and they took the two chairs in front of it as I had asked then to do.

I began explaining everything. 'You're fucking shitting me?' Tony said.

'No, not according to the attorney. Everything should be in my name day after tomorrow. I have to meet him at his office at ten.'

Remembering the envelope in my pocket, I removed it and began reading.

It began, 'Dear Nephew,' I read more and all it really said was that he wished he had gotten to know me and wished me well.

The last paragraph told me of a safe behind a painting on the left wall and gave me the combination. Then it said 'What's there no one knows about. Keep it secret and it will be tax free.'

I walked to the painting and swung it to the side and found the safe. I opened it and looked inside. Behind me I heard Luke say 'Holy fucking shit!'

There was another note which read, 'In the closet is a briefcase. The combination is 685.' I put it in my pocket and we began stacking the packets on the desk. When we finished we counted it and the total was a quarter of a million....CASH.

We sat there looking at it for a long time. I finally said, 'Guys, it looks like we no longer have to wonder how to get the production company started. How does the name MLT Productions sound?'

We all agreed on it and packed the money back into the safe. As we drove out, I said, 'Well, we have a vacation house now, at least for a while.'

We returned to the motel and they introduced me to the guy they met at the pool. That night we had a wild four-way.

The following day we did some sightseeing and had more sex with a few guys we found on the beach. Then on Wednesday I again met with the attorney and we went to the bank and had the account transfered to my name, and finalized the remainder of the transactions. Later we returned to the house and packed the cash into the briefcase and then packed it into a box and had it shipped FedEx two day delivery to the California address. We did that because we knew that with the airport screenings, it would be noticed if it was in our bags.

The package arrived right on time and as I opened it I said, 'Gentlemen, this is what we'll use to pay our men who perform for us. It should last quite a while.'

We immediately incorporated the company and did an addition to the house to use as our 'studio' with it's own priate entrance from the street.

After three months we were ready. We had the cameras, DVD producing equipment and packaging all set up and ready.

I went looking for our first 'star', while Luke got on the phone and called a few of the guys he knew at the Marine base.

They would get paid one amount for just a jerk off scene, more if they let one of us suck them. If there were two of them it was more if they kissed and sucked each other, and even more if they got fucked.

I found a young man about nineteen or twenty on a corner with a sign, 'Will work for $$'. I called him over and made my pitch. 'Fuck off faggot,' was his response. I found another and he agreed. I ook him to the studio and we filmed as he told us about himself and stripped. Making himself comfortable on the bed that was there he began to stroke his nice cock, saying that it was his first time to do it in front of anyone. When he was good and hard and had been stroking a while we told him he'd get more if he'd let one of us suck him. After a few minutes he agreed. He was a virgin to male blow jobs so Tony stepped into the scene and began sucking the hard cock. The kid went ballistic. After he climaxed on his stomach, he dressed and with cash in hand asked if he could come back another time. We said yes, provided he told his friends. He agreed.

Then the next day Luke got a call from a Marine that was going into town that weekend with another Marine and they needed some 'extra money'. We told them 'No problem,' and that we'd discuss the details when we met Friday evening.




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