I left Drew's office, not believing that I had just had sex with my boss. It had been awesome.

Later that day, Drew called and said that there would be a meeting in his office after work. He said that Cory would let me know when.

I watched as everyone left the office and wondered what would be covered at the meeting. I later found out.

Cory came by and said that Drew was ready to start the meeting. Together,we walked to Drew's large office ad went in. I was stunned at what I saw.

There, in various stages of undress, were all the 'senior' officers. A couple of them were totally nude, some in underwear, and some with just their shirts off. Some were kissing and fondling each other.

Drew was one of them that was totally nude. He came up to me and said, "Mark, whenever we promote a new member, we have a 'get acquainted' party. Welcome to our group."

The others came up to me and shook hands, kissed and groped. Those not nude began completely stripping. Cory and I did the same.

Once I was totally nude, John Calvert, the VP, and Carl Sims, the treasurer, came up to me.

"Drew says we made a good choice. We want to find out."

Within seconds, the three of us were in a hot three way kiss, before easing ourselves to the soft carpeted floor.

As John and I kissed, Carl began sucking on my cock and rimming my ass. After a moment they switched places. The others began gathering around to watch the 'new' guy in action.

Soon, John said he wanted to fuck me. I smiled at him and asked what was stopping him. He smiled and I got on my hands and knees. Seconds later, John was sliding his cock in and out of my ass while i sucked Carl as he knelt in front of me.

Both men soon climaxed as the group cheered. John then had me stand as he sucked my cock. after he swallowed my load, I sucked off Dave Watson and Tim Cooper, the other two members of the group. I had then had sex in some way with each member.

Before the night ended, I had sucked each guy at least once. Cory I sucked twice and had him fuck me once. three others including Drew fucked me. The 'meeting' ended just after two the next morning.

The next day, there was knowing glances and winks at each other. It seemed strange to see the others fully clothed and acting the totally straight role after what had transpired the previous night.

Action in the restroom was steady and uninhibited. If two or more were having sex and another walked in, there wasn't the slightest pause in the action. The restroom was our private place to play at work.

A month or so later, I was again at the Blue Lagoon, this time with Cory. We had become very close and enjoyed each others company.

As we sat in a corner sipping our beers and chatting with another couple, I looked toward the door and saw one of the associates enter.

I nudged Cory and said, "Look toward the door. Isn't that Josh Logan, one of the new associates?"

"Holy shit! You're right. I never expected to see him here."

"Oh? Why?" I asked.

"Don't you recognize the last name? His dad is the minister at the First Baptist Church back in town. His dad heads the anti-gay league."

"Fuck! We better keep an eye on him. He may be gay yet he may be checking out the customers to see if any are members of the church."

We remained in our dark corner and watched. he spoke to several guys as he slowly worked his way around the bar, casually sipping a cold beer.

We were extremely cautious until he stopped and began talking with an extremely muscular guy.

Cory leaned toward me and said, "I recognize the guy he's talking to. He was the construction supervisor on the church's new addition."

About that time, Josh Leaned forward and with his tongue extended began kissing the guy as he groped his cock.

The bar was fairly lenient as far as what went on inside. Seconds later, we saw Josh and the guy trade places. Josh now had his back to the bar.

He quickly squatted down and eve in the dim light we could see what he was doing. Slowly, he unzipped the guys jeans and extracted his now hard cock. Immediately, he swallowed the entire tool and sucked hungrily. Before long,we could tell that the guy was climaxing into Josh's mouth. We watched as Josh swallowed then stood.

They then again traded spaces and the guy then did the same and sucked Josh.

Looking at me, Cory said, "I think we have our answer. Monday, we'll have a talk with Drew and fill him in. But I think we need to get out of here before he sees us."

"I agree," I said.

As soon as Josh headed for the restroom, Cory and I made our exit.

First thing Monday morning, Cory came by my desk saying, "Let's go talk to Drew."

Together,we went to Drew's office and told his secretary that we needed to see him. Immediately, we were sent in.

"What's up guys? Something wrong?"

"We're not sure but we think it's something you need to know about."

"Start talking," he said.

"you know that Josh Logan, the new associate, is the son of Pastor Logan from the First Baptist Church, right?"

"Yea, but what's up with him?"

We told him everything that had happened Saturday night at the Blue Lagoon and how we left as soon as we could without being seen.

"That was smart, but you mean the preacher's son was sucking cock?"


"Shit, if Pastor Logan knew his son was gay he'd drop with a heart attack. You know how he hates gays."

"Well, we just thought you ought to know. He could be a risk for us."

"You're right. Thanks for telling me."

The following Friday Josh and I were called to Drew's office.

When we arrived, we found him with another man in his office. He introduced us to Brad Tucker. He looked familiar.

"Gentlemen, Brad is the private detective I use for the company. He's the one that did surveillance on all of the group. He's one of us."

"I knew he looked familiar," I said.

"I have some concerns about Josh Logan. In checking back, I've found that he has been right with his dad in working with the anti-gay league. I have some concerns, so for the next week, you two will be working with Brad and finding out all you can on Josh and his dad. As far as anyone here is concerned, I've sent the two of you out of town recruiting business."

Brad told us to meet him at his office first thing the next morning and that we'd start preparing our plan of action.

We did and Brad provided us with disguises to use to prevent recognition. He gave us wigs and fake moustaches and beards to use.

First,he said he was going to bug the pastor's office at the church and tape conversations pertaining to the league. Then, together and separately, we would follow both Josh and his dad.

For the next week, we did just that. Brad followed the pastor and we followed Josh. Brad had also put a bug in Josh's car so we could record pertinent conversations.

On the following Friday night we all met with Drew.

"Well, what have you to report?" he asked.

"Plenty," Brad told him. "You were right to investigate him. Who recommended Josh for the job here?"

"Bob Cooper, one of our associates," Drew said.

"Well, he's a member of the anti-gay league," Brad said.

he continued by telling Drew that he suspicioned something going on here in the executive restroom and had told Pastor Logan about it and that Josh was to see what he could find. He said Josh was planning on getting into the restroom somehow. As far as what was seen at the bar, Josh agreed to set up the contractor. He was well known in town and he had followed him and knew he frequented the Blue Lagoon. Brad said that they planned to expose him and ruin his business as well as ours.

"Why is he doing this?" Drew asked.

"As you know, he's running for mayor and wants to expose everyone he can to help his campaign."

"That bastard," Drew said.

"Buddy, you haven't heard the best part yet."

"You mean there is more?"

"Is there ever," Brad said.

He continued and said that the best part was that the pastor and Josh were both gay also.

"They keep it secret and have 'meetings' in the church recreation room at night. They have one planned for tomorrow night at ten."

"He's gay yet he heads up the anti-gay league. Why?"

"To make himself look good to the public. His group is a select bunch and most are also members of the league," Brad said.

Drew responded and said, "So their meeting at ten tomorrow night at the church?"

"Yea. I have it on tape."

"Well, we'll see about that," Drew said.

He thanked Brad for his services. Once we were alone, drew said, "Meet me here at nine tomorrow night."

"What's up?" Cory asked.

"You'll see."

Cory came to my place Saturday afternoon and we had hot sex, sucking and fucking each other. We dressed and left to meet Drew in Cory's car.

We pulled up to the office to see Drew waiting for us. We got into his car and headed out.

"Where are we going?" Cory asked.

"To the church. Two can play his little game," Brad said.

He parked across the street in a dark area. we sat and waited. Just before ten cars started arriving and the occupants headed for the recreation building.

At ten thirty, Drew said it was time. "You two stay here. If anyone drives up, call me."

He got out and slipped over to the recreation building, going from window to window. Finally he stopped for a moment then headed back.

Once inside the car he said, "It's a fucking orgy in there."

Picking up his cell phone, he dialed 911, telling the operator that there was a fight in the recreation building of the first Baptist Church.

"I tried to get in to stop it but the doors are locked. You'll have to break in. Please hurry, someone might be killed." He quickly hung up.

Moments later, numerous squad cars pulled up. Officers hurried to the door and forced it open before running inside, guns drawn.

Moments later, we saw the officers begin to bring guys out, most partially dressed.

We watched a while then slowly departed. As we left, Drew made a second call. This time to the local paper.

"You better get a reporter and photographer to the police station in a hurry. A very prominent citizen has been arrested."

We returned to the office and Cory and I headed back to my place. he spent the night with me and the next morning when we woke up, I hurried to retrieve my paper.

Cory sat next to me as I opened it up. We read the headline. 'Mayoral candidate arrested! Sex party in progress.'

We read the article and it said an anonymous tip led police to the all male sex party at the church. It named those arrested, and all were well respected citizens, most married. There were fifteen arrest in all.

The following Monday, Drew made sure he found errors in Bob Cooper's work. He immediately terminated him for inadequate work.

Our group was once again safe, at least for the time being. We met regularly in Drew's office and sex in the restroom continued.

Cory and I became even closer and he moved in with me. Several months later we became lovers. Drew gave us a cruise as a gift.

We've added a couple more to our group and our 'meetings' are even better, with more cock available.

As for the pastor and his son, well, they are no longer in town and from what we heard, he is no longer a minister.






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