Everytime We Touch: Part 2


I appreciate the advice and comments on my previous chapter and i will try to slow down the pace.

So here is Part 2 of Everytime We Touch


Tossing and turning in my bed out of pure excitement "i finally have a boyfriend" my mind keeps ticking with that thought.

i look at my phone to see if he has sent me a text but i see nothing. oh well he must be sleeping. i then consuder how he may look when he's asleep.

so with that memory and fantasy fresh in my brain i start pulling my cock out and rubs it imagining he was giving me a slow satisfying blowjob

i start to moan silently as i start cumming all over my chest and i pick it up on my finger imagining it was him who came all over me tasting its sweet juice

i wipe the remainder of my cum with a towel and check my phone for any new messages which there was from shaun :)

"hey beautiful hope i didn't disturb your sleep, i'll come down to yours for about 2 in the afternoon Love Shaun" it read.

reading the message over and over again i start to feel the warmth returning to my heart and my pulse quickens from the realisation that i am in a commited relationship

i check my watch and noticed that its 1.30 in the afternoon. "shit i best get ready" i thought as i grab a quick shower and make sure i look casual and presentable as the bell rings.

i open the door to find shaun holding a bouqet of roses and a box of chocolate "each petal on the rose is the amount of days i known you" he said.

i pull him into the house as i place the roses in a vase and leave the box on the counter and i push him against the wall as we passionately kiss.

we finish the kiss as he pulls me to the couch and holds onto my hand.

"so how did you feel about last night?" he asked

"like it was the best night of my entire life with my soulmate" i reply honestly

he starts wrapping his arms around me and cuddles as i stare into his hypnotic eyes blue like the sea itself

we continue making out for at least a few more minutes when his phone in his pocket vibrates and he goes to answer it.

i watch his face as he talks to the caller on the phone and i notice that he has a big grin on his face as he finishes the call and looks at me

"sweety you'll never guess what i've acquired some money from the bet i took place before" he confesses to me.

"thats great but i hope you don't gamble a lot" i say in a concerned manner

"no of course not i gamble at rare occasions" he replies back

i stand up and look at him as i take him to the showers as i watch him strip naked for me and i see an impressive cock of 10 inches in length

i start stroking it as we kiss passionately harder on the shower cubicle wall. it was so passionate and yet animalistic that i loved it

we finished the shower and share a towel as i lay ontop of him stroking his chest

"you feel so soft on top of me" he says as he kisses my neck holding me in a protective way

i could've just lay there forever but we dried ourselves and again got dressed as we go out for another date

he takes me in his car as we walk up to the restaurant i feel like i've found my soulmate. especially after everything i've been through i finally found someone who loves and cares for me.

as we sit down in the restaurant i notice that he is holding my hand and gently kisses it as he looks at me.

"meeting you has been like the happiest moment of my life and i am scared of losing you" he says with a tear in his eye

i wipe the tear from his eye with a tissue and my heart skips a beat. he is so sweet and sensitive. i thought

then after the meal he says he has an announcement for me.

i look at him with a mixed expression i am anxious because it could be bad news but i also have this curiousity that it could be positive but this is what he had to say.

"sweetie i am leaving college as soon as i can because i have been offered a job as a sporting coach of 9-16 year old football team" he admits

obviously i am pleased for him but there's a part of me that will miss him when i walk back into college after the summer.



PS. sorry that i have taken so long i have been on holiday to tenerife and not had much plan to write so i hope you enjoyed this part of my "Everytime We Touch" saga




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