Thanks again for the feedback and i am really glad people are enjoying this saga. i have listened to advice from over the years and i am enjoying creating this story. So i hope you enjoy Chapter Four of my Everytime We Touch: Series

I look at my phone with the message Chris had sent me recently and feeling a little anxious about telling Shaun.

So i instantly delete the message from my phone and forget about Chris for now on and focus upon my relationship.

I head downstairs and grab myself some breakfast and switch on the TV for local news.

Just as i finish my breakfast i recieve a call from Shaun which I answer

"Hey sweetie, I enjoyed last night you were like a rodeo cowboy riding my cock like that" He says as I giggle.

"Well you were a beast in that bedroom" i reply in a seductive voice

"hmm you just wait till i get home i am going to make sure you can barely walk for a week" he replies.

I then manage to get him off the phone so he can get back to work. Now for my plan of a nice romantic meal for my boyfriend before he ravages me on our bed.

First off I head to our bedroom and cover the bedsheet in rose petals and I arrange a boquet of roses in a vase

Looking the room over I realise that i needed to create a sort of ambiance in the room so i got some scented candles and spread them on the window by the bed

Checking over the room and deciding thats enough I walk back into the kitchen and start preparing the meal.

Just as i start preparing the vegetables the phone rings again.

I answer it only to be bombarded with bloody advertising crap

"Take this god damn number off your list before i shove it in your mouth or up your arse" I shout at them before hanging up.

I resume my work on the vegetables when I feel a familliar hand patting my ass as i feel him biting my neck making me moan instantly.

"This is just act one of my animal sex" he growls in my ear which is such a turn on.

"Why don't you settle yourself down and i will bring over some food" I reply as he gives me a quick peck on the lips

So the dinner was served and we emptied our plates as i wash them and look over at my amazing boyfriend who makes my world complete

He then lifts me into his arms as we walk into the bedroom and he notices the rose petal covered bedsheet

"Someones been busy with the romance" he observes

"Only for my one true love" I reply

He then pushes me on the bed a little forcefully but makes it better when he slowly stripteases me and peel off his clothes

"I'm gonna tie you up you horny little bitch" he growls at me as he grabs some rope and ties my hand to the bedpost

He then hovers his thick uncut cock in my face as I suck the head of it slowly making him gasp and moan in pure pleasure.

I take more of his cock in my mouth and i start to gag slightly but I ignore this to please my man which seems to be working as he seems to be moaning repeatedly and sweating

He takes it out of my mouth and rips my clothes off like a pure animal and kisses down from my lips to my feet. Sucking on my toe like a lolipop which instantly makes me moan as he licks in between my toes and my sole.

"Hmm you like that bitch?" he asks me.

"Hmm yeah i do you fucking beast" I moan at him

He uncuffs me from the bed and pushes his cock inside me as i moan and give him a lovebite on his neck.

"Hmm i want you to ride me like a cowboy" he says at he looks at me when i bounce up and down on his dick like a pogo stick.

We then moan in unison as he starts to cum inside me and I scream grom my impending orgasam and cum all over his face.

I fall on top of him and spoon feed Shaun my cum as we both get up to the bathroom and get properly cleaned up.

There was a sudden knock on the door which startled and puzzeled us but we go to open the door

As soon as we answered it a masked stranger enters the house and stabs Shaun in the back and I somehow manage to throw him out, making sure i lock the door.

I rush over to check on Shaun but he is heavily bleeding

I reach into my pocket and calls the Ambulance.

"Ambulance please, My boyfriend has just been stabbed please hurry" I cry to the operator and i make sure Shaun is still breathing...





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