Thanks for the positive Reviews and this next installment sees an argument between myself and Shaun but the ending will leave me with a tough decision


I've been supportive about Shaun's sudden change from leaving college and finally having a job as a coach

i particularly looked forward to him wearing those sexy sport clothes that coaches wear and thinking about it was such a turn on

but i've had to stop thinking about it as i too had an interveiw for an IT company as a technician so best keep my thoughts to a minimum

anyways just as Shaun leaves the front door for his first day at work he gives me a peck on the cheek and shuts the door

i sit back on the bed and notice that his laptop is still on. i know i shouldn't but something made me want to open it and check on what he was on

as the laptop powers on i see a message from some mysterious girl which read:

"i enjoyed you coming over yesterday and we should talk more often whenever your free just give me a call"

reading between the lines i honestly thought he was cheating on me with this total slut so before i read anymore i automatically shut down the laptop

i look into the mirror as the tears are streaming down my cheeks and i try and get myself composed for my interview

i walk out the door dressed in my smart suit with my laptop to show them my capabilities and my CV (resume in USA) in the other hand.

i climb into my car and start driving towards the location, but my mind keeps wandering back to that time i discovered the message? what could this possibly mean

anyways i'm driving round the corner when suddenly another car heads straight towards me at an uncomfortably fast speed. i swerve to avoid the crash but end up crashing into a tree

from that point my memory is blank but all i can remember is that i somehow ended up in hospital and shaun is looking at me in a worried way

"what the hell happened?" he almost shouts at me but then breaks down into tears

a nurse walking past closes the curtains around my bed for some more privacy

"the only thing i remember is driving to the interview but i must've crashed somewhere and now i'm laying on this hospital bed talking to you" i recalled.

"is there anything i can get you?" Shaun asks as he holds my hand

"Not really but whos that woman you were talking to on facebook?" i reply in a questioning way

"nobody that you need to worry about all i want is for you to get better" he says changing the subject far too quickly for me.

"no go on i want to hear who this slutbag is? is she better in bed then me?" i retort back angrily

"no you bloody idiot she's my sister" he shouts at me and walks away crying

i call for him but realise he's gone as i too cry like i've had my heart torn

the nurse looking after me finally comes to check on me. he's a young nurse but looks quite attractive.

his name is Chris he's 23 and has a very nice set of muscles which are prominent. i'm not too sure on anything else but the uniform looks sexy on him

"is anything hurting you mate?" he asks me in a sweet voice

"no nurse i am feeling better already and i think your presence has been the main reason for that" i reply back in a flirty way

"haha oh my what a charmer, well we will contact your doctor to check you over once more and then you'll be free to go" he says as he gives me one last look at walks off.

the doctor then arrives and he certainly did check me over. but after that was over he said i could go and i walked out of hospital pondering my decision

should i stay and make things work with Shaun or give Chris a chance to date me?

i've never felt being wanted by two testosterone filled guys before so this was completely new to me

I manage to walk to Shaun's from the hospital as he answers the door he stares at me.

"listen i've acted a complete fool today and i want to make it up to you because your the love of my life and i care about your feelings" i say with a tear in my eye

he pulls me into the room for a passionate kiss as my phone vibrates with a message from Chris:

"hey i'm free from work tonight if you wanna come out on a date with me?its totally cool if you don't but i'll be broken hearted"

TO BE CONTINUED ---------------------




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