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The wail of the siren rips through the ambulance as I watch Shaun get treated by the EMT. He looks to be in so much pain, but I can't do a thing to help him, and it's tearing me apart. We arrive at the hospital and the EMT jumps out of the back of the ambulance and pulls the gurney Shaun's out with him, me following next to them with a shocked expression on my face.

As we rush into the hospital, the smell of sanitary paper and plastic fills my nose, but the underlying sense of dread fills my body. I hold onto Shaun's hand for both of our comfort as I am in genuine shock over what has happened. It's not much, but it's the only thing I can do at the moment.

Shaun is wheeled away and I'm left standing alone as doctors and nurses surround him in a sea of incoherent screaming and yelling. I want to run over there and shove all those doctors and nurses out of the way just so I can be near him, but this horrible pit in the bottom of my gut is keeping me from moving.

Questions without answers rack my brain as I just stand and watch the doctors and nurses wheel Shaun away to emergency surgery. "Andrew!"

I look to my right and see Chris walking toward me, concern on his face. "Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse," I mutter under my breath. I turn and face Chris as he gets to me. "Hey, Chris."

He suddenly gives me a soft hug and looks me in the face. "The doctors said Shaun will be in surgery for a while, but they're expecting he'll survive. There wasn't too much damage, no major organs were hit and not a lot of blood was lost."

I breathe a sigh of relief at knowing Shaun is going to be okay. But at the same time, I can feel tears burning the backs of my eyes. Why would anyone want to hurt Shaun? He's one of the sweetest guys you'll ever know. But someone just burst into the house and...stabbed him in the back. Why...?

I feel two streams of water fall from my eyes and Chris rests his hand on my shoulder. "C'mon. I'll take you to a private waiting room."

Chris leads me out of the trauma room and walks me down a long hallway. Doctors and nurses pass us and I notice them glancing at me and Chris as we pass them. It's probably because I'm still crying. But I don't care if they judge me for it. Crying and praying are the only things I can do right now.

Chris and I reach a door and he opens it for me and leads me through it. As I step through the door, a push comes from behind me and forces me through the doorway. I manage to catch myself and turn around to see the door slam shut with Chris standing at the door, his back to me "What the hell did you do that for?" I ask in a shocked voice.

I hear a low chuckle and Chris slowly turns back toward me. On his face I see a sinister look that shakes me to my core. "You remember when you first came in here and we met?" he asks me. I slowly nod. "Ever since that day, you've been the only thing on my mind, Andrew."

Chris takes a small step toward me and with every passing second, the level of fear I have increases. "W-What do you mean?" I ask.

"I mean that I'm obsessed with you, Andrew. But when I learned that you and Shaun were together, I was very upset. When I sent you that text message, I really wanted you to say yes to me asking you out, but you never replied. It broke my heart, Andrew. As the days passed, I got even angrier knowing I wasn't with you.

"And today, I knew I was going to get you, no matter the cost."

Chris reaches behind his back and pulls out a small black object. He pushes a button and a long blade shoots out of the end of it. That's the same blade I saw earlier this evening. "Y-You..." I start.

"That's right," Chris says with an evil grin. "I'm the one that stabbed Shaun."

A mix of emotions race through my mind. Anger, confusion, hurt, surprise, sadness, fear and dozens of others. "W-Why?" I shakily ask.

Chris laughs to himself. "Don't you get it? I wanted you all to myself. But that bloody idiot Shaun was in the way. So I had to get rid of him so I could get to you. And I was willing to do anything. Even try and kill that bastard."

I take a few steps back, but the opposite wall stops me from moving any further. My heart feels like it's about to rip through my chest from the terror I'm feeling. "G-Get away from me..." I quietly say.

"Now why would I get away from you? That would mean I'd have to be apart from you. No, you and I are going to have some good quality time together..."

Panic rushes through me and I turn and quickly open the window and stick my head through. "HELP!" I call out to anyone. "Somebody help me! There's a crazy man with a knife and...!"

In my peripheral vision, I see the thin blade of the knife standing right the side of my face. "Sssh," Chris whispers into my ear. "Come back into the room. I don't want you to leave..."

Chris grabs the back of my shirt and forcibly pulls me back into the room, making me slide across the floor. I push back up to my feet and make a break for the door. But when I try to turn the handle, it's stuck. The psycho fucking locked it from the outside.

I bang my fist on the solid wooden door, hoping somebody will hear me screaming my pleas for help. "Someone open the fucking door!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

There's a loud thunk next to my head and I see the blade embedded into the wood of the door. "Stop yelling," Chris says. "You're spoiling the mood."

Chris grabs my shoulder and spins me around to face him. He takes my face in one hand and forcibly shoves his tongue into my mouth. This is so much different from kissing Shaun. With him, it feels comforting and loving. This burns like hell. Chris' tongue slides out of my mouth and he grins at me. "You taste delicious," he coos.

He pulls the knife out of the door and holds it at the collar of my shirt. With a swift slice, my shirt rips open to just above my stomach. Two tears fall from my eyes as Chris pulls me from the door and throws me to the floor and falls up top of me, his mouth sucking my neck.

I've never been this scared in my life. And the only thing I can think of is Shaun. "Shaun..." I quietly cry out.

Chris suddenly stops and sits up and looks down at me. The evil in his face I saw earlier is gone. Now, it looks to be complete anger. "You still want that bastard?" he says through clenched teeth.

He reaches over behind him and grabs the knife. Holding it tightly in his hand, he holds the tip of the blade just a few feet above my chest. "If I can't have you, then no one, especially that fucker Shaun, can have you."

My stomach drops and I know what's coming next. I clench my eyes shut and wait for the tip of the knife to end my life. But suddenly, the door burst open and I look up and see three men wearing white shirts, black pants and black hats with guns in their hands rush into the room. "Let me see your hands!" one of them yells.

Chris spins around and sees the uniformed officers. He jumps back to his feet and charges at the officers, knife in his hand. There's a loud pop and Chris flies back and lands on the floor, the knife scattering away from him and pained screams fill the room as Chris presses his hand to the bullet wound on his shoulder.

Two of the officers rush to grab Chris and the third, the one who took the shot, kneels down next to me. "Are you alright?" he asks.

I don't answer. I just grab the man and hold him as tightly as I can, sobbing into his shoulder. He hugs me back and lets me cry as much as I want to, which I silently thank him for.


Chris has been taken into surgery to remove the bullet from his shoulder. I hope that bastard loses the arm after what he did to me. I'm lying on a bed in the hospital ward with a bottle of water in my hands. It took me almost an hour to get me to stop shaking, and another thirty minutes before I even said a word.

As I sip my water, I hear a pair of footprints come from my left. "Hey, how're you feeling?"

I look over and see the officer who shot Chris. "Um...I've been better," I say.

The officer smiles and grabs a chair and takes a seat next to my bed. "I'm Officer Jenkins, by the way," he says. "But you can call me Paul."

Paul looks to about my age, maybe a year older than me, with light blue eyes underneath his uniform hat with small wisps of black hair protruding from the edges of the hat. He's maybe about 6 feet tall with a nicely toned body and a smile that shows pristine white teeth. "I'm Andrew," I say.

"I wish we could've met on better circumstances, Andrew."

"Um...how did you find me?"

"I heard you call for help from the waiting room window and I got my two buddies and we ran up to the waiting room. It took us a minute to find you, but we saw that nut-job over you with the knife in his hand and we sprang into action. Luckily we found you in time."

I nod a little. "His name's Chris and he's a nurse at this hospital. He actually stabbed my boyfriend before he did what he did to me. I want him in jail for what's happened."

Paul reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small notepad and pen and quickly writes a few notes down. "Thank you for that information. We're already investigating what happened at the house the hospital received the 999 call. We'll tell the officers still on the scene about this.

"You don't need to worry about evidence with what happened in the waiting room. There was a security camera in there that captured everything. We also have audio with the video and with your statement, Chris will surely be sent to prison for a long time."

Paul writes another note and hands it to me. "If you ever need to tell us any more information about what happened, or if you just need to talk to someone, just call that number."

I look down at the note in my hand and see a phone number with Paul's name above it. "Thanks," I say.

Paul gives me a pat on the shoulder and rises out of his chair and leaves the ward. For another few hours, I sit in the bed, thinking about what's happened in the last 24-hours. How my romantic evening with Shaun ended with him getting stabbed and almost getting killed.

Regret starts to fill my stomach and I press my hands to my face as I silently cry to myself. I can't put Shaun in that kind of danger anymore. Not with the future he has ahead of him...


The night passes and the morning comes. Shaun came out of surgery a few hours ago without any complications. Now, he's resting in a private room with me holding his hand. As I stare down at his sleeping face, the passion and intimacy I felt for him isn't there anymore. I still love him with all my heart, but the only thing I feel when I look at him is guilt.

‚ÄčThere's a quiet groan and Shaun's eyes flutter open. It takes him a second but his eyes focus on me and he smiles a bit. "Hey," he says.

"Hey," I reply.

"How're you doing?"

"I should be asking you that."

"I'm in a little pain, but it really isn't too bad. How long have I been out?"

"A little more than twelve hours. You were lucky. The knife came about a half of an inch away from your kidney. You'll be back on your feet and on the pitch in no time."

As I stare into Shaun's eyes, as much I want to feel the same love for him as the first day we met, I can't seem to find it. I feel two tears fall from my eyes and drip onto Shaun's hand. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"Shaun...I can't keep doing this. I can't keep being with you."

Shaun's eyes fill with panic as he looks over at me. "W-What?"

"If you stay with me, you'll only end up getting hurt. You have your whole future ahead of you and if you're my boyfriend, I'll only end up putting you in danger. I don't want anything to happen to you. I'm sorry, but...w-we're over..."

I open my eyes just enough to see that Shaun's crying himself. He places his hands over mine and looks pleadingly at me. "P-Please don't do this..." he begs.

I pull my hand away and jump up from my chair and run out the door, Shaun yelling after me to come back. But I don't hear him as I run through the hospit6al with tears streaming down my face. I'm sorry, Shaun. But this is for the best...

After a bus ride home, I run into my house and sprint up the stairs for the bathroom. I catch myself on the counter as I let all the pain that's built up from the past day flow out of me. Breaking up with Shaun was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I feel horrible for doing it.

God knows how much he must hate me right now. I wouldn't blame him if he never wanted to speak to me again. I dropped him like he was a sack of potatoes that I kicked once it was on the ground. But as I think about Shaun, something else drifts back into my mind. Rather, someone: Paul.

That man was so gorgeous that I wanted to rip his uniform off him with my teeth and explore every inch of his hard body. Paul made me feel safe when I was with him. And right now, feeling safe is the only thing I want to be.

I reach into my pocket and pull out my cell phone and the piece of paper Paul gave me and dial the number. He picks up after two rings. "Hello?" I hear Paul's voice say.

"P-Paul?" I shakily say. "It's A-Andrew."

"Andrew? What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"N-Not really. I just...broke up with Shaun. He's the one Chris stabbed and I..."

"Say no more," Paul interrupts. "I'll be over there in five minutes. What's your address?"

I give Paul my house address and wait for him to arrive. No more than three minutes later, I hear a knock at the front door. I wipe my face dry of tears and blow my nose into a tissue before making my way downstairs. As take the door handle and open up the door.

Paul is standing on the front porch in casual civilian clothes: a crisp white t-shirt that hugs his upper body, defining his biceps, pecs, and abs, dark jeans that stick to his muscular legs and show a noticeable bulge in the front. His face is filled with concern as he looks down at me.

I let Paul into the house and we walk over to the couch and take a seat. Before Paul can even ask me what's wrong, I go into a very long speech about how much I felt about Shaun and why I broke up with him. With every word, the vise that's on my heart gets tighter and tighter.

After almost thirty minutes, I finish laying everything out for Paul. He doesn't say a thing for a minute before taking me in his very strong arms and pulling me into a tight hug. "You must really love him to do something like that," Paul says.

I hug Paul back and cry softly into his shoulder. "I-I love him so much. But I can't put him in danger like that again. He could've died because of that psycho, Chris. And I'm the one that drove Chris to do something like that to Shaun. If it means keeping him safe, then I'll stay away from him."

Paul holds me at arm's length, but keeps his hands on my shoulders. "You're such a sweet boy, putting him before yourself like that."

Paul kisses the top of my forehead lightly and I feel my heart race from just the touch of his full lips and the front of my jeans strain from my growing hard-on. "U-Um...Paul?" I say. "I need to tell you...that I think you're one of the most beautiful people I've ever met..."

He looks down at me and smiles. "I think the same thing about you."

I glance down for a second and the bulge in Paul's jeans as grown significantly since he arrived. I sniff my nose and feel two more tears escape the corners of my eyes. "I-I'm such a horrible person for doing what I did to Shaun..."

Paul hugs me tightly again. "Sssh, sweetie," he whispers. "It'll be okay. I know it's going to be tough being without him after you've loved him for so long, but just know I'm here for you 100%

His beautiful face is just inches from mine, his bright blue eyes sparking at me. Paul moves a little toward me and presses his lips against mine. I'm a bit reluctant at first, but I accept the kiss and pull Paul closer to me. I have this overwhelming sense of guilt in the pit of my stomach about what I did to Shaun. But being with Paul, right here, right now, makes me feel loved and appreciated.





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