Even as a young boy I had this deep feeling within me I simply couldn't explain. By my teens I was wanting to explore these feelings more. I was 17 now and the feelings growing almost by the month. I was home one night and tired so I decided to hit the sac for the night. I couldn't have been in bed but for a few moments when I realized someone or something was in the corner of my dark room. At first I thought it was my dumb brother playing jokes on me again. Feeling so relaxed and open, I laid there, arms stretched out staring at the ceiling when I felt the foot of the bed go down. I attempted to raise my head to see what it was but I was frozen or unable too. I called out to people in the house....nothing came out. Panic set in, the weight of this being now taking up my very position on top of me. Have I lost my mind? Is this a nightmare? I realized I was very much awake. The weight of this being was almost crushing. It was big and it was wide I could not fight it. As fast as it arrived....it knelt up at the foot of my bed once again and I felt my mattress resume its normal position.

I laid there for hours in a panic...not sure what just happened. I tried to put it out of my mind and it kept coming back. How could I mention this to "anyone"...I'd be crazy too.

My 18th Birthday was near, in fact days away. Almost a year had passed since that encounter and I had no idea it was about to start again. I was in bed lying on my stomach. I sensed something was in the room. This time I sensed it was standing behind me. Frozen on my stomach on the bed unable to move I still had a sense of his size, a sense of his silky black body, the strength in his enormous hands. Yet I didn't fear it. In a blink of an eye I decided not to fight it. I became consumed with its presence I felt its hands upon my back nourishing my soul, willing it to come to the surface. I was on the verge of surrendering when suddenly I felt my body rise up towards the ceiling. I was in the grasp of this being but felt so secure. I turned my head looking down on the room only to realize my body was still lying there. Then I realized my soul was in the grasp of the DARK PRINCE. Slowly I was guided back down and laid upon my body. I could barely catch my breath. My heart was racing. For hours I rolled what had happened around in my head. Was it real? Did I think I was awake but really asleep? I knew I was awake there was no doubt. Then what happened was real.

I soon fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning EVERYTHING around me was in my head...the awareness I had was so wonderful. I arrived at the office with glares from my co-workers. One person even went as far to say...I looked different. He said I looked "refreshed" "new". Thinking about it I did feel different, more aware. I felt complete. Was this the beginning of my life? I think so.

Years had passed, I was well into my 30's now and still with all the time that has passed since those days, it was always in the back of my mind, will it happen again? I decided this one night to head off to bed early, lying there thinking about my encounters and again thinking about what exactly I saw and felt. A smile came upon me for no reason as I felt myself surrounded by several souls, then more entered the room. I had no fear as one by one they touched my body from my hands to my shoulders as their energy circulated from them through me in an endless chain like an electrical current recharging me. In the mist of all this I became acutely aware of a dark presence in the corner of the room. While my motions seemed to be slowed down I managed to turn my head to face the corner of the room. In all the darkest....a gleam from what appeared to be two dark pools for eyes. I was fixated on his eyes. The outline of his enormous body etched in my mind. Could I fight him off? NO....did I want to fight him off? NO. As time when on I developed this "sense" I could pick out those who had been touched too by Satan. Like a scent a dog would pick up...I just knew when I came in the same room who they were. We attracted like magnets without even speaking. We had a bond....like no other bond.




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