I ate his ass for a few minutes then went back to his balls, gently sucking them. Then I knew it was time for the grand finale. I slowly lifted his cock off his stomach.

Leaning closer, I swallowed his cock balls deep and he gasped loudly. "OH, FUCK, YEA!"

I began to work my mouth up and down his long hard shaft, paying special attention to the head, massaging it with my tongue. I worked him slowly making his pleasure last. Before long, I could tell from his breathing that he was getting close. I sucked more eagerly and soon brought him to a roaring climax. His cock exploded, filling my mouth with his hot sweet thick cum. Hungrily, I gobbled it down, swallowing every drop.

As I pulled off, he said "Fuck, that was beyond unreal. I've never had a climax like that in my entire life."

"Then I guess I should assume that you enjoyed it?"

"Oh, hell yes."

"Well, if or when you want it again, just let me know."

"Shit, I hope you will do it as often as you want so I won't have to ask for it," he replied.

"You may be sorry you said that."

"I doubt it," he responded.

As I lay back up beside him he leaned over and kissed me, tasting the remnants of his load in my mouth. After the kiss, he said, "Umm, I like the way that one tasted."

We cuddled all while the storm raged outside. Then suddenly, he began kissing my neck and chest copying my previous actions. He went down to my pubes and around them and began licking my balls then sucking them. To my shocked amazement, he raised my legs and began eating my ass like a pro. After a few moments he stopped and began sucking my cock. As my climax neared, I told him but he sucked more hungrily. When my climax arrived and burst forth, he hungrily took it and swallowed after savoring the taste.

After coming back up and kissing me, I said, "Are you sure you've never been with another man?"


"Well, the way you ate my ass and sucked my cock, it sure wasn't like a persons first time."

"I had an expert for a teacher."

We cuddled more and soon drifted off to sleep. During the night,I awoke to find him sucking me again. I stopped him just long enough to get into a sixty-nine. After taking each other, we went back to sleep.

The next morning we were totally snowed in, barely making it to the restaurant to eat. Once back in the room, we kissed and cuddled and he said, "If I had ever dreamed sex with another man was like this, I'd have started sooner."

"I'm glad you didn't," I told him.

After laying back in bed, Brad said, "Can I fuck you and see what it's like to fuck a guy?"

"Hell yes. I'd love to feel your cock up my ass."

I got my lube and got into position on my back and pulled up my legs. I lubed my hole as he lubed his cock. I looked at him and smiled saying, "It's all yours. Go for it."

He got into position and began inserting his cock in my ass. He was going slow and I figured it was because he didn't want to hurt me. I wanted him buried deep in me so bad that I reached behind his hips and with all my strength, I pulled him into me, driving his cock in balls deep. As he hit bottom he said "Oh, Shit! I didn't want to hurt you."

"You won't."

He fucked me steadily and deep and I loved his big cock up my ass. After a few minutes he picked up his speed and I knew he was getting close to his climax.

Suddenly he began saying, "Oh fuck! Oh, fuck! I'm about to cum. Oh, shit! AHHHHHHHHHH!

He buried his cock deep and held it there and I could feel his hot thick huge load shoot deep into me.

He fell onto my chest exhausted and as he did, e kissed. As his cock slowly deflated and slipped out he rolled o the side and said, "That was ten times better than any cunt I've ever fucked. To hell with pussy! From now on it's only man ass for me."

"Guys sometimes refer to it as 'man pussy',"I said.

"Well, what ever they call it, it's all I want."

"I take it then that you enjoyed it."

"Man, did I ever. It was the best."

We lay quiet for a while then he kissed me again and said, "Rock, fuck me, please. I said I wanted to experience it all and to accomplish that I need to get fucked."

"Brad, you're an anal virgin. Your first time is going to hurt like hell for a while, but I'll go slow. By the time I climax, you should be enjoying it."

"I don't care how much it hurts. I want to get fucked."

I got him in position and lubed us both up. I began trying to open him up some with my fingers and when I had all four fingers in him, I pulled them out and quickly inserted the head of my cock.

As the head slipped passed the ring, he exclaimed loudly, "Oh Fuck! Damn, am I still in one piece?"

"Yes, you are. Just try to relax."

I took my time and very gradually went deeper. When I told him he had my entire cock up his ass he couldn't believe it.

I began pistoning in and out slowly and after a few minutes he moaned softly and said, "oh, yea. Fuck me."

I fucked steadily and the longer I fucked the more he got into it. By he time I climaxed, he was begging for my load.

As I pulled out he smiled and said, "After the pain subsided, it was like I was in the twilight zone. It was awesome."

We were stranded for three more days before the roads were cleared for heavy traffic. during those three days, we practically lived on sex.

On out last night before delivery, Brad held me close and said, "I can say now without any reservations that I'm gay. I've never experienced better sex, and I owe thanks to you for helping me see the truth."

"It was my pleasure," I said.

We made out delivery and spent one last night together. Brad said he'd probably be sent in another direction and I was going to return home.

As we started out to eat, his phone rang. Seeing it was his office he said, "I'll meet you in the restaurant."

When he joined me in the restaurant he had a big smile on his face.

"what are you grinning so fucking big about?" I asked.

"You're headed back home, right?"

"Yea, why?"

"Well, so am I so in the morning we'll load your truck on my trailer and go back together."

He proceeded to tell me that one of their customers had specifically requested him to haul a load. Brad told his boss he would only haul, if he could get my boss to permanently assign me as his personal escort. He said his boss called mine and my boss agreed to assign me permanently to Brad only if Brad's boss would use our company only for their escort service. He said it was agreed on, so now it would aways be just me and Brad together on the road.

We were both thrilled.

A few months later as we headed for Miami, Brad held me close in bed and said, "You know, six months ago if someone had said I'd be in love with another guy, I'd have punched them in the mouth. But they would have been right. Rock, I love you more than anything else in this world. I want you with me for the rest of my life."

"Brad, I love you too, with all my heart and I would love nothing else better than to spend the rest of my life with you."

"That night we didn't have sex. We made LOVE!

That was seven years ago and we're still together, both in our private life and our business life. Our bosses finally put two and two together and in a joint meeting asked us if we were gay lovers. Not caring what might happen, we admitted it to them. they said they were cool with it because for some reason, we were being requested to haul loads more that any other driver. We assured them that it wasn't due to sex. They laughed and said that they knew that and that it was due to the fact that we were usually early on our delivery.

It is so awesome being with my lover daily both in a work nature as well as personal nature. We couldn't be happier.

THE END.............



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