"Hello this is inspector Johnson FBI am I speaking with Dectective Carter?"

"Yes Dectective Carter speaking" I said

"Ok there has a robbery at a bank near Albany and we suspect a deadly gang called the Venomous Viper and....."

"Ok so what do you want me to do?" I said cutting him short

"Good question Carter,we want to go on an espiònage mission,try and get close to the head of the gang his name's Sanchez Rio Pierre a Mexican,address is No 534A Hilton Ave. and we know you can do this cos we've made researches on the Secret service officers and found you on top of our list so you've got the job"

"Alright thanks for the trust,so will I be needing any partner in this mission and how much is this crap worth?" I said

"funny enough the US Government has place $5million for this shit so don't screw it up and goodluck...."

"Alright got yourself a deal" i said. The phone went off the other end,I was just finished showering so I grabbed my car keys and headed off to Johnson's residence for more information.

My name's Phil Carter,I am a US Secret Service Agent or call undercover,am 27 with a body fit for a guy in the force.Am single and permit me to say I've dated a couple of girls thanks to my drop dead stunning handsomeness but I've nò intention of getting married soon.

Anyway my mission starts in two days time and I was very happy I'd'nt be spending this summer going about my old and boring routines but instead I have a job to work for the FBI at New York city so its really gonna be a great summer.So i have already packed my bag for god-knows-when this creeping peeping tom mission will be over but the most interesting of all is that i've got a temporary FBI badge just for the job and they promised if I avoid screwing up this job I would become and FBI and am reálly looking forward to it

The deal-day is here and I betcha the day is what I call perfect day for such jobs,I just showered,grabbed my breakfast and locked my door to be back who-knows-when.I skipped to my car,you may want to know its Suzuki SXL I got it a month ago and its still in shape.I made a few calls before I drove off from my home in New Orleans,Louisana my pelican state to New York city to meet Sanchez and hope to kick his ass to jail.The thing is that despite the fact that Sanchez is only 3 years older than I at 30, but he's involved in almost all the crimes you can think of:money laundering,murder,bulgarly,robbery,kidnapping,drugs and human trafficking.How gross!!!!

But another thing is that the U.S FBI have been unable to catch this bitch and am kicking his ass I swear.

I arrived New York city at 3:30pm and real famished i dropped by a cafeteria for lunch and headed off to my hotel which has been booked by FBI. Let me say I am starting to like this job,I mean the treat in New York city,one of the largest cities in the world is very alluring.I checked into my hotel room,room 008 first floor and after a nice shower I took a nice nap.

I woke up at 6:45pm and I think I should call a friend of mine,Dave Steveson,although he was black he is my closest buddy.He works in the same department of U.S secret service but he was later transferred to Chicago,believe this guy is no very good Mr. Nice guy cos he knows almost every terrorist gang operating in the U.S. He told me he was a runaway from a terrorist group called the Cascade before he decided to join the U.S Police Academy.

"Hello Dave longest time?"

"Hello Phil the last time you said this i guess last year you almost got me killed in a crazy undercover missión which LAPD Screws up so I hope no more screws this time" he said over the phone. He was right last summer Dave and I were working an undercover mission in Minneapolis Minnesota when this Rick Clover of a guy fròm LAPD screwed up everything,the gang escaped and we almost lost Dave after they lodged 12 bullets in his stomach,left arm and right thigh.He went for surgical operation after which he was transfered toChicago and since then dreaded a third party.

"No,no just wanna verify something" i said

"Go on what are friends for?" he asked teasingly

"do you know about a terrorist gang "the venomous viper headed by Sanchez the guy from Mexico?i asked hopefully.

"Sure,i mean hell yes they're the most dreaded and rated the deadliest in the world,they have members in Berlin,Beijing,Iran,iraq,Saudi arabia,Tokyo,New York,Hong kong,India and even Africa and its headed by Sanchez they are worth$500billion and they're into all kinds of illëgal businesses worldwide.I learnt Sanchez is in Tokyo but you can also reach his brother Juan Miguel address 86 avenue New york.

"yeah?" i said in between getting a pen and paper and writing down every clue."hey buddy by the way you sound you're at it again aint ya,where are you?" he queried

"New York city" I replied

"Holy potatoes!!hey man am down for this job ok please"he said

"Alright i knew it but it ok come over to Greenwich village I'll pick you up there tomorrow noon ok? i said reassuringly.

"....thanks man you won't regret you did you know we're both a perfect match.." he said before going offline.Yeah Dave is right we're both a good match and i enjoy working with him cos when it comes to 'BAD BOY cases' like this he's always the solution.

Wow day1.and it feels like things are already starting to gradually fall in place.

Ring! Ring, "this is customer care service how may I help you?" came a female voice

"Room008,fried potato chips,pasta and cocktail"


"You got it" i answered




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