I woke up around 10:45am fèeling a bit dizzy,tipsy and unwell

I went over to my bag and took some aspirin,this must have been from the large of cocktail I took last night.I sprang to my feet,went to shower and in less than 20 minutes am all dressed as I went to my laptop to look up some information about this terrorist gang Venomous Viper.Using Penthius as my search engine i typed in the words"Venomous Viper Secret Organisation"and almost immediately the page opened.I saw lots of informations about them which I keenly read up slowly but almost half page something caught my eyes which made me stop.

Almost staring back at me is the picture of the most handsome man I've ever seen in my 27 year old freaking life I was swept off my feet.On the screen is this Adonis of a guy with blonde hair neatly cut in a fashionabe style,his face is almost flawless with no freckles or acne,he has dark blue eyes,aqualine pointed nose,strawberry pink-red lips with a perfect set of white teeth which was well displayed in his smile giving him this angelic innocence.He was dressed in I think Armani 2013 designers leather coat and other expensive blings and wears he was simply Heaven-made.

I was further shocked and suprised when I scrolled down the page to find what I had expected but the picture of my adorable heaven sent Adonis was my key terrorist leader....SANCHEZ????....

I was still staring unbelievably lost when my cell phone vibrated,I picked it up and the name on thé screen was Dave,i tapped the screen "Hello am right at the Greenwich village where on earth are you?"came Dave's voice.

"Well lets just say I was drunk and overslept so am sorry I'll be there 15 minutes"I said closing the page and headed off to pick up my partner Dave.

It's been 2 days since Dave arrivéd New York as my partner-in-undercover not crime this time and we've all our plans mapped fully.Dave has to head to 8th ave.and try as hard as he can to get close to Juan Miguel and get out all the info he can while Sanchez's ass is mine for kick.I already lent a small cottage near Sanchez's mansion and just hope things work out as planned.

At exactly 02:14pm tuesday 26th july,I and Dave head up to our seperate but cooperative tasks after exchanging our goodbyes and promise to call ourselves daily

"Goodluck chap keep your nice ass safe from that beast"Dave said "you too"I replied "but I wouldn't agree with him that Sanchez's a beast,not after seeing his picture,those innocent eyes,just couldn't help but imagine I could take him into my arms for a hug or...more ***wake Up LOSER!! I thought

I arrived the neighourhood shortly 10 mins past three I entered my hideout cottage under the name Mike Sanderz in order to work discreetly.I commenced my other plans and before long i was down and one out my various plans was dying my black hair blonde and also somehow tanned my body temporary with some skin products courtesy of Dave.

Staring at the mirror,i could hardly recognise myself,I head out to a close eatery for lunch."Hey waiter burger,irish potato chips and bottle of soda" I ordered.I was eating lunch when I notice a black Rolls Royce,starting to enter Sanchez's place guess its him.Finishing my lunch and grabbing chocolate pizza for dinner I headed home.

It's morning already 6am,I løok through my window pane to see someone come out of Sanchez's home,think its him cos I recognise the blonde hair,and immediately grabbing sweatpant,tank top,and trainers&earbuds I dashed outta my cottage. "Goodmorning" i said

"goodmorning how're you Amigo" he asked in strong mexican accent

"cool,just new to the hood,Mike Sanderz moved in from a farm in Alabama"I lied. "Sanchez Rio Pierré live a block away from you" he said as we shook hands."Nice meeting you"i said feeling a change in me,he acts as innocently as he loòk,instead of a drug baron.

I noticed him check me out as we talked before saying"feel free to drop at my home for cup of coffee.

Jackpot!! I thought i feel something more was about to build up in our minds,although am sent to spy and capture him am begining to have a crush on HIM??

I saw his slightly built soft body,smooth and hairless,chiseled jaw,and finely shaped butt and bulge.

"Why not" I replied forcing a smile

"so long fella"he said jogging southward i noticed his ass bounce up and down in his short.I shake my head off and jogged northwards.

"Hello Carter,any development or improvements or problems" i said hopefully on the phone.

"Yeah I managed to pass couple of tests and interview as Juan's driver cos his former driver was killed on one of their recent operations in Reno."

"wow nice one dude anyway I happen to meet with Sanchez himself,he seems easy going and he even offered me a cup of coffee anytime am free and i hope to,you try and.........."

I was interupted by a hard knock on my door.

"Be right back,maybe talk to you later"I told Dave before going offline.


Coming,ok open up its not locked" i said trying to dress up

The door of my room went open and there stood an Arabian, hairy,chubby say about 42,staring round my room then at me before saying ''Sanchez wants to see you right now"he ordered.

I thought this was a dream I rubbèd my crusty eyes but there he still stood.

"Ok"I replied,got dressed and followed the chubby guy whose name I will later get to know is called Sadhirah.

The huge black gate opened and I gasped at the mansiön am standing face to face with but I was still suprised at the well armed guards in black....



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