If you are under 18 you shouldn't be reading this. But if you're old enough and you like gay erotic domination fiction, I hope you like this story.

Encounter after the Gym


He was a cute little bugger. Only about 5'7" and maybe 130 pounds, and as he told me later, he was barely sixteen so he was still growing. But if he reached 5'8" I'd be surprised. I was 6'1" and 218 pounds of solid muscle and I liked them young and pretty, and I liked them small and transformable, and I liked them submissive and complaint. I particularly liked them young, young and pretty.

We'd barely gone a block before I stuck a couple fingers in his mouth. "Show me how you can suck, pussy boy" I whispered in his ear.

"Mmmmmm" he groaned and his whole body quivered again. Shit, did I ever have a hot one here? My aggressive come-on damn near always worked, but it was making this kid totally flustered and almost speechless. Every time I said anything he seemed to go into spasms of delirium. Oh yeah, he was a hot one. He sucked like crazy on my fingers as I 'fucked' them in and out of his mouth.

With his hands cuffed behind his back, he kept them busy playing with my ten incher, keeping me hard all the way to my apartment. My apartment was barely a mile away, but with West Hollywood traffic it took over ten minutes to get there.

As I drove my bike under my apartment building I parked it, but just sat there.

"That's it, pussy, keep playing with my dick" I said into his ear. "Your man likes it.' Now he really tried to get aggressive, groping it as best he could with his cuffed hands through my tight jeans.

Grabbing a hunk of his hair I twisted his head around and latched onto his lips with mine. I'd developed a lot of spit which I pushed into his mouth and then started French kissing him.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm" he groaned. This kid didn't talk very much but he sure knew how to make sounds of pleasure.

"Yeah, pussy. Swallow your man's spit." He groaned again and gulped. Pulling his head back just a couple inches from mine, I deliberately spit another wad into his mouth.

"Ohhh shittt" he mumbled as he swallowed it.

I gave him a quick kiss and got off the bike, and just to show off, threw him over my shoulder and carried him up the two flights to my apartment. He was moaning and quivering in trepidation all the way. We didn't meet anybody on the stairs, but it wouldn't have mattered. This is West Hollywood after all.

My living room had a ratty old sofa and nothing else except my weight lifting bench and various weights and dumbbells and stuff scattered around the room. I didn't like working out at home, and since my gym was 24/7 I didn't have to, but the weights were here for when I got the urge which tended to be a couple times a day. I was a bodybuilding fanatic so I couldn't walk by the bench without doing a couple presses, which I did right now. Tossing the kid onto the sofa I lay back on the bench, took a deep breath, and lifted the 185 pounds and did six quick presses. I always kept 185 pounds on the bar for times when I wanted something not too heavy just to get the blood circulating and the heart pounding a bit.

"Come'er" I said to the kid as I sat up and pulled off my very wet tank. "On your knees, damn it" I growled as he started to stand up. He crawled over to me. Jesus what a cutie. The most adorable look on his sweet young face. A look of excitement and anticipation; he couldn't wait to see what I was going to do next. Taking my tank I rubbed it all over his face. "Sniff it, pussy. Get a good whiff of your man." He took a good big sniff.

Tossing the tank aside I grabbed a handful of beautiful blond hair and jerked his head back. "Open your mouth, pussy" I said. Then I spit a big gob of saliva into his open mouth. "Swish it around, pussy. Savor it." He did just that. "Open up" I said, and spit another big wad into his mouth. 'Savor it, hon. Savor it." I let him go at it for a few seconds. "Now swallow" I said as I stared into his pretty green eyes. "Swallow your man's spit."

"Mmmm. Mmmm" he murmured as he swallowed and I now saw a look of complete devotion on his face. He was probably as excited as he'd ever been and was perfectly acquiescent to my aggressiveness.

"Thank me for it, pussy. Thank me for letting you have my spit."

"Ohhh shittt" he gasped as his whole body shuttered again. "Thank you, Sir. Thank you, thank you." He mumbled, looking at me with worshipful eyes. "Ahhh... thank you, Master."

Well ain't that a kick. This kid ain't no neophyte. He's experienced enough to know a Master when he sees one and daring enough to call me Master.

"Way to go, babe" I chuckled and gave him a couple friendly slaps to the face. "You and me gonna have a fun filled afternoon."

"Thank you, Master" he said again.

"I want your hands behind your back unless I give you permission. Got that?" I said to him.

"Yes, Master." I pulled out the key and reached behind him and took off the cuffs.

"Get my boots off" I ordered him. He scooted to the end of the bench to remove my boots. I braced one on his shoulder while he pulled the other one off and then pushed it in his face. "Kiss it, hon" I said. "Kiss your Master's foot." He gave it a kiss.

"The other one" I said as I put that foot on his shoulder while he pulled off the other boot. "My socks" I said as I put both feet against his chest. As he peeled off the socks I raised both feet and held them in his face.

"Now show me how a slave boy treats his Master's feet. Get your mouth working." He his whole body shivered in excitement as he started kissing the soles of my feet. He went at it with a vengeance, so I figure he'd probably been fantasizing about doing this sort of thing ever since puberty.

I couldn't help but chuckle as his actions. I mean, this kid is so servile. I grabbed a hunk of hair, jerked his head back, and slapped him.

I knew he'd like it, and he did, letting out a moan and reaching for his cock.

"Hands behind your back, you little shit" I growled and slapped him again. He shuttered in ecstasy and moaned again, but he put his hands back behind his back.

As I let go of his hair, I put my feet down on the floor. "Back to work, pussy" I ordered. He instantly crouched down and started kissing again.

"Don't just kiss, pup. Lick. Get them wet" I said. Then I just watched, enjoying the show, as he worked his way around both feet. Up and down and back and forth, around and around, not missing a single inch. When he finally got to the toes, I had him lie flat on his stomach so he could look up at me while he sucked on each one of them. Ain't nothing quite like it, having a kid look me in the eye while he's abasing himself by sucking on my toes purely for my amusement and pleasure.

"Okay, pussy" I finally said. "Strip for me. Put on a show. Make it sexy for me." He got to his feet, but then had to bend down to remove his shoes and socks. Standing back up he gave me a double bicep pose showing some fairly nice muscles on his arms Then he started moving his hips and starting a slow dance and moving his arms to unheard music. I'd called him a 'pup' and he really was like a little puppy trying to show off for his Master. He reached down putting both hands in his crotch and sashayed around in a circle wiggling his ass as he went.

Giving me a big smile he continued moving in slow graceful gestures as he turned around again and then bent down showing me his cute little buns. I don't know how I'd managed to get my hand down into those pants because they looked like they were painted on, clearly indenting into his ass crack.

Turning around again he slowly removed his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. I couldn't help but smile as I reached up and tweaked my tits, because I was enjoying the hell out of this. And he knew it. The little shit knew he was turning me on and was taking advantage of the opportunity to really show off.

Crossing his arms he took hold of his black t-shirt and slowly, very slowly, pulled it up and off as he continued his slow dance. I already knew he was pretty, but seeing him in the flesh just proved it. Very shapely pecs and nice round shoulders from a young beginning gym bunny.

"Oh, yeah. I got me a beauty, didn't I?" I said as I tweaked my tits again and his smile got even bigger. "Get on with it, pussy. Show me what you got." Continuing his dance, he unzipped his pants and gradually, inch by inch, began to ease them down over his hips. He wasn't wearing underwear so as he turned it was his cute little ass that I saw first.

He turned his head to watch me as he pulled the pants down over his ass. I puckered up and blew him a kiss and he giggled. Bending over and showing me his ass, he pulled the pants down and climbed out of them. Only then did he stand up and turn around. I already guessed that he had a decent sized prick; somewhere around average, probably six inches or so. But right now it was hard as a rock, standing up at about an 80 degree angle and wet cum stains since he'd already shot in his pants.

"You are a beauty" I said. "Come here." As he stepped over to me I pointed to the floor and his got down on his knees. With one hand on his chin and the other in his hair I pulled him in and started giving him a very aggressive kiss. He returned it every bit as aggressively.

I kept at it for a couple minutes, pulling on his hair, letting him know that I was still in charge. Finally I pulled back.

"What do you want, pussy? Huh?" I said and he gave me a questioning look. "You want to lick my ass, kiss my biceps, suck my prick? What?"

He looked startled but quickly answered. "Oh, yes, Master. Yes, yes, yes." What a find this kid was. I may have admired him and complemented him but it hadn't gone to his head, and he still knew who was boss and he still wanted to worship.

"Start with my ass, pup. Get in there and lick my ass." I stood up next to the bench but didn't turn around so he looked at me questioningly for a moment. Then, reaching up he pulled my gym trunks down and I stepped out of them. He hesitated for another moment but when I didn't move, he crawled around the bench behind me, put his elbows on the bench, and pushed his face into my butt.

Let me tell you, this kid was a one in a million bottom boy for a dominant stud like me. We were obviously perfectly compatible. And I mean perfectly. I damn well knew how to be dominant Master and this kid seemed to be a very talented submissive slave boy. There was no doubt that the nastier I was with him the more he was going to like it.

He just kissed my ass cheeks at first until I reached around and pushed his face into the crack. "Lick it, pussy. Lick it. Get into your Master's hole." You know I'm all muscle so I have the hottest, hardest, muscled ass cheeks you can imagine, and this kid was in heaven. Grabbing on, he pried my cheeks apart pushing his nose in tight and really went at it, sucking and licking at my ass hole.

"Ohhh yeeaah, Pussy. Ohhh yeeaah. That's it" I groaned. "Worship that ass." I couldn't see him of course, but in my mind's eye I pictured that barely pubescent pretty-boy face jammed up my poop shoot and it was driving me crazy with desire.

At that moment any ideas I had of him licking the sweat off my body before I fucked him went right out the window, and I jerked around, grabbed him by the hair, and pushed my crotch into his face. Then, hooking my jock down under my balls, I pushed my enormous hard-on into his mouth. I was hot and horny and ready to fuck, and he was ready too. The little shit immediately started sucking up a storm. He may have been young but he sure knew how to suck a man's dick.

He probably had never had a ten incher to deal with, but you'd never know it from the way he went to town. Within just seconds he had pushed a good six inches back into his throat and was sucking like crazy with his tongue lapping up a storm. I was already hot and he was doing a number on my cock, so to slow things down a bit I pushed his head back, allowing my ramrod to slap up against my belly.

Holding his hair and grabbing on to my cock, I started banging it against his nose and cheeks. "Oh, baby, you making me hot" I said as I kept banging away on his gorgeous youthful face as he stared up at me with those worshipful eyes. "But there ain't no way I'm going to blow before I get to your pussy."

I kept banging away for a couple minutes, forcing myself to calm down just a bit. If we had time I'd get a blowjob from him later, but right now I wanted to split those cute little buns of his.

Pulling him to his feet, I lifted him and lay him down on the bench on his back. Stepping to the end of the bench, I pulled his legs up opening his ass for my assault. The kid was looking up at me with absolute adoration showing on his face. I hadn't even fucked him yet but it seemed that he'd already fallen in love with me.

"How about it, pussy?" I said. "You want your master's big cock up your sweet little ass?"

"Oh yes, please yes" he gushed. Hell, as big as I am, he had to know it was going to hurt, but he wanted it desperately. He passionately wanted me to dominate him and fuck him, and evidently didn't care if it hurt. In fact I think he wanted it to hurt. A good submissive expects and craves pain in order to give his Master the most enjoyable experience imaginable, and this kid was one hell of a submissive.

"Yeah?" I said. "You want this stud to take your boy-pussy? You really want it?"

"Oh yes, Master. Please, Master."

"Okay, pussy. Coming up." I dripped a big wad of spit down onto his ass crack and rubbed it around before jamming my thumb into him.

"Uggg" he grunted. Shit. If he was going to groan just from my thumb, he had no idea what my monster donkey dong was going to do to him. I spit again and crammed two fingers into his hole. "Uggg" he groaned again, but I was ready to go. I wanted to fuck.

I spit onto my hand, rubbed it up and down my dick, took aim at his little pucker, and pushed. There ain't nothing that can withstand my battering ram when it's hot and ready so as I pushed, his hole slowly opened up to accommodate its enormous size.

He screamed. "Yeeeaaaoooh."

"That's okay, baby. Go ahead and scream" I said as I kept pushing. It was doubtful anybody was around this time of the afternoon, but even if they were, they wouldn't say anything. This was definitely not the first time they'd heard screams coming from my apartment.

He screamed again as the head of my big dong popped into his tight hole. "Yeeeaaaoooh. Please, please, please" he groaned and started panting fast in huge gasps, trying to lessen the pain.

Please what? I'm sure he didn't mean 'please stop' but then again I don't think he meant 'please more'. Whatever the case, I sure wasn't about to quit now. I did stop for a moment, however, giving him a chance to adjust to the enormous rod that had just opened him up like he'd never been opened before.

Then I pushed some more. He kept groaning, almost yelling so I finally put my hand over his mouth to muffle it somewhat. I certainly didn't want the police showing up before we were finished.

There's no doubt in my mind that he wanted this but he just hadn't realized how really big I was, and how hard it was going to be to take it. But I knew he'd adjust soon enough, so pulling back an inch, I pushed in again. He was still groaning: 'ohh (gasp), ohh (gasp) ohh (gasp)' as I started a slow fuck, pushing in and out and moving gradually deeper with each thrust.

He looked up at me with pain showing in his face and I gave him a big grin as I kept up my slow fuck. He damn well knew I was enjoying his pain. And yes, hell yes, I was. Seeing that look of torment on a kid's face while I'm forcing my huge boner up his ass makes me hotter than hell.

And then, finally, I was there, deep into his ass with all ten inches and I just held it there. His yelling changed to moaning so I removed my hand.

Then the moaning turned to a hum. Just like that; like turning on a light switch, he started humming. "It hurts, Master. Oh, yeah, it hurts. Oh yeah. Ohhhhh." Let me tell you this kid was an absolute treasure. I could see in his face that the pain was excruciating, but he was loving it. He was loving the pain; he was relishing it. Oh fuck yeah. This is what every Master lusts after from a slave. A perfect masochist.

"Look at me, baby" I said. "Look at your Master as he fucks you." He opened his eyes and looked up but was still showing pain in his face. "Tell me you like it, pussy. Tell me you like it" I said.

"Oh, shit yeah, sir. I love it" he groaned. "I love it, I love it." This kid was an absolute jewel. His hot little ass was tighter than a drum so I know he'd never had a dick like mine up there before. But I also know it was hurting him like hell, but he was reveling in it. Yes, he was loving it.

I reached down and slapped his face. "Oh shit, baby. Tell your Master you love him. Tell me" I crooned and slapped him again.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes" he gasped and damned if he didn't start to shoot. "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, Master. I'm cuming."

"You little son-of-s-bitch" I laughed and slapped him once more and then started really ramming it to him. He was still in the throes of his ejaculation but I didn't give a fuck. My only interest was that tight ass and the growing feeling building up in my balls.

As his ejaculation finished he reached up and started rubbing his hands over my big slabs of pectoral muscle. "Oh, Master. Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me please. Fuck me hard." The little shit was not only loving the pain, he wanted more, so I slapped him again, hard, rammed into him as hard as I could, and started shooting.

"Shittttt" I howled as I grabbed his hair and almost pulled him up off the bench in uncontrolled ecstas6y. "Shittttt" I howled again as I fired into his ass.

He howled too, since I was about pulling his hair out by the roots in my wild frenzy, but I could see there was a grin on his face. This little kid would take any kind of abuse, and I mean any, as long as he was being dominated by a hot Master.

Letting go of his hair, I grabbed his legs, pushing them wide, giving him the splits, and actually lifting his ass well up off the bench as I slammed into him one final time. And then, after my final shot, I just kind of wilted down on top of him.

I stayed there for only a moment getting my breath back, and then lay down on the floor and pulled him on top of me. He tried to kiss me on the lips but after my ejaculation I wasn't in the mood to cuddle so I turned my head. So he kissed my cheek, my neck and then my shoulder.

And very slowly he started moving down my body, covering my chest with light kisses, and then my abdominals and finally my still hard prick. As it gradually started to soften he licked up and down the big rod, lapping up every bit of the leftover cum.

Looking up at me with those pretty-boy eyes he said: "Master. that was the best fuck I've ever had." Still looking up at me to see my reactions, he took my dick in his mouth and started sucking on it. I said earlier that he seemed to be quite a cocksucker, and now he was evidently trying to prove to me how good he really was. Although I wasn't fully hard, he had to be taking seven and eight inches as he mashed his nose into my crotch.

"Okay, kid, that's enough" I said as I pushed his head back. He looked up at me with a mischievous look on his face, like the bird that swallowed the canary.

"You sure?" he asked grinning at me.

"Sorry kid. I've got to take a shower and then I've got things to do."

"Please, sir" he said. "Please, Master. Let me shower with you. Please, please, please." I swear he was like a little puppy, wagging his tail and looking at me and actually shaking with anticipation.

So I let him give me a shower, allowing him to have the thrill of his life by feeling up my amazing muscles. He had to wash my legs a second time after he ejaculated on them the first time.

And, okay, I admit, I let him give me a blowjob as well. I mean, how do you say no to a pretty young kid like that when he's looking at you with those cute goo-goo eyes? Besides, he was a great cocksucker.

He asked what I was doing later or tomorrow, but I gave him a noncommittal answer. He gave me his telephone number before he left and begged me to call him later. I tossed it into the drawer with all the others. I mean, he was a damn good fuck and certainly worth a second go-around, but I'd already had him, hadn't I?

Who knows what cute young thing I might 'encounter' after the gym tomorrow?

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