The usual comment: no one under eighteen should read this. Everyone else, enjoy it.

Encounter after the Gym

My hair was still wet and my tank was pretty much soaked through as I stopped by the local pick up bar and just stood by the door for a couple minutes. Wasn't much of interest this time of the afternoon, but it only takes one, and that one was a cute thing at the end of the bar with a couple friends. Looked sixteen and probably got in here with false ID but that was fine; I like 'em sixteen. Young colts, maybe not even broke in yet. He looked at me, took a double take and then kept looking, so I gave him a slight toss of the head; a 'come hither' motion, and went back out onto the street. He was there in about ten seconds.

I grabbed his butt and pulled him in, crotch to crotch. He leaned in for a kiss but I put my hand on his forehead and held his head back.

"I'm looking for a pussy, boy" I said as I grabbed a hunk of his hair and held him just inches away from my face and stared into his eyes. "You want to be my pussy?" I swear to god his whole body shuddered and he may have shot in his pants.

"Ohhh, shit" he moaned. I let go of his butt and raised my arm, flexing my bicep.

"Kiss" I said. He tried to move his head forward to kiss my bicep but I was holding on to his hair and he couldn't reach it. He gave me a look like 'what the fuck?' I held him there for a heartbeat letting him know that I was totally in charge, and then pulled his head in for only a second, allowing him just one kiss on my bicep.

"Now lick" I said as I pulled him back in. He immediate4ly started licking my bulging muscle. I let him lap at it for only a couple seconds before I pulled his head back. People walking by gave us a look, but who gives a fuck. I grabbed his butt once more.

"I just get back from the gym" I said, squeezing his ass and holding him in front of my face by the hair. "I want you to lick the sweat off my body before I fuck you. You ready for that?" I'd been frowning at him the whole time, letting him know that I was totally serious about it and meant what I said.

"Oh shit, man" he gasped as I gave his ass a slap and then a squeeze. "Ahhh... ahhh..."

"Spit it out, pussy" I growled at him. "I'm ready to put that tongue of yours to work. You ready for it?"

"Hey, man. I ahhh... I ahhh... oh shit. Yeah. Ah... yeah" he answered. I crammed my hand down inside his tight pants grabbing hold of his bare ass and started pulling him down the street to my bike.

"I'm ahhh... I'm Carl" he said.

"No you're not" I said. "You're Pussy, and you'll call me Sir."

"Oh shit, man" he gushed. "Ahhh... sir..."

"Tell me your name is Pussy. Say it" I demanded.

Ahhh..... Yes sir. Jesus... My name is Pussy." As he reached down to grab his cock I pulled my hand out of his pants.

"Don't touch, Pussy" I growled, jerking both of his hands behind him and snapped on the cuffs.

"Oh shit. Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh; SHIT" he moaned and there was no question he was cuming in his pants. Yes, the little fucker was cuming already; in his pants; without touching.

He'd probably cum a couple more times before the afternoon was over, but I didn't give a damn as long as he kept his hands away from has dick and concentrated on mine.

"You and me gonna get along just fine, Pussy" I said, finally giving him a smile and giving his butt a squeeze. Arriving at my bike, I lifted him bodily off his feet and set him on the bike seat, and then got on behind him pressing my roaring hard-on into his cuffed hands.

"Grab on, Pussy" I said. "You're about to get the ride of your life."

Author's comment: I suppose I should apologize for making this so short and stopping before there is any sex, but the concept kinda turned me on. I suppose I could write more if anyone was interested. Let me know.

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