I was from a poor family, my dad is out of the picture so its me and mum… mum works as a cleaner in one of the hospitals; during evenings and over the weekends I work as a waiter in one of the diners(Jude’s Diner) so as to make ends meet.. My name is Emerald Stephens, I’m 17 years old, a 12th grader; my mum named me Emerald cause she says that I’m worth more than a billion emeralds and diamonds; im 5”9 in height, slender with a curvy body-so I’m told- black hair, ash eyes and so on……. I came out as being gay few years ago because I lived in a town where by being gay was acceptable, it was considered okay so it was very easy for me to come out of the closet. I have a few friend and also a few people who looked down on me but mostly I have friends so life has been good to me.

Walking down my high school hall way I mistakenly barged into somebody and it turned out it was a high school jock, Stanley Murris and he was with a friend of his Noel Sherwood; they had always hated me for reasons I can never understand and I wasn’t ready to begin my day with frustration so I quickly apologized and started to leave but Stanley caught me by the shirt and started “you little fool, u cant just hit me and leave” “I’m so sorry, I really am, I didn’t see u”I responded “wow. Now I’m so short that u cant see me? Did you hear that noel, this poor disgusting thing here says im short” “Stanley please people are starting to stare; dont do this, not here. I’m really sorry I barged into you” and before I knew it, he had hit me with noel laughing, “don’t u fucking talk back at me you little poor disgusting poverty stricken thing.i wonder who named u emerald, U arent worth even a coin” he said while hitting me hard, kicking me and using his bag(with something sharp in it) suddenly I fell down to the floor in pains, bleeding and then suddenly out of nowhere, I saw someone punch stanley so hard that he fell down and the person started kicking stanley; I looked up and saw that it was Eric, the school’s quarter back; he was yelling at stanley with a pure rage in is eyes “how dare you hit him, he apologized and u still hit him? U should be ashamed of urself u fool. Get out of here” then stanley left with noel…… Eric came back to me and started helping me up, trying to stop the bleeding, he took off his shirt and started cleaning my body with it, he was just left with his singlet on. OMG’ this is a pure hunk, he looked like a greek god, with black hair, brown eyes and muscular body, broad shoulders, perfect lips, anything u think a god could look like; I was so lost in his eyes but then I was brought back to reality by people saying things like “omg emerald, are u okay” “what the hell happened emerald?”. But what Eric said was “Emerald, are u okay? we got to get you to the school clinic, and don’t bother getting up, I’ll carry you” he sure looked like he was about to cry and I was confused but I quickly said “don’t even think about it, I can walk” “okay then, stand up lets go” and immediately I stood up he grabbed my legs and carried me like a baby “put me down now Eric” “no way, just stop arguing and enjoy the ride”. While in the clinic, he stayed with me till 7:00 pm when I was treated, refusing to go back home. When we were done, he insisted on giving me a ride back home. On our way home I said “thanks for everything u did today” “you are welcome”he responded “why did u do it, I mean help me?” “because u are a friend” “really? But we harldy talk” the he stopped the car, turned to me and said “the truth is, we harldy talk cause I’m shy of talking to you; i’ve always admired you from a distance and I really like you and anytime I wanna talk to you, I feel so shy and scared that I’m gonna say something wrong, u are gentle, quiet, intelligent and I dare say, more than handsome; you are beautiful..you ve the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen and I could stare at them all day if you will let me” now I was totlly stunned… Eric; I mean the quarter back was talking to me and not only that, he was telling me stuffs; wonderful stuffs…I thought my ears were itching and that I wasn’t hearing correctly so i said “have u been drinking cause u sure don’t know what u are saying” “no emerald, I havent been drinking, haven’t u wondered why I havent dated any girl or any of those cheerleaders who throw themselves at me” “yea I’ve wondered. I mean u are the most popular guy in school” “I’m gay emerald, I havent announced it officilly but I am and I really like u. I really really do. Would u give me a chance to prove it to you?” “how?” “would u be my boyfriend?” “what?!!!” now my ears are faulty “yes emerald?, will u be my lover?” and then I kissed him immeditely and god his lips tasted like strawberry; so sweet and soft and then his hands -so hard but yet so tender- caressed me, squuezing me and I brought him closer to me, kissing him so hard; then he pulled of my shirt and started sucking my tits, using his tongue to lick them while looking at me with those moon-lit eyes, then he unbuckled my belt and pulled off my trousers and started squeezing my dick. I went back to kissing him and pulling off his singlet, and proceded to sucking his nipples,they were hard and tasty then I also unbuckled his belt and he pulled of his trouser and singlet to reveal a mighty cock that was at least 10 inches big. Then I licked him down and when I got to his cock, I began sucking him and he started mouth fucking me, pulling it in and out of my mouth then he pulled out his cock, and began kissing me again, fingering me in the process and slapping my ass afterwards procedded in inserting is dick and it suprissingly went easily, its like his dick was meant for my ass; he put it in slowly and then pulled it out, doing it again and again slowly, then increasing the pace, he started fucking me in a doggy style “yea baby, I love that ass, uh uh uh uh uh, ur ass is so great…” “give it to me babe, fuck me harder, hareder, harder” we continued for about 10 minutes and then he pulled out and told me to rest my back against the car door(we were fucking in his car) and then he inserted again and started fucking me in missionary style, fucking out my brains, with his muscles going up and down and his chest heaving, looking so strong and sexy, sweats trickling down our body. He fucked me hard “yea baby, yes yes yes, gimme that ass, lemme fuck ur hole, lemme make u full” “oh yeah.. yeah…..” we kept on fucking, his dick pulling in and out so fast and were kissing in the process licking each other’s tongue.. then he brought out his dick, slapped it on my hole and inserted it again, fucking me so hard and rough like he was gonna tear me.. “oh baby fuck me faster!, harder< yea yea yea”, and after about 20 minutes of fucking I came on my belle and he came in me, my ass feeling so full and when he brought out his dick, my ass felt empty; then he proceeded to licking the tip of my cock and then to my tummy, licking away all my cum “hmmm. U taste good babe”he said “thanks. And u made me feel good” “hope u arent angry I released in u” “no. why would I be angry at my boyfriend?” “really?” he said with the happiest smile I’ve ever seen on his face “so u have accepted to be mine?” “yes. I have” I replied “I cant believe I just had sex with Eric, in his car!!!, tell me its not a dream” then he pinched me and said “its not a dream babe” then we resumed kissing and he finally took me home.. on getting home, my mum was back so I invited Eric in and introduced him to my mum and then I tld her how Eric saved me from those idiots and how he became boyfriend and after about 2 hours, Eric went home.

Three weeks later in school during lunch, as I was eating a home made bacon, Eric came and sat beside me and asked for a bite which I gave him and which also made the whole school turn to stare at us with mouth gaping and saying words like “omg whats Eric doing with emerald” “whoa look at that” “quaterback and a loser” and then he sent everyone into shock by feeding me and then kissing me right there in the cafeteria and everyone gasped and he said “yea people, that’s right! Emerald is my boyfriend, if it pisses you off, you can go kiss a snake” the he turned to me and said “emerald, these few weeks I’ve spent with you have made me realise that I don’t just like u, I love u…no no no no no… I’m in love with u. Sorry ladies and gays, but im taken” and then he kissed me again and some people started clapping and some hating, feeling jealous and so on but that didn’t matter. All that mattered to me was that he said he loved me in front of the whole school “I love u too Eric”. He then dragged me to the janitors closet and began kissing me again, and we quickly undressed and he then turned me gently and inserted his dick in me, fucking me hard again, slapping my ass at the same time kissing me “I love u so much baby” he said as he thrust in deeper and deeper and deeper “uh yeah. Gimme more. Uh uh uh ah ah ah ah ah ah” he fucked and fucked and then I released on the floor and 2 minutes later, he released me in. we kept on kissing and the n dressed and headed home to enjoy ourselves more, ditching the remaining classes.


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