Flamon was surprised, and tried to catch his breath. He looked back to see what Aquan had seen, but he found nothing.

'Aquan what's wrong? What did you see?'

'N...nothing it's not...' He started to say, but topped once he saw the disappointment showing on Flamons face.

'I thought that I saw Elder Kai and his two humans.' He admitted. Flamon was happy that Aquan had involved him, but he felt horrible about what had happened earlier. As he looked down at his angel he wanted to punch himself. He stroked his face gently with one hand.

'Aquan I am so sorry for what I said earlier. I will never forgive myself for that. All I wanted to do was protect you from getting hurt, and I'm the one that hurt you.' He said with tears in his eyes. Aquan gently grabbed his face and brought him into a kiss.

Flamons body stopped trembling as he started to participate in the kiss. Aquan parted his lips to let Flamons tongue explore his mouth. Flamon absolutely loved kissing Aquan, because their body temperatures are so different that it creates the best sensation when their tongues meet. After they broke their kiss Aquan stared intently at Flamon.

'I...I... lo...love you.' He said. Aquan had said this once before, but under the circumstances of their argument it had gone unnoticed by Flamon. Flamon scooped him up and practically ran back to camp jumping around.

Grasdon was awoken by all of the commotion and groggily open his eyes to see Aerius snuggle closer to him and smile contently while still asleep. He chuckled while watching him, but was once again distracted. He looked up and turned his attention to Flamon.

'What is going on?'

'He loves me, Aquan said he loves me!' Flamon said spinning Aquan around in his arms. Aquan started to feel dizzy so he placed his head on Flamon's chest and closed his eyes. Grasdon couldn't help but smile feeling so happy that his best friend has found love as he did. He fell back asleep leaving Flamon to enjoy his new found happiness.

Aerius awoke first and he quietly made his way towards Aquan. He gave him a gentle nudge, and he awoke.

'Aquan let's go for a swim, I don't want to go by myself.' He said putting on his best puppy dog look. Aquan was very comfortable in Flamons arms, but he was never one to give up an opportunity to swim. The two slowly made their way towards a pond not too far from camp.

Grasdon and Flamon awoke almost simultaneously once they realized that Aerius and Aquan were not in their arms. They felt a sense of fear and panic as they quickly went in search of their missing lovers. A sudden rush of relief washed over them as they saw Aerius giggling and playfully splashing Aquan with water, while Aquan is smiling and trying to block the onslaught with his hands. Aerius was the first to spot them and he quickly flew out of the water and into his lover's arms. Grasdon kissed him on the nose and carried him back to camp.

Flamon stayed and waited for Aquan to come out of the water, but was surprised when the water started to turn light blue. As Aquan continued to swim the water gradually got lighter, until it had become completely clear. Flamon was awe struck at how graceful Aquan was despite his menacing appearance he had underwater. Once Aquan had completely purified the water he arose on top of the water.

Aerius was in a fit of giggles as Grasdon tickled him relentlessly. Grasdon had never heard a sound as beautiful as Aerius' laughter. Grasdon had never met a person who had made him feel so complete. Every time that he was around Aerius he felt a sudden urge to grow flowers everywhere.

'hahahahaha Grasdon Please....... Hahahahaha I can't take it!' Aerius said as he struggled to get away. He absolutely loved all of the attention that he was receiving. Grasdon finally relented and Aerius lay in the grass panting. Grasdon quickly stood up and crouched down away from Aerius' view.

'What are you doing?' Aerius questioned as he regained his breath. Grasdon didn't respond he just kept concentrating. Aerius stood and tried to see, but couldn't. All of a sudden Grasdon stood holding a flower Aerius had never seen before. It was baby blue, but had a pink over shadow and white tips. Aerius had never seen a flower so beautiful.

'Aerius I have made a new flower for you my love, this will be our flower.' He stated while placing it in Aerius' golden locks. He smiled as Aerius clung to him as if his life depended on Grasdon and sobbed.

Aquan slowly made his way to Flamon while walking on top of the lake. Once he reached his destination he gently pulled a hesitant Flamon on top of the water with him as he made his way back to the middle of the lake. Aquan stood on his tip toes and gently placed his lips to Flamons'. Flamon eagerly accepted the kiss and was pleasantly surprised when Aquan started feeling his mouth with the purified water entering his mouth.

Elder Kai stood staring at the erotic display. Yes the time was coming to make his move, and when he did the four princes' won't even know what hit them.



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