Before leaving on my flight, I had told Alex that I needed a ride from the airport in Rio Negro to my farm just outside of Medellin. I had given him a great tip since I wanted to show my appreciation,not just for the good service, but for the cock service the night before my flight.Sure enough when I arrived,Alex was there waiting for me.It was a late night flight arriving at 11 p.m. and I still had to go through customs and security to leave the airport.Alex and I finally got out of the airport with my luggage.While putting my bags in the trunk I noticed another suitcase.When I queried Alex about it he said his wife had thrown him out.I asked Alex what had happened and he said it was a long story and that he would tell me on the way to the farm.We both left the airport around 12a.m. heading toward the farm.

I could tell Alex had something on his mind which was bothering him,but I told myself not to push it.We had been driving for about 15 minutes,when he abruptly pulled over on the side of the road and burst into tears.Concerned I asked him what the problem was,without a word he pulled his jeans down along with his underwear to rest at his ankles.He pointed to his erect cock and said his wife had caught him fucking another person in their apartment when he thought his wife would be away for the day.I said Alex in the macho Colombian culture the man usually rules the roost and it is almost accepted to have girlfriends on the side.Alex said if it was a girlfriend there would be no problem but his wife had caught him with another man.Alex admitted after us having sex in the farm, he couldn´t control the urges that he had felt emerging, both in his mind and between his loins.

Alex was still sniffling and I hugged him to show my concern,where upon I felt his fingers on my crotch area,seeking my rapidly hardening member.As he was doing this I couldn´t help looking at his cock so swollen with its glans totally vacant of the foreskin which usually covered it.I felt his fingers fumble at my zipper, I gave him no resistance when he brought the zipper down and fished inside for my cock.He brought my erect shaft into the night air.Alex looked at it already starting to leak the gooey precum from its slit. He leaned over and captured my cock between his lips,my hips thrusting upward,forcing more of it into his hungry mouth.

After working on my man pole for about two minutes,I said ¨Ï needed some of his sweet juice too.¨ Alex lifted his head brought my head to his cock which I eagerly started to suck.I could taste his slimy precum exciting my tastebuds as my tongue encircled his huge mushroom head.I lifted my head and said why don´t we do this back at the farm,where it would be more comfortable.I asked him whether he could stay the night and I saw the hesitation in his voice. He asked me whether he could stay with me at the farm until he patched it up with his wife.Now I knew the reason he had his suitcase in the trunk.I said it would be fine but cautioned we would have to be careful when we had sex since I had hired a caretaker and I didn´t want to arouse any suspicions. Alex said fine, pulling up his underwear and jeans over a still erect cock.I zipped up after putting my cock away, anticipating the hot sex we were going to have at the farm.

We arrived at the farm around 1:30 and I had called ahead and the caretaker was at the gate for us. We entered the open gate with the taxi.passing the caretaker´s house below and driving the winding road to the farmhouse above.

After a few minutes , the caretaker had arrived from below and brought my luggage into the house.I told him thank you and wouldn´t need him for the rest of the night.Alex grabbed his suitcase from his trunk and brought it inside. He asked me where I had gotten the caretaker and I said I had ran into him outside the gate of the farm looking for work.I told him I would give him the job as the caretaker if he was able to follow one rule.I told him that I liked men and my privacy was important.I didn´t want to hear any stories circulating in the local grapevine about what he saw and that anything that occurred in the farm,stayed there.I told Alex he name was Gustavo and Alex said he knew him since he had gone to grade school with Gustavo.Alex also added something I hadn´t known,he said Gustavo had one of the biggest cocks he had ever seen.I asked Alex how he had seen his pene and he said one day he was passing a farm a few miles away and Gustavo was taking a leak against a tree.He said he could see that this guy was hung to no end.

After this conversation about my caretaker my cock started to react and I noticed Alex´s was growing at the same time.I told him let´s take a shower together and complete what we had started on the roadside.Alex and I jumped in the shower not realizing I hadn´t shut the door,being engrossed in the moment and wet I ignored it. Alex had knelt between my legs and sought out my cock which he started to suck with a hunger I hadn´t seen in him.I told him to slow down and make it last and he stood up,presenting his chimbo for me to suck.At one point,we both were lost in the moment and I could see a shadow near the doorway.I could see there was movement in the shadow seeing that Gustavo was watching us and jacking off.I let Alex know what Gustavo was doing and told Alex to fuck me in the shower. Alex soaped up my rosebud and pressed his cock at its entrance.I felt the head pop in which hurt to no end.Alex then thrust his whole length inside making me shudder with pain and pleasure at the same time. As he was fucking me he was watching Gustavo beating his meat.I could see Gustavo´s shadow beating a cock that was indeed enormous. This only increased the hotness of the sex Alex and I were having. Alex´s cock was rubbing my prostate each time he entered and in no time I was shooting my wad against the white tiles of the shower.Alex seeing this this filled my ass to overflowing,his semen running down the back of my legs onto the floor and down the drain.

Upon gaining control, we both exited and Gustavo was mopping the hallway outside the bath,thinking to myself that he was also cleaning up the leche or cream he had spurted on the floor.I told Gustavo that Alex would be spending the night and that he could lock up for the night.Alex wanted to sleep with me and I told him it would be fine just come to my room when Gustavo had left.After about 10 minutes Alex entered a got into bed next to me.In the morning I awoke to Alex sucking my cock.I told him to turn around so I could suck him at the same time.He got above me and I received his cock and felt my cock enter the sleeve of his throat.It wasn´t long til we had both been given the best protein shake available.I told him to go to his room so when Gustavo arrived to open up the farmhouse he wouldn´t find us together in bed.I knew Gustavo had witnessed us fucking in the shower but I still liked to keep thing s private at least for the time being.I had to let Gustavo earn more of mu confidence since he was knew. I had to find out whether he could keep tight-lipped.I must say I was curious about him having a huge cock,from the size of the shadow it indeed was true.I thought to myself when I hired him I had no idea I was getting a caretaker who might be open to getting his cock sucked off besides.

I want back to sleep since I had jet leg and sex lag at the same time. Around 11 a.m.I managed to regain my normal self.As I walked to the bathroom to take a leak I could hear moaning from Alex´s room and the bed creaking in a rhythm that was definitely two people fucking.Since the door was closed I felt that I needed to respect his privacy.I went to the kitchen where Gustavo had made the morning coffee. I went out to the outside patio to enjoy my coffee and read the paper.About a half hour later Alex joined me for an early brunch,he was all shaved and showered,ready to go drive taxi. I never mentioned anything about the sounds I had heard emitting from his bedroom and he didn´t either.

Some secrets need to be held close to one´s chest for many reasons.I have to admit my mind was running rampant as to whether Gustavo and Alex had been together.I could only surmise who was being fucked with all the ruckus within.




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