Alex arrived at dinner time at the farm after driving taxi,he had stopped just to see how I was doing and that he had to go back for the night shift.Curiosity was getting the best of me about who he had been shagging in his room.I mentioned about going pass his bedroom door and hearing the bed creaking. He laughed and said ¨And you thought it was Gustavo and I, right.¨I felt my face flush with embarrassment since it was really none of my business.Alex said he was sleeping in the nude,dead tired from having sex with me.He said he had been awoken by Maria,my young housekeeper,she noticed he had a huge hard on and they both got caught up in the moment.One thing lead to the other and he shagged her.Alex said didn´t you find the present I left you in your bathroom.I said what present,Alex laughed and he said I´ll show you.We walked to my bedroom and he entered my bath.He came back out and smiled and said¨you found it didn´t you.¨I was caught red handed and admitted I did and that I had thrown it away.But the truth was I had swallowed the contents while jacking off thinking it was Gustavo´s cum from his horse dick. I said it was your load, I told me I thought it was Gustavo´s after fucking your ass. Alex said first of all I don´t get fucked.Second Gustavo is so big I wouldn´t be walking . I laughed and said come on you´ve never been fucked,Alex responded no way man.He said I fuck guys now and then,but mostly I´m more into women. I said you´re one horny guy, three times in one night.He said that´s nothing sometimes he can cum five times a day.

I asked him what time he shift ended, he said at 12 midnight.I told him I would still be up probably in the jacuzzi.Alex said I want to thank you for letting me stay until I get back with my wife.I said no problem.He said by the way tell me the truth what did you do with the condom I laughed and said you really want to know.He said yes so I told him I had found the rubber and got so hot thinking about whether it was his or Gustavo´s that when I shot my load I emptied its contents down my throat.I said when I tasted it I knew it was his since I had ate his cum twice.He laughed and said be ready tonight my balls are already making another load for you grabbing and lifting his balls through his jeans.

I spent the day thinking about sucking off Alex and when he arrived I was relaxing inthe jacuzzi naked. It was late and no one was around so I said to Alex forget about the swim suit. He peeled off his shirt and jeans and entered the bubbling water.I was unaware that Gustavo was watching the scene develop from the shadows.I started giving Alex head.I had him sit on the edge of the jacuzzi and started nursing his low hangers which turned me on to no end.I even went as far as to give him a treat and ate his ass.He said no one had ever done that to him.Alex was jacking his erect member with his fist in rapid movements.I was lost in the moment and with what I was doing to him.When Gustavo walked out of the shadows,holding his long dick.Alex hadn´t noticed and had his eyes closed enjoying my tongue on his rosebud.I motioned to Gustavo to join us and Gustavo knelt above Alex´s head and rested his cock on Alex´s face with his balls on smothering his nose.I told Alex open your mouth and when he did Gustavo entered his mouth from behind letting his cock slide slowly into it. I continued to eat Alex´s ass all the while watching him suck off my caretaker´´s big dick.I even joined in sucking Gustavo´s big horse cock. Alex was right it was huge.As I was sucking Gustavo Alex was busy sucking his heavy nuts from below.

Again I was glad he wasn´t the type to shave all his pubic hair like most Colombians.Gustavo was enjoying his blow job from us both.I tasted his sweaty balls still wet from Alex sucking them.I lapped up the remaining saltiness, Alex was trying to swallow Gustavo´s cock but could only take half.I continued to watch Gustavo react to Alex´s blow job while I concentrated sucking off Alex.I told them I wanted to eat both their loads at the same time.Each one getting on one side of my face.I started to suck each alternating.on each ,hoping they would come at the same time.All the while jacking my cock off under the bubbling water of the jacuzzi.Both had entered my mouth at the same time which only increased the hotness of the scene. I heard them both grunt and knew I was in store for a treat. I double load of Colombian male juice.I could see their balls rising up and compacting with their hairy ball sacks.all of a sudden my mouth was being flooded with their intermixing essences of maleness.I looked up and saw Gustavo capture Alex´s mouth in the moment of ecstasy,sucking each other ´s tongue.They both were jacking their balls contents into my feeding mouth.I shot my wad underneath the water which was a treat in itself. It felt weird watching my come hit the water in strings of cum leading from my slit.i managed to swallow all the cum that entered my mouth massaging each set of balls to make sure they were empty.

All three of us were satiated especially me still able to taste the two flavors of cream.I let both of their cocks drop from my lips.Alex said that was great and Gustavo added the same.

Gustavo pulled his pants up that we around his ankles. I said do you want to join us in the jacuzzi he dropped his pants again and entered the water.Alex and him had lit a joint and were relaxing with their arms stretched out on the jacuzzi.It wasn´t long til these two horny men were ready again.Alex said he wanted Gustavo to fuck me and he would fuck Gustavo if Gustavo would allow him to do so.I leaned against the edge of the jacuzzi and felt Gustavo eating my ass and leaving a good amount of saliva as a lubricant.I felt the head of his cock press against my hole and enter with a plop.Alex was in back of Gustavo and entering his ass at the same time.Gustavo began to fuck me ravaging my prostate each time he thrust his cock into me.I was pinned against the side of the jacuzzi not being able to move especially with Alex behind Gustavo feeding him his cock.I couldn´t even touch my cock but it didn´t matter Gustavo had hit my prostate so much that I came automatically.My ass muscles were massaging Gustavo´s cock as I came and he started filling my ass with scalding cum.And Gustavo was receiving the load of Alex.After Gustavo withdrew Alex started eating my ass receiving the remains of Gustavo´s deposited sperm.This intrigued me so I had Gustavo let me eat his ass full of Alex´s load. I had never done this before and it was great.

I knew in the future all three of us would expand our experiences together.Hopefully Alex would let Gustavo fuck his ass.There is nothing hotter than to see a straight guy getting fucked especially being the first time. and seeing how they realize what they were missing when its over.




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