I had to make arrangements to travel to the states to take care of personal things.My flight was leaving at 5 in the morning which meant I had to be at the airport three hours ahead of time to go through customs and security.I called my Colombian friend, Alex, a local taxi driver to see if he was interested. Alex said sure and that he needed the extra money since his wife was going to have a baby shortly.I told him he had to pick me up at 2 in the morning for the hours ride to the airport in Rio Negro.I told him if he wanted he could stay at the farm since I was there alone. Alex said he would come to the farm at 11 that night after his tour.

Alex arrived on time at 11 on the night before my trip.I was relaxing in the jacuzzi before my trip,drinking a martini. The farm has a automatic gate which I could control and I let him in. Alex parked his cab and asked him whether he wanted to join me.I gave him a pair of boxer swimming trunks and showed him where he could catch a few hours of sleep before we had to leave for the airport. I went back to the jacuzzi and waited for him to change.Alex after a bit appeared in the doorway leading to the pool area. I never realized he had such a nice body but it was quite evident as he neared to where I was soaking. I asked him whether he wanted a drink.Alex said no but would I mind if he smoked a joint. I said go right ahead that it would be no problem that I had given the caretaker the night off and he and I were all alone.

Alex started to get into the jacuzzi, but he said he would sit on it´s edge until he was used to the water.I turned down the thermostat and told him I would add some cold water so it wouldn´t be so hot. Alex sat on the edge facing me smoking his joint.He offered me some but I declined. I told him that for some reason when I smoked pot it made me horny. Alex laughed and said it was because it was a special pot called creepy.He said it was a normal reaction and that it had the same effect on him. I said I was good drinking my martini and that it would make me relax before I hit the sack.

I noticed while he was sitting facing me that his cock had somehow found its way out of the leg opening.I was tempted to say something but it was actually turning me on. Alex noticed that I was staring at his cock and he acted like his didn´t seem to mind. It seemed to get bigger as we continued to talk.He even spread his legs even wider letting me have a full view of what he had to offer.I was glad my lower half was submerged

since it was giving me a woody.Alex´s cock was a good eight inches,fat and uncutand had the type of balls that made my mouth water.Most Colombian men shave their private areas and I was glad he wasn´t one of them.I could see a full bush of hair surrounding his nuts and shaft.Just the thought of sucking his cock made me fumble with the conversation that we were having.

All at once he asked whether I was sure we were all alone and I replied there is just the two of us alone here tonight.He lit up another joint and passed it to me and said he didn´t like smoking alone.I took the joint and took a few puffs and immediately my mouth got dry and my cock was growing by the minute.I stood up and showed him my reaction.I had a tremendous hard on.Alex laughed and said he too had a hard on. He reached down to the leg opening of his swim trunks and fished his hard cock out through the opening.He admitted he was real horny since he wasn´t getting any from his wife lately since she was going to have a baby any day now.I told him he must have blue balls and from the size of his balls I knew they held alot of Colombian leche or cream.I asked him why his wife didn´t help him out and suck his cock.Alex said she didn´t like the taste and also didn´t want him to come in her mouth.I replied it was too bad.At this point I was hot and heavy and felt like I needed to end this conversation out of respect to this straight friend of mine.

I told him that I was going to got to bed and he said he needed to get a few winks also before our trip to the airport.Alex and I entered the

farm house.I told him that I was going to take a shower before I hit the sack. I went to my bedroom and undressed, got into the shower. My cock was still hard after smoking pot with him. I figured a cold shower would do the trick. After showing I went to the kitchen for a glass of milk and Alex was taking a piss naked and left the door wide open.As I passed I caught sight of his erection. He said it was hard for him to take a piss with a hard on.He saw me staring at his cock

and he he wagged his cock and held it in his fist.He peeled back his foreskin exposing an enormous dark purple head.Again I made some joke and continued to the kitchen for my glass of milk.As I passed by again he said why was I drinking milk when he had alot right here lifting his bib hairy balls.Out of respect I made another joke saying I understood why his wife didn´t give him head because with balls that big she wouldn´t be able to swallow what was in them.Alex laughed and said you got that right.

I went to my room and before I did I told Alex if he needed anything my room was at the end of the hall.I drank my milk and tryed to sleep,all the while thinking about sucking him off. Evidently he had given me many indications but I was afraid that out of respect I had better not. I drifted off to sleep and woke up somewhat startled feeling something trying to enter my mouth. All at once I knew Alex was beside my bed

and I could just see the shadow of his thick erect shaft poised near my lips.Alex tried again to enter my mouth and I couldn´t resist any longer.I let his cock enter coating my tongue with his slimy juice.His cock hit the back of my throat.After he withdrew I said Alex are you sure you want this to happen.Alex didn´t say a word but sought my hot warm mouth again. I was actually sucking his cock and was glad he had be

persistent in making me do so.I found a spot just below his glans where licking this area made him go wild.By this time I had pulled the covers off myself and I told him I needed to get into abetter position to suck his cock.I laid across the bed with my head just below his hairy balls. Alex lowered his balls to my mouth which I eagerly accepted.I lathered each one tasting his sweat and saltiness.Alex than removed his balls and entered my mouth with his heavily veined cock until I had my nose touching his balls again. I started to jerk my eight cock off and he said don´t do that.I said I needed to get off too. Alex didn´t say a word just leaned forward and captured my shaft with his hot mouth.And started to face fuck my mouth at first slow and then wll much more rapid thrusts.Alex loved the fact I could swallow him to his balls. Each time his sperm bloated balls smacked against my nose

and face.He didn´t really know how to suck cock so I was jacking off while he let my helmet remain in his warm mouth.I couldn´t tell him I was about to unload because he was entering my mouth too fast.I moaned and let loose a torrent of hot cum into his mouth. I guess this did the trick because my cheeks bloated full with his hot juice trickling out of the sides of my mouth. He continued to face fuck me each time filling my mouth. He choked on my cum and I thought I was the first man he had ever sucked off completely.After a bit his rapid thrusts subsided and his swollen cock started to soften.

Alex abruptly withdrew his spent cock and left without saying a word. Actually I thought the whole thing had been a dream I was having but I knew it was true since I could still taste him and smell his male odor.I figured he had had seconds thoughts about what had occurred between us. I didn´t push it and passed it off as a foolish thing that had happened and that words couldn´t explain. I got up at 2 and got him up and we went to the airport .Alex didn´t say a word to me about what we did .




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