Everyday, it seems that my doorbell is rung by people seeking handouts. I am so used to it that  I have bags of  food staples ready. This one day was different in many aspects. first in the age of the person who rang my doorbell and what he and I ended up doing together.

   It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon just aa I was getting ready to take a shower, so I answered the door in my bathrobe. This young man apologized profusely and asked whether I had any extra food availble. I said wait a minute and as I returned and gave him the bag of food. I saw how dirty he was  from living in the streets. I suppressed my fears of this stranger ,thinking how even after a weekend of camping I was dying for a chance to have a hot shower. He appeared innocent enough since he begged for food instead of begging for money to pay for drugs. I asked him whether he wanted to take a shower. He jumped at ther chance, so I led him to my upstairs to my bedroom. When he saw my huge bed, he said the last time he slept in a real bed was almost two years ago. I gave him a spare towel and he started to undress quickly, evidemtly longing for the shower. I was alittle taken aback, when he was totally nude in front of me. I pointed to the door to  the bathroom after checking him out which wasn´t hard since he stood facing me for what seemed an eternity. He had a nice body with a cock which dangled between his legs which measured around 6 inches soft. He was uncut and had the biggest set of balls I had ever seen. He caught me staring at them and I said I had never seen  a guy with such huge balls. He blushed  and was embarassed with my attention to his balls. I asked what his name was, he said it was Pietro. I said Pietro that I am going downstairs  to make some lunch and asked whether he wanted to join me. I told him to take a shower and when he was finished to come down to the kitchen for lunch.

   I went to the kitchen and I could hear the water running upstairs. I made us both a sandwich. The water had stopped and I waited for him to come down the stairs. When he didn´t after five minutes I went back upstairs to tell him lunch was ready. I noticed my bedroom door was closed so I tapped lightly with no response. I figured his was sleeping and as I opened the door I found Pietro jacking off his swollen member.I was surprised but mesmerized by his size which was about 9 1/2 inches.I stood there watching his foreskin slip over its exposed head. Pietro nonchalantly  asked whether I was interested in sucking his now erect cock. I looked at his cock which was beginning to drip precum down its length. As I entered the room and closed the door he continued to fist fat cock.. I got on the bed  and stared at his  his huge hairy  balls. Pietro said he hadn´t cum in weeks and said when he was ready to come it would be a huge load. I told Pietro I was a married man and that I had never had sex with a guy before. I found myself strangely open to the idea though. Petro said he had sex with both women and men and that somtimes men pleased him more since they knew what a guy wanted.

   I asked what he wanted me to do since I had no experience . Pietro said to get  between his legs and start by licking his huge balls. I got between his legs and brought my mouth closer  with my tongue extended . As my tongue touched his wrinkled sack, I tasted the saltiness and the faint taste of bath soap from the shower he had taken. For some reason, I wanted to suck each orb which were so big it proved to be impossible. So I resigned myself to being satisfied licking his hairy balls thinking about all the cum they contained.He told me to take my robe off so he could look at my ass. All at once, he got on his knees and said to suck his cock. I took the slimy head between my lips and he moaned with pleasure rocking back and forth forcing me to take more of his cock. Pietro started to finger my ass and seek its rosebud, Whenhe found the right spot ,he put one finger inside  and then two. Pietro started to breathe heavy and I asked how I was doing sucking his cock. Pietro said I was a great cocksucker for a begginer. He asked whether he could stay the night  and I couldn´t find  the words to deny him. He said he wanted to have me suck him til he came and later he wanted to fuck me tight ass. I must say I was curious  about what it felt like to get fucked by a man´s cock. 

   Pietro continued to educate me to suck his cock, telling me to take a deep breath and swallow his cock to his balls. I was impressed with myself that I could manage to achieve his request. He said he would tell me when he was ready to shoot his load. After about the fifth time I managed to swallow his entirety, I could feel his cock begin to spasm. I could feel him start to tremble and he shouted out that he was shooting his load. Luckily, he had started to come just as he was lodged down my throat. I felt the thick liquid filling my stomach as he held my head fast to his pubic bone. After what seemed an etenity he released his grip on my head and as I eased off his cock I began to taste his cream, its saltiness and bleachy taste filling my mouth. He said he hadn´t cum like that in a while and I asked whether I had enjoyed it. I nodded my approval and said lets go have lunch. I found that my appetite was gone since I had swallowed his enormous load of cum. Pietro was pleased and said  I had swallowed his entire load and that no one had ever been able to do it. He ate my sandwich and drank down a glass of milk. 

   He said he felt satiated having his balls emptied and asked whether he could take a nap. I had a few things to do so he went upstairs while I cleaned up the kitchen.I went upstairs to see how he was doing and he was snoring evidently exhausted from shooting such a huge load down my throat. I eased myself in the bed beside him and fell asleep. When I awoke it was to his erect cock pressing against my ass. He asked me whether i had any lubricant. I said no so he used his spit and his slime from his cock to get me ready. As he entered I felt a tremendous pain and told him it hurt. He said to relax take a deep breath when he entered and that I would get use to his size. Luckily he started to penetrate my hole laying side by side because after I had gotten use to his size he had me lay on my stomach. As he started to thrust his cock into my hole I had no idea that I was muttering the words¨Fuck me harder¨. Pietro didn´t need any egging because he started to thrust his entire length of his cock til his balls hit my asscheeks. After a while he said to lay on my back and as he entered I told him I was going to cum. My cum spurted and covered my abs. He continued to fuck me hard like a stallion til I felt his seed filling my sore ass until Pietro collapsed on top of me and we both fell asleep from exhaustion.

   I awoke to the sound of water running  I figured Pietro had gotten up to clean up. I lay in bed thinking about his cock and my cock started to spring to life eager to suck his cock. This time I would let his cum fill my mouth til I had to swallow so I could really savor such a big load from his enormous balls. I got up and went to the bathroom and I could see his shadow through the glass door, I took a heavy piss and as I finished  heard the shower door open. Pietro was there standing and jerking his big cock. Pietro motioned for me to enter I entered the enclosure  and felt his hands forcing me to my knees. I started to suck and lick his damp hairy balls  which still excited me to no end. I wanted to show him all he had taught me and more. I got to his erect stalk and mouthed it to the top and engulfed the head of his cock making him shutter and moan. I sucked his member for a few minutes until his abrupting removed his cock and turned around with is ass facing me. I knew what he wanted and found myself open to all he wanted. I spread his asscheels til I spotted his hairy rosebud of his asshole. I leaned forward spearing its surface with my tongue. I told him to bend down and spraed his cheeks for me and I entered his hole with my eager tongue. 

   I continued to mouth his hole til he could take no more. He said he wanted me to fuck his ass and he would work up a load of cum for me to drink. I started eatting his ass while he jacked off until his turned and started to come in my open mouth. I couldn´t believe the size of his load but knew his balls had the capacity to produce so much  since they were so big. I managed to swallow all he had to give. He was so pleased that he let me continue to fuck him til I felt my balls rise up  and fill his sweet ass with my cum.  






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