Security in Colombia is very important and provides countless employment for many men in the country as well. In banks and high risk businesses it is not uncommon to have an armed guard. These men protect us during the daylight and nighttime hours. In the residential neighborhoods there are closed complexes as well as open. The closed complexes are protected with high razor topped fences and a main guard house. The open complexes are protected by guards with batons or nightsticks twenty four hours, during the day.They can be seen walking their beats around the neighborhood protecting the houses from robbery and vandalism. During the night they are about and use a particular whistle to let everyone know all is well. These men are usually farmed out by the many security firms which only employ young strong men and have well developed bodies under their impeccable uniforms.

   I usually pay my bills for the month at a enterprise called Contrafa  which pays all my bills at once collecting monies to be paid to each individaul service company. There is always the same guard, Juan who has been there for years. I love paying my bills since Juan always shows his big basket while I´m waiting in line to pay. Juan has a light blue uniform which accentuates every detail of his body to the fullest. I remember one time there was a long line and I really had to take a wicked piss. I asked Juan if I could use the bathroom and after many years of being a frequent customer he asked his boss whether it would be all right. Juan´s  boss gave him permission and Juan led me through a security door to the restroom. Upon entering Juan followed me inside . I went to the urinal and pulled my cock out  just in time to relieve myself. Juan laughed and said I wasn´t joking about have to take a wicked piss. I noticed Juan perusing my nine inch cut cock I think out of curiosity since most men are uncut in Colombia. 

   After pissing a torrent, I put my cock away and Juan said he might as well take a piss since his break time was near. He went to the urinal and snaked out his member. I couldn´t resist wanting to see his cock since I was always imagining how big it was since he always showed a huge basket. As I stood by the door, I was about two feet away from him  and was able to see it as he started to piss. It was huge in its soft state about eight inches. As Juan continued to piss I swear it was getting bigger as time went by. Juan caught me looking and said come for a closer look,as he was shaking off the excess drops of urine from its head. I asked him if it was safe and he said the door was already locked. He laughed and said he had caught me many times looking at his crotch while I was waiting in line and he was glad to finally be able to show me what he had to offer. Juan´s cock had grown to at least ten inches as I neared where he was standing. He had begun to peel his tight uniform pants to his mid calf area of his legs along with his boxers. I couldn´t believe what was happening as he began to jack his cock to total erection. Juan asked me whether I wanted to suck his cock and in no time I was on my knees  ready to service him. Juan said we had to act fast and if I was a good cocksucker he could come real quick. I started to suck his member with vigor feeling it grow in size as he started to thrust his organ in and out of my mouth.I grabbed his legs below his ass for stability wanting to please him in every way. In no time flat I had my first taste of hot cum from his cock which flooded my mouth to overflowing. I was able to swallow as much as I could but it kept coming and covered my mustache with his thick cream. As he finished shooting his load he continued to jack it into my mouth, I licked his head until he was totally clean savoring every drop to be had. Juan pulled his cock from my lips and said we had to go. He quickly put his cock away and pulled up his pants as I went to the wash basin to clean off his cum still in my mustache. Juan quickly asked for my phone number and address so we do this again with more privacy. 

Juan, el celador de Contrafa  called me after our encounter in the bathroom and  asked me if he could come over when his tour for day was over. I told Juan I would be home from work at 5:00 p.m., he said great since he got off at aliitle after 6:00 p.m. Juan arrived and rang my doorbell. There was a group of three neighborhood watchmen standing near my gate when Juan arrived still dressed in his uniform. I could feel their eyes on us, when Juan entered my house. Juan asked me whether I had a beer for him and I said sure. I told him I would join him. As I gave him the beer, I couldn´t help noticing his basket. In Spanish we call a guy´s basket el mercado or bulto¨  I said Juan you always show a huge mercado everytime I see you. I said you probably get many stares from women as well as men. Juan said many people hit on him when he is working and he tries to ignore them since he doesn´t want any problems at work. I asked then why after many years of me looking at your basket you took the opportunity to have sex with me in the bathroom. Juan said first ,you were a gringo and I have never had sex with an American before. Second, when you asked to use the bathroom I knew I had to accompany you so I said why not take advantage of the chance to get sucked off. He said it was obvious you wanted my cock and I hoped you would be a good cocksucker since my wife won´t suck my cock .

   Juan was sipping his beer and he said speaking about being a good cocksucker why don´t you get on your knees and start servicing me. My balls are full of hot leche, almost three days worth. I got on my knees and unzipped his pants, I reached inside and unleashed his enormous cock. I started mouthing his huge glandular head until he started to make the first signs of precum. Juan abruptly stood up and releashed his gun belt and pulled his pants down to his ankles, giving me full acess to his heavyballs and hairy cock. Juan´s balls were real sweaty and had a strong masculine odor being cooped up all day standing guard. I lathered his hairy scrotum capturing each globe to savor their salty taste which drove me crazy. I told him to remove his pants altogether which he did after removing his black military boots and socks. I could see his hairy asscrack just underneath his low hanging balls and I had the urge to taste his asshole. I started with my tongue seaching out his crack ending up stabbing his ass bud with my tongue. I speared his hole and he grunted and moaned saying si si eso haga mas duro con su lengua ¨ which I did without needing any encouragement. He shouted that he was going to come any second if I didn´t stop. I didn´t stop and he said here it comes. He quickly stood up and pointed his cockhead at my open mouth and proceeded to fill my open moth with his load. I showed him how I swallowed his cream when my mouth was full. I opened my mouth again to receive the next volleys of cum. Juan collapsed on the couch and said no one has ever done that to him. Juan finished his beer and said he had to head home since his wife would be waiting. Juan pulled up his pants and kept saying I was tremendous. I said you haven´t seen anything yet. I have still have many things I want to show you. 

   As he was leaving the three watchmen cornered him, I figured that he was being asked where he worked and other small talk. I had no idea that Juan was being very open with them saying he came to get his cock serviced. I saw Juan end the conversation and leave hopping on the bus to the Metro. At 11:00 p.m my doorbell rang, I thought it was strange since I hadn´t expected any visitors. Upon opening the door, I realized it was Hector , one of the nightwatchmen from where I live. It was dark and I just could make out his face, as I got closer I realized he had his cock out and was pissing a heavy stream into the foilage at the corner of the house.  I just got to tell I´m never surprised at the enormous sizes of Colombian cock. To tell you the truth, I have never seen a Colombian guy with a cock less than eight inches. This cock on the nightwatchman was 8 inches soft uncut,  fat as a beer can. After finishing his piss and making sure I had seen his cock, Hector asked me whether I was going to invite him in.I opened the gate and as he came in, I asked him whether he wanted a cup of coffee and asked him how he liked it. He said with a little sugar and alot of lechita.I made him his coffee and brought it to him in the dark garage. I noticed that Hector hadn´t zipped up his pants. We started talking and I couldn´t help myself  staing at his open zipper with his growing cock and heavy balls exposed. As he watched me staring at his uncut member Hector said he wanted the same thing the other security guard had gotten when he came to the house. The garage was dark so I came close to him and started to fondle his growing cock. It had grown to 11 inches and thick as a beer can. I couldn´t resist sucking such a huge cock,so I got on my knees before him and he brought his cock to my lips. I let it slide within tasting the sweat and saltiness of its length. He started to feed me his cock until my nose was buried within his dark bush. I continued to feed on his cock wanting to be rewarded with his hot cream. It was´nt long til I tasted the first spurt of cum coating my tongue and the next spurt hitting the back of my throat on its way to my belly. I swallowed his whole load until his cock started to shrink in size and until he pulled his satiated member from my lips along with a tendril of spent cum connecting his slit and my mouth.He brought his cock to my mouth again and said to finish cleaning his cock . He thanked me as he put his spent member away.

   As Hector was leaving he mentioned he was from the same town as my friend, Jhon. I was curious whether he knew Jhon personally since Andes is a relatively small town. Hector said he knew my friend personally and intimately. Hector smiled and said tell your friend, Jhon I would like a repeat in  fucking his tight ass. When Jhon got home I mentioned the blow job I have given Hector in the garage. He smiled and said Hector was from his hometown and had once had the pleasure of having his big cock fucjk his ass. I said that Hector wanted a repeat.Jhon asked whether Hector had fucked me and I said no that there was another celador working with him  and he wanted a fast blow job. I had Hector´s huge thivk load within three minutes of entering my mouth.

   I told Jhon that I was attracted to the other celador that worked with Hector. I said maybe when he hooked up with Hector he couldn´t mention that I wanted to suck off his co worker. To my surprise within two days Luis the other celador stopped by and during our conversation he asked whether he could use the bathroom. I let him in  and he asked if I would take care of this first. I looked down at his crotch and he had a nice 10 inch uncut cok. He said he couldn´t take a piss til he got rid of his erection. I asked what he had in mind and he said the same thing I had given Hector. I quickly acknowledged his request and got down on my knees. I started by suckling his balls weighing them thinking about how much cum they contained. As I made my way up his stalk I came to the huge exposed head just starting to leave the confines of his foreskin. Of of a sudden I heard Jhon´s nephew come down the stairs. There was no way to explain myself out since I had Luis´s cock lodged in my mouth. I noticed right away Santiago was getting hard by the minute. Luis motioned him to come closer and asked if he wanted to join in the fun. Santiago came closer and Luis started to fondle Santiago´s young cock. Luis told Santiago to stand on the stairs so he could suck his cock while I sucked Luis´s. I watched from below as Santiago´s cock entered the watchman´s mouth. Luis evidently had sucked other cocks since Santiago immediately started to moan from the sensation of luis´s mouth. Santiago said he had to take a piss before he could come and Luis to let him drink his piss. I had seen Santiago piss before and it was a real torrent to see. I watched mesmerized when Santiago started to unload his full bladder into Luis´s mouth. It was so much that it was leaking down his chin and dropping down to where I was busy sucking. I tasted the piss  along with the heavy precum from Luis´s cock. After Santiago had finished pissing his cock started to get real hard wanting a blow job from Luis. I wanted to feel Luis´s lips around my cock and said to Santiago take my place sucking Luis. Santiago said he had never sucked a guy´s cock before and he hesitated again saying that he had tryed to suck a cock but never sucked one off. I asked if he wanted Luis´s cum and he said yes. I took Santiago´s place on the stairs and brought my cock to Luis ´s mouth. I almost shot my load when I felt his talented mouth. I watched below as Santiago started to suck Lui´s big cok. Luis said th Santiago take your time and enjoy sucking off your first cock. Santiago was jacking himself off while his mouth was busy. I was taken aback how Santiago had gotten into the rhythm of being force fed by Luis. I told Santiago to fondle Luis´s big balls as he was sucking.

   Luis was a talented cocksucker and soon I was feeding him my load. When he finished he told Santiago to stand up and as he did he shared a mouthfull of my cum with Santiago. I had never seen Santigo kiss anyone let alone share a guy´s load. as  they continued to kiss as I positioned myself between them below alternately sucking their cocks. When they wer both ready I said I wanted them to 69 on the floor and eat each other´s load. Santiago was on top while Luis was on the bottom . I sat watching Santiago thrust his cock into Luis´s mouth. I could see Santigo´s balls from behind and I had the urge to suck his balls while Luis sucked his cock. Santiago´s balls were separating with each thrust of his hips. I knew he was almost ready. Luis ´s balls were doing the same as Santiago swallowed his shaft to his balls. I had just begun to lash Santiago´s balls with my tongue when  all at once each grunted and I could see the balls of each separate the last time both unleashing their hot loads. Santiago coughed and choked on Luis´s thick cum but in the end swallowed it all. Luis had taken Santiago´s big load with no problem. Both remained entertwined until their cocks were soft. Upon separating both said they had enjoyed it immensely.






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