The next night, Hector and Luis showed up to get their cocks serviced so the neighborhood  didn´t have the usual security. Tt was about midnight when they arrived, they rang the doorbell and after speaking with Jhon he let them in. I made coffee for them while Jhon made small talk with Hector and Luis. When I brought them the coffee Hector had taken out his huge thick cock along with Luis. 

    I knew Hector was anxious to fuck Jhon´s ass again since Hector was the first guy in Andes to ever penetrate  Jhon´s virgin ass when Jhon was a teenager. I asked Jhon to tell us how it happened . Jhon seemed to be embarassed to tell but it wasn´t enbarassment it was the fact that Hector had forced Jhon to take his cock up his then young ass. Jhon said he had been at church one night, the same church Hector attended. Upon leaving Hector had corned Jhon who was twelve at the time and demanded a blow job from Jhon. Hector was twenty at the time and had already a reputation with the women with his big thick cock. Hector knew there was no way his small mouth would be able to take  his cock. This time after seeing Jhon´s  nice ass at the church decided  he wanted a piece of it. 

   Jhon said he was both curious and afraid of Hector but knew Hector wouldn´t take no for an answer plus deep down wanted to see what the rumors were about his size. He had heard that womaen in the neighborhood had a hard time getting past the huge head of Hector´s cock. Hector said he knew of a place where  Jhon could suck his cock. Jhon followed Hector underneath the bridge  that led to Jhon´s house where it was dark and wouldn´t be seen by anyone. Once under the bridge, Hector told Jhon to get on his knees as he  unzipped his zipper and yanked out his cock. It was so dark Jhon couldn´t see the huge cock in front of him but he could smell the aroma of Hector´s crotch mixed with the scent of soap and manly musk. This wasn´t the first cock  Jhon had sucked off for that matter the biggest. He had been sucking his father´s cock off for at least a year secretly developing the talent of being able to swallow a big cock without choking or gagging. Jose , his father had a 15 inch cock which he had been able to practice on. 

   As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he found he could see Hector´s cock which wasn´t as long as his father´s but was much thicker. As Jhon tried to accomodate Hector´s thick cock he found it almost impossible to get pass the huge head, but he was doing his best with his small mouth. Hector pretended to  get annoyed and told jhon to stand up and turn around. Hector lubricated his cock with his spit and put it on Jhon´s rosebud . Jhon said he was scared but was also curious about getting fucked by a cock for the first time by a guy.  Jose he father only wanted him to suck his cock but this guy wanted his ass. He felt a steady pressure from Hector´s cock until ithe huge head passed inside. Jhon said it hurt but after a while his young hole adapted to Hector´s 10 inch thick cock. Hector began to ease more of himself  inside until Jhon was impaled on his shaft. Hector began a slow rhythm of feeding his cock into Jhon´s ass knowing he wouldn´t last long since it was so tight. Jhon´s ass muscles were spasming around his thick cock. Hector started to fuck him harder til they ended up on the ground with Hector on top of Jhon.  Jhon´s ass felt it was on fire but also felt pleasure knowing his had taken this man´s huge cock, thinking that if his father in the future wanted his ass he would be ready. 

   Hector was pumping hard into Jhon´s ass when he noticed someone with a flashlight was quickly approaching. Hector knew it was a policeman and fucked Jhon´s ass harder til the cum from his balls filled Jhon´s ass. As he got up off Jhon, the policeman had entered underneath the bridge and realized what was going on between Hector and Jhon since Jhon was still on the ground with his ass exposed. The police man directed the light to Jhon´s ass  and could see Hector´s cum  oozing from Jhon´s asshole. The policeman asked Hector who was standing above Jhon with his cum covered cock still exposed how the fuck was and being a friend of Hector said his ass was worth every second inside. Jhon hadn´t realized this whole thing had been arranged between them from the start. The policeman turned off the flashlight and Jhon could hear the distinct noise of a belt buckle open up  and he quickly felt another cock invade his ass. The policeman said to Hector as he was fucking Jhon´s ass that it was the tightest ass he had had in along time and soon filled Jhon´s ass with a second load of hot cum. This time Jhon had enjoyed it more since it  wasn´t as thick as Hector´s. 

   From that night under the bridge Jhon knew he liked being a bottom  for Colombian cock. Jhon said he was glad Hector had ended up fucking him so he would know what to do when his father wanted his ass. After Jhon related the whole story Hector stood up and took out his cock and asked Jhon if he remembered  his piece of thick meat. Without saying a word Hector and Jhon went upstairs leaving Luis and I alone. Luis had taken his cock out which was rock hard hearing this story from Jhon. I got between his hairy legs after he had dropped his pants to his ankles. I said this  time  I was going to get to eat his cum. We could hear Jhon and Hector fucking which made everything more exciting. Jhon was pleading Hector to fuck his ass harder and harder like he had done many years before under the bridge. Luis said he wanted to watch Hector fuck Jhon´s ass while I sucked him off. so we went upstairs. Hector was on top of jhon reliving a scene that had happened before between them. Luis took his place on the bed next to them  and I got between his legs and started to suck his cock, Luis had a great body with alot of hair which I enjoyed immensely. The smell of his crotch was so musky it almost made me light-headed  as I sucked him off. Luis watched intently as his coworker fucked Jhon´s ass. Luis got so into the scene he made Hector and Jhon change position where Jhon was on his back with Hector fucking him, Luis was able to take Jhon´s cock within  his lips and still enjoy the blow job from me. As Hector fucked Jhon it forced Jhon´s hard cock into Luis´s mouth. Soon I heard Jhon gasp saying he was going to cum. Hector was watching with intent interest as jhon´s cock would disappear within Luis ´s mouth each time he thrust his cock inside Jhon´s hole. I could feel Luis start to tremble and felt his cock start to expand. Finally I was going to get the load that Jhon´s nephew had enjoyed. I don´t know how they timed it so perfectly but all three came at the same time. All three satiated  but to my surprise all three saw that I was still hard  and told me to lay between them . Jhon was sucking one teat and Hector the other while Luis was busy sucking my cock. In no time I shot a huge load into Luis ´s mouth.

Afer a bit they both left to do their jobs but I knew it wouldn´t be the last  time Jhon and I enjoyed sex with them. 




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