El Cacorro¨is a Spanish word to describe straight  men who like to fuck a guy´s ass  or get their cocks sucked off whenever the opportunity presents itself. I am convinced through my own personal experience with married Colombian men that most indulge in bisexual sexual behavior with men whenever they can. These men can be found easily be found  by going to cinemas that show XXX rated  straight films that run continuously from midday to night. It has been my experience that it is considered normal in their culture for these married men to do so and readily accepted.

  In Colombia, the lunch hour which lasts two hours from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m , is the best time to come across this type of married men who have only one thing in mind to get their balls emptied. These men love to have their big cocks sucked off perhaps because their wives  won´t give them what they want at home. They also like to fuck a willing ass if it is available. The first time, I frequented an adult cinema I was astonished at the number of these men sometimes waiting in line til the talented mouth was vacant from sucking off another guy  and waiting for the next cock. I have seen men in their seventies who because they lack teeth are favorites  of these men, probably because Colombian  cocks are usually quite big and thick. Many less talented cocksuckers haven´t perfected how to suck cocks without scraping their sensitive shafts . Many times, they will try various mouths until they find the one who is able to service them without injury to their cocks. Like I said it is not an easy task to suck off a Colombian man since they are usually well hung averaging from eight inches to fourteen inches in length having minimum of three inches in diameter. 

   The first time, I went to one of these places I noticed many of the men would first visit the bathroom. This was done to show their uncut cocks to perspective cocksuckers who after perusing their shafts would end up following them to vacant seats within the cinema where they would get their cock serviced by the cocksucker. Other times men would buy they ticket and come in and sit down,pulling down  their pants to expose their wares.. There would always be guys walking up and down the aisles checking out the size of their cocks. Upon finding a cock that interested them the cocksucker would take the seat next to the guy and in no time be sucking this stranger´s cock. And you would see the obvious head motion of  the guy who was sucking the cock sometimes it would attract others who got off watching the scene before them. Others don´t like to be watched so they always pick seats away from everyone. I have seen guys start to suck a guy´s cock only to lose it to someone who may have a more talented mouth. 

  Then there are guys who make their money by sucking cock and after receiving the guy´s load for a few pesos end up spitting the spent load from  their mouths onto the floor and go in search of the next. I like to suck cock and also get a blowjob usually in that order since I lose the urge to suck a cock after shooting my load. I like it best when you find a guy who likes to suck cock as well so you can take turns getting your cocks sucked. I make it a game in which you get the guy ready to cum and then get him to suck your cock which can make things last alot longer. The majority though are there  to quickly get their balls emptied and return to work being satiated. One could get easily addicted to this since many times I have seen the the same guys everyday coming to suck or get sucked off. I once had a guy sit next to me after watching me suck off another guy´s cock. As he sat down he unzipped his zipper and pulled out a cock that was unbelieveable in size. It had to measure 16 inches in length. As I started to suck it  he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth in rapid succession until he groaned and made me swallow a huge load from his big balls. There were no words exchanged between us just his load of hot cum. Another hot time was when I was sitting in the back row when a guy pulled his huge cock out and rubbed his member  along the side of my face. As I turned to respond to his egging I had my mouth impaled by a huge thick cock which I started to service with vigor . It was so thick my mouth ached after a few minutes luckily he had something else in mind. He said let´s go to the bathroom and use a stall which was more private. As I sat on the toilet again letting him use my mouth he told me to get up and turn around. He quickly spit within my asscrack and sent his cock into my tight hole  causing me to shoot my load into the toilet. He continued to fuck me saying he needed a tight ass like mine . Whereupon he filled my ass with a huge load of cum.

   Then there are these types that register with sites such as Badoo so they can hook up with men discreetly for their hidden desires outside their marriages. I found a great friend within Badoo who comes to my house ocassionally for a blow job and my tight ass.  Other times you would find them in the large parks of the city trolling until they find a young guy who is willing to trade sex for a free meal. They end up in a hotel or motel usually paying by the hour. 

   Other locals are internet businesses that have private rooms with gloryholes drilled in the side walls for various cocks to be sucked off or yours if you want. These are frequented by the same types that charge a few pesos for their services whether it is giving you a piece of ass or a real talented mouth. I have always liked public cruising places such as mall bathrooms were two guys can hook up and go someplace to consumate the act. I remember one instance where a four young students came in the bathroom after three had left one remained and showed me his young cock. I started to suck him off until we were interrupted by men entering the bathroom but after I managed to get his load. and I had the pleasure He  was so horny and full of cum that I accomplished this task in less than five  minutes. The best experience I had was when a security guard whose job it was to deter such public sexual behavior, pulled his huge uncut out and stood in front of me in the stall receiving a great blow job and I a load of sweet cum. He was so pleased he sent the other security guards to experience my mouth. 

   It is great living in a culture so open minded when it comes to man on man sex. The proof was when I asked my friend to hook me up with his brother. To my surprise he accepted being so proud of his huge uncut black cock. The only thing he requested was I had to agree to swallow his load. He had never had a guy swallow his load and he wanted to see it. I agreed, he arrived early in the morning after work . We went upstairs to my bedroom where  he  stripped naked . I asked him if it was alright for Jhon to watch me suck him off and he said sure And as I started to suck his brother´s cock. Jhon couldn´t resist and  took out his cock and started to jack his cock. While I was feasting on his brother´s cock , his brother told him to come closer and started to jack Jhon´s cock. After a few minutes I looked up and his brother was sucking him off. He was actually sucking his brother´s cock and evidently enjoying every minute. I watched intently as he went up and down on Jhon´s member doing the same as I was doing to him. Jhon was thoroughly enjoying head from his brother making him take his cock to his balls. Jhon said he wanted to taste his brother´s cock so I got up to watch the scene between them develop. They started to suck each other cock laying side by side on the bed. After a bit they motioned me to lay between them  and and I continued to suck Jhon´s brother´s cock while  Jhon straddled his brother´s chest and was feedind him his cock. All at once I heard Jhon gasp and say he was going to come. I couldn´t see his brother´s face but only the thrusting of Jhon ´s hips forward  his brother was eating  Jhon´s load and after Jhon got up off his brother´s chest I could see the partial remnants of Jhon ´s cum on his brother chin. His brother sat up and said to take his cock all the way to his balls because he was ready to cum. As I banged my lips against he balls he started to tremble and gasp  and I felt his cock grow in size and start to pulsate. Soon my mouth was being filled to the brim with his hot cum. He watched as I swallowed each time he filled my mouth.   

   Everyday bring s surprises that astonish me ...Latin men are so hot that anything becomes possible even sucking a best friend´s brother´s cock.




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