I woke in the morning,alone. No Raul. For a moment I thought maybe I'd dreamed up the night before. Then I spied Raul's favorite little red ragged gym shorts crumpled on the floor. I felt a bit worried. Sure Raul had earlier classes today, but couldn't he have said goodbye? Maybe he was regretting last night and that was going to lead to all kinds of tension between us.

I pretty much alternately fretted about, or relived the night before, all through my classes.. Well, no matter what, I finally got my hands on that hot body of his. Would it be worth it? Only time would tell.

I got back before Raul, and not having to work , started dinner. Raul got back just in time to eat, chatting about his day and acting completely normal. I was wondering if he totally blanked out last night!

It didn't help my knocking back a couple of Coronas to steady my nerves. Finally I just decided to relax. If Raul didn't remember, or didn't want to talk about it, I would just leave things alone.

After helping clean up, Raul turned on the t.v. and plopped down on the couch. I grabbed the book I'd been reading and sat on the other end like we often did. I was about two chapters in when Raul swiveled around on the couch and plopped his feet in my lap. I was so startled I yelped and my book flew out of my grip. Equally startled, Raul jerked his feet off of me. ' Rustee, What is wrong?' ' I just didn't expect that Raul!' ' I am rubbing mi culo all over su pinga last evening, and putting mi pinga in su boca, and you don't like me putting on your lap my feet? Did you not like what I did?' ' Oh Raul, I'm sorry, of course I loved last night, and you can put your feet in my lap anytime you want to!' ' Okay', Raul grinned at me and plopped his feet back in my lap. I picked my book up and mentally tried to talk my dick out of a full erection. ' Rustee, we are friends, si?' Wondering where this was heading I answered, ' Yes. Raul, we are freinds.' ' So we may talk like friends?' ' Yes Raul, what is on your mind?'

' Rustee, why do gay men like pingas in their hole?' I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. God, I was not having a conversation about the gay birds and bees with my straight roommate! I opened my eyes and looked into the earnest curiosity in Raul's eyes. Yes, I was having this conversation. ' It's very complicated Raul.' ' Yes, but I am wanting to know this, Rustee.' ' let me gather my thoughts Raul.' At 19, I didn't have all that much experience to go on. Lucky for me, not all that long ago I had asked a very similar question of an older man, I'd spent a very nice weekend with.

' First off Raul, not every gay man wants a dick up his ass. Some guys like to fuck more than be fucked. as to those who do like to be fucked,Well part of it is physical, and part of it is mental and emotional. The physical part is that there is a gland called the prostate just inside of a man. When the prostate is massaged by a finger, a dick or say a dildo, it creates pleasureable feelings inside.' Just talking about these things was making my dick swell, even though I was trying to be as matter of fact about it as I could. ' Does it not hurt very much, to have something as big as en pinga in su culo?' ' It can, and sure did the first times I tried it?' ' Then why do such a thing?' ' Well..., besides the good feeling, the prostate gives you, there is the emotional side. You are giving someone access to the most private part of your body. It is like having that person be joined to you in the most intimate way. Just like with a girl, she is giing you pleasure with the most intimate part of her body. The mental part is also complicated. Their are many reasons why guys surrender their bodies to another guy. They are giving up control to another person in most cases' ' So, you become the woman?' Sigh, I was not sure I was doing a very good job of explaining. Geesh, I was only nineteen, I hadn't even worked this all out for myself. ' No, not really, some men can be very aggressive, even when they are having someone's dick inside them! Each man is diffrent. Some men feel the need to be dominated by another man, some take what pleasure they want from another man. Some can get fucked one moment and do the fucking the next?' ' So about this thing inside you, how do you find it?' I closed my eyes. I was in over my head. Just how do you really explain where the prostate is? ' I only know that it is just outside the wall of your intestines. It's like a small lump that yoiu can feel.' I shifted uncomfortably and looked down. It was then that I realized as I looked for answeres to his questions, I'd been idly stroking the hair on his leg. I froze and pulled my hands away. ' Why do you stop petting my legs? It feels very good!' In a somewhat strangled voice I answered. ' Because, touching you is giving me a hardon, and talking about sex with you isn't helping at all!' ' I am giving you excitement?' He shifted a foot to poke a stubby hair covered toe into my crotch. He grinned, ' It is true! I have given you a tree!' ' A tree?' ' Si, a hard wood thing!' ' Oh, a woody?' ' Si, that is the word I think!' He prodded my throbbing crotch again and a mischevious look crossed his face. ' No, I am thinking my word is right. That is a tree in your pants!' I laughed shakily. ' So, my touchiing your leg feels good?' ' Si, it feels warm and freindly.' I thought to myself, shall I push this. Why not, in for a penny and all that. I reached higher to begin massaging high on his thigh. ' How does this feel?' ' I like that Rustee.' He prodded my rock hard dick with a toe again. ' Touching me causes this? Si?' ' Yes, Raul, for me rubbing your leg is much like you rubbing a girl's leg.' He sat up suddenly pulling his legs from my hands. ' Then I must take care of this thing I have caused!' Almost before I could blink, he unzipped my pants and fished my dick out of my pants. ' Sometimes, my brother and my freind and I would do this for each other!' as he slowly fisted my cock. I couldn't speak, the wide calloused palm on my dick felt so wonderful! He pulled on my cock a while then asked me,' Would you like to touch my pinga too, Rustee?' ' Oh God yes, Raul, I want to play with you too!' ' Raul stood up and yanked down the ever present gym shorts, but wen he moved to sit back down, I grabbed him by the hips. I pulled him to me so I could cram his fat uncut 'Pinga' into my mouth. Gone were all of the pretenses about us being equal. If he never sucked on my dick I did not care. As I worked a slick load of spit on his dick, Raul lost himself in the feel and began pumping his six inch cock into my mouth. He was not gentle, I at that point did not want him to be! Meanwhile I fisted my own dick. Maybe he was turned on more than I thought, or maybe Raul had a quick trigger, but it wasn't long at all before he was shooting cum down my throat. His shooting was all it took for me to unlaod my own laod. Raul collapsed on the coach beside me, head back collapsing for air.

Finally, when he could move and speak he bounced to his feet , and said, ' Rustee, I have only had you suck on mi pinga, but I am thinking no chica would make me feel better!'

' Come I think it is time for bed, I will sleep with you again tonight! I think you would like that Yes?' I grinned up at him as he hauled me to my feet. ' Si, mi amigo, I would like that very much!'

The next morning, Raul was gone again when I woke up. Feeling very good, I lingered a bit in bed and then got up. Being Saturday, I had no classes, and decided to do a little baking, before I had to go to the resturant. When I pulled down the Crisco, I was a little puzzled to see to scrapes in the shortening, that looked very much like finger scoops, but figured Raul must have fried something up recently. I shrugged and baked up some cookies, left them out where Raul could find them and headed to work.

That night when I got home, I was once again puzzled to see the Crisco can out on the counter, because I was almost sure I'd put it back. Shrugging, I put it waya and went to bed, Raul already snoring way in his room. I debated crawling in with him, but didn't want to jinx things. I'd let Raul run the show for now.

The next morning Raul was up again before me, getting ready for Mass. I tidied up the kitchen, once again puzzling over the Crisco can on the counter. I was reading annd relaxing in my room when Raul came back from mass. With a troubled look, he came and sat on my bed. Concerned I asked what was wrong. ' I do not think I have a 'postate' Rustee!' My jaw must have bounced off my collar bone. ' For three times I have put a finger up my culo, to try and find the pleasure you were talking about! I could not find it!'

A sudden picture of finger scrapes in the Crisco flooded my mind and I was hard put not to break into laughter. Then a picture of Raul fishing around in his beautiful ass flooded my mind and my dick. God, how I wish I could have seen that!

Trying to keep a grin off my face, I tried to reassure him. ' I am pretty sure all men have one Raul, I'm sure you missed it somehow.' He held up his wide stubby hairy fingers. ' Maybe it is that my fingers are too short!' Still trying to keep a straight face, I told him, that no, I don't think a 'postate' was all that far inside of him. He seemed to take that to heart and wandered back out of my room. I closed my eyes and shook my head. Raul was constanly surprising me! Never in my wildest dreams would I suspect he'd stick a finger inside of himself to find his pleasure button! Hard once again, I debated beating off, picturing Raul all bent over, probing his behind with his fingers. I wish I could probe in there awhile! I resisted the impulse, although, working around that house that Sunday, I'd look at Raul's round butt and fantasize to the point I thought I'd cum in my pants.

As we puttered around both Raul and I downed a few beers. As I relaxed I looked at Raul, clad in nothing but his gym shorts and thought what the hell. Off came everthing but my jockeys. I tfelt really good. I was absently scratching my balls when Raul walked up to me with the Crisco can. ' Rustee, You will find my apostate for me?'

I googled at him and absentmindedly corrected him. ' Prostate.' Then shook my head. ' What?'

He grabbed my long fingered hand. ' I think, you have long fingers, and can find this thing inside that gives pleasure!' ' Raul, are you saying you want me to stick my finger in your ass to find your prostate for you?' ' Si, I am curious to feel this pleasure feeling you talk about!' Okay, this muscle stud was spinning me in circles. I was also beginning to think maybe Raul was not so very straight after all. I'd heard of straight guys who liked fingers and other things up their butts, but I always thought they were really bi at the least and closeted at the most. There is this, it didn't take me very long to conclude that yes I was not going to miss my chance to at least get my finger into that sweet round butt!

' Okay Raul, where do you want to do this?' ' Here is good,' he pointed at the living room carpet. I wanted to make this as easy as I could for him. ' Wait here,' I ordered. I went to my room and grabbed some extra slick lube and the blanket off my bed. I didn't really want to clean up a mess on the carpet. I put down the blanket and told him to lay down on his stomach. He pulled off his shorts without any hesitation and lay down. I took a long moment to drink in the sight of his naked body. God, he was so sexy, broad shoulders, that little patch of hair and sucha round hairy ass! I stripped off my clothes too, and nudging his legs wide apart, kneeled between them. I started talking softly, telling him to relax, hoping the sound of my voice would get him to do so. I masaged the back of his upper thighs, slowly moving up until, I was massaging the full globes of his butt. I kept the bottle of lube clenched between my thighs, trying to warm it some. Although I hoped he wouldn't I wanted to give him a chance to back out of this. I kept massaging his ass, opening and closing his hairy crack, ogling the tight ring of his pucker when I pulled his crack apart.

Raul laid perfectly still, hardly breathing, but he never protested what I was doing. Finally I oozed some lube into his crack and on to his pucker. He tensed up, but I kept talking gently and he relaxed again. I coated my index finger really good and inserted it into his hairy crevice. I found his slicked up ring and gently began to massage it. Once again Raul went stiff, but as I just circled the lips of his hole, he relaxed once more. Slowly, I narrowed the circle until I was gently prodding at the little slit. I'd push into it just the tiniest bit, barely parting it. Raul tried to spread his legs farther apart. I could see his hairy ballsac, and couldn't resist using my other hand to stroke them gently with a finger. He seemed to like that very much, and let out a great sigh and relaxed even more. That's when I let my finger slip inside him to the first knuckle. Raul went stiff and he clenched around my finger. I held it slow, letting him get used to it. I kept telling him to relax, to push out. Suddenly he did relax and my slick finger slid all of the way in. There I was, kneeling between the straight boy's widespread legs, with my finger crammed to the hilt in his hot ass. I waited for him to relax again then told him I was going to move my finger around a little to find his prostate. I found it almost immediately and when my finger prodded it, I knew Raul was feeling it too. His upper body arced right off the carpet and his spincter muscle closed so hard on my finger, I almost was afraid he'd snap it right off. Gently I massaged the litle knob with the ball of my finger. My finger moving slightly in and out of him. Raul was shivering and gasping. I massaged a little harder, my dick drooling as I watch his ass lips clutch at my finger as a gently finger fucked him. I kept hoping he'd suddenly ask for another finger or even my dick, like they did in all the sex stories, but he didn't. But he did begin to talk. ' Oh, Rustee, that feels so very strange!' ' You don't like it?' ' Yes, it feels very good, just very strange.!' ' Do you want me to stop?' ' No, No, please, I am feeling like I want to cum, it is sending shivers in my whole body!' I increased the speed of my finger, pretty much finger fucking him hard, but making sure my finger slid over his joy button every time. Meanwhile I was jacking my own dick, staring at my finger assaulting that perfect ass. Suddenly Raul cried out, and clamped down hard on my finger. He was driving his dick into the balnket and by his spasms I knew he was cumming. I yanked harder on my own dick, and shot all over his beautiful hairy ass and legs, even into that little patch of black hair at the base of his spine. Gently, I slid my finger out of Raul. I knew I didn't particularilly care for anything in my ass after I came, and was trying to be good to Raul. HIs spincter clutched at it for a moment like he was trying to hold me in, but then let go. I moved from between his legs to kneel at his side. ' You liked that didn't you buddy?' Si! I am glad you found my prostate for me. It felt very good. I think I will be able to find it for myself now!' ' Well, if you need somehelp, I'll be glad to find it again!' ' Gracias, Rustee, you are a very good freind!' I used the edge of the blanket to wipe my cum off of his back and ass. Then I laid down beside him. Raul turned to his side and cuddled close to me, his arm and leg over me like was his style.

He nuzzled my neck, and whispered something in spanish, that I didn't quite catch. I didn't care, the night's activity was more than I could have hoped for. As I gently dozed off I wondered what surprize Raul had in store for me next.




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