Hey guy sorry for not posting on time am over busied now and i went on a trip to Nigeria with my family but am now back

**Ecstacy pt1**

I am Jerome Meyers,graduated high school being june and now in the sizzling hot sun of the tropical Nigeria am preparing on a trip to a small village in Anambra called Awka in the eastern part of Nigeria to see my ageing maternal grandma.Grandma Juliet has always being my favourite of the both grannys (including my paternal grandma )although i barely knew grandma Liza my paternal grandma becos she died while i was 10 years. Mama Liza was always very stern,strict in discipline but affectionate that i sometimes doubted her affection.But mama Juliet was always smiling,patience,playful and tells me stories which made me fond of her.


I had packed my box,small bag pack,and a couple of other things including my toiletries and comestics bag which i can't do without cos i feel am ugly without makeup makes me sissy-like but i have gotten lot of cømpliments from my friends both girls and boys,neighbours even at school my male teacher eye me a lot.

I am average heighted at 5'9,curly ebony black hair which was as a result of countless hair treatment it has undergone,fairly light skin typical of an African,broad shoulders and bulgy chest,tight stomach with six packs,hazelnut eyes,full red lips,straight hot legs one every athlete will kill and die for,with a dick 10 inches soft and 15 inches hard how HUNG!!

I turnèd seventeen few days back and got a toyota Avalon car thanks to my freakin'ly rich parent


I tried to catch all the fun i could with my friends in my father's mansion estate at Victoria Island Lagos state before headin east to Anambra in a couple of days.As i had grad high school which is called secondary school in Nigeria i took my time to explore my sexuality becos i was somehow confused but ALL I KNOW IS I HAD A HARD-ON lookin at same gender ITS HARD to say but DEEP down me i know i might be GAY but i just hope and act am not one cos at seventeen am still a virgin waiting to be laid by MR OR MRS RIGHT?!!!

Today's thursday 25th july three days before i would be traveling some 10000miles down east.It was a very beautiful day,the light morning sun was beginin to shine through my window pane.The weather was partly cold from the heavy rain last night.

I vowed today i would cofirm my fears.I quickly jumped out of bed to the bathroom for early morning piss which i found difficult becos of my hardon.I brushed my teeth,had my shower,had my breakfast of cereals and by 8am am good to go,this has been my routine for almost a decade now,i woke up every morning to find out that my parents were off to work,leavin only me in our extra large mansion only to come back in the dead of night i would probably be sleeping.The only time i get with them is weekends saturdays for mum sundays for dad who worked some saturdays.

Breakfast today was coffee,bread toast,omellette and sardine i dressed in an army colored combart short and tight red tank top which did little to hide my muscular frame which i flex especiàlly when guys stared at me

Knock! knock! Went the door that was me

Yes! who is it?a shrill voice said from inside the house

Its me, its Jerome!!

Hey Jay,Martin said once he opened the door he gave me a tight squeezy hug i could hardly breath after checking me out

Hey Mart how are you hope mum's home? I asked

No am home alone everyones out Same with me am freakinly bored

so i just came to hang out

Sure,come,come in....

Martin was my clasmate at high school,we became friends in the seniors...

I came in and to a seat by the left

So? Mart asked stil staring at me

I-I-I-I I stuttered as i was somewhat nervous,shy and confused at his stare.He came over to my seat after locking the door

.......'Its just two of us now' he said

I know I-I..I..I I stuttered the more right about now.

I was mesmerised at the sight of Martin who was smilin' at me dark haired,chocolate color,muscular and hot with a promising package

'I wanted us to go catch in Silverbird Cinema by 8pm after went have painted the town red' i said

'Movies yes but the others i think i have a better ideas'

'What???! I asked bright eye with exictement

'I think i have a couple of things i must show you in my room upstairs so tag along with me fellow' he ordered

I sheepishly followed him upstairs totally excited as i watched his big muscular ass bouncing with every step he made on the stairs*

I sat on his already made firm bed as i savoured the scent of something pleasant somewhat strawberry or pineapple flavoured air freshner.*

Martin glanced at me for few minutes as if studying my reaction and noticing nothing harsh he then reached through a couple of C.D's in a racket,selecting one he inserted it into the D.V.D player and then came and sat very close next to me that i could touch his muscular laps with mine without having to stretch.

'Could this be the new movie he talked to us so enthusiastically about in class or could this be.....? All this were going on in my mind when i caught him lookin at my crotch could he be gay?when suddenly like in a trance what i heard brough me back to reahty

MMMMM!!! came a loud moan more like shril cry of pain from the television.

Standing before me in the 24' plasma LCD Tv were two young boys about our age one was unrelentlessly feasting on the huge cock of the other amidst gags as my mouth opens in shock.....



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