After a couple of minutes spent going through the elevator and series of screening I came to a door an pushing the red button I was in a room with white painted walls,wine red drapes,A/C,glass centre table,and a few paded cushions,two PCs,and an exit door at the other end of the room.I waited a while alone cos I had come into the room alone leaving Martinez behind during the final search.There was a beeping sound and the door slide open,it must be computerize,Sanchez came into the room and motioned me to sit.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting i had business to attend to" he said "Apology accepted" I said looking at him since he came into the room.He is dressed in tightly fitting black suit with a snow white shirt,the suit clung to him like a magnet to a metal with his fashionable hairstyle just sweet.

"Em I summoned you to get to know you better,like you know friends"he said with an underlying undisclosed intention in his sinister but charming smile.

"Am Mike Sanderz from a farm in Alabama hope to find a job with decent pay to help my parents" I said."Well you got it am gonna employ you into my team". "Team?what team?" I said pretentiously "well I'll recruit you into (V.V.O) to work as my P.A since my former was retired,and I'd be paying you $50000 how about that?" he said

"Perfecto" I screamed excitedly but unsure whether it's becos am close enough to carry my job or becos am close enough to have whatever affair I was nuturing now."I hope he's not married" I prayed.

"Well this calls for celebration,so what do I offer you,Spirit,Brandy,juice or champagne?" he asked and stood up to get us some wine

I let my eyes drift to his ass it's a bit muscular and firmly packed in his trouser,I suddenly felt a stir in my groin."Oops lest I forget i'll be heading for the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas Neveda the day after tomorrow and hope you'd be comimg with me"he said filling our glasses "Alright no problem" As we sipped our drink he was taking Vodka while I'm taking Champagne poured over ice, he ask me a question that both excite and startles me.

"Mike you married?" he asked. "no am not even thinking it now,why do you ask" i continued though part of me guessed why,for he kept staring and winking at me since he entered the room and maybe i think i caught him hungrily groping his crotch or maybe not.

"Just for verification purpose and please last request will you be busy tomorrow 7pm want us to go for dinner in one of my hotels down town"

"Deal" i said this time I guess he saw how excited i was for he was chuckling now himself. We shook hands as he said nice to meet you which I replied but held unto my hand longer than is normal and gently caressing it with his middle finger.

I have fallen for this guy i'm meant to arrest and kick to jail what the f**k is wrong with me!!

I talked to Dave over the phone at night and he told me he'd coming with Juan Miguel to Las Vegas.He explained that its an annual conference where the organisatio met to negotiate on the price of their illegal goods all over the world.I slept that nite not knowin what to do but was determine not to fail the date.

The rest of the next day was uneventful as I packed my bag for the trip to Vegas and waited for the clock to tick 7pm.At about 6:50pm I'm already set when i heard a horn I skipped out happily and out on a dinner with Sanchez.

Dinner was amazing coupled with the exotic drinks and I must commend his 5 star hotel its one of the best in New York city.By 9pm we're done and headed to his house since he insisted I sleep over in his place.His room is so extra large with a lavished but exquisite furnishing.We were watching news on the T.V,beers in our hands when i excused myself to go the bathroom.2 minutes I came back and took a seat next to him.There was something about Sanchez,although he was a drug baron and a billionaire he doesn't seem it,he was down to earth and easy going.I was wallowing in my thoughts when I felt Sanchez groped me,i was shocked but he took my free hand and placed on his growing bulge,he moaned and immediately he kissed my lips then procéeded to rip my clothes of me.I was naked to my briefs when he too got undressed.I've never kissed a guy,never had nothing to do with a guy before except one day Dave and I got so drunk we were horned up we jacked each other off in his car.

Sanchez pinched,and bit my pink nipples while still fondling my cock and getting it harder by each squeeze.I was so horned up I pushed him to his king-size bed and mounted òn top øf his stomach.

I kissed him deeply as we swirled our tongues and licked our saliva and nibbled his ear.I sucked his nipples getting it erect and reddened,I headed downwards to his bulge which i mouthed through his brief fabric blowing hot air into it.I finally released his dick and it's raging red almost purple at its head.It was 9" cut,slender and nice looking.I took it into my mouth and though i never sucked a dick before or been with a man not this way but fuelled by lust i began sucking him off and before long I was deep throating him hungrily with his hand on my head and working up his hips.

Minutes later he was fingering my hole although it felt painful i endured it at least for his sake,was ready to let him mount me,fuck me senseless.After getting me nicely wet he mounted me as I felt his big dick press against my hole as it began to slowly enter my most deepest depth.He was fucking me for at least 20 minutes as he jacked me off and we came together...



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