Miradji stared into the lake and the excitement grew within him. He could feel the presence of the magical artifact. All those weeks of endless searching would finally pay off. His sweaty upper body gleamed under the rays of sunlight. He swiped at his forehead and decided that it was time for a swim. He kicked of his black leather boots and stepped out of his brown cotton trousers and stood there in all his naked glory.

He stretched his tired limbs and couldn't help but flex his lean muscled body. The sun kissed his naked skin and he ran a hand over his baby smooth ass. He smiled. A lot of work had gone into his butt and he was damned proud of it. Every time he was on all fours in front one of his many lovers, he got complimented on his ass. Even when he was bound and gagged, which he didn't like very much, his sadistic lovers complimented those deliciously round ass cheeks as they were struck with leather whips.

And then there was his cock. A masterpiece. A beautiful piece of art standing proud at a length of eight inches. The young men he had fucked with that thing... It was always a pleasure having some farm boy suckle on his dick whenever he was bored and just happened to come across a farm. And an even greater pleasure when he laid the young man down in the grass, spread his youthful legs wide and fucked him hard, their moans of pleasure being carried away by the wind.

Miradji shook his active sex life from his mind and focused on his personal mission: to get hold of the legendary Wendon crystal. With a graceful swan dive he broke the surface of the water and descended deeper and deeper until he saw the cave. Sensing that he was almost out of breath, he quickly cast a spell, encasing his entire body in a bubble of air.

All of a sudden a gigantic monster of an eel rushed passed him, its sharp fins springing a leak in the bubble. Miradji didn't hesitate one second and immediately took evasive action, trying to stand clear of the hungry aquatic monster. The eel rushed passed him again, causing yet another leak in the fragile bubble.

Miradji had enough. He didn't want to harm the creature. So he cast another spell and was engulfed in a sea bubbles which then propelled him towards the dark cave and away from the eel. Safely inside the cave, Miradji repaired the leaks in his magical bubble and made his way deeper into the cave.

That's when he saw it. The Wendon crystal. It was just lying there, waiting to be picked up by a mighty sorcerer like himself. A satisfied grin spread across Miradji's face as he took hold of the crystal and held it front of him. The crystal had no magical qualities but it was worth more than a hundred gold pieces!

Just when he was about to leave, the eel reappeared. With alarming speed the monster slithered towards Miradji. This time it tackled the bubble full-on, causing the bubble to burst. Miradji was left without air and completely naked for the monster to devour him.

He shoved the crystal into his mouth and attacked the monster with harmless light rays. He was trying to scare it away, not hurt it. But when the eel didn't show any signs of retreating, Miradji found that he had no other choice. He muttered a few words and fired five light beams out of his finger tops. The beams wrapped themselves around the eel, rendering it immobile. The monster struggled to get free, but to no avail.

Miradji saw his chance and propelled himself out of the water with a wind spell and painfully smacked onto the shore. He really needed to work on his landings.

He walked over to his belongings and put the crystal in his duffel bag. He wanted to get dressed, but saw that the rush of being attacked by that eel had given him raging erection. He let himself fall onto the grass and grabbed hold of his cock. He stroked it a few times and immediately a drop of pre-cum appeared at the slit of his cock-head. He scooped the slimy liquid with his finger and sucked it into his mouth, moaning at the sweet taste of his own cock juice.

Then he began stroking his cock with the kind of determination that wowed even him. This wasn't one of those jerk-off sessions where you wanted to take your time and make love to your cock. This was one of the many quickies he had with himself every once in a while, when there weren't any hot males around or when he was just bored and didn't feel the need to share his bed at the inn with another person.

He stroked faster and faster and with a stifled groan, three thick ropes of cum shot from the tip of his cock and over his head, landing several feet away from where he sat. He stroked even faster and four more ropes shot onto his six-pack abs and a few more hit him on the chin. He slowly milked his cock and watched as more cum dribbled over his fingers. He let go of his still hard cock and lay back in the grass to catch his breath. He stared up at the clouds drifting by and wondered how it would feel if he were a cloud.

He took a deep breath and drifted off into a gentle sleep.


The market place was crowded. Too crowded for Miradji's taste. He couldn't walk two steps without bumping into someone. He wormed his way through the never ending sea of people and finally reached his destination. He opened the door to the pawnshop and stumbled inside, almost knocking over an expensive looking vase.

"Better watch it, boy," a grumpy voice growled at him, "you break that vase and you'll be paying it off with that tight little butt of yours..." The man who spoke appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of Miradji, who was blushing foolishly as he stared up at the naked hunk of a man standing in front of him.

"Uhm... I... I'm sorry," Miradji stammered. Being the powerful sorcerer that he was, he had one weakness and one weakness only: men. He would submit to any man as sexy as the one standing in front of him and let them do to him whatever they wanted.

The man simply grumbled, turned around and walked to the counter, his hard muscled ass causing Miradji to sport a massive erection. "Tell me what you want, pretty boy," the man growled, after positioning himself behind the counter.

The businessman within Miradji took over and he took the Wendon crystal out of his bag. He held it in front of the shopkeeper. "How much for this?" he asked.

The man took the crystal and studied it with an expert's eye. He hummed and growled his approval and named his price. "Eighty gold pieces."

"Oh, no, no, no," Miradji protested, "I have reason to believe that this crystal is worth at least a hundred gold pieces!"

"That's true," the man growled, "but see these little chips here and there?"

Miradj tried his best to spot the miniscule chips in the crystal. "Yeah, so?"

"They were chewed off by baby eels," the man continued. "This crystal is damaged, hence the minus 20 gold pieces..."

Miradji made an attempt to take the crystal from the large man, but the shopkeeper kept it out of reach. "I can cut you a deal," the man growled as he gave Miradji a sly grin. "I'll give you ninety gold pieces... and a taste of this..." He moved away from behind the counter to stand in front Miradji once again, revealing his mammoth-sized cock, which was already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum.

Miradji's mouth began to water and before long he was on his knees taking the shopkeeper's monster all the way down his throat. He blew the man for several minutes, until he told Miradji to get up and lie down on the counter. Miradji obeyed and lay on his back on the counter. The shopkeeper took hold of Miradji's legs and spread them as wide as they would go, exposing Miradji's pink pucker, twitching in anticipation.

"Hot hole, boy," the man growled after spanking Miradji's cheeks a few times and with that he dove between Miradji's ass cheeks and feasted on his hot well-used manhole, lashing at it and probing it deeply with his skilled tongue.

"Oh, fuck," Miradji groaned as he threw his head back and grabbed hold of the edges of the counter. "Yeah, eat my hole... Fuck, tongue my hole..." He moaned and groaned as the man's tongue probed deeper and deeper inside him. He could swear that the man's tongue was grazing over his prostate.

"You ready for the real deal, boy," the man growled as he took hold of his big cock and without waiting for an answer, he roughly entered Miradji spit-soaked hole and sank all twelve inches of his fat cock in between Miradji's ass cheeks.

"Motherfuck!!" Miradji loudly cursed at the sudden intrusion. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit, that hurts! Oh!" He had trouble breathing as the pain shot through his entire body and caused his head to spin. He almost fainted.

The man laughed at this, which made his cock bounce about inside of Miradji, causing the young sorcerer to let out another moan, only this time it sounded a lot more pleasurable.

"Sounds like you're ready to be fucked by a man, boy," the man growled and immediately began fucking Miradji hard. He took Miradji's ankles in his hands and pounded his ass like a madman.

Miradji could do nothing but hold on for dear life and take this brutal fucking like a man. He reached out to the man's muscular chest and found his rock-hard nipples. He pinched and flicked them which only resulted in the man to fuck him harder than before. Miradji let out a long moan and came all over himself, without touching his cock.

Shortly after the man let out a low growl and Miradji could feel as his insides were being coated in a thick layer of man juice. The man kept on fucking him until his cock went flaccid and slipped out of Miradji's hole. Followed by a flow of cum that seemed to go on forever.

The man paid Miradji and disappeared again, saying: "You were a hot fuck, boy."

Miradji pulled up his pants and left the shop as a satisfied customer. There was no doubt that he would come back for part two of their agreement. When he turned to check out the name of the shop, he saw nothing. There was no pawnshop there. Just an empty space between the other buildings. He felt in his duffel bag and pulled out the Wendon crystal.

"The fuck...?"

The sun was already going down, when Miradji left the town to continue his journey. He was never sure where this journey would take him, but he had no other choice but to leave home. The words his sister had thrown at him had hurt more than any spell he's ever been on the receiving end of.


Miradji spun around to see a young man, not much older than him, covered in cuts and bruises stumbling towards him. The young man was covered in blood. There was no doubt that it was his own. The man collapsed in front of Miradji, after uttering another "Help" and lay there, as if he were dead.

Miradji didn't know what to do. He looked down at the man in front of him and couldn't help but feel sorry for him. His clothes were torn and revealed a muscular body with deep cuts in it and blood gushing from the wounds. Normally he would have turned around and left the man for dead, but something about this man, made him want to be a better person, which was weird. After cursing himself for being such a sucker for hot men, he carefully took the man by the pits and dragged him to the side of the road, where he set up camp for the night.

He cast a protection spell around his camp. The ones who did this to this man couldn't be far behind and he wouldn't want to encounter them, seeing what they did to their latest victim. Miradji tore the clothes from the man's body and almost forgot the man was more dead than alive. As he carefully disinfected the wounds, Miradji noticed the man's handsome face and gently sponged it until it was rid of the blood. Then he carefully but thoroughly bandaged his newest patient up.

"Thank you..." It came out a hoarse whisper, but Miradji heard it. He lay a hand on the man's face smiled. He stared into the man's brown eyes and watched as the flames from the campfire danced within them. Then they slowly closed.

Miradji panicked as he thought the man had died, but after hearing his gentle breathing and soft snoring, he let out a sigh of relief. He was just sleeping. Unable to tear his eyes away from the bandaged man in front him, Miradji sat there and held watch over this complete stranger who had brought an unexpected change to his miserable life...



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