It had been a fairly quiet first part of the week, with no real strenuous emergencies so far.

I'm Mark Davis, and EMT with the local fire department. My partner, Drew, and the driver, Jim, had stopped for lunch at a popular burger joint that gave discounts to the fire and police department personnel. We were just finishing our meals when we got the call. There had been a serious auto accident just five blocks away.

We took off running 'hot', meaning lights and sirens, and arrived just seconds after we got the call.

There on the pavement, lay a young man in his mid twenties. We didn't know if he was alive or not. A car had ran a red light and broadsided his motorcycle.

We began our initial examination and immediately found that his left arm and left femur were broken. Although he had been wearing a helmet, there was always the chance of a concussion. Also possible, and probable, were internal injuries.

We took his vitals ans splinted his arm and leg before loading him on the stretcher. Once he was secure, into the ambulance he went. The hospital was a minimum twenty to thirty minutes away, depending on traffic.

I inserted the IV's as Drew hung the saline bags. As I did, the patient, Brett Rivers, drifted in and out of consciousness. I soon noticed that when he appeared to be awake, his right hand would brush my crotch as I knelt next to him. I prayed that Drew wouldn't notice the boner I had developed from what the hot patient was doing.

We soon arrived at the hospital and rolled him into the emergency room. After completing our paper work and restocking our supplies from the pharmacy, we went back to our station, waiting for our next call.

As we waited, I began to wonder if Brett's actions had been intentional or not. I decided that I'd give it a day or two then visit him in the hospital and see if he said or did anything.

My apartment was just across from the hospital, and since it was my weekend off, I walked across the street and visited him.

When I walked in he looked at me questioningly. He was alone, and i stepped up to his bed and asked, "How are you feeling, Mr. Rivers?"

"How do you think I feel? I feel like shit, and who the hell are you?"

"I'm Mark Davis, one of the EMTs that made the call when you were hit."

"Damn, man, I'm sorry for my behavior. I've had so many people in here poking and prodding, I'm about to go crazy."

"hey, I understand. I just live cross the street and was off and thought I'd run over and see how it was going."

"I really appreciate it, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did," he said as he held out his right hand.

I took it and as we shook hands, he began to pull me toward him. Since I was on his left side, I ended up slightly leaning over him. Releasing my hand, he quickly wrapped it around my neck and pulled me closer, giving me a hug.

"You're my hero," he said softly into my ear.

"I was just doing my job and what I've been trained to do," I replied.

"I think I vaguely remember you. Were you the one kneeling next to me checking my vital signs?"

I'm the one," I said.

"Please, sit down, if you have time. I get lonely here by myself."

"Hasn't your family been by to see you?"

"The only family I have is a cousin. He's a lawyer and is handling things for me. He said we had a good chance on winning a big lawsuit, if i decide to sue."

"If you do and need me to testify as to how we found you just let me know," I said. "From what I heard when we were at the scene, witnesses said the guy ran a red light."

"That's what the officers said they think happened, but they are still investigating."

We talked and I found that Brett was twenty-six and worked for a construction company. He was single and had no girl friend. He had said that besides the broken arm and leg, he has sustained a mild concussion and some internal bruising. He said the doctors told him that he was a very lucky man.

After an hour, I asked if he would like something to drink or eat.

"The one thing I really want, they don't serve here," he said.

"What would that be," I asked.

"A big thick chocolate malt."

"I know who has the best," I said. "I'll be back shortly."

I left and walked to an ice cream shop a block away and bought two large chocolate malts. When ai returned to Brett's room a huge smile came across his face.

"Here you go, Mr. Rivers," I said.

"My name is Brett, not Mr. Rivers."

"Okay, and I'm Mark."

We drank our malts and nurses came in and out checking on him. Before we knew it, his evening meal was being delivered.

"Damn, I didn't realize what time it was. with good company time flies by," he said.

"Hey, you don't hear me complaining, do you," I replied.

"No. I've really enjoyed your company."

"If you want me to leave and let you rest, just tell me."

I told the nurse that I'd help him with his dinner, before asking him if he wanted salt n his dinner.

"Hell yea. They don't use any seasoning."

I had everything cut and ready so that he could eat with his good right hand. As he ate, I went to the cafeteria and grabbed a burger.

As I ate, I decided that even if what he had done was unintentional and he was straight and I couldn't get into his pants, I still wanted to be good friends with him. We had found that we had a lot in common.

After eating, I returned to his room and we visited and half way watched TV until nine.

I got up, telling him that I needed to leave and let him get some rest, he reached out and grasped my hand and held it.

"Mark, your visit has really meant a lot to me. Please come back anytime."

"I will. I have a couple of things to do tomorrow morning, but I'll see you later in the day."

"I'll be waiting," he said still holding my hand. "You now, I think we could be real good friends."

"So do I," I replied. As he finally let go of my hand, I said, "See you tomorrow, buddy."

He smiled and winked at me.

I visited Brett the next dad and every evening after I got off duty at three in the afternoon. We became the best of friends.

Before long the staff all knew that I was the EMT that was the first responder and that we had become friends. Finally, Brett was allowed out of bed and into a wheel chair. I began taking him outside to a patio off the cafeteria. He enjoyed the chance to be outdoors.

Then one Friday night while visiting Brett his doctor came in. While he checked on Brett, I waited in the hall. When he came out, I asked if I could speak to him about something.

"Sure," he said, adding "You're the EMT that brought him in aren't you?"

"Yes, sir, I am."

"What can I do for you?"

"Well, we've become good friends since his accident. I live in the apartments across the street. I was wondering if tomorrow he could get a day pass for me to get him out and wheel him over to my place. I can take any meds he needs with me and administer them."

"I don't see why not considering your training. Getting out might do him good. I'll issue the okay and have the nurse get his meds ready."

"Thanks, Doc. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. I'm not going to tell him until we're out the door."

The next morning, I stopped by the nurse's station and picked up his meds then went to his room. I asked if he was ready to get outside and he said he was. After getting him in his wheelchair, we headed out and instead of gong to the patio, I headed for the front door.

As we went out he asked where we were going. I didn't answer. Down the sidewalk we went to the street. as we did, he said "Damn, Mark, you're going to get us both in trouble."

"So what?" I replied.

We crossed the street and I entered the lobby of my apartment building. As I did, I said, "I got you a parole for the day. It's been approved by your doctor."

"You're fucking kidding me!" he exclaimed.


We took the elevator to my sixth floor apartment, and he seemed like a new man, so bubbly and outgoing.

I made a pot of coffee and once we both had a cup, I rolled him out onto the balcony.

He thanked me over and over. We watched a movie and afterward, he said, "I may need your help. I need to use the bathroom."

"No problem," I said.

"I just need to pee."

Once in the bathroom he asked me to help him stand at the toilet. I stood close at his side, steadying him. he began struggling to get his cock out of his pajama bottoms and asked for my help. I simply pulled them down below his cock. As he waited for the flow to begin his cock stiffened slightly. It was beautiful; long and slightly fatter than average. Seeing it, my own cock began to stiffen.

He took his piss and I helped him get his bottoms back in place. His cock was slightly stiffer and still stiffening. I pretended not to notice. However, my own cock was rock hard and I saw him looking at my bulge.

Once back in the living room, I was standing next to him and asked if he needed anything.

"Just one thing," he said.




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