I started work for Masters Trucking Company at the age of twenty-one as a driver. I loved the freedom of being on the road and traveling throughout the forty-eight states. I quickly began to receive awards including safety and punctuality. With the award money, I managed to purchase my own rig with an oversized sleeping compartment able to accommodate me for weeks at a time.  The only thing it didn't have was a shower, and I used the ones in the truck stops.

I had been with the company for eight years when things changed.  I had pulled into the company terminal in Miami and parked.  As the terminal crew began unloading my trailer, the terminal manager, Buck, came out to greet me. 

"Hey Mark.  How was the trip down?"

"Not too bad," I replied, "except when I was coming through that tropical storm.  It got pretty hairy then."

"It did here also.  I'm glad it wasn't any worse," he replied.  "Oh, I got a call a couple of hours ago from the big man.  He wants you to call him."

"Mr. Masters?"

"You got it.  You can use my office."

I went in and settled into his chair and called the home office.  When the line was answered, I gave the operator my name and asked for Mr. Masters.

"Yes, Mr. Sims. Mr. Masters is expecting your call."

A moment later Carl Masters answered. "How's my number one driver?" he asked.

"A little tired, sir, after fighting my way through the storm."

"I'm sure you are.  Leave your rig at the terminal and get a cab to the Hyatt.  I've got you  a room reserved there.  Get yourself a good meal and charge it to the room.  Then after you get a good nights rest, I want you to head back here to the office.  You won't have a trailer so you should make good time.  Get here as soon as you can but be careful.  Don't speed.  I need to discuss something with you in person."

Carl Masters was a man everyone thought a lot of but he was also a man of few words. He would do any thing he could for his employees.  When he needed to talk to an employee liked to get right to the point but only face to face.

I returned to the dock  and as I did, Buck looked at me and said, "Well?"

"Hell if I know what he wanted.  He just told me that there was a room reserved for me at the Hyatt and after a good nights rest to deadhead back to the office.  So you lave any idea what he wants?"  (To 'deadhead' is when a driver goes from one terminal to another without a trailer)

"No, bud, I don't.  But something must be up.  The Hyatt is expensive."

I gave my truck key to Buck and told him that he was the only one allowed to move my rig around the yard.  After calling a cab, I retrieved some clothes and personal items from my sleeper and waited.  When I checked into the Hyatt, the young male clerk, Tim, smiled at me and said, "Yes, Mr. Sims.  We've been expecting you.  All your expenses will be charged to a card we were given when the reservation was made.  Would you like a room overlooking the beach?"

The clerk was damn good looking and extremely muscular.  He had my heart racing. I was horny as hell and even as hard as I resisted, I could feel my cock steadily hardening.  Unfortunately, Tim noticed and smiled broadly.

I went up to my mini-suite and as I stood on my balcony and looked over the beach, I decided to check it out.  I slipped on a pair of shorts and tee shirt and headed across the street to the beach.  I was commando and loved feeling the warm breeze blowing up my shorts. 

After looking around I noticed a guy in his early thirties laying on a towel.  He was handsome and nicely built and had a nice light coating of brown hair on his chest.  Getti9ng brave, I walked up to him and introduced myself and asked for a favor.  He said he was Rick and asked what the favor was.

"Well, I was wondering if I might leave my tee shirt here next to you while I take a quick swim."

"Sure,  not a problem," he said.

I deposited my tee shirt next to him and noticed him looking me over and smiling slightly. It made me wonder.

After a nice romp in the water I returned to retrieve my tee shirt.  Rick smiled and asked if I'd like to share his towel with him. I did and as we talked I found that he was in town on business and was staying at a hotel just a half block away.   Then after a while, he asked if I had any plans for the evening.  When I said no, he asked if I would like to join him for dinner.  I agreed and suggested he meet me at my room.

After returning to my room, I checked the mini-refrigerator and found it stocked with sodas, wine and beer. The bar contained mini bottles of a variety of alcohol.

Rich was right on time and we headed down to the restaurant for dinner. After a couple of cocktails, great conversation and a great meal, I invited him to back to my room for another cocktail.

"I'd like that.  I'd really enjoy hearing more of your tales about experiences on the road."

"Make yourself comfortable, I told him as we entered the room.  I kicked off my shoes and removed my shirt, trying to put him at ease.  I had an ulterior motive.   Rick kicked off his shoes and as I prepared our drinks, I noticed that he unbuttoned a few of the top buttons on his shirt.

We sat together on the sofa slightly facing each other.  I decided to get things sexual and started telling him about the day I was driving on the interstate through Texas and had a guy pass me totally naked.  As I continued and told him that the guy stayed next to me and began jerking his cock, I noticed a bulge begin to grow in Rick's slacks. Any attempt to hide it would have been extremely obvious, so he did nothing.  Immediately, my own cock began to grow and form a bulge in my jeans.  After finishing my story, I decided to make my move.

Reaching over, I began rubbing his crotch and said, "It looks like that story had quite an effect on you."

"It did," he replied. Then after reaching over and grasping my hard cock he said, "It looks like it had the same effect on you."

As we sat their, each grasping and feeling the others hard cock we looked into each others eyes.  Our heads were only inches apart and we each began moving toward the other at the same time.  Our lips soon met and our free arms quickly wrapped around the other person. Our kiss was passionate and  after we parted, I took his hand and led him over to the bed. Within seconds, we had each other totally nude and after some hot foreplay and kissing, we dove into a slow sensual loving sixty-nine, eventually bringing each other to a roaring climax.   after we each swallowed and cuddled for a moment, he said he really needed to leave and get some rest.  I said that I need to get to bed also.  He dressed and left but not until he had given me another hot kiss and thanked me for a wonderful evening.

The next morning I returned to the terminal and as Buck handed me my keys he said, "I've got it all gassed up for you. Good luck on your meeting."

I thanked him and headed out. I knew that I would have two nights on the road. That first night I stopped at a large truck stop. First off, I used the restroom and surprisingly found an adequate size glory hole. I decided to check it out after dinner.

I went to the restaurant and had dinner then headed for the restroom for desert.  I entered the stall, and found the stall on the other side of the hole was occupied. I dropped my pants and sat down. I casually began fondling my cock and as I did I noticed that the guy next to me began stroking his already hard cock.  I motioned for him to put it through the hole.  When he did, I hungrily swallowed it and heard him moan softly.

I ended up sucking three of what I suspected were fellow truckers, before returning to my rig and going to bed.

The following night I met a driver in the restaurant and as we talked he told me straight out that he thought I was nice looking and asked if he could give me a blow job.  I think I surprised him when I said yes.  he was in his late forties or early fifties but in excellent shape. I had him follow me to my rig and once inside I stripped nude and told him to do what he wanted. That night I had decided that I wanted to be totally serviced, and he did what I wanted.

The following afternoon, I arrived at the main terminal and after parking, I freshened up and headed for the executive offices.  I walked up to the secretary outside of Mr. Masters office and she smiled and said, "You must be Mr. Sims.  Mr. Masters is expecting you."

She stood and went to the door and knocked. After opening the door she said, "Sir, Mr. Sims is here to see you."

I went in and after shaking my hand , he led me to the sofa in his office. I waited anxiously for him to tell me why I was there.




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