From Part 2...........

Silently, we dressed and headed for the restaurant for dinner. We ate then went to the lounge for a while before returning to his rig for a nights rest.  As we began preparing for bed, he spoke up saying, "I have no problem sharing the bed with you but there might be a problem."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Mike, I always sleep in the nude. I can't sleep if I'm wearing anything."

"Hey man, I have no problem with that.  I always sleep nude myself.  You game with that?"

"Hell, why not.  We've already seen each other nude in the showers."

We both stripped and he had me slip into bed first so he could get out of bed easier if needed.   A few moments after we got into bed, I could hear him snoring softly.  Later, I awoke and found him on his side facing me, still snoring, but with his hand next to my cock.


Part 3..................

With the tip of one finger slightly touching my cock, I instantly became hard. Curious as to what might happen, ever so gently, I lifted his hand and placed it directly on top of my rock hard cock. After a slight moment, his fingers began to close around my cock as he softly said, "I've been wanting to do this since I saw u in the shower."  He slowly began stroking my cock.

After a few strokes, he lifted his head and leaned toward me and began to lick and gently suck my left nipple. Then he licked his way over to the right nipple.  After a moment, I pulled away  and to his surprise, I flipped into a sixty-nine and shoved my cock into his face.  he quickly opened his mouth and swallowed my cock as he moaned softly.  I waited a few seconds before moving my face to his cock and swallowed it.  He moaned louder. Before long . we simultaneously fed each other our loads.  after we had both devoured the thick load fed to us, we kissed passionately, trading tongues.

We cuddled in silence before drifting back into satisfied slumber.  The next morning, I awoke to find him sucking my cock and once hard. he climbed on top and straddled me and in one quick movement, sat on my cock balls  deep.  He began to ride me before leaning forward and kissing me. He rode my cock like a professional cowboy rides a bull in the rodeo.  I quickly filled his hole with my hot load. 

As he pulled out, I quickly raised my legs, exposing my hole and told him to return the pleasure.  He smiled and in a second he was balls deep in my ass and it was awesome.  He fucked my brains out and after filling me with his cream, we kissed. 

We dressed and went in for breakfast before returning to the road.  Mid-afternoon, as we neared the delivery point, he pulled into a small truck stop and led me to the sleeper.  "One last sixty-nine?" he asked.  Moments later, we were hungrily sucking each others cocks.

After unloading, he drove to a truck stop and registered to get a load headed back toward home if possible.  I, in turn, caught a flight to my next terminal as Mike, the new driver.

I arrived at the terminal and was assigned to ride with Paul.  From our introduction, Paul made it clear to me that I wasn't welcome. He was definitely a loner.  We headed out on our delivery and as we did, he said, "So, I'm supposed to tell you about the company rules.  Well, they stink.  If drivers followed the rules, they would be taking twice as long to reach their drop point.  I ignore them and if you want to make any money, so will you."

Mid-afternoon, I noticed him looking out at his side mirror constantly.  "Something wrong?" I asked.

"Looks like we got a fag about to pass us.    It looks like he's working his cock into a boner before passing." Then a second later he said, "Here he comes."

I leaned over to get a glimpse of what was going on when Paul suddenly swerved to the left saying, "See how you like this, mother fucker."  He was trying to run the guy off the road and wreck him.  The driver recovered and pulled in behind us.  Paul began to slow down slightly, and when the other driver was closer, Paul slammed on the breaks, trying to get the guy to crash into the rear of the trailer.   I knew that the company definitely didn't need a driver like this.

That evening, after stopping for dinner, I pretended to receive a phone call and told Paul that I had an emergency and had to leave.  I got a cab and headed for my next  site, but not until I had written everything that had happened on my report.

It was only about three weeks later that I was at the main terminal and Mr. Masters called me to his office.  When I arrived, there sat Paul.  Mr. Masters pulled out my report and after reading it to Paul, he looked at me and asked if it was correct.  I said yes.  Mr. Masters looked at Paul and said, "Just so you know, this is Mark, not Mike. He was put out on the road undercover to expose reckless drivers like yourself.  You are now terminated and I assure you that other trucking companies will know why you were terminated

My third terminal was in Oregon.  I met the terminal manager and he said he was expecting me but not for another day but he said he had a driver heading out that I could ride with.  After a while, he came to me and apologized for the wait. 

"You will be riding with Brad, White and it seems that this morning he's running late, which never happens."  About that time, a car came rushing into the lot and stopped by the dock.  Brad got out and grabbed his bag and after kissing his female passenger goodbye, jumped onto the dock and apologized.  The terminal manager blew it off and introduced us.

Brad's rig was loaded and ready to head out. He retrieved his paperwork and away we went. We talked and I found that he was twenty-eight and that the woman was his girlfriend.

"I'm thinking of giving her a ring, but I'm just not sure  that I'm ready to a commitment."

"Brad, all I can say is that with my last company, most of the married drivers had marital problems because of being on the road so much.  Just make sure before you jump off into deep water."

As we drove, we talked about our past experiences on the road.  I mentioned that on different occasions that I had four-wheelers pass me and either have their cock out stroking it or they were rubbing it as a signal that they wanted sex.  I asked if he ever had that experience.

"Yea. They will either do that or pass me and flash their tail lights three time as a signal," he replied.

"Just curious, but have you ever considered stopping?"

"I hate to admit it but yes I have.  I've overheard older drivers talk and say that they would prefer letting a guy blow them rather than pay a lot lizard." (truck stop whore) 

"I've heard them say the same thing and some have admitted to stopping because the guys give better blow jobs than the whores."

"I've heard the same thing."

I noticed that his crotch had began to grow so I changed the subject.

As evening approached, he pulled into a truck stop for the night.   I told him that I often found that most bunks in sleeper compartments was usually hard and said that I would gladly get us a room at the motel next door.  He was all for it.

"Brad, to make it cheaper, I'll have to get a single and we might have to share a bed."

"Hey man, I've done it before in college on football trips."

I went to check in while he secured the rig.   Once back in the restaurant,, I told him the room number which was in back out of sight of the office.  "After we eat, I'll go to the room first and leave the door slightly open.  Wait a couple of minutes then come over and slip in."

"Man it sounds like you've done this before."

"Only when financially necessary," I replied.

We ate and I headed for the room.  As I waited, I removed my shirt and shoes, and pulled the covers back on the king bed.  Brad arrived and quickly closed and locked the door. He put his bag on the dresser and removed his shirt.  His muscular chest was covered with a medium coating of dark brown hair leading to a thick treasure trail disappearing into his jeans.

Saying that I was heading for the shower, I began removing my jeans and briefs.  I noticed him glance over at me. 

"Sorry, but I'm used to changing in the gym around other guys.  I didn't mean to offend you."

"Oh you didn't.  I do the same at my gym. It's just that I've never done it in such private conditions.  Don't worry about it."

I headed for the shower and when I returned nude after drying off he was also nude and said, "My turn.  Any hot water left?"

"Yep, plenty."

He went in to shower and hen he returned I was propped up in bed still nude.  "Sorry bud, but I can't sleep unless I'm nude."

"Cool! I was wondering how to tell you that I sleep nude also."

I had turned to an adult channel that the cheap motel had and soon we were both slowly fondling our own cocks.  I looked over at Brad, and asked, "Did you really consider letting one of those guys on the highway blow you?"

"I have to admit that I have.  We all get horny and jerking off just does so much."

"Well, I hope what I'm going to say won't offend you and that you will keep it just between us."

"You got a deal."

"Brad, I'm gay and I have stopped and met some of the guys on the road.  If you really want to see what it's like, I'll be honored to show you." I noticed his cock begin to quickly stiffen further as he said, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am."

"Sure, why not," he said.

I moved closer to him and as I grasp his cock and began stroking it, I began to gently lick and suck his nipples.  I worked my way down his thick treasure trail and as I took his cock into my mouth in it's entirety, he gasp loudly and said, "Oh fuck yea."

I slowly and lovingly sucked his cock as he moaned softly over and over.  I eventually brought him to a roaring climax and as he arched his back in bed, he filled my mouth with his hot thick creamy load.  Once I had him drained, I pulled off and as he looked into my eyes, I smiled and swallowed his hot load. 

Then to my shocked surprise, he sat up quickly and wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me, offering his tongue and accepting mine.

After the kiss, I asked where the kiss came from.

"Well, I didn't mention that my brother is gay and I've seen him and his boyfriend kiss often.  As teens he tried to get me to let him suck me but I refused and he eventually dropped it.  I've never thought less of him because he liked cocks."

"Well, what did you think," I asked.

"I loved it. June has tried to suck me before but she always scrapes me with her teeth, and refuses to go to completion."

Then as I lay back down, Brad quickly sat up and without hesitation, leaned down over my cock and swallowed it balls deep.  if it really was his first time he was damn good at it.  Before long, I warned him that I was about to climax but he continued sucking.  I soon climaxed and filled his mouth and after one slight gag, he swallowed the entire load.

"Man, you are a natural,: I said.  "You think you will do it again in the future?"

"Well, since we have two more nights together on the road, I know I will during that time, but after that, I'm not sure."

"We cuddled together and  kissed more and soon drifted off to sleep.  Early the next morning I awoke to find him again sucking my cock.  I immediately stopped him and flipped around and let him experience his first sixty-nine with a male.

We soon went for breakfast and returned to the road.  As we drove. I looked over at him and asked, "Tonight, would you like to see what it's like to fuck a guy in the ass?"

"If you're serious hell yea," he said.  "I figure that while you're with me I might as well experience all I can to see what life I want to live."

We later had lunch and as we walked back to his rig he asked, "You certified to drive?"

"Yep, you want to see my license?"

"Nah, I'll take your word for it," he replied as he tossed me his keys.

Once back on the open road, he eased out of the passenger seat and knelt next to my seat and began unzipping my jeans. I raised my hips and soon he had my jeans down to my knees and my cock in his mouth.  After getting me off, I looked over at him and said, "I think you like sucking cock."

"To my surprise, I do.  I never thought I'd ever do it."

That evening we got another room and this time before showering I had him fuck me. He was a pro.  He then asked me to fuck him.  I warned him of the pain that he would experience since it was his first time but he insisted.

Moments later, I was entering his ass and could see the pain in his face.  I offered to stop but he refused to let me. As I drew nearer to my climax he began telling me how awesome it felt.  When I shot my load deep with his hole, he moaned in pleasure, telling me how great it was.

We showered together and afterward went to dinner.  Upon returning to the room we engaged in an hot sixty-nine.

When we finally approached our destination, he looked at me and said, "I don't know how to thank you."

"Thank me for what?" I asked.

"Helping me to realize who I really am and what life style I want to live."

"You going to tell our brother?"

"Nope.  When I see him the next time, I'm just going to drop and start sucking him and watch his face."

We bid each other farewell, and I promised him that somehow, I would meet him again.

I continued my compliance trips every other month for almost a year and found that approximately half of the drivers I rode with were either gay or bi,  and most of the married ones that played were gay on the road and straight at home.

Then when I arrived at one terminal for my last trip of the month, the terminal manager told me that I was to return to the home office immediately. I did and reported to Mr. Masters' office.

After having me sit with him on the sofa, he looked at me and said, "Mark, I have always admired you ethics and commitment to this company, and have looked at you like a son.  When I sent you out, some of the drivers you rode with were assigned to you by me. I wanted to know what you did on the road."

"Sir?" I asked, wondering if he had found out that I was gay.

"Mark, I'm gay and wanted to know if you were also.  I have no living relatives and have recently found out that I only have about eighteen months to live. I am taking you off the road to help me with running the company.  And I'd love it if you would move into one of my spare rooms."

I was stunned and honored and said that I would.  That evening I moved into his huge estate. However, when I arrived he privately asked me if I would share his bed with him.  I agreed and that night I had some of the best sex I had ever experienced, and it continued nightly.  Once, when Brad happened to be in town, I met him and he told me that he had told June to hit the road and he had shocked his brother beyond belief.  That night he had a three way with Carl, as I now called him, and I.

I had been with Carl just over a year when he informed me that since he consider me like a son that he had changed his will and left his estate and entire holding to me.  A week later he passed.

As for Brad, I contacted him and brought him into the office to assist me and asked him to be my lover.  He accepted.

THE END...........



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